Britney Spears ‘you don’t know crazy I’ll show you crazy’

Britney Spears 'you don't know crazy I'll show you crazy'

Before a divorce announcement all right So my fingers in my shorts there's my One leg thing I don't know whether I Dance or just be silly I'll be silly for A while all right I Gotta Dance I'm Going to dance coming in slow bring my Arms look at my magic arms look at my Hair there's my hair that was my hair Did you see my hair look at my fingers Do the thing I just highlighted my face You see that point back and forth do the Ping pong boy there you go there's my Magic arms again reaching out to the Reaching out to you look at me you're Zero Hey boom shoot you I just shot you Haha here we go doing my John Travolta Do the devil sign there you can see it I Did it so quick there's a devil sign Upside down again then wiggle around Coming in slow coming in slow grab my Booster flap my arms flapping my arms Through the chicken dance there's my stamp you saw it don't pretend you Didn't see it there we go back again We're going back and forth I'm smiling But I'm not really happy I'm dying Inside a little bit crazy you guys Notice that Crazy I'm gonna be okay you guys don't Know crazy I'll let me show you crazy

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