Britney Spears says men deserve to be hit

Britney Spears says men deserve to be hit

Girls would like literally throw Themselves at them on my way into the Place actually I was knocked down about Like three 12 year olds trying to get my Picture my security not one time touched Them or even came near them are your Security guards invisible Because if you're getting knocked down Like first of all getting knocked down By 312 reveals that's weird but you know If you're getting knocked to the floor By any kind of a fan it's your security Guards jobs to come in and lay down the Law right Um point being is Um I didn't appreciate the Deserve to be To be human ever deserves to be hit Exactly men on the other hand you can Beat the crap out of them but women Never get to get hit you know if it's a Man sure go ahead smack them right take A baseball bat I mean you know men Deserve it and men can take it but not Women they'll just no woman ever Deserves to be hit man deserve to be hit You know just for being a man when women Never

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