Britney Spears ‘you talking to me’

Britney Spears 'you talking to me'

Here we go all right look at my hands on My other things look like a little Miss Professor Gadget Got my toilet paper and my hands in case I need it it's hot in here my air Conditioner has gone out since the point Of the sky so my tongue getting divorced You guys hear I was getting divorced I Don't care Look At Me dance look at me Let me do my thing I'm growing shorter By the day I'm gonna be four foot two by The end of the day here we go let me Wiggle let me wipe my face off hey drop My toilet paper anybody see my toilet Paper and go grab my bosoms that's my Belly there we go hey hey you looking at You you're talking to me I'm talking to You hey I changed the outfit you see That was like magic look at me still do The same thing with my red top and I'm Sweaty I went up the thing I'm walking Up to you you see me you see me don't Pretend you don't see me look at me all Right I'm getting a little bit hot I'm Running out of energy let me do some Subtle moves here do this do that look At my magic hands

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