Britney goes nutz

Britney goes nutz

Fancy hands grow my hair look at my hair Look at my fake smile look at my bottom Look at my fake smile hey I'm talking to You I'm talking to you I'm walking away From you look at my attitude what do I Have to over here I come back I'm gonna Grab my bosoms there we go I'm gonna Twirl my hands around my ears and wig my Hands real fast go up and down let's Smile and laugh and look my happy Fingers look at my happy fingers look at My thing look at my look at my arms Rolling the dice slapping the butt let Me slap the bottom slap the bottom [ __ ] Stamp you out I'm gonna yell because it Hurt me when I roll around the floor Somebody humps the floor hump the floor And I'll wig my hands just sexy look at My dog look at me look what I'm doing my Dog I'm freaking out my dog the dog said Get off the floor you're freaking me out Why are you wearing those boots I got my Fancy boots smoking a joint swinging my Arms giving the finger to you guys some Reason give the finger twice screw you Guys with my [ __ ] stamp with my [ __ ] Stamp and my [ __ ] stamp humping the Wall hump the air hump the air look at That [ __ ] stamp okay I'm tired

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