Chris Cuomos Laughs + Hunter Biden Fails + Jesus H@terz and more2

Chris Cuomos Laughs + Hunter Biden Fails + Jesus H@terz and more2

Greetings brothers and sisters bunch of Stuff to get to today some funny stuff Hunter Biden did that impromptu press Conference um was great um Chris cuos Back in the news a lot lately a bunch of People sent me that he's laughing at a Person with Tourette Syndrome which you Know it's classic Cuos um that whole thing is great and Then um Jill bayen here the this is Critics roast Jill Bay's bizar h graes Aesthetic White House Christmas whatever It is um It's The Nutcracker I want to Talk a little bit about the color purple Also uh a couple of other things and Then I want to address somebody said I Hate Jesus in a comment and then there was Another meme that's going around I Wanted to talk about that to do with Jesus you know Christmas is coming up And Whatever um but I would say the opposite Is true but you know I clearly don't Hate Jesus right so I want to get into That who are the real Jesus Haters and let's start off Here okay the music is horrible and There's tap dancing but this is The Nutcracker and they've given it sort of An urban theme and I don't know what That is right there and this woman here Is wearing the I don't know is that a Pig or whatever it is it's kind of eyes

Wide shuty Hunger Games type of thing um This is the main you know the girl who's You know there's a girl a nutcracker and She's constantly open her ghoul hole This girl there's a dude with a flower On his head over here and there's is There nothing you know is tap dancing is Annoying there's one of The Nutcrackers There's a very variety of Nutcrackers Right um that guy's a nutcracker The Nutcracker is you know like elf in the Shelf and some of these other things That have really nothing to do with Jesus and not even all that much to do With Christmas it's depressing it's kind Of weird the whole Nutcracker theme There's sort of a you know it's like a Young girl she's a nutcracker it's sort Of like allice in Wonderland is a little Bit kind of it's a little got kind of Pedo energy and so it's very creepy and They've made it even worse here like The Nutcrackers should just disappear it's Depressing you know the Opera the ballet Whatever they use it it's just uh it's Weird and then you know they've just Wasting taxpayer money here doing this Thing And you know they got professional Dancers turning it into this thing here But there's various nutcrackers there Like two major nutcrackers I don't know Um and one of The Nutcrackers is a Female this is one here which is not

Traditional like they're trying to you Know Jazz the whole thing up and it just Fails it's just another Biden fail um a Little pyramid over there there's a Nutcracker doing a little tap dancing I Mean it's just there anything less Appealing to kids and something like This like who is this for what's the Target audience this kind of weird sort Of uh semi flirtatious dance between The Nutcracker and the and the girl and then There this guy this girl does the air Guitar but there's no guitar in the song I checked it out and then they're Dancing here we to go whoa look ding Boom boom do shake your hips oh got it's My [Laughter] Turn and so um just another epic joke Biden fail so that reminded me that the Color purple they've now made it into a Musical um let's watch a little bit of It here so I uploaded this video and This trailer whatever it is WB whoever Owns the trailer here um Copyrighted the video and so I'm taking Out the trailer which is just stupid Like it's stupid for them to do that I Mean someone might watch this and want To you know even if I'm saying negative Things about it someone might watch Watch the the trailer and and at least Is getting the word out this movie's out Right which is what trailers are for all

These Netflix all these Dopey companies That copyright trailers it's just really Stupid but anyways I'm cutting out most Of it I'm going to leave the you know my You know my uh description of the thing In here and so you know it might not Make sense to some extent because I've Cut out some of the clips but I'll leave Enough in there so you get the idea of It this Christmas Day Just like Mom toau Us what bold to fresh new take they've Added singing and dancing right which Made it into a a musical Bollywood type Of um you know whatever it is so I Watched The Color Purple when I was Younger like some of it and really Didn't understand it and didn't like it Then watched it years later when I was Working with abuse right with you know My you was was working in counseling as A clinician counselor whatever it was And you know I knew a lot more about Abuse and sexual abuse and it is a very Depressing movie where the whoopy Goldberg character the main character is Abused from a very young age and then Abused by her husband and eventually She's kind of liberated by her husband's Girlfriend they have a sexual Relationship whatever but it's Depressing and it's you know it's about Somebody who's basically stepped on and Mistreated her whole life right and I

Don't know how you turn that into a Musical you know like adding singing and Dancing to something is not does not Make it better I remember I worked at This place in Los Alamos it was like Kind of a a place kids could go to after School like you know all different age Groups you know teenagers and you know Younger kids and it was supposed to be Like sort of a counseling center but it Was you relaxed and there was activities For the kids to to do and there was a TV And one day they were watching a Disney Movie and these burnouts there's this One burnout kid who was just hilarious And he came in and he was commenting on The Disney movie he's like oh they're Not going to sing no like he was just uh And I really can't uh do it justice here But it's really funny because these Disney movies and Bollywood movies and And plays and you know all this stuff And what they did with the Nutcracker I Mean that was outdated when I grew up Right that was the noal ly days where There were movies you know Fred a stair And Ginger Rogers where singing and that Stuff uh but it's you know it's Something of a past the bygone era and When you add music to something that's Depressing and you package it as a Christmas Movie hell no there's going to be some Changes made we need to look like we

Belong it's also kind of an anti-man Movie as well you know the men don't Come off very well here you know black Men particularly time to see the World apparently there's a mo there's a Song called hell no in a Christmas movie Oh miss you look good hell no hell no All right so there's That the same stable genius who said the Biggest problem we had in the Revolutionary War is we didn't have Enough air a portch What Whoa so if you watch the whole speech You know he's mocking I mean this this Is a like a he knows what he's doing Here um like it's he's still he still Butchers it and it's goofy but he Doesn't believe what he just said like It's not one of his actual gaffs it is a Gaff in a different way like it's weird But it's taken out of context right you They don't show you the whole clip which Often happens happens with the Republicans and it happens with the Democrats too but the Republicans do With Jojo bagu and you don't have to do It because you don't have to manipulate Jojoo because he's scile like there's Plenty of evidence that he's scile you Don't have to play around with it and This is from 2019 and you know what Whatever it is right years and years ago When he was uh campaigning but the

Problem is like he's so senile that Anything he says and you know any Gaff That he creates is believable there's Nothing that you're he's not capable of Saying you know that he would put out There that you would believe oh that's Not real I mean they do manipulate this One but the guy's scile right speaking Of being a dope in a Navaro is probably The stupidest person on Television the problem that Ronda Sanz Has is that you get one chance to cause A uh create a first impression and he's Made that first impression now and his Campaign has that that that certain Stench of political death that is very Hard to get rid of the other what about For Breeze it's just so hard get to get rid Of the stench of political death the Problem he has I think on this abortion Issue and you know I wish somebody had Pushed back on him on that is we had a Very similar case to what's happening in Texas in Florida in March a woman named Deborah dorbert who deah dorber remember That name she's going places carrying a Child that had no kidneys and was sure To die and because of the law well why Did it have no Kidneys what happened there is there Something that Deborah dorber took or Was given that could have contributed to A baby being born without kidneys which

Is that you know there's more to that Story right in Florida because of the Lack of exceptions because doctors are Terrified of being criminalized of being Sued because of all of that this woman Had to carry that baby to term in Florida that baby to term she had to Carry that baby to term So I've talked about this in the past um You know when liberal women when Feminist women women who are Pro-choice talk About Pregnancy if they want it it's a baby if They think it should be aborted it's Something else right and that isn't you Know it's always a baby right you know I Talked about this with Amy Schumer who Had trouble getting pregnant and when You attribute the life that in your Belly in your Uterus it you know when you attribute a Life to it it's a baby and it's always a Baby whether it's a fetus whether it's An embryo whether it's a zygote or Whatever the stages are right it's a Human life and there's no debating that Life begins a conception that's Scientifically and spiritually proven That when you have a you know when you Conceived a baby it's a baby and that's Where your life starts your life as a Person started at conception you're not Aware of it you you don't have memories

Of it you don't have a a consciousness Of it but that's when life begins so It's a human life and if it's a human Life then destroying it is murder you Know I have a different kind of a take On abortion like if you got an abortion If you're a woman who's listening to This got an abortion like I don't judge You and you know like there's all kinds Of circumstances like the rightwing is Too you know judgy about the thing and It is what it is right so it's a Systemic problem and it falls on the the Woman right the woman Suffers the woman suffers the Consequences of being funneled into a Situation where they're forced to do Something like this right and feel Forced to do it and you know it's a lot Of them uh I mean all of them suffer in One way or another so it's not a you Know for me it's not a judgy thing it Isn't about any of these things it's not Political you know it doesn't matter What the government say says or not says In this Circumstance it's murder or it's not and It is and there are consequences for it Whatever those consequences are they're You know they're there right they're you Know the women suffer it whatever the Man whatever whoever spiritual Consequences just like anything else Everything is accounted for and so it's

Not up to me like I don't you know and The political thought stuff the roie Wade stuff stuff going on politically Means nothing to me because it's you Know it's a decision or it's it's Something of a a higher nature it's About the essence of you know the Definition of human life my thing is Call it what it is because I don't you Know our society would have crumbled Economically and if all the unwanted Children had been born and we're talking About maybe a 100 million abortions have Taken place so if there was another 100 Million of kids who are growing up in a Crappy environment like maybe one of Them a saint sure one of them someone's Great but most of them wouldn't be it's A symptom of a much bigger problem that We've got a degraded system right and so I don't you know like it's nothing you Can you can't solve this issue it's just Another part of the the beastly system You can't solve because if you outlaw Abortion there's still going to happen One and two there there's going to be Consequences for these kids who are born Who are you know in this situation right But she attributed life to it she Attributed you know person to it she Said it was a person right like this is A baby inside and whether you allow that Baby to be born and die she's going to Talk about that in a second I'll show

You that part or you uh you know you Terminate it in the womb kill it in the Womb murder it in the womb you know it's I mean who's to say what's the right Thing to do there there's no good Situation when a baby doesn't have Kidneys right it's not going to live you Know but does that mean you get to Destroy it in the womb like it has a a Life cycle right you know what if Everybody I mean you could view that With everybody oh you're just going to Die anyway you're going to live a Horrible life and you're going to die so We get to you know make the decision for You right that's what's happening with Abortion like most of the aborted babies Would have bad lives cuz most people Have bad lives as it is you think about How many miserable people there are 60% Of kids are depressed most of these kids Being born into this you know Apocalyptic future are going to have Miserable lives but that's what their Souls chose that's what their you know Their Essence chose that's what their Purpose is they chose to be born at this Time right you can't make a decision on Something just cuz it's going to suffer And whether it's going to die in a short Period of time like minutes after it's Born or 80 years it's still going to die The end is inevitable so like it's not You know that's not an excuse or Reason

To say that all abortion should be legal Right let's watch the end here so let's Go back to this part here so she says This here named Deborah dorbert who was Carrying a child that had no kidneys and Was sure to die we're all sure to die Right it's inevitable we're all sure to Die right all of us are going to die That's you know that's that's what's Going to happen that's what's up right That's you know there's no whether it's Minutes or it's 80 years right you you Know you can't say that those minutes Aren't Important okay let's say you had 90 Minutes left to live and you were in Pain and you were going to die in 90 Minutes would it be okay for someone to Come along and just end you because oh You only got 90 minutes left so I mean Geez Let's uh we got to move on right we Got things to do like so you know 90 Minutes is a lot right if you had 90 Minutes left to live you would probably Want to say goodbye to people or do Things or whatever what would you do in Those 90 minutes right even if you were In pain and so you know people are Fighting sometimes into their last Breath even if they have a minute left To live right and so who's to say what That baby's 90 minutes is and it's Importance on a spiritual level or Whatever else right in Florida and

Because she didn't have the money to go Out of state and hold it hold that baby For 90 minutes while it gas for air on In her arms to me that is something that Ronda Sanz needs to explain can Pax it Okay so why we not kill it then right You know it had 90 minutes it had a 90minut life it had an hour and a half Life and yeah you're saying well that's Not 80 years that's not 100 years that's Not 50 years whatever it is but people Die kids die right when I was in when I Was in grade school Amar Lopez I was I Think in first grade third grade maybe When when they said it but she was uh in My class for three years and I don't Think I how many times I talked to her You know I'm a little kid right I have You know minimal memory but I remember Her being in my class and then one day The teacher came in and said she died of Leukemia and I was kind of stunned by That like as a memory I've kept with you Know it stayed with me I think it was in Third grade when she died but it happens I was like kids can die you know I was You know thinking about it we all die Right death is inevitable and you don't Know what that Soul got out of that 90 Minutes of life right and she's saying Watch it sit there and and gas for air Like it's some kind of cruel thing yeah It's sad and hard to watch that's Horrible to watch it's traumatic for the

Mom the family it's horrible it's Horrible thing horrible story why was it Born without kidneys and you know maybe There's a a more nefarious explanation About something you know to do with the Bloop or something or whatever right we Don't like even know but in terms of the Experience it's horrible but does that Mean you get to terminated kill it in The womb right because you wouldn't kill It when it's out like it's sitting there Gasping for air you know it's going to Die but it has a life course right Everything has its um you know its Journey even when babies are miscarried The soul can benefit from that Experience like a soul can beneit Benefit from those three months in in Utero we don't even know what happens in That in terms of some scar burning off And things like that we don't know what Happens and you know it can serve a Purpose a miscarriage can serve a Purpose in your life it can you know Wake you up it can change your Trajectory or something miscarriages are You know powerful things right and so You know we don't even know right we Don't even know what's happening there And that's my point about all this Stuff and go uh Governor Abbott need to Explain because women in this country Deserve an answer as to the cruelty and The idea that these men in the capitals

Of these states are telling telling Women what is Healthcare and what is not Well why is it cruelty is it cruelty not To kill or murder a baby in the womb Right is it somehow you know better to Do it that way like in what way right I Mean it you know it had 90 minutes of Something that was like sounds like a Pretty miserable existence but that's What it so Soul chose if you you know She's a I would assume she's a Christian I don't know Mike what she is she's like Obviously pretty stupid but you know Like you hear her talk she's just a dope Very emotional as well but in terms of This right we don't know we don't know What uh you know what benefit or gain or Why a a child or Soul would choose that Existence or maybe it didn't choose that Existence but because of environmental Issues and what was going on with the Mom that caused her to to have a baby Without kidneys right business career I'm proud of my time on a dozen Different Boards of Directors and I'm proud of of my efforts Towards Global business Relationships for 6 years magga Republicans including members of the House committees who are in a closed Door session session right now have AED My Charactered my privacy imped your Character You released your laptop that

Said everything you need to know about Your character the funny thing about This the audio is not great and I Couldn't find a better audio maybe there Is one out there but either way is that He's outraged like he acts like a victim And outraged and like somehow he's Getting an unfair deal this really Entitled worthless human being right Because not only is he a crackhead but He also is a lawyer you know his dad Talks about how smart he is and you know Maybe he's you know clever Smart in some Kind of a way right but he comes out Here very lawyerly but the guy's a cra Crackhead maybe the most successful Crackhead ever and he's been a disaster And it's 100% about him right and he's Whining about being mistreated and the Outrage you know with this the the Holier than thou attitude right of Course you're going to be treated this Way because of you the kind of person You are and the kind of person your dad Is and everything that's happened in Terms of this contentious us against Them you know right versus left type of Division that taking place in our Country attacked my wife my children my Family and my friend you left out the Stripper named Dallas from Arkansas people always want me to point Out that a real name's London but really That's not to me that doesn't make the

Joke Better but other people think it does But the stripper from from uh Arkansas Named Dallas that you banged in New York and you were on drugs so much you Didn't know that she even had existed And you know all the Scandal that went With it and Joe Biden not recognizing This crackhead stripper baby and you Didn't seem to bring that up right Because it's embarrassing in its own Right like you're a disaster as a person Like you are someone with all this Privilege and Access and you could have just you know Taken one of these cushy jobs and not Been a crackhead and been a good father But you're a disaster as a person and You're an addict and you know not a good Person on top of that right you know so They can't impune your Character they ridiculed my struggle With Addiction they've belittled my Recovery and they have tried to Dehumanize me all to embarrass and Damage my Father who has do devoted his entire Public life to service no he hasn't you Know they always say this he is a Career-long politician lifelong Politician who's been a scumback who's Been a liar he's taken big money you Know from corporate donors and all this

And he's you know he's lived a good life On the government dime and he's not a Service or he's a scumbag right and he Doesn't need any help embarrassing Himself the guy's scile and he's Embarrassing himself even when he was in Scile he's you know I he plagiarized Other people's work and got embarrassed And had to withdraw from his candidacy He was a gaff magnet and a joke when he Was vice president his whole career and Now he's scile so you know you're an Embarrassment to him he's an Embarrassment to himself and you guys Are all embarrassment to the country and Humanity for six years I have been a Target of the unrelenting Trump attack Machine shouting where's Hunter well Here's my Answer I am Here let me State as clearly as I Can my father was not financially Involved in my business not as a Practicing lawyer not as a board member Of fisma not in my partnership with a Chinese private businessman not in my Investments at home nor abroad and Certainly not as an artist do you mean Artist or do you mean a money launderer You know it would be great if he took Out a crack p it took [Laughter] A he smoked a little crack the thing is That there's no reason for him to have

Any of those jobs because he was smoking Crack and wasn't going to work he didn't Do anything for those places other than Smoke crack like he wrote a book about His crack addiction and you know where He was in these flea you know these sort Of crack hotels and these flea bag Hotels and things like this in West Hollywood you know dirt bag places and The people that were coming in out of This drug dealers and prostitutes and All this right which we know and he Talked about this he went Jimmy Kimmel Talked about his book and it documents His crack addiction to where he was you Know not able to function you can't Function when you're addicted to cup Crack and any of these addictive drugs Right and he was partying and you know You can't I mean just think about as you Get older when you have hangovers and Things the older you get the worse they Are but he was addicted to hardcore Drugs where he was using the drugs every Day and that's all he was doing right he Didn't have time to go to board meetings And you know do a job and perform Services so what was his service the Only explanation is his service was his Dad and if he didn't deliver his dad to Them then they had no use for him they Weren't paying for his a crack addiction They're paying for access to his father And so that's just you know an out

Andout Li the other part about it is I He wasn't you know an artist but the Other part about this is that you know These Republican um Congressman says that the Biden family has like $20 million worth Of assets that they have no accounting For like they don't know how else they Got them right they have houses that They couldn't afford I mean you know saw This stuff with um Diane Feinstein who Died with a like was it $90 million Private jet and she had 120,000 million Dollar worth of assets and she was Making $300,000 a year so where did the Money come from you're not your salary Right Biden didn't get these things with His salary and so there's one Explanation that his family you know Because it wasn't just his Hunter but it Was his his brother as well were getting Paid off for Access for Biden to do Certain things and Biden must have done Them because this went on for about you Know 20 years right or Longer During my battle with Addiction my parents were there for Me they literally saved my Life they helped me in ways that I will Never be able to repay and of course They would never expect me To and in the depths of my addiction I Was extremely irresponsible with my

Finances but to suggest that as grounds Impeachment inquiry is beyond the Absurd it's Shameless there's no evidence to support The allegations that my father was Financially involved in my business Because it did not happen of course it Did but what he's saying here is he Didn't pay taxes and God knows what else Because he was spending all his money on Crack and apparently he's broke now and Now he needs all this money for legal Fees and they're going after him and you Know he has to pay millions of dollars In lawyers fees and he can't sell more Of his fancy art anymore Biden's on his Way out so his his that you know are is He going to get any of these jobs now That Biden is retired because once Biden's out you know he's out he's too Old to really have much of anything so He's has you know having access to Biden Right now doesn't mean anything Biden's Going to be out in a couple of years and So you know he the meal ticket is is Dried up for this cloud and everybody Knows it right even the you that dope on The View was talking about how you know Everybody sold access so she had you Know she's these are the most um like Insanely supportive people of Joe Biden The the ladies on The View and the you Know the shs over at MSNBC like we all Know come on just you know this is a

Time where you just be honest right You're a crackhead and that's you know That's what your life is going to be Defined By James Comr Jim Jordan Jason Smith and their Colleagues have distorted the Facts by cherry-picking lines from a Bank statement manipulate text I sent Editing the testimony of my friends and Former business Partners and beating personal Information that was stolen from me There is no fairness or decency in what These Republicans are Doing they have lied over and over about Every aspect of my personal and Professional life so much so that their Lies have become the false facts Believed by too many People no matter how many times it is Debunk they continue to insist that my Father's support of Ukraine against Russia is the result of a non-existent Bribe they displayed naked photos of me During an oversight hearing why is that Hunter why how they do how they get Those photos Hunter oh because you were so cracked Out you dropped a laptop multiple Laptops and tubs you kept on taking baz On crack and with hookers and dropping Laptops you photographed everything you Documented your whole drug use by taking

Videos and photos of yourself with crack Pites coming out of your mouth you know With hookers and engaging in illegal Drug activity embarrassing things and Then you left the hard drive at a place Where the guy freaked out and brought it To the FBI who hid it away so that your Father could get elected even though it Was a major Scandal and they already Already investing investigating you for Uh attempted you know your brother's Widow who you were banging was worried You going to commit suicide so she took Your handgun which you had illegally Because you were smoking crack and You're having felony charges for that And she threw it away in a a trash can Next to a high school and a homeless guy Got it and the Secret Service had to get Involved like it's all because of you Being a complete chucklehead and a you Know bone head and now you're being a Lawyer and you know fainting oh I'm so Outraged by the way I'm being treated You're being treated exactly the way you Deserve to be treated anybody else in Your situation would be treated the Exact same way if this was Donald Trump's kid it would be even worse for Him if Donald Trump had a kid like you And Trump's kidss are no prize they're You know they suck in their own way they Would be getting Savages Savaged much Worse than you are by the the liberal

Media and they have taken the light of My dad's Love the light of my dad's love for me And presented it as Darkness they have no Shame you know I've I've only seen a Fraction of the pictures that are out There of Hunter Biden Laptop where he's engaging in debauchery And all of it but you're the one who has No shame right I mean they don't have Any shame either but come on like don't Bring up shame why are you even bringing Up Shame like you know next to the the Definition of shame in the dictionary Should be your picture right you're like You know one of the you're like Caligula You're like one of the um you know You're you're like the epitome of Uh human Debauchery these same committee chairmen Have engaged in unprecedented political Interference and what would have already Been a 5year investigation of Me yet here I am Mr Chairman taking up your offer when you Said we can bring these people in for Depositions or committee hearings Whichever they Choose well I I am here to testify at a public hearing Today to answer any of the committee's Legitimate

Questions Republicans do not Want an open process where Americans can See their Tactics expose their baseless inquiry or Hear what I have to Say what are they afraid Of I'm here I'm ready Arey now Mr Biden if you really not Involved in your Position Mr Biden if your dad was not Involved why did you call him at your Business Dinner Mr Biden So he says he's here after reading a Very lawyerly statement which is full of Deception and Bs and you know Spin and All of it he runs to his car I'm here I'll testify right now I'll do a Deposition and then he doesn't answer Any questions um you know that's all you Need to know about Hunter J Biden okay So let's move on to Cuos and so the first part here I didn't See someone sent me this i' had already Seen the video I'm going to show you Which is the main bulk of the video the Interaction between Chris cuos and this Woman who has uh Tik Tock influencer has Threat syndrome when i was first Introduced to Balin I thought she was Just a great comedic actor and you know Doing blue material whatever you want to Call it and now I'm totally devoted to

What she's doing because it's so brave And okay so um he ends up laughing at Her because when he first saw her he Thought she was faking it and that was Comedy so he thinks it's funny and it You know it kind of is funny in a way Like I understand that people suffer From Tourette's it's not funny and They're loved ones you know I understand The stigma around it but some of it is Is funny it's hard not to find it funny Right regardless of the context Regardless of the person suffering from A condition because you know I'll get Into that in a moment let's just show You this part so as she's doing her Stuff when she has her you know sort of Episodes he's going to be fighting back Laughter the whole time cuz he's an A-hole right you know it's now out that Both Don Lemons and Chris cuos were Never into mainstream media Don Lemons Was one of those guys who was always Talking about alternative media being Lesser than and mocking it you know the CNN had this whole campaign against Truthers and trying to demonize truthers And and these guys were a part of that Don Lemons a little bit more but Don Lemons has come out and said yeah he's Um he's now watch he doesn't watch Mainstream media anymore right since he Got fired from from CNN and this guy is Saying he was never the kind of liberal

Democrat he was you know portrayed to be And they're both bringing in alternative Stuff you know which means that they Sold themselves for a crappy job in CNN You know way well-paying shill job on CNN much for coming on and what do you Hope you can do by taking the risks that You take so people can understand what You're dealing With I'm sorry do you mind she's trying not To laugh it's like this is the whole Thing repeating the Question so he's try he's trying not to Laugh why do you what do you want people To Learn um I want people to learn that um Tourette is neur is a neurological Involuntary motor and vocal Disorder um I don't tick 247 and there's A lot Of your baby Wing is [ __ ] Chris there's A Lot he's trying not to laugh look at Him of things that people don't Understand like you can see it in his Eyes he's laughing in his eyes people Think that cussing isn't is with Everyone who has tette syndrome but it's Only in 10% of people with Tourette and how has it been as you've Gotten more famous do you believe that People are understanding better or are They dopes like me who think you're

Acting dopes like me like that's I Didn't understand what he was saying Because I didn't see the this is the Video I saw and I didn't see the Introduction where he said that he Believed she was a comic actor which he Still believes to some extent right and The issue here is you could totally fake This if you want it I mean you know for Brief periods of time and so and there Are people who are Faking It on the Internet or in life right and you know That means that they can get away with Saying things I mean that's what you Know what's and again I'm not minimizing How bad this must suck for someone with Tourette's but the thing about Tourette's is you can say things you Know it's like having no filter it's Whatever you're thinking the worst Possible thoughts you're thinking you Can verbalize them and you get a free Pass and now I'm not you know I'm not Trying to tell you it's a good thing or Any of these things but I'm saying that What makes it humorous because you know Everybody has a filter everybody has Thoughts that they don't share with Other people and things that you hold Back and people with Tourette's seem to Not be able to do that and they will say You know whatever it is racial slurs or Swears in this case she she tells Chris Kos to f off multiple times which is

Funny in itself because you know he's Chris Kos you know and I'm not trying to You know minimize the suffering like I Said but there's something there that's You know you know kind of unique as a Condition and it's something that Somebody could learn how to mimic and You know I mean if they wanted to and And people are doing that on the Internet and so this is what he thought That Was I say it's I say it's the Same I think there's a lot more people That don't understand what Tourette is And um they like to educate their Themselves more so I get thousands of DMS from parents from teachers From girls that have been diagnosed with Tourette and they've had to be kicked Out of school for attention seeking Because they' rip up they rip up their Homework or do things like that I've had Parents reach out to me asking me oh my Son's coming home with a girlfriend and His girlfriend has Tourette Syndrome so and then I also get very He's trying to see his smile he's trying Not to laugh evil people that would Comment and say like go yourself Chris L Your baby and bl up your ass your own Biscuit fat ass that Have Laugh the the biscuit fat ass got him And so um he thinks it's funny what you

Said the beginning like so why have her On because he he watched Her thinking she was a comedic actress So he thought it was funny he used to Watch this and laugh maybe with his kids Or whatever I don't know who who's with But he s he found this entertaining he Didn't know that she actually had Tourette so his introduction to her his Um her appeal to him was that he thought Let's watch that part again he thought That she was funny he thought she was a Comedic a actress so and then I also get Very evil people that would comment and Say like go [ __ ] yourself Chris L your Baby we BL up your ass your own biscuit Fat ass that have told me that my Parents deserved to die he tried to Cover it up and that's right here that Have told me that my parents deserve I Mean he's laughing like why have a rod When you can't control yourself because At the heart of it Chris comoo is a real A-hole you know we saw this he um he was At some sort of um LBGTQ thing and um You know he mocked the question of what His gender was he said something like That's what what someone said their Pronouns and Chris CUO said those are Mine Too an a-hole cisgender thing you know That typical cisgender thing that like My generation would say like our Generation would say right and he said

It you know he he said the joke and it It completely flopped obviously because He's he's not that guy right he wasn't This liberal CNN he's an a-hole and he Thinks this girl's f funny that's why he Was watching in the first place and Knowing that it's a bonehead decision to Bring her on because you know you're Going to laugh right because you think It's funny right and I understand why he Thinks it's funny you know I I think It's funny too but I certainly wouldn't Bring you know I mean this is a bad Decision because this woman has a Condition and you're making fun of You're laughing at it right to die in a Car accident because I'm faking my Condition or people have told me that Like I've had to have the police at my House because people gave out my Location and said they're going to come Torch my house like it's Crazy here's the thing clinically people Suck and they're thanks Prof thanks Dr Quos be and Dr Quos here's the thing thanks for giving Your Diagnosis here's the thing clinically People suck and they're mean and they're Stupid and they try to make themselves Feel better by going after others and You are the antidote you're the antidote Exactly you're not going to laugh at her Again are you Chris my young friend

Because you have my Kids she gave it the finger you just Started cracking up anote my young Friend because you have my Kids you you have my kids repeating your Lines so that it's almost become cool And not because wait a minute they're Repeating her lines they're not her Lines you think these are Jokes you think they're jokes like They're you mean they're doing an Impression of her and so you and your Family are laughing at you know I'm sure When your kids do this impression you're Laughing and you thought this was Comedic actor and you're making it sound Like this guy right you have my kids You have my kids repeating your lines so That it's almost become cool and not Because you know it's runchy it's Because you're being real it's 100% Because it's runchy and you're living Your truth and they love it they love The Bravery of it and so do I and I love How you've changed your mission you were At University covid was tough for you Tougher than for most right really blew Up your symptoms and now you want to be A physical therapist because exercise Helps you and you believe it's a way That you can help others a personal Trainer right yes so I go to the gym Five days a week and I go to a workout

Class um splitting it throughout the Week um I love exercise my boyfriend got Me into it um I've been doing it for About a year now um I love it it's my It's my release um I obviously go to the Gym and I wear headphones and that's Also a very big factor and How Colin that [ __ ] um That I think her boyfriend must be named Colin that's how she yeah that's uh look At him that's also a really He he's laugh he's just flat out laugh Here that's also a very big factor in How um that's also a really big like Part in my journey was starting out with Him Well I love seeing him in the videos you Guys have a great Bond I love everything About your family and I love the story You're telling the people and living Your Truth you're done and my kids you're Done you're done you're done Chris you Know what I am done I got to go to phone Calls because they're blowing up with Support for you so I hope you can watch You blow up the she just said blow up That wiener which is you know that's the Best part she just said blow up that Wiener support for you so I hope you can Watch it at home and listen to everybody Who wants to say great things to you ba And dpri thank you for what you're doing Thank you for coming blowing up that

Wiener is you know that's a funny line Regardless of anything I mean you know When someone just yells out blowing up Blow up that wiener and so Chris chromos Um you know he got qu moded he just Cooed himself I've talked about this in My journey series uh you know way back When maybe I've mentioned it in one of My other videos or some of them but it's Been a long time since I've talked about This if I have talked about this in Detail right you know I have this Issue that when I am not supposed to Laugh at Something in a socially uh charged Situation I find that hilarious and I Can't help myself and I crack up like I Just like even now Think even now thinking about you know Laughter like bubbles up inside you like It's a condition it's a you know there's A you know biochemical release and you Get into a state and you know it affects You tears come to your eyes I mean There's a reaction you know laughter is A you know there's a thing it's a it's a In some ways it's an involuntary Response that's created by you know Maybe a mental thinking something's Funny but also it reacts inside of you And when I'm in a situ sitation where I Definitely am not supposed to laugh like It's I mean it's you know a situation Where laughter is considered like a you

Know almost like a crime and the more Stressful the more tense it is the Funnier I find it right and so I have a Couple stories to tell there's a picture I think I have a picture of my dad my Mom you know this is when I was like 30 And we're at the asham I think I have a Picture of us together at the Grand Canyon one at the asham I'll put those Pictures up then I'll show you a picture Of my grandfather cuz I story about my Grandfather right but I have that you Know like a uh whatever is inside of me That laughs at the apocalypse laughs at You know things collapsing laughs laughs At things breaking down you know that's Part of that right that's why I call it The apocalypse because I think the Apocalypse is funny I think the you know The collapse of our country is funny Like it's just something that's inside Me it's a part of who I am and you know You could call it a condition right You know when I first recognized it I Was I think between the ages of three And 5 years old I was a little little Kid and it's one of my earliest memories I think it's my second earliest memory The first one was my dad and I were Walking around a pond and I thought a Unopened Lily Pad Leaf was a Frog and maybe I'd seen a frog on the Le Pad at first I don't know like I was a Little kid and my dad was arguing uing

And I knew I was wearing this little Like little red shorts and a little red Shirt you know I was like four years old I think and my dad and I argued so he Said finally so finally he said grab it And he took my hand and I leaned over to Grab it and he dropped me in a the pond Like Elizabeth Pond Park a place that I Went to a lot when I was a kid it's a Big park with a rose garden and a pond And a it had an island in the middle and When it would froze solid we' go skate Out to the middle of it but I um you Know I'll show a picture I was a kid First I there a picture I have with me And like a puppy or something and fluffy Was the dog's name we had to give it Away cuz my parents lied to me and said It was deatha Right I'll start with that then I'll get Into these other pictures some of my Down memory lane stuff but anyways um so He dropped me in and I had this moment Where I realized my dad was an a-hole Like I had adult level Concepts it was Like a you know I was like an adult Realizing my situation you know my dad Was laugh laughing too he thought it was Funny that he dropped me in the thing You know cuz he an aole but like I Wasn't traumatized as much as I had Awareness like I had Consciousness that I was like oh you can't trust this guy's A fool right and

Whatever and so that was my first memory But my next vivid memory was my mom and I are in Saturday mass like the Catholics have mass that you can go to On Saturday night if something's going On on Sunday you can't go to mass and my Mom you know went to church Religiously and we're in church and There's about 10 people in church and Behind us is two elderly women who have Like you know hardened faces right and I'm giggling and squiring you know You're sitting these uncomfortable pews And I'm laying down and turning around And This Woman's giving me the stink eye And I'm and I'm getting into a laughy Mood like and then when I see her stink Eye I start laughing I'm just making me Laugh And you know I kept on doing things and Then I turn around to see if she was Looking at me and she was looking at me With stink eye but then she would look Away right you know she wouldn't hold my Gaze so I whipped my head around really Quickly to catch her looking at me and Her eyes like got as big as silver Dollars like I can still see the Expression on her face and I burst out Laughing like I like the whole the whole Church was filled the sound of my Laughter and my mom grabbed me and Dragged me out I was laying on the Ground laughing hysterically and she

Dragged me out of church right and so Since that time I've had a problem with This kind of thing you know I don't know If it's a problem but it's you know it's Socially awkward and I know that if I'm In a situation where I'm not supposed to Laugh there's a good chance I will and Once I start going I can't Stop I can't like I can't stop like I Can feel it even now a little bit right The you know the inner condition so you Know my picture of my grandfather here Um I um you know it's me going fishing With them and I think I'm four years old In this picture and my grandfather Herbert seelig was a you know like an Action hero kind of person like he was a He um he fought he was 15 years old he Volunteered to go into World War one he Came back and played professional Football when he was um Uh like you know back when was he got Paid like $10 a game he had one of those Leather helmets without the face mask so He was living in Chicago he played for Whatever you know Chicago Bears or Whatever team that was around you know When football was just becoming a thing Like he was a good athlete he fought in World War I then he went and fought in World War II you know he took off and he Was German like he fought against the Germans twice but he was you know he was American like he just believed in

America he was a you know real patriotic Type of person and he had skills then he Became a fireman back in the days when They didn't have oxygen mass and they Had to go in and like the it was in one Of those fire trucks that you know that Would would they'd have to have Something in the back steering you know They go around these corners and at some Point he fell off the firet truck like It was a thing and like he broke his Back but he still did the job right and He built stuff he built boats for people Like he built like wooden boats for People people rich people you know he Lived in batan he retired to batan Florida which was like a paradise you Know still kind of nice there there's This famous country club called boa West And he was he worked out as a retired Person he was he had carpentry skills And he made his own fishing poles like They were incredible fishing poles like I wanted all this stuff and you know my Parents got rid of it like they got rid Of the stuff I had you know I had a Knife that he gave me that floated U but When we went to India I left it in our Car and we never got our car back was a Whole thing the first tra you know it Was a whole thing um but you know I have A few of his things around somewhere but He was like my favorite relative he was You know interesting he took me deep sea

Fishing you know I used to catch all These fish you know I was a good like Natural you know lucky fisherman or Whatever and you know played pool and You know I also like yeah had a I had a Switchblade that he took off a German Soldier like like we all had these Artifacts and things right um from this Guy's life but he was like an an actual Action Hero he'd foughten you know two Wars and he had you know played Professional sports and you know done All these things right you know a lot of The things that I get from him in terms Of my farming skills or any kind of Skills I have as a you know you know Mechanical skills and things come from Him my dad was like clueless you know And so it's this guy so a lot of the Things that I have that have benefited Me as a homestead come from this guy and He was my favorite relative and I look Forward to seeing him you know you know He used to I used to get in trouble and He'd go busters in the dock I call me Buster Right which back then was a much less uh Derogatory term and you know he was um I Look forward to going to Florida and Florida you we went on vacation year Year we drove down there and things it Was a whole thing you know I love Driving through the South and you I Never liked Connecticut and so um you

Know I've always like the you know Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida these these Southern States And you know the whole thing I like the All the whole experience was something I Look forward to but he died I think I he Was um 10 years old when I when he died I just looked it up I was 11 years old If that's the right Herbert seelig that Died in batan Florida um but anyways um But I was you know little kid like I Remember being a little kid I you know I Thought I was younger but whatever my Grandfather died of lung cancer and we Went to see him at the wake And I looked at him and I'm like that's Not him he's gone and it's the first Memory I have of being aware of a Soul and you know when I saw my Grandfather's body CU they had lipstick On like he was this big tough guy you Know this I mean he was kind of gnarly And and he was not the kind of guy that Would put lipstick on I saw lipstick on Him cuz you could see his lips were kind Of blue and I'm looking at him I'm like That's not him like I'm like why am I You know looking this is Is kind of uh you know why we praying This corpse around because he's gone Like he's not here and you know the the Awareness of life being you know a soul Of course you know I was were talking

About abortion earlier and this idea of That right that without a soul there's No life and his soul was gone the Essence that I knew as my grandfather Was gone it was just his his body and so He sat down and there he belonged to the American Legion club which is for Veterans and we were sitting in the Front row at the Wake and these guys from the arican Legion you know other soldiers and again This was from World War II and it's you Know 1970 whatever it was 77 or what it Was and I'm sitting there with my dad And these guys come In And they are Drunk and they're wearing mismatching Uniforms cuz it's for different you know They're different platoon or you know Different um branches of the Armed Forces and they're obese and this one Guy looks like um the uh Sergeant Schultz from the Hogan's Hero show that Was popular when I was a kid the guy Comes in he's wearing a helmet and it's Got a strap and the strap is around his Lips and not his chin because it doesn't Fit him anymore and his weigh is Probably like 300 lb and he's probably You know under 200 when he was a soldier And his belly is sticking out of his Uniform you can see like inches of his Belly and they walk in and like

Immediately want to laugh and my dad I Look at each other like oh my God we're Going to start laughing Right it's a funeral and I knew you know I had this issue because it was already Prevalent in my life and I knew could Feel the laughter bubbling up and at one Point the fat guy Farts which you know farts don't usually Make me laugh you know I always thought That they were overrated as a comedy When I was a little kid but this one did Because the absurdity of the thing these Overweight you know guys and you could One guy had a like a a bottle a flask of Liquor in his back pocket like they were Obviously drunk and had been drinking And it was you know like noon and they Came in and you know I don't know how Much my grandfather used to go down There later on I I just looked it up Again and later on I would go to the Place when when I was you know I dropped Out of college I went to school in Florida for a year and I dropped out of College and my dad retired and they Moved down there when I was already down There and so I was back at living at Home and I was kind of miserable cuz I Had spent a year in college away from my Parents and that was great and then you Know and I end up um being in a cast I You know I messed up my ligament in my When my ankle was playing basketball you

I had like a you know an injury where I Needed a cast it was a whole thing but I Worked at k for a while you know Kmart It was used to be the old Walmart and you know back then I was Using drugs a lot smoking pot and you Know doing coke some of the time and um Drinking and I um one of my co-workers Was a real drugie and we were hanging Out and he's like let's go to the American Legion and I really kind of Didn't totally remember what it was till We went in there I'm like oh my God this Is where my grandfather went and it was Basically a bar that you could get cheap Alcohol we paid like five bucks for a Membership and we neither one of us were Veterans and you know was all these old Soldiers sitting around they had a pool Table and you got beers for like 50 Cents right and I had this like surreal Moment cuz I went back to my Grandfather's funeral so this guy you Know farts and you know there's a flask And me and my dad just lose it we're Laughing my dad pulls out his Handkerchief which he had because you Know people of that that time you know Joe Biden you no Malarkey time men used To carry around handkerchiefs which were Kind of gross you know whatever but um You know of course we substitute that With disposable Kleenex now right my dad Puts the handkerchief over his face and

Pretends he's crying but I'm just losing And laughing my grandmother's a you know Appalled she's like can't believe I'm Laughing and my mom's really mad and you Know I knew my mom's going to be pissed At me but I just couldn't help it like Now I'm gone and I couldn't get back Like I couldn't Stop I just and I love my grandfather it Wasn't disrespect to him or you know Military anything it was just the thing Was funny like it was what I was seeing Funny a bunch of you know washed up Soldiers who were drunk and you know Probably all suffering from you know PTSD or whatever they went through in These various Wars I mean some of them Had fought probably in World War I you Know they were old guys and you know Um so that happened and then we go from There to the funeral and I stopped Laughing I'm I'm over it and we go there And they give him a you know 21 gun Salute and they pull out their guns and They you know they they fir it into the Air and I had the image of all these Birds flopping down and falling on all Of us right and then I then you know I Still had that laughter like it was Still in me so I like now I start Laughing at the Funeral and so you know I realize it was Something that was socially unacceptable And was something I couldn't control and

As I Grew Older there would be times People would be like girlfriends or you Know somebody would be like in tears and Telling me a heart-wrenching story and Again I would later become a counselor a Clinici and people would be emoting to Me and telling me some heart-wrenching Story you know opening up and my Inclination was to feel the laughter Come on right like I would feel like oh My God I'm going to laugh and this is The worst possible time when somebody's Telling you like you know they're Opening up to you and telling you some Tragedy or trauma or something that you Know and if they feel safe with you and You crack up like it's the worst like And they would inevitably say something Funny they'd be crying or they make a Face or do something that I would find Funny this is one of the reasons I knew I couldn't be a clinician because Imagine you know as a professional and Somebody comes in in and they have Something they've been holding back and They're not telling anybody and they you Creating this so-called safe space for Them and they tell you something and you Start cracking up and you can't help Yourself like they could be like Emotionally damaged for life so I knew That this wasn't a good fit for me Because it was something I really Couldn't control and years later my

Brother I start started doing the SJ Mark system I told my brother about it And we would go to week uh weekly Meditations Wednesday meditations Sometimes you come to the Sunday one but The Wednesday night one was at my Preceptor the original preceptor Fred's House you know the he would give these Sittings and you know there were things Um that would happen and my brother Didn't feel the transmission Transmission is given and cleaning is Given and I could feel it my brother Couldn't so you know it was really Important to me but my brother was Skeptical you know he later uh became The caretaker at the ash was a whole Thing I've talked about this in Journey Series you you know it's a part of this Whole you know thing that I do but we You know we're both a-holes and we would Try to make each other Laugh we went to a gathering at a there Was an asham in um in New York State uh In the CasCal mountains and you know CasCal I went to the CasCal game farm as A kid and I always you know wanted to go Back and it's an area I really like and The first Gathering I ever went to Chargie the you know there was no master There but there was you know people There having a gathering one of the guys I I would later know someone who does The practice now went to this guy as a

Preceptor he's kind of a chucklehead but He built a kind of a cool underground House and he he donated or at least he Sold the the place to the mission and it Had like 20 acres nice piece of land and We went to our first Gathering there and While we were meditating a woman started To make moaning like sounds like she was You know having some sort of or orgasm Or something and I biting my lip and I Know my brother's there and I could hear Him like trying not to laugh we we're Talking afterwards and he's like he says To me you know I haven't felt nothing Right cuz he we' both been Practicing I I would say for a month or So so it was we were pretty new to the Thing he goes I can't feel anything cuz He didn't feel the transmission was a Whole thing we talked about and this Woman's having a knot and he goes you Know if I started laughing I would have To leave and never come back right and So he he obviously shared you know the Same kind of issue and because of that We started you know at weekly Meditations we' look at each other Trying to make each other crack up and There was funny things that happened at Fred's house Fred in himself was funny You know Fred was a you know a small Jewish hippie um and you know he had a Kind of he's very kind of etheric and Like he wasn't of this world kind of you

Know person he was he had odd kind of uh You know whatever he was and his mom and His dad his mom was kind of a a batch But his dad was kind of hilarious his Dad would just go and sing vaud villian Songs and his dad was named Al but Al Would fall asleep during every Meditation and snore incredibly loud and There was one of those director's chair Was one of those canvas chairs and I Made the mistake of sitting in it and Al Was sitting behind me and Al fell asleep And his head was you know resting on my Back the whole time and I'm trying not To laugh because you know this is funny And you know I've always had that Problem since then at Gatherings and Times cuz my brother would look each Other we look at each other something Would happen one time a woman got up and She had just come in on a flight from California and she was visiting I don't Know what she was a member of the system And she goes in the bathroom which was Right next to where we Were we were meditating and she just Starts throwing up like it's like we're In the room with her because it's silent Because we're meditating and so you know And I mean like I said once I go I I Can't stop and I always laughed more at Gatherings I always am a happier person Because of the condition there spiritual Condition I'm I'm lighter and I you know

So it's it's been a problem over the Years that I I mean I don't know if I Should call it a problem because I'm not Trying to I'm not trying to get rid of It I'm not trying to fix it because you Know I like to laugh so um but it's Where my whole thing about apocal you Know the apocalypse right and there's Another guy who um he was an engineer And we used to sit next to each other During talks at the asham and these Women would start crying and you know Emoting like Oprah Winfrey stuff you Know we had this joke that you know they Would talk about the master of the System and go that's when I knew he Loved me you know this and you know we Would look at each other and you know Start cracking up so I had to stop going To the talks I I'd laugh and people were Looking at me right CU that someone be Up someone would be giv a heartfelt talk Crying and I'd be in the audience it's Laughing right and so and so what I'm Saying here is I know I have that issue Like whatever it is and I'm not doing Anything to fix it so I don't work as a Counselor and I don't put myself in Situations where people are talking to Me about something where I know they're Going to say something funny and I know That as soon as I realize I can't laugh It's going to make it even funnier and So you know I I wouldn't do that right

And when you have someone with Tourette's on your show and you already Were laughing at this person you and Your kids are repeating the lines and The things he says and you're making fun Of it in a way and you're laughing at it You think it's funny then this was the Inevitable outcome for quiz cuos Right okay so there's just one more Thing to get to here um I showed you This before but somebody put the dates Here you know they're they're almost uh 8 thou over 8,000 miles apart between These two places right Mesopotamia and E Quador different regions different Continents different cultures right and Then there was this before they died Muhammad said I don't know the purpose Of life Buddha said seek the truth Confusus said I am not the way but Jesus Said I am the way the truth and the life And no one comes to the father except Through me Jesus is the only one who Rose from the dead the other three are Still in their Grave you know know one of the problems With Christianity is they scare the crap Out of Christians the you know whatever It is they scare the crap out of the Flock the parishioners to not look into Other religions and so Christians are Wealthy wul ignorant of other religions And so they don't know like they're Making it sound like these things that

Are being said and again confucious was Not a spiritual person he was a Philosopher and so he has nothing to do With some sort of Chinese religion or Something like this right um so they're Quoting these guys and confucious has Quite a number of sayings because we've Read them on fortune cookies but they're Comparing these quotes that they don't Even know these people and anything They're about with Jesus's quote but the Problem is you know with Jesus's quote Which I've said before it has too much Eye in it right it has too much egoism You can't say stuff like like that you Can't say that the only way to get to Heaven is through me I you guess you Know it's not something you could say Even if it was true and it's not right And that's the problem because you know The the issue with Jesus well let's get To the comment here first let me find The the comment um I think it's right Here and that's not it here it is Chuck Misier is awesome Chuck Meer I'm not Sure comment video about religion and Jesus Paul hates Jesus CU it goes Against his no mind Ascension crap it Doesn't Catholics hate Jesus too they Worship Mary Paul knows Boop about Jesus But he sure hates Him now I you know there's no hatred Towards him in fact I would say that I Have more positive feelings about the

Real Jesus and you guys are all haters Because you've created an imaginary Jesus you've been sold an imaginary Jesus and that is disrespectful to the Real one and the real struggle that he Had and the humanness that all these People have all these people who are Evolved Souls still have human feelings Human Egos and are actually more Sensitive and have you know they Experience more pain at the Mistreatment of the people that mistreat Them in this case it was Jesus's dis own Disciples And his followers and then the Romans And the Jewish Pharisees and all the People that mistreat mistreated him for Bringing down a Divine message right Jesus was an evolved soul and if I hated Him I wouldn't say that I mean people Know you know this person is just stupid But you know most people can understand This but he was an evolved soul that Came down to teach a certain group of People about God you know I believe he Went to India and he did these other Things and you know he learned other Stuff in self but he wanted to present This information to other people like Lots of other people did and like lots Of other white people European people People in America and other places you Know pretty much every place outside of India he was tortured and killed for it

Right that when someone presents Spiritual information in the west They're killed and you know it doesn't Have to be physical death but it could Be you know them um uh making you sound Crazy or dismissing you or ostracizing You from the Comm Community whatever it Is spiritual people are mistreated Saints are mistreated they're killed you Know in America and Europe they kill Their Saints and it's that kind of Attitude that has been still prevalent Ever since you know since Jesus has died As well in the Christian tra tradition Think about all the Christian Saints who Were tortured and killed and later on They're like oh this guy was a saint and So these people who you know did a a Good job and they were doing what they Were supposed to do were Miss treated by The people and so that's where the real Hatred comes from you know if Jesus was Around today I would recognize him as Being a spiritual person like if I had Contact with him in his teachings where You guys would all condemn him like Let's say Jesus is alive right now but He's not a Christian and he's doing some Teaching and you guys are you know Condemning that because it's not what You've learned and what you've been Programmed as and indoctrinated as so You the real haters you're the real you Know because you believe something false

That doesn't exist of course they're Going to make him sound better than he Is and they're going to sell you a bunch Of things he can't they're going to make Promises that he they make promises in His name that he can't fulfill and you Know all of the rest of it and so like You're the true haters because you're Not willing to look at you know what he Is and recognize his humanity and see How much he must have suffered by the Disappointment in people right you know I do a little bit of that here I I Present spirit Information and you know it's rejected By most people and you know I'm Criticized and you know I don't I mean I Don't look at what I get back as being Um you know hurtful towards me it Certainly isn't being treated the way Jesus was treated but just the little Bit that I teach here the little bit I Do it's a disappointment in Humanity's Reaction if I thought about it and I Cared about it I would be depressed and Sad by how bad Humanity sucks and can't Respond to just even the bare minimum Spiritual teachings because humanity is Is floundering right now and so Everybody who can't do that is a hater And somebody resisting what needs to Happen and they're you know they hate Their own Souls they hold they hate the Divinity within them they hate anybody

That represents Divinity and you know They are using some BS religious Dogma To cover up the fact that they suck Right you know and and that they're Stupid and remedial people and I'm not Saying that to come down on people I Mean that's the reality it's sad reality And I can appreciate anybody who's gone Out in the past and laid it all on the Line to teach um the you know the masses About God and are you know punished for It and then their their words in their Image I mean you know Jesus didn't look Like he's he looks like in the Christian Tradition they made him look like a European they made him look like he's I Don't know German or or uh Scandinavian Or SW Swedish or something you know he's Got blonde to light brown hair and blue Eyes and he's got Western white people Features and that's not what he looked Like he was born in Israel he would Looked like the people that live there Now in that region right he looked like One of them whatever he looked like he Looked like that if you guys saw him you Would denounce him as being Jesus if you Went back in time and you saw the real Jesus and he doesn't look like the way He looked like you think he looks now The way that you've been told he looks And if you if he didn't act the way you Think he you know should act you would Reject him I bet you guys couldn't

Recognize Jesus I bet if we took Jesus Out of the past and we marched him into Your church none of you guys would Recognize him and when he said it was Jesus you'd reject him and maybe throw Him stones at him so who's the hater Right me or is it you uh you know Because it's obviously you anyways I got To wrap this one up only spiritual value Will save this world Paul Romano Definitely reporting from the apocalypse And the Ascension have a blessed day and Be grateful

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