Cardi B Bails on Joey B & Michael Rappaport + Debra Mession

Cardi B Bails on Joey B & Michael Rappaport + Debra Mession

Greetings brothers and Sisters this is one cardi JB um another celebrity who has Previously endorsed Joe Biden Jojo magu And now is bailing on him so all the Celebrities are bailing on him but the Democrats have no answer this is Hilarious got some other stuff um you Know some other stuff to do with Palestine and the rest of these Things but let's start here and angry [ __ ] right now I'm an angry right Now I'm an angry [ __ ] y'all need to get In here cuz I'm about to I'm about to go Off right now he's about to go off right Now right now I'm going right now right Now right now right Now not later right Now yeah I'm about to go off right now Right now I'm right Now come on in hold up right Now Oh yeah outside because usually I be Having like 30,000 people by now but I Have to they I even got that many right Now right now I only got I only got 20,000 people right now 24,000 I need y To spread this video I need y to spread This video and if something happens to Me is because I'm speaking truth no come On you because you're speaking truth you Think they're going to take you out come On cardi so God forbid something happens To me or my family or something is

Because is after me because I'm speaking The truth and here's the truth right Here's the truth right Now in New York there is a 120 million Budget cut budget cut New York there's a 120 million budget cut in New York that Is going to affect schools public Libraries and um the police dep Department y know I all the cops but Like it is what it Is straight facts there's going to be $120 million does she have a filter on Or something going on with her lips a Budget Cut with Schools with the libraries and the cops And the police department and a with the Cops and the police department that's a You know four things $5 million budget Cut in sanitation no way you got to have Sanitation you know cuz she wipes her Poop with these poops keep asking me how You wipe your nail as with your nail First of of all you don't clean your ass With your nails you wipe your ass with These [ __ ] but I'm all right I'm all Right I'm all right you know what I'm Saying they will be buying your your Your your your success some Factory f f Factory F Factory I'm brim you know what I'm Saying I'm a hack girl I've been brim Since I was 16 and I took a oath when I was 16 roach

Quisha so stop it of a budget cut in Sanitation going to be drowning with Rats we're going to be drowning anding Rats exactly they're going to be Drowning and effing rats so we are going To be having a budget cut on mind you This is why I said I'm not this why I'm Telling y I'm not this year don't ask me I don't give a [ __ ] the resume that they Send I don't give I'm not endorsing no Presidents no more cuz how is that aund $100 million budget cut in New York City For for um food schools Library uh Police safety and sanitation yeah Joe Biden is talking about like yeah we Could fund two Wars we could fund two Wars talking about we don't got it but We got it like we're the greatest nation No we're not we're going through some [ __ ] right now exactly we're funding two Wars it say is a sad day when we agree With cardi B about Joe Biden even she Gets it like say it say it we really Going through we we we really really Really really really really really Really are right Now $120 million like where where where These kids are going to go like I'm Lucky I'm lucky I'm blessed I'm whatever The but like what what's going to happen To my nieces what's going to happen to My my nephews what's going to happen got You know I can't be I can't have to take Out care of them right

I mean I'm blessed but I got like Hundred million I'm worth a lot of money But you know you expect me to take care Of my nieces and Nephews anyways um that's enough of Cardi B except for let's go back I don't Know three years ago oh snap look he's Got his mask on he's got his mask on he He's taking it off so he wanted to show You he had it On how you doing hi Biden how are you hi B how are you B how are you the name's Joe call me Joe so go by Joe well hello de Joe as a matter of Fact you why don't you meet my daughter The love of my life the life of my love She's a fan we used to shower together When she was like 14 of yours Hi how are You she's got her mask on too exactly This is Ashley good how you doing you Know the nickname she gave her father When she was growing Up Mr stiffy I think that was a joke I Made before She'd call me Joey be so we may be Related or something y cardi B and Joey B that's so funny I'm a huge f i just How you doing how you doing so crazy Because I feel like I'm a little bit Late but Biden let me tell you something When you have kids my age like the one My age two years old your schedule never Go as planned you know what I'm saying You're telling me you're telling me you

Know I I got to eat ice cream I got four Kids five grandkids come on I'm an Expert I understand about kids the most Important thing in the world do they Come first yes definitely always I kid Come First keep it Down away so fake I mean just think About what's happening Here oh I heard you got some questions For me oh I do have some questions for You first of all I want to congratulate You the cover well I tell you that's Pretty good that's pretty big time Number one doesn't surprise me you're on The cover but number two thanks for your Generosity dealing with people who are Suffering from covid we uh you know this Yeah you're doing such a great job yeah There's so many people who needlessly Are in trouble who were needlessly have Died when they didn't have to if we had Taken the precautions we need she Doesn't look like a real person like Kind of looks Dosh too and thank you you Have a Generous Heart You Have A Generous Heart And what what I wanted to know was tell Me what what's your main interest in Terms of this election I have a whole List of things that I want and I wish And I desire uh for our next president To do for us but first thing first let Me keep it a bu I just want Trump out

You know what I'm saying I just feel Like his exactly I'm saying gets us in Trouble so much I don't want to be be Lied to I don't I don't want like you Know we're dealing with a pandemic right Now right and I just want answers I want To know when this is over like you know I want to go back to my job I wanna I Want to be exactly Trump's not giving me Answers to go outside I want to be able Not to feel like I'm trapped in my home And but I don't want somebody to lie to Me and tell me that it's okay to go Outside it's okay not to wear a mask Exactly exactly he lying to you is going To be okay no I want like a a t timeline Of when things are going to get better I I want a president to tell me what are The steps for us to get better besides Um you know uh taking pre uh precautions Like with our Mas and quarantining I Need so to tell me like this is going to Be over when we find this cure this is Why it's taking so long this is why Other countries are doing better than Ours when it comes to this pandemic I Need somebody to tell me the truth the Heart truth the truth and also I of Course want free Medicare and this is Why it's important to have fre Medicare Because look look what's happening right Now you see what you should have been Have free Medicare for a long time I of Course think that we need uh free

College education that's second and I Want black people to stop getting killed And no justice for it I'm tired of it I'm tired of it I just want tired of it So these are this our list let's go to The end of this thing easy for you to do This you're going to get a lot of flack For the kinds of things you say but you Have the courage to stand up and say Now's the Time by the way we're gonna Have if I get elect a president free College education for four years of College flat out anybody with a family Less than 125 Grand you're going to get A free education everybody gets free Education at Trump University for for for uh Community College everybody wants to go on and Become a NE become an apprentice free Let me tell you about my college Experience right yep wait come on um I Used to go to these these things I think They're called fraternities and they' Have a [Laughter] Poll and and I'd have to dance for him I Was um you know I'm from New York so When you're in high school and or middle School they give you a free Metro car so You could travel for you to be able to Go to your school and of course they Give me they gave me free lunch when I Was exactly she got lunch free lunch and What do you deserve and I just deserve

That stuff College I had to get a job Because I really needed $5 every single Day to be able to go from Wasington Heights to chamers Street and then I had To feed myself sometimes exactly you Know why wasn't the government doing That for me like they should have been That's wait I had to wait from 10000 P.m. all the way to 900 p.m. that's That's my my schedule to get home so I Could be able to eat because that whole Time right there I couldn't afford to go To McDonald's I couldn't afford to exct She can go to the breakfast as Champions To any restaurants around Chamber Street On my Break and the and and you have to pay For lunch the school lunch there so I Was just starving and I was I just felt So discouraged so I just feel like that Is so important like so I quit college And became a stripper and look at how Things have worked out Finance students While they in college because they get Really discouraged and that's what People want to know people want to know Can you Provide college education this Medicare Plans without a big chunk of taxes Coming out of our check yeah exactly do You have a magic wand somewhere where You can give everyone free money and Free Lunes and pay for their health Insurance and and not charge people more

Taxes like you know rich people yeah we Want to we want to tax you 45% of your Income C the way we can pay for all of This is doing practical things like Mak Exactly Ure that no Corporation making a Profit should pay less than 15% tax on Their profit none zero everybody has to Pay their fair share thank you for your Willingness to to help okay so um the Edited this thing like there's there's Parts that are Missing and so now she's bailed on cardi B has has bailed on Joey Be okay few more things to get to here And Wokeness every single time Biden opens His mouth without a script a part of Blinking Soul leaves his Body that is a fairly good Meme and then This is from Um well you'll see it speaks for itself It's going back to Walter conr Conr and Rob Riner is talking about jrf JFK's Assassination from Dallas Texas The Flash apparently official President Kennedy died at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time that Moment Wednesday marked 60 years since That moment when President kenned 60 Years is when they um it was like 63 Years the CIA finally admitted that they Um uh took down mosad in Iran and Everyone kind of knew it by them but

They came out admitted it and so you Know 60 years after 2001 maybe there'll Be some sort of admissions or you know You'd be able to talk about openly it Being an inside job and now it looks Like they're starting to because RFK Junior is talking about this regularly Talking about the you know the CIA Connection to the Assassin ation so now It's like you know after 60 years it's Okay to kind of tell the truth or or Actually tell the truth or at least Admit to something here or there Kenedy Was assassinated The Killing has fueled Decades though of questions about Whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or Whether there were other gunmen in fact There's even a Gallop poll on this and It shows that 65% of Americans believe The assassination involved a conspiracy So this has gone up from 50% when the Truth Community First started to become Popular like that's you know the Maj the Overwhelming majority of people that's 65% some people have no opinion only 30% Think it's one man and 30 of those like What is this 30% right like how Dopey is This 30% see to kill the president our Next guest and this might be older People it's probably older people who Don't question the official story so I Bet if they broke this down by age or They did it by age the major majority of People would be over here has a new

Podcast delving into all of that and it Provides some new evidence it could Potentially flip what we know about that Infam I mean in terms of younger people Majority of them would believe it's it's Um you know stay in Dallas with us now As actor filmmaker and political Activist Rob Riner it's great there you Go Meathead to have you Erica already Started listening to the podcast it's Doing really well it's like very high up Onle it's number eight I think now we've Had two episodes soon to be number one After this after this interview after This yeah and what you think CNN has any Kind of pull it's going to be number Eight the CNN is going to not affect CNN Has Zero Effect right the third one Drops uh on Wednesday which is the Anniversary of the assassination why why Did you want to dig into this you know I Was 16 and any when it happened and Anybody who was alive at the time will Never ever forget get where they were When they heard it was a national trauma And we all experienced it collectively The whole country uh teacher told us That uh okay come on move on to what the Thing is here was bizarre the whole Thing was bizarre and then the warrant Commission comes out a year later and I Didn't think very much about it because I was you know 17 18 years old I mean I But then books started coming out rushed

To judgment I started listening to other People I read everything I could and Over the 60 years we have had Revelations after Revelation and but People don't really understand how it Works in the Aggregate and so I decided Because I've been studying this for Forever I've been to daal Plaza many Times he's been studying this he's going To get to the bottom of it because he's An activist I've talked to everybody who Was alive at the time I've talked fist To forensic experts I've talked to Everybody I decided to see if we could Put together in a Comprehensive uh deep dive as to what Actually happened that day with the best Information that we have at this point And put it all together and we do Eventually tell you what we think Happened we name names of actual Shooters and we talk about the positions Those shooters were in okay I don't Trust this Sky he's at inside Hollywood Shill and has been for a long time but You know he's not going to get to the Real truth because he belongs to a group That is more than likely a part of this Thing maybe he belongs to a couple Groups that are part of this thing but It's coming back up right that 65 number Is huge but doesn't mean anything Because what people believe doesn't mean Anything now used to mean more but now

There's no you know belief doesn't trans Uh transfer or translate into leverage Whatever you believe what people believe Does not mean anything in terms of Moving the needle on what the government Or the co corporations or the powerful Organizations and institutions are going To do they don't care what you think or Believe they don't care if you're upset They don't care if you know that they're A liar or you you know that they're Murderers or whatever it is and we see That going on with the Palestinian and Israel thing pentagon is moving towards Letting AI weapons autonomously decide To kill humans it's about time I mean Why would you why wouldn't happened Already the department of AI Control Drones that can make autonomous Decisions on whether to kill human Targets is moving closer to reality the New York Times uh reported well yeah I Mean we just we just need that we just Need drones making the decisions on Whether to kill people or not because Why wouldn't they why wouldn't AI be Able to do that so these are old um I Just want to get rid of all these are on A toolbar I haven't been able to get to Because I've been covered the Palestinian Israel thing and other Things Hunter Biden whes his money is All gone seeks dad's help in newly Revealed txt he can't pay alimony you

Know because he has an ex-wife and he Has a stripper named Dallas from Arkansas the the no evidence Claim about Biden's corruption is looking Increasingly ridiculous of course it is Right it's it is ridiculous and cardi B's bailing on him Hunter bitton's legal Bills could run more than a million Dollarss per month at first son pursues Ever growing array of Litigation and so um they are screwed Like they're going to run through all Their their money that they got but Biden predicts now may be the last gasp Of magga Republicans this is s of the Last Gasp or maybe the first big gasp of the Mega Republicans what kind of gasp is it Is it last or first big is it last or First and uh I think Trump has concluded That he has to win and he'll pull out All the stops I mean the quotes he uses Are just I never look this guy agreeing With him look at this tool thought I'd Hear a president say Some and so I think that uh and you see What's happening in terms of what the Mega Republicans are doing in the house They don't make up a majority of the House but they're bringing everything to A screech and Halt boom Jojo meu doesn't like those Magga Republicans blinkin says far too Many Palestinians have died in Israel's

Relentless war in Hamas this is from November 10th so that's like weeks ago Um but you know he kind of it didn't Mean anything but he said it Cassidy Hutchinson gives dark reason why Everyone should vote for Joe Joe Biden um she was Interview let's see if Here is the here she is we haven't seen Jennifer basaki or Federman in a while You know I I know you've been reluctant To say who you're going to vote for but Would are you leaving the door open to Voting for Joe Biden if it's between the Two of them I will say my door is Completely shut to voting for Donald Trump and the only reason that I will Not endorse a candidate right now is Because I still am hopeful that Donald Trump does not end up being the nominee Next year I think our country will be in A much better place overall not just for Myself but the ticket and the future of Our country will be but what I will say Too though is I think everybody should Vote for Joe Biden if they want our Democracy to survive come on I know You've been reluct come on bro not that I'm saying vote for Trump like don't Vote at all the Kennedy was an option Maybe six months ago but he's completely Failed and so you know I mean I'm not Saying do one thing or another it Doesn't matter you can do whatever you Can vote 10 times I you know you can

Vote a million times you could vote you Know more than anybody else you could be The single year single year vote like You your vote let's say you could Somehow game the system and you could Rig the vote to go either way it doesn't Matter doesn't matter who's going to win There'll be different negative things And no real positive things with either One of them few positive things here or There but there's no stopping what's About to happen collapse Wise I just want to cover a little bit Of the Israel Hamas War see that's the New term Israel Hamas War Because um they don't want to call it Israel Palestine because Palestine Doesn't have an army right and you know I'll get into my own personal stuff About this um because I don't really Have anything you know I don't have much Experience I don't know any Palestinian People and the Jewish people I know Aren't you know don't have any Connection with Israel but I do know When there is a a situation where one Group of people is completely over Batched and doesn't have in this case a Military doesn't have powerful friends Doesn't have the you know anybody Outside sticking up for them in a way That other than these protesters and a Few famous people here and there and so The Palestinian people are

Overmatched and so to call it an Israel Hamas War makes it like it's is Israel Versus terrorists but really it's the Pal inian people who are always Suffering much more than the Jewish People and it's you know it's been well Documented and so this has been going on For 3,000 years and I can't say one side Is worse and I mean they both have a lot Of bad history Muslims and uh Jewish People and so neither one of them looks Like the good guy or the you know the There's one that's the victim and one's The the abuser but in the case of Israel Versus Palestine Palestine is over Right and so they made this Deal and it's basically putting a Hal to Israel's aggression for now and yet There was this um this uh story right Here Israel's secret air war in Gaza and The West Bank and so the West Bank is The key part right inside Israel's drone War now they can make a case for going Into Gaza because their big talking Points are the you know what they did What Hamas holes did to them the Hamas Holes did all that stuff to their you Know to them to start this on October 7th and that um they have hostages right Those are the two victim statements this Is the two Justification reasons to justify what They're doing in Gaza that the the H [ __ ] need to be eradicated because

Of what they did and they're hiding Behind Palestinian people and it's the Hamas holes that are putting the Palestinian people at risk and not uh Israel but the West Bank doesn't have Hamas it's ruled by the Palestinian Authority and they don't have anything Like that over there and they don't have Connections to these groups and so if They're droning inside the West Bank Their whole story falls apart here Right inside look at Israel's use of Drone Warfare to Target Hamas with Devastating impacts here's Kier Simmons this is the impact of what Locals say was an Israeli drone strike Inside a West Bank building where five Palestinians were killed Friday so they Did it inside a West Bank building so They're droning people I'm not going to Show you the rest of this youtubeers got Issues I can't even show you the pigage Of what happened there Ms you know NBC News which is I mean more pro-israel Than they are pro Palestine is um saying That Israel is droning inside the West Bank which you know I think is fairly uh You know it's out there right and it Undermines their whole story and their Whole victim Consciousness cuz they have No reason to do that right other than They want to take control of they want To do a land Grab so I want to get to De Deborah

Messing and that other guy but Susan Sandon dumped by Hollywood agency UTA Over anti-jewish Rant Oscar winter Susan sandon has been Dropped by a top Hollywood agency saying Frightened Jews are getting the taste of How it feels to be Muslims in America that was enough to get her uh You know Um to get her you know me toed and Cancelled and this young woman Melissa Bar Barrera breaks silence after scream Seven I condemn anti-Semitism and Islamophobia um scream seven because There because there's so many unanswered Questions from the first screen movies First and foremost I condemn Anti-Semitism and islamophobia I condemn Hate and Prejudice of any kind against Any group she said in a shared Statement um she said some other things Here but so there is this guy this guy Just sucks and you're not going to you Know he's now saying he's open to voting For Trump but you know that's still Trump sucks too um but this guy's been Anti-trump and just loudmouth and Horrible a lot of conversation amongst My Jewish friends about The Silence the Disappointment The Disappearing Acts on Some Doug Henning David bla just disappeared boom In the air a lot of people have Disappeared I'm telling you right

Now we are making a list we are checking It twice and we already know who's been Naughty or nice see that so um you're Keeping a List you and your Jewish friends are Keeping a list the people who aren't Supporting you and um going after the Palestinian people you know who else Kept the list Right I mean is this way is this where You want to go with this right you're Keeping a list of people who are being Silent not you know not criticizing Israel or not you know just the people In Hollywood these people who are being Silent and that's how you're feeling About this this isn't the way to go Because things are already going south On you that you see that point I'm Talking about the Jewish people but I'm Also talking Christmas cows we will not Forget we're not suckers so when you Come around asking for this that and the Third come around asking for money Investments and all that stuff I promise You I promise you It's being discussed we're paying Attention wait so you're going to say You're going to use money power to get Revenge for people who kept silent People who aren't vocally supporting the Ex the uh genocide that's going on in Palestine right not not just the people Who are criticizing it but I mean people

Like Susan sarand and these other people Are getting canceled but if you're not Out there saying uh you know go Israel Go destroy uh Palestine you're um you're Going to be cut off you're not going to Have any money and funding for your Projects to who's being anti-jewish Anti-semitic anti-israel or not saying Anything at all I promise you we see I'm I'm I'm the Enigma a lot of Jewish people seem nice We seem like we're we're Suckers seem like you could kind of Convince us And trust me don't come around now 6 Months 8 months 2 Years we're remembering we're paying Attention to my friends never forget Imigra really okay go and to the Egyptian the muat wants your picture Okay y go Yeah you know theat h theat no I don't Know you don't know I just speak English No yeah go in in Egypt will get your Parents go does your father like his Fingernails they they'll take them out One by one so this guy has um he's a Clinton he's a Clinton he worked for Clinton the Clinton advisor and he's a Semif person who ended up getting Charged for a hate crime right after I Was done with this I I was you know I Was uh getting the screen flow um you Know I was capturing this on screen flow

And then also Deborah Messing and as Soon as I was done with it I checked my Instag and somebody sent me this and Said that this guy was uh somebody else Like somebody famous and here's that Clip here so one of my viewers just sent Me this not so fast the Diplomat and Obama advisor who's been harassing Halal Vendors in New York City has been Arrested on hate crime charges Stewart Switz was taken into custody Wednesday After a recent confrontation with the Holow cart in Manhattan it was all Caught on camera and went viral please Say several videos captured formula Diplomat allegedly harassing the vendor About his Egyptian roots and Islamic Fate faith I mean that was really bad What he was doing like just you know Former advis Obama advisor in custody After H Halal Court conf cart Confrontation so this is the guy Right what is going On why should I go why should I go tell Um CU you're threatening the guy and You're threatening his family tell me Why I should go I'm standing here I'm an American I have free it's a free country It's not like Egypt smile for me M Did you rap your daughter like Muhammad Did H did you rap your daughter like Muhammad speaking what you only speak

English no no English no you don't speak English yes all right well that's that See that just shows how ignorant you are CU you know Muhammad was A it says in the in the had in your holy Book who Muhammad what oh Muhammad Muhammad you're you're Prophet you know Who he my Prophet yeah he was aist he Does it say that in the Hadith or not You know that I just speak English what No English you don't speak English what Do you Speak what do you Speak you speak Arabic the language of The Quran the Holy Quran look at these guys Right and some some people us as a Toilet what do you think of that people Who use the the foran's a to does it Bother You does it bother you tell me the truth I don't speak English you don't speak English that's too bad that's why you're Selling food in uh in a food cart cuz You're you're ignorant but you should Learn English it it'll help you of Course when they deport you back to Egypt and theat wants to interview you For being A so things are getting Nasty and then Deborah Messing showed up Here Deborah Messing the worst person on a bad Show the most annoying person on a bad

Show show of annoying people de messing Was the most Annoying Shom I love you Too yes I know you are in Pain I know you are Afraid I know you feel alone and Abandoned by people you thought were Your Friends I know you feel misunderstood And Maligned I know because I do too she Does too she feels the same Thing but looking out at all of us today We also know that we are not alone Because we have each Other wo We are all being Tested a tsunami of hate has crashed Down upon us and then a deafening Silence we see clearly Now we see naked virulent Jew hatred Being disguised as a noble call for Liberation and we reject It what does Israel's defense in Response to a terrorist attack have to Do with an elderly Jewish man in California killed for holding an Israeli Flag this is Madness this is Terrorism but we will win we always Have we are strong resilient and devoted And we will not lose

Ourselves we will worry for our Global Jewish Family and also hurt for the Innocent Palestinians used as human Shields by Hamas woo we have to bomb them but we Don't want to Woo we will work to eviscerate Hamas and also pray for a free and Flourishing Gaza we will remember and work for the Release of the 240 hostages as well as For the safety of the 2.2 million gazin Also held hostage by Hamas yeah you're You're liberators that's how they feel About you you've liberated them in an Open air Prison and stole their land right I mean She's laying it on thick Here we will pray for the success of the IDF in a war Israel did not not start And did not Want but a war well now come on now Israel will Win because we Must those who hate us deny our humanity And our right to exist no matter we know Who we Are we know that even in especially in Darkness we SP we stand United proud Resolute with absolute moral certitude In our light like our ancestors who for 3,000 years looked hate straight in the Eyes we too will Prevail we will care take care of each

Other we will take care of our brothers And sisters in Israel we will fight and We will love for Iously our light will shine until the Darkness is Defeated I'm so I haven't covered this subject Very much over the years the Palestinian Israeli thing you I've been talking About it biblically and uh the three Religions sucking that are involved in This and there there's all Bloodshed in All of their hands Christianity Islam and uh Judaism just You know not good religions and and bad Teachings and you know God that isn't You know God who's a demon and they're Worshiping you what they call God as a Demon this stuff um so it's not you know I have my deeper level of thinking about It but in terms of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict I have no Palestinian friends I Don't know anybody from Palestine and at least as far as I know And I know quite a number of Jewish People I had Jewish friends growing up Uh you know Jewish guy was instrumental In my YMC basketball league and college Interal you know one of my friends and The guy who started me in sa Mar the Preceptor was uh you know it came from Jewish ancestry and so I have a lot more Jewish influence and almost all of it's

Positive like I don't have any negative Association with Jewish people the ones That I know you know normal everyday People Americans you know who I mean Religion never really came up right you Know I went to my friends bar mits when I was a little kid uh 13 or whatever you Know eth grade or something like that And my dad had Jewish friends who you Know in college because he was Italian And he looked you know they they were Both prejudiced against in the in the 1930s you know Jews and Italians and Irish were all you know look down on Right and so there's always been hatred And Prejudice and you know anti- this And anti- that and so as far as my Opinion about all this and I know There's a lot of people hate Jewish People in the the truth Community I you Know just going on what we're seeing Here you know starting with the Kyrie Irving thing which is part of the story For me but the ADL the guy Jeffrey green Blad or whatever his name is the guy who Runs the ADL and these three people we Just saw these three Jewish people and Again I'm not seeing stuff that's some Anti- you know Palestinians Behaving Badly or people who are you know Expressing negativity towards Jewish People but just seeing these people here You know these are not winning messages Right Deborah Messing who's an annoying

Character and that speech was just Filled with ickiness right it was just Wrong that guy that Clinton um Stewart Whatever his name was that Clinton guy I Mean him doing that to this you know Harassing this guy and the things that He's saying and then there's Michael Rapaport saying they're keeping lists of Not only people who are talking badly About Israel or Jewish people and that's Two separate things talking badly about Jewish people as a whole is the worst of The three things right because it's not Every person not every person in Israel Is in favor of Israel's actions and not Every Jewish person has the same Attitudes right so talking about them Collectively collectively is wrong Talking about what Israel is doing is Something different but not talking About it at all and staying silent he's Saying he they're taking lists of those People and going to cut them off Financially which is all the the Narratives that you know these negative Narratives about this Zionist power is It is a money power like these are the Negative narratives that are out there And he's and these other people that all Talked are confirming it and this other Idea of the chosen people and that all These other people are considered [ __ ] or Goyam who are less than cattle and They're somehow entitled to special

Treatment and they can go out and and Just lie and disrespect the Palestinians And and rearrange history and everyone's Supposed to go along with it and pretend That they're the heroes right and you Know this doesn't bode well like this is What's being said here and this is the Message that's being put out here and You know somewhat by even the mainstream Media but not as much anymore and you Know people aren't seeing it young People And it's not you know their performance Here the way they're handling this is Going to create more backlash and maybe That's what they want maybe they want Victimization maybe they want you know Whatever you know I don't know what the You know the endgame ER or the plan is But certainly what they're doing is Provoking people and turning people Against them it's not being likable what They're doing is not going to win people Over it's not going to make them more Likable it's not going to make them Other people see their point of view I Mean it's clear that's happening across The board because the Palestinian people Are being bullied and nobody's buying The official story especially when They're conducting drone strikes in the West Bank that has nothing to do with The moles and so you know we know that It's all you know it's not um a an

Accurate account and most people are Understanding that and the way that They're going about it threatening and Using Gil conscious and acting like the Victims and acting like like the chosen People acting like they're special and Things and they deserve special Treatment only makes people upset and Maybe that's the goal maybe they're Trying to I don't know we'll see how it Plays out like we'll see what happens After this but you know it's a very Telling thing that's going to it's not Going to die down right there's going to Be this um Contentious aspect of you know the Political process but certainly within The Democratic party now and then moving Forward as these young people will gain Power and no longer want to endorse and Support Israel financially and Militarily and that's going to be a Political issue going forward as you Know as these people uh the young people You old people die off and the young People take take power anyways I'm going To wrap this one up here only spiritual Valy will save this world it's parano Definitely point for the apocalypse and The Ascension I want have a blessed day And be grateful

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