Britney’s Awesome Cake + More Magoo How the world is turning on

Britney's Awesome Cake + More Magoo How the world is turning on

Greetings brothers and sisters so I'm Going to get into JoJo magu Palestinian Thing Trump and um you know more of Collapse with the um the uh Kraken lady You a bunch of stuff to get to and I um Made a long voice over about the Old Testament because I got these goofy Comments and people are you know um like I said in the voice over I say things That you're not going to here anywhere Else and since this is such a powerful Part of the American culture and the World culture these three Religions Judaism Islam and Christianity That all existed you know are Intertwined and all came out of the same Uh original story original um conception Of divinity these three religions that Make up over half the Population are very important and the Conflict and the violence that exists in Them and there's a reason for it so I Made a voice over and titled the videos En titled um the video is entitled the Real reason most Truthers uh won't face this one aspect Of the control system which is their Religion and you know don't even want to Hear about it or even conceive that There might be a problem there and so That video which will be up uh on Monday October 23rd at night and this video Will be up on Tuesday are intertwined And I was going to put them together and

I'm going to put the voice over at the End of this video uh but you know if You've already listened to it you Already listened to it uh but anyways um Let's start here with Britney J spear She's written a Autobiography where she's had other People write it for her and it's filled With bombshell revelation some of which I might get to hear are on my other Channel and she deleted her instag Account even though she's not getting Comments so I don't know why she's Deleting it and then she reappeared Yesterday after 24 hours of a deleted Instal page and she wrote this see you In hell in a heartshaped um birthday Cake with some sort of with some sort of Cookies there and this satin sheet or Whatever it's On the disturbing part is it's liked by 49,000 of her followers and some of mine As Well I guess some of mine like this Thing as well you know Britney's Autobiography because we know how crazy Britney is is suspect just just because Of her dancing and everything else so I Didn't cover this whole speech Let's Start here with the rest of this speech Is a smart investment that's going to Pay dividends for American Security for Generations help us keep American troops Out of Harm's Way okay so this has never

Worked out right this is everything They've done has made it worse for American Security every bogus war that He's endorsed starting with you know all The way back to Vietnam and then every War after that you know this guy's been A part of this right all these wars that Happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and these other places certainly Operation Ajax that happened has made Things worse right made things worse for Americans and then the global You know the global establishment and This war isn't going to bring any you Know this stuff that they're doing to Hamas or to Pakistani people is you know It's just stupid right we know it's not Going to be an investment that pays Dividends they're just taking our money And and you know they're washing it Through these wars as they loot what's Left of American Wealth right like That's what's happening help us build a World that is safer more peaceful more Prosperous for our children and Grandchildren by what by oppressing People you know I showed you this in my Last video and there's all these Protests going on globally there's Protests going on in London and all These various places around the world And you know how is this going to make Things more peaceful the problem is Young people don't buy this BS young

People aren't religious they're not you Know there's less and less Evangelical Christians and people around the world Are all not buying into the story about Israel and America and this is just all These places DC they want to ceasefire I Mean it's just um you know they're They're walking a very fine line here um They're back here this is um it says Here Jews say ceasefire now these are Jewish people demanding peace right Demanding a ceasefire like they get it That this is a land grab I me there's Jewish people people that are you know That are are the support is wavering Here the Evangelical Christian group That supported George W bush and the Republican party is dying out their kids Are getting their information from the Internet a lot of it's not good Obviously but they have a different World view Montreal I mean there's People protesting all over the world That are against this and then of course All the people in these Muslim countries And so how is this going to bring about Peace right and like I said they're Walking a fine line because they realize The Democrats particularly that they're Losing support in for these types of Wars and this type of action and for Israel and our support of Israel and They keep on saying always and forever Which he's going to say here uh but you

Know in reality they know that they got To he has to say something so he's going To say in this speech he's going to talk About how Palestinian people get to live In peace but it's a war crime my wife Was telling me it's a war crime to Displace people and kick them out of Their homes take people and move them Out of their homes into you know some Sort of uh like um reservation type of Concentration camp and that's what's Happening and so you know these people Around the world know it and there's the Internet now and people just don't Believe in it the official story and yet They have to support Israel but they Also have to pretend they care about Palestinians and so this is all you know This goes on forever this comp ation of This my wife's Edinburgh Japan Oslo Mumbai Dublin Copenhagen Harvard University you know Massachusetts Vienna Manchester UK Cyro Cairo Poland guar Brussels and like you get the idea San Francisco Berlin they're fighting with The police I mean this is you know all These things the BBC here and so you Know his claim is ridiculous right in Israel we must make sure that they have What they need to protect their people Today and Always and always right we're we're not

There's no always there young people Aren't into this they already showed the Numbers one more thing about this Democrats especially whining and Whimpering and bed wetting about how Weak Joe Biden is go back and look at What you were saying in the summer and The fall of 20 22 how there was going to Be a red wave it never materialized Because Biden is normal there's craz Everywhere when people pick up the Phones do they go oh my God I'm so Excited about it hope and change it's Morning and America Zippity D zpp no no What they do is they think ah you know He's all right and then they go into the Voting booth and they Go Normality America is America again There's not the fascism there's not the Radicalism there's not the violent Overthrow of governments attempted Here's a guy that does his job works With Republicans gets things done Democrats especi so Gumby Joe um is Saying this guy is normal Right This Scile creepy I mean he's saying people Don't get excited about him but the Alternative is Trump and the craziness Of the truth Community right but that Number is growing and the people who Believe in Joe Scarboro who's you know Used to be a Republican and the rest of These mainstream media clowns are dying

Out they're dying demographic and when They leave they'll be just people kids Who got all their information from the Internet and not all of it's good but It's better than what we see with the Mainstream media and so he's saying this Is normal right like he's saying sheep Will go into the voting booth and out of Fear of what the truthers are doing and What Trump is doing or whatever it is That's not the mainstream story they'll Vote for this guy just because they're Sheeple like that's you know that's Their claim to fame here Security Package I'm sending to Congress and Asking Congress to do is an Unprecedented commitment to Israel's Security that will Sharpen Israel's qualitative military Edge which we've committed to which We've committed to well we can uncommit To it like we can say I don't right what Is this you know forever and ever this Has got Deliverance I qualitative Military Edge we're going to make sure Iron Dome continues to guard the Skies Over Israel we're going to make sure Other hostile actors in the region know That Israel is stronger than ever and Prevent this conflict from spreading it Hasn't happened right doesn't Matter look at the same time president Metah and and I discussed again Yesterday the critical need for Israel

To operate by the laws of war that means Protecting civilians and combat as best As they can yeah this is a tell because That's not what happened they've Displaced citizens they've killed Citizens they've killed innocent people He's pretending that they're not doing That but we all know they are the people Of Gaza urgently need food water and Medicine yesterday in discussions with The leaders of Israel and Egypt I Secured an agreement he secured for the First shipment of humanitarian Assistance from the United Nations to Palestinian civilians in Gaza in Gaza he Did that he did that joker smile here he Did that joker smile here in Gaza Hamas Does not divert or steal this shipment These shipments we're going to provide An opening for sustained delivery of Life-saving humanitarian assistance for The Palestinians as they get bombed by Israel as their homes get bombed as the They get occupied as all these things Happen As I said in Israel as hard as it is we Cannot give up on peace we cannot give Up on so buy the [ __ ] bu the [ __ ] a two-state solution Israel and Palestinians equally deserve to live in Safety dignity and peace you know and Here at home we have to be honest with Ourselves in recent years too much hate Has given too much oxygen fueling racism

The rise of anti-semitism an Islamic Phobia right here in America right here In America it's happening it's also Intensified in the wake of recent events That led to the horrific threats and Attacks that both shock us and break our Hearts at the same time shock and break Hearts on October 7th Terror attacks Have triggered deep scars and terrible Memories in the Jewish Community today Jewish families worried about being Targeted in school wearing symbols of Their face walking down on the street Were going out about their daily lives You I know many of you in the Muslim American Community the Arab American Community the Palestinian American Community and so many others are Outraged and harded saying to yourselves Here we go again here we go again with Islam Israel is about to take more of Our [ __ ] again phobia and distrust we Saw after 9/11 just last week a mother was Brutally stabbed a little boy here in The United States a little boy in the United States it happened who just Turned 6 years old was murdered in their Home outside of Chicago his name was [Laughter] Wadia I'm not laughing at the kid Getting stabbed obviously his name was V Little boy who just turned six years old Was murdered in their home outside of

Chicago his name was wadia WIA a proud American a proud say his name again Palestinian American family again um you Know I whatever truth there is in this Story it's horrible this kid guy I'm not Laughing at the kid getting murdered Obviously but his um his pronunciation Of his name we can't stand by and stand Silent when this happens we must without Equivocation Den what would wadia Do what would wiia do anti-Semitism we Must also without equivocation denounce Islamophobia and to all you Hing those Of you hurting I want you to know I see You you belong and I want to say this to You you're all America you're all America this is in a moment there you Know in moments like these when fear and Suspicion anger and rage run hard that We have to work harder than ever to hold On to the values that make us who we are Exactly why we send money over so Israel Can bomb the crap out of innocent people It's just it works out that way and Again as I said in my long Voiceover there's no good guys in this Situation the three powerful Organizations of Christianity uh Islam And Judaism has been at War and has Exhibited violence even in the text Itself it's in the Bible violence and Genocide and these things that are done Based in God's orders allegedly and it's Also in the Quran and all these other

You know religious texts violence and You know these types of behaviors are Are exhibited which is why this is Happening I go into a lengthy Explanation of this in my voice over They put up yesterday but it's there Right it's because the nature of these People's relationship to God the Relationship that you the way that you View God affects your behaviors and when You have a violent wrathful God who's a Narcissist and you know you know a Whiner and and it's constantly getting His his pride her and these things and And uh you know a bad King a bad person A sociopath then you're going to have These types of behaviors exis exhibited In your in your religion as well as your Your um your you your governments and All these things and these are violent Religions We're a nation of religious Freedom freedom of expression I didn't Plan it that Way we all have a right to debate and Disagree without what would what would Wadi do fear of being targeted in Schools or workplaces or in our Communities I must renounce violence and Vitory all see each other not as enemies But as fellow Americans exactly we can Get Along when I was in Israel Yesterday I uh said that when America Experienced the hell of 9/11 we felt en

Rage as well while we sought and got Justice we made mistakes yeah we made Lots of mistakes and what Justice did we Get so I caution the government of Israel not to be blinded by rage don't Be blinded by rage and here in America Let us not forget who we are we reject All forms all forms of hate whether Against Muslims yeah you you have perpetrated Hate against Maga Republican and Trump Your whole candidacy your whole platform Was based based in hatred towards Trump And trumpers and Trump supporters and You've exhibited that to all of us in The truth Community as you worked to Pressure social media uh corporations to Censor all of us and violate our our First amendment rights and so you exist On hate you talk about hate all the time Right you said that these people needed To be wiped off the face of the Earth or This is what um n yahu said and you Echo These things you called them evil and Yet you're saying you don't hate your Whole your whole life is predicated on Hate Jews or anyone that's what great Nations do and we are a great Nation on Ukraine I'm asking Congress to Make sure we can continue to send Ukraine the weapons they need to defend Themselves in their country exactly but They're they're weapons of love and not Hate let's send them Love weapons

Without Interruption so Ukraine can stop Putin's Brutality in Ukraine Putin we hate that Putin Right they are Succeeding when Putin invaded Ukraine he Thought he would take keev and all of Ukraine in the matter day they're Getting their ass Kicked well over a year later Putin has Failed and he continues to fail Kei Still stands because of The Bravery of The Ukrainian people and they'll Continous fail long as you guys give me More billions of dollars to wander Through this country and give to my Crackhead Son Ukraine has regained more than 50% Of the territory Russian troops once Occupied backed by us-led Coalition of More than 50 countries around the world All doing its part to support Ke what would happen if we walked Away we are the essential Nation meanwhile Putin you mean like They're doing so well that they need More money Turned to Iran and North Korea to buy Attack drones and ammunition to Terrorize Ukrainian cities and people From the outset I've said I will not Send American troops to fight in Ukraine All Ukraine is asking for is help money For the weapons Munitions the capacity

The capability to push invading Russian Forces off their land and the air Defense system to shoot down Russian Missiles before they destroy Ukrainian Cities Let me be clear about something we send Ukrainian equipment sitting in our Stockpiles and when we use the money Allocated by Congress we use it to Replenish our own stores our own stock Piles with new equipment equipment that Def that defends America and is made in America military industrial complex is Good for Business Patron missiles for air defense Batteries what's it what's that sniff my Finger let me let me stiff my finger Real quick in Arizona artillery shelves Manufactured in 12 States across the Country in Pennsylvania Ohio Texas and So much more you know just as in World War II today patriotic American workers Are building the Arsenal democracy and Serving the cause of Freedom let me close with this earlier This year I boarded Air Force One for a Secret flight to Poland there I boarded those are the Best Kind train with blacked out windows for A 10-hour ride each way to ke to stand With the people of Ukraine ahead of the One-year anniversary of their Brave Fight against

Putin and I'm told I was the first American dinner of War Zone not Controlled by the United States military Since president is he's doing it like He's doing he's a tough guy Lincoln with me was just a small group Of security personnel and a few advisers But when I exited that train met zinski President zalinski I didn't feel alone I Was bringing with me the idea of America Billions of dollars I had I had billions Of dollars with me in Suitcases the promise of America to the People who are today fighting for the Same things we fought for 250 years ago Freedom Independence Self-determination as I walk through Kei With president sininsky with air raid Sirens sounding in the distance I felt Something I've always believed more Strongly than ever before America is a Beacon to the world Beacon to the world Still Still Still Still whereas my friend meline Albright Said the indispensable the woman who Said that economic sanctions killed 500 Iraqis is she a beacon of Light which Iraqi children 500,000 Iraqi Children tonight they're innocent people All over the world who hope because of Us who believe in a better life because Of us who are desperate not to be Forgotten be by us by us I was going to Say because of us because I was had a

Rle there then I was like I got to shift Gears and are waiting for Us but time is of the essence I know we Have our divisions at home we have to Get past them we can't let Petty partis And angry politics get in the way of our Responsibilities as a great nation we Cannot and will not let terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin win I Refuse to let that happen and Moment Like These we have to remind we have to Remember who we are we are the United States of America United States of America remember that's who we are the United States of America and there is Nothing nothing beyond our capacity if We do it Together my fellow Americans thank you For your time may God bless you all and May God protect troops okay the morning Joe called this a historic Speech we have heard that a half a Million children have died I mean that's More children than died when in Hiroshima and and you know is the price Worth it I think this is a very hard Choice but the price we think the price Is worth it so um this is what she said That's Madam Albright when they did Economic sanctions that starved 500,000 Kids in Iraq she said it's worth it it's Peace we're not hateful people we're Peaceful people this is who he was Quoting here JoJo magu next year a super

Soldier massage agent Massad mad agent Will be joining Captain America in a Movie her powers include super strength And gaslighting people whatever she Commits her War crime a claimed to Israeli actress Shira hos to join Marvel C Cinematic Universe as Israeli Superhero Sabra Marvel studi announc you can see That Sabra has a Jewish star here as her Cape holder and her headband among these New characters was a superhero named Sabra who will make her MCU de debut in Fourth America Captain America movie She's going to partner teams with Captain America in comics she is a Mutant who serves as a massage agent Mage agent and the character has been Part of the controversy ever since its Origin Sabra is the alter ego this is From the cam the comic books of the Israeli superh heroin Ruth bat sua Ruth B Supra so her and Captain America are Going to fight evil and this coming at a A time when you know as we get into this You can see that the support for Israel And America is on its way out just based In the youth older people sure they're Still believing what the news tells them But the younger people Aren't let's make one thing clear Israel Has a right to exist and to defend Itself that's this guy is um I think He's Turkish that is an indisputable

Fact but so do Palestinians and that's a Wait what are you talking about here bro This MSNBC fact that's often ignored Ignored exactly Palestinians are at best Third class citizens in the nation of Their birth the idea that it's even Remotely controversial to call what Israel has imposed on Palestinians a Form of apartheid is laughable one look At a current Kaboom MSNBC map of Israel Gaza and the occupied territories Conjures up only one other example a Partide era South Africa the Israeli Government on an ongoing basis declares Parcels of land on which Palestinians Live either of military or archa Archaeological importance causing Residents to be evicted sometimes There's a court case and almost always The Palestinians lose yet months or Weeks later that same important land Suddenly becomes home to a brand new Israeli settlement as more and more Jewish settlers take over land on which Arabs live the occupied West Bank Becomes de facto more Israeli and in the Explicit hopes of the Israeli government More Jewish this is a long-standing Attempt and a deliberate attempt to Force Arabs who have lived in that land Sometimes for hundreds of years out it's An attempt to dilute their presence Because to have Arabs as full Participant so this is on

MSNBC um which you know we know this is Going on and you know this isn't playing Well on the internets there are the People who watch the news a lot of them Are Republicans some Democrats who are Just repeating the you know the tagline Israel we stand with Israel all these Things but I showed you in a couple Videos ago that is the younger gener Ation each generation there's less Support for Israel and more support for Palestine and again you know neither One's the good guy you know neither one Of this these people these groups in This conflict whether it be the US and The Christians European American Christians whether it be um Muslims or Or Jews none of them are the you know None of them are good guys right there's No solution to this problem not just Israel and pal Palestine but the beef That's been there for 3,000 years I Covered this extensively in the the long Audio and my video from yesterday and so You know they're saying this here and That they're saying this on MSNBC and You know there's waning support that Means that um you know this isn't going To go well for them for America and Israel like they have limited support I Don't know if they'll be able to grab The West grab a Gaza and keep it I Thought that was the they were Definitely going to go for that but it

Sounds like there's you know there's so Much animosity now and everything that Israel does from this point forward Everyone wants a ceasefire they think They've overreacted at this point Because um there's 5,000 dead now I'll Get to that just a moment as of um of as Of Monday is in the opinion of the Israeli government and their courts Diluting Israel just prior to the Pandemic I toured many of the contested Areas and homes from which Arabs are Being pushed out both in Israel proper And in the occupied territories Palestinians don't control the important Parts of their lives Palestinian Families are refused permits to build or Renovate their homes when they connect Their homes to the Municipal Water Supply Israeli soldiers sometimes cut The pipes when they attempt to harness Solar energy because their homes are not On the grid Israeli soldiers literally Come and remove solar panels from their Homes I spent an hour and a half Traveling alongside an elderly Palestinian woman who is being Transferred between three ambulances From Gaza to the no man's land in Between and then into Israel to get Cancer treatment three ambulances over The course of one mile more than an hour To cross the border that's how gazin Live without medical treatment because

Israel prevents it without electricity Much of the time because Israel prevents It without the ability to fish in the Mediterranean Ocean because Israel Prevents it without an airport or a sea Port because Israel prevents it Kaboom So this guy is um obviously not Jewish He's one of the few Arab voices on uh Any of these major news networks Whatever he is Turkish or whatever it is Um like Israelis Palestinians also have A right to exist and to defend Themselves but there is no one willing To help them do that not the Israeli Courts and not the US government what The US also shares with Israel is the Belief that Hamas the political party That governs Gaza is a terrorist Organization that calls for the Destruction of Israel Hamas is supported By the majority of Palestinians in Gaza Hamas may not be in the best long-term Interests of the gazans but peace hasn't Really worked out for them faced with an Israeli government which pens them into What has been called the world's largest Open air prison they have chosen a Government that most of us wouldn't Prefer one that is not given to Negotiation and moderation and respect For its neighbor Israel needs a new Approach to the pales Ians and America Needs a new approach to Israel after More than seven decades of not just

Being deprived of land from which they Were evicted Palestinian frustration Runs deep it may be worth going deeper Than what you may hear inside your Bubble and understanding the depth to Which the Palestinian people are subject To apartheid in their own land deprived Of basic necessities and subject to Relentless civil rights violations this Is not a secret it's out there for you To see you just have to look for it So like I said this is um you know this Is what young people are Believing and there's a limited time That Israel has for doing what they want To do I mean this is a major turn that We're seeing that there is push back we Haven't seen in the past I got a few More things to show you and then I want To talk about this at the End so Um Health authorities and Gaza said Today the death death toll has surpassed 500,000 includes more than 200 2,000 Children 5,000 not 500,000 5,000 2,000 Are children we've already learned that Almost half the population is under 18 There and so it's a majority of people There are young people and they're being Displaced and you know Mistreated and you know it's I mean it's Only a matter of time before Israel Loses complete worldwide support on this Situation

It's because the internet and young People haven't been indoctrinated into The the belief and you know there's more And more um voices out there expressing What's going on and documenting what's Going on there it has been for some time And so um you know this is over Dave Chappelle fans walk out after comedian Criticizes Israel's war crimes in Gaza That's from page six and um you know uh This is not the majority of people walk Outs a few some people walked out well The majority didn't majority of his fans Aren't walking out and um you know he Gave some sort of a pramas um joke but I Mean this is the most we've ever seen in Terms of support for the Palestinians And it's not just support for Palestinians but it's um anger toward Israel so there's some Sydney pal stuff I want to get to here Trump Sydney pal Was never my lawyer but she's right About the rigged Election um that's not Sydney pal Trump And gulani never fell for Sydney Pal's 2020 election Kraken this is why I call It the Kraken later but the left sure Did Sydney to Sydney pal the onetime Trump legal adviser who famously Released failed to release the Kraken That was to overturn in the 2020 Election has flipped news has been Greeted with great Glee and the usual Cir ciros ah salivated the New York

Times Sydney Pal's plea deal could be a Threat to Trump hooray Sydney pal was Trump's biggest fighter now he she's the Biggest threat but unlike pal they're Always promising a kraken that they Never deliver exactly like when is Trump Going to actually go to jail when are You going to actually see this guy in Prison because it's just the constant You know we're going to get this guy the Constant promise that you're just like You know lock her up with Hillary but Much worse guilty for the first time Ever we're reporting tonight A Trump Lawyer in the 2020 election case has now Pled guilty Sydney Powell who you may Remember from presentations like that One that she gave with juliani after the Election a key cool lawyer a key player We should mention so first she was Trump's lawyer with this dream team Um this guy and uh Jenna whatever her Name was there and um she was the most Reasonable giuliani's face melted and She said she had so much evidence she Was going to release a kraken she never Did release the Kraken and eventually Trump dis disconnected from her she was On her own doing her own thing and Trump Was you know saying that she wasn't Associated with him because of how crazy She was you know when Trump says you're Crazy like you've gone far overboard for Trump's crazy claims or whatever they

Are because Trump doesn't mind lying or Exaggerating something you know you're Crazy Jack Smith's federal case against Trump and most critically tonight a RICO Defended in that Georgia case where she Was memorably booked for her mug shot She was awaiting trial next week the News tonight well she just pled guilty Today a bid to duck potentially harsher Penalties in that criminal case unlike The federal case today the cameras were Rolling in the Georgia courtroom you can See the defendant now convict sitting There this is where a one-time Presidential level lawyer became a Convict she turned herself in she Admitted her guilt in Breaking the Law In the efforts to overturn Trump's loss And like any other defendant she Conceded it all under questioning by the Judge are you pleading guilty today Because you agree that there is a Sufficient fact ual basis that there are Enough facts that support this plea of Guilty I do that is a huge breakthrough In I do the RICO case against Trump it's Driving major headlines today about this Lawyer Powell pleading and flipping on Trump okay so I've said this before same Thing I said about Hunter Biden when I See Hunter Biden in jail then I believe It when I see Trump in jail then I Believe it otherwise it's just clickbait Right it's just sensationalistic stuff

You know there's no resolution how can They put Trump in jail and still hope to Win an election because it's the mag of Republicans and Trump that they're Campaigning against that's all they have And so you know if we see Trump in jail Then fine otherwise you know just stop Which strengthens the RICO Prosecutor's Case at this pivotal time a time where I Should Note news outlets are reporting On this as a major story even in amidst Everything happening in America and Around the world reports of Israel I Just have two points one about Trump Here and then this stuff about the Public turning on Israel so Trump has You know interacted or had close Relationships with a variety of people And almost all those people have Suffered in some way like Trump leaves a Wake of bad energy or people going to Jail or ruining people's careers I mean He's not somebody who builds people up The people around him his lawyer Cohen Went to jail I mean there's a list of People in his administration that all Went to jail some of that has to do with Him provoking the ire of the left and All these things of course now Sydney Pal Mike Lindell who went after this Fake election thing now can't pay his Lawyers I me this guy who did my he lost his his um Partnerships with Walmart all these

Other things for nothing like his the Whole election thing was I mean it's a Dead issue once they swore Joe Biden in It was over and cheating happens all the Time cheating you know has happened in The Republicans favor for years the Republicans did all this stuff to Jerry Rig districts to make it more favorable To states to have more Republican Senators it's always happened there's Always cheating and so you know Trump Would cheat and has cheated his whole Life all these rich people and powerful People they use their power and their Wealth to get favorable deals for Themselves it's all conspiracy and Backroom dealing and so Trump is a kind Man and a piece of crap and a bad guy And to ruin your life over Trump I mean This guy my pillow guy is going to be Broke the rest of his life and he can't Be able to you know get it back into Business for what right and Trump is um All the QBs that went to jail I mean There's just all these people that Trump Threw under the bus you know former Friends of his associates that end up Suffering hard times because of trump They give everything to Trump and then Trump turns on him because he's a he's a Worthless person he's a horrible person And you know it's just tiresome now and I'd like to see the guy go to jail but They're not going to send him to jail

Right just to you know so we stop Hearing from him and all the drama and Stuff that goes with them like there's a Point where Trump was very entertaining As president and in the beginning and Then for so many years but once Co hit He's been a piece of crap ever since he Got exposed and he know he was better Before that but then you know he failed The coid test at least as far as we're Concerned and there stuff with Israel And um the public it's you know a like I Said before time is running out for them To get the security they they claim they The security that's their number one Goal and that is to Encompass as much of Israel as possible the greater Israel The biblical Israel which includes a Rock I showed you a map of this um in my Last video I have a screenshot of it Here but it encompasses a lot of these Countries around Israel that's the Promised land that they say God promised Them and for them to execute this Strategy either things have to change Drastically or they got to get it done Quickly because America you know this is Going to suck for Biden CU there's a lot More liberals and young people who are Anti-israel and pro Palestinian and That's just going to grow and so he's in Trouble with this thing because lots of People are calling for a ceasefire now And Israel hasn't even begun to invade

With their ground forces and so things Are going south in terms of public Opinion and I don't know how much that Matters to the powers that be but it Certainly is going to matter for American politicians right who you know Especially these ones who flirt with the Truth community and the Democrats Particularly they um you know they're Going to have to soften their position And soften their support for Israel and People are tired of paying for these Wars we're tired of we have War fatigue And you know it's going south quicker Than I thought and I think they're still Going to try to grab Gaza I don't know If they will get away with it but that Was part of the plan And also you know they can't just roll Out some false flag stuff anymore and Say we're going to war like those days Are over I mean they can say it but There's going to be push back and as Much censorship as they want to put out There on social media and the rest of it It just doesn't work so I made this a Video I put up um today on my other on This channel on Monday and this video is Going to go up on Tuesday um but if you haven't seen it Yet the real reason most truthers won't Face this one aspect of the control System if you haven't watched that video It's a part of this one if you're

Interested in more information about you Know certainly the religious aspects of This it's I think a unique take on the You know the situation with these three Violent religions Ben who only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul Rano definitely B from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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