Breaking Joe Biden says Putin losing the War in Iraq

Breaking Joe Biden says Putin losing the War in Iraq

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is a little bonus video Magoo was in rare form here Um I drop loaded my video for today but Then this came in and it was just too Good to I thought I would put it out sooner than Later Um well let's get into it so he's A guest coming out of the White House or Something here And he starts talking to reporters And he you know does the JoJo Magoo Thing here So he does this a couple of times here He's doing this a lot more Where he just laughs When he doesn't have an answer he Doesn't understand the question You know he laughs in a mocking way like That's just too stupid for me to answer But you know there are real questions And they're about real things and he's Laughing at it and in a you know mocking Way that like he's better than the Person asking and better than all the People listening but he's clearly not And clearly Clueless It's hard to tell but he's clearly Losing the war in Iraq and then he says He's clearly losing the war in Iraq Breaking Joe Biden says Putin's losing the war in Iraq you know how but how about the

Ukraine Um so then he just you know does his Classic flub here there's a lot of times Bush has done this recently but you can Understand it more with bush because you Know bush had the whole Iraq war in his Mind for years But they they keep on doing this they Keep on calling the Ukraine Iraq it's Hard to tell but it's clearly losing the War in Iraq he's losing the war at home And he is uh become a physical fly Around the world uh it's not just NATO It's not 15 years in Union it's Japan It's you know it's 40 minutes Shakedown text message For you sitting there are you involved No So it looks like he's chomping on his His Dentures are loose right like he's Talking like a guy who doesn't have his Teeth in He's you know he he does the fake laugh Again And then he shows sign of senility and He snaps and yells no Right Um after talking about how Putin's Losing the war in Iraq he goes over and Has to answer the question about hunters Text messages shaking down the Chinese Company for money saying his dad's Sitting right next to him and they

Better or or else his dad's going to do Something And then it is it is like a you know This is Wednesday for Jojo Magoo Vladimir Putin is a week or today than He was before all those events Of the inflation over All right let me put this way I've been hearing every month is going To be a recession next month Some consensus is two-thirds of the Economists and the major leaders in the Banks think we're not going to have a Recession I don't think we will either But I tell you one thing so the guy is Just mentally not competent right I mean He's you know we see this before now With fetterman like I cover fetterman More because fetterman you know like his Family Um so you know But like he's just not there like yeah This is a guy who's Clearly breaking down mentally and Physically and everything he does here Shows you like you know what you Associate with people who are you know Really old you know in their 80s and That's what he is he's in his 80s people In their late 70s I mean you know he's not he's not spry Of Or fresh or you know I mean any of these Things is hairs you know it's got the

creeper mullet and his expressions And he you I get overwhelmed I mean even As I get older it gets harder to drive At night for example your eyes aren't as Good You you get overwhelmed by loud noises Or whatever it is right as you get over As you get older you can't handle like You couldn't walk into some You know some club or some you know some Nightclub with a music's blaring and you Know it's just it's it's over Stimulating right your body's much more Sensitive you can't eat certain foods Like you're much more sensitive to uh You know overeating or eating the wrong Foods or what your body just doesn't Respond right your body's wearing out And the older you get the more there is The more you get confused by things Right you can't hear as well you can't See as well you can't comprehend you Slow down you're not as quick in your Comprehension You know you can have wisdom and things Like this But you know the older you get your your Mind just breaks down completely Especially now the way that the you know The allopathic medicine works it just Keeps people alive and prolongs their Death even after they've you know They're pretty much useless in terms of Being able to work right like you know

There's a farmer who used to get hay From This guy named badgett who was 90 years Old he used to work like he was a young You know like a a younger man like he Was still going but like that's because He kept on doing his job but people Retire You know they have no purpose anymore They you know they just sit around and They they start to atrophy and you know Joe Biden I mean that's happened to him Whether he's still working or not they Hide him away he can't really perceive About going out around them he just Yells no at one reporter and then you Know like he he confuses a rock with the Ukraine I mean this is just what happens To you And it's clearly happening to him Anyways just a quick update here only Spiritual value will save this world as Far Romano definitely important from the Apocalypse and the Ascension and would Have a blessed day And be grateful

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