Biden goes full Glitch

Biden goes full Glitch

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so This guy JoJo m i mean just look at him Like his eyes are getting more and more Dear in the headlights like just what he Looks like but he had this epic quote I'll get to and then a few other things I already had this is my wife sent this Me last night it's Just it's just so bad like they're They're going to abandon this guy I also Want to get to an epic Flat Earth Comment like just a platinum one and Then I had at least one comment From a Trumper I want to get to because That's all you know my last video about The um him betraying all of his Followers by promising something he Could never deliver and of course the Trumpers have to rearrange reality just Like the flat earthers do just like Everybody else does to one extent or Another because you know people suck but Their suckiness is you know my fun Here but first of all let's talk about JoJo Mago so this is is wonderful you Turn on the television and there's not a Whole lot about boy saves dog as he Swims in the lake you know to say you Know it's about you know somebody pushed The dog in the lake I mean I I I get it But you turn on the wonderful and I'll Show you the extent I found the the Whole this is a press conference he did And they must be putting him out there

Because they know they got to get rid of Him I mean there's only two scenarios Here where they think the American People and the Biden supporters will Support him no matter what so they don't Care if they roll him out and their Thought is that Trump is such damaged Goods and so hated that Biden can beat Him no matter what and I'll get into That too I want to talk about that the Whole electorate and the whole you know The disparity and money and these things And all all the whole thing I'll get Into that in a bit uh and that might be One way of looking at them rolling out Him out there the other one is they just Know they got to get rid of them you Turn on the television and there's not a Whole lot about boy saves dog as he Swims in the lake you know to say you Know it's about you know somebody pushed The dog in who pushed the dog who who Pushed the dog in the lake lake I mean I I I get it he gets it though he gets it But You turn on the television so JoJo m is Gone what about his Replacement popular popular Popular we just need to let everybody Know who brought it to Them Receipts receipts someon yell receipts Amen that's Doable popular popular popular the

Democrat rats are so screwed now Trump Sucks in his own way and whatever that's Going to play out U but these are the Candidates and you know America's Screwed because this is what you have This is your these are your options Trump and these two clowns you know Those are your options so few more Things here I want to get back to an Extended version of the dog thing with Trump with uh Biden Anyway the best way to get something Done if you if it holds near and dear to You that you uh Um like to be able To anyway from from uh uh sh excuse me From Charlotte one another line going From in Florida down to Tampa of Putin's CLT Yeah and and and Joan Shen gang I'm Pronounce Shanga 50,000 159,000 billion dollars LED America is a Nation that can be defined in a single Word I was the foot him foot the idea That Um Los Angeles and uh and U um uh um What am I doing here for two reasons one To we have been able to communicate it In a way that is uh Um make me say another way but the Nature this is um Brutal Not a solid

Meeting with um with Uh the uh they make a very good point Here's the Deal here's what drives the driver in The states that are affected here's what That you can do the drivers you want to Expand P prek for three and four year Olds millions of free care stents the Um Kaboom this is the extended um quote About the dog thing which it comes you Know even in context it's bad because There's no context right he doesn't Contextualize this story about the dog Being pushed in the lake and the boy Trying to save him but that isn't there It's not on TV anymore I don't know if He's referring to Lassie I don't know What he's talking about but this whole Press conference is pretty bad and I'll Go through it and we'll just you know Watch little bits of it but here's the Extended part here there's been no such Meeting set up but it is a possibility Mr President former president Trump Endorsed Congressman Jim Jordan for House Speaker could you see yourself Working with Congressman Jordan if he is The next speaker and do you have any Concerns about who might fill that Position um Look whomever the house speakers I'm Going to try to work with they control Half the half the Congress and I going to try to work with

Them there's some people I imagine it's Going to be easier to work with than Others but uh whoever the speaker is I'll try to work with Mr President can You be specific about what you to try to Reappropriate those border funds Especially when Democrats controlled Both chambers of Congress the wall thing is that what You're talking about the wall thing yes Sir yeah they pass well I was told that I had no choice that I you know Congress Passes Legislation to build something whether It's an aircraft carrier wall or provide For a tax cut I can't say I don't like It I'm not going to do it if this hadn't Been Vetoed he's solo energy yesterday that You tried to reappropriate the funds so Yeah we tried to ask the Congress to Consider changing the law to Reappropriate say don't use it for other Purposes give me more border agents give Me more uh technical capabilities detect Fent all and the like that's what I Wanted to do Mr President you started Your remark here today by saying it was Good news today with the economic report Why do you think most people still don't Feel positive or feel good news about The economy well first of all you just Heard the news today too they haven't Heard it I think the people those 300

Plus thousand people who got jobs feel Better about the economy I Look I got to choose my words Here choose your words JoJo you all are not the happiest people In the world What you're Report and I mean it sincerely I mean That sincerely you guys aren't happy I Mean you know sincerely from from Joe to You it gets a more little you get more Legs when you're reporting something as Negative I don't me I don't mean you're Picking on me I'm just the nature of Things you turn on the television and There's not a whole lot about boy saves Dog as he swims in the lake you know to Say you know it's about you know Somebody pushed the dog in the lake I mean I I I get it But wait so that was you choosing your Words Carefully this is him choosing his words Carefully right you know that drowning Dog metaphor in the lake where a boy was Possibly saving it but somebody pushed a Dog in the lake and that he got it that Was him choosing his words carefully That epic Story that was him choosing his words Carefully if you Just listen to what's going on around The world there's reason for people to Be

Concerned so his what his you know in Context what he was saying is when you Turn on TV there's not so much of a boy Saves a dog but there's a lot about a Dog gets pushed in the lake and he gets That right he was saying that when the Reporters report they don't want to Report on a boy saving a dog but they Want to report the dog getting pushed in The lake by a person and that's what he Thinks the media is and he's saying it's Okay and like he's just gone right he's Lost there's reason for people to be Concerned what's going on with in Russia Reason be concerned about what's going On in other parts of the world I think That the American people Are smart as hell and knowing what their Interests are come on like come On I think they Know they're better off financially than They were before it's a fact and all the All that data all that polling Stuff Shows they think they're more positive About the economy than they've been That's not true positive about their Jobs Etc um I just think if you let me Put this way If you just watch what happened last Week in the Congress how excited are you going to be About much of Anything Anyway like he think he he thinks he

Rocked it like he's just gone and this Is throughout this thing I maybe I'll Show the ex the beginning of it next Time I don't know I'll leave it up here But it's that bad like he's just gone Like he can't and he's in the moments Where he's thinking like he's just dead Air and the look on expression on his Face and the lost you know like just all Of it and then they're like hammering Him with questions here not legally Trying to challenge Border Construction Are you going to wait till there's a Speaker to make a speech on Ukraine Sir Boom the way he walks all of it like They're screwed they can't they know They can't run this guy like that is not A winning performance on the On the debate stage he's not going to Inspire confidence he's clueless he's Gone he has no grasp of what's going on Around him I mean his dementia is full Swing and that's you know wait till he Has to go out every day and answer Questions like this in campaign and and The rest of it okay so Um I want to say this you know I'm Editing this and this is the major point Of this video and my last video with Trump and the Democrats and Republicans Have been dealt cards for poker with Their candidates with their prospective Candidates and they don't even have a

Pair or a face card right like they Don't even have Queen high or Jack high Or whatever they have you know nines or Eights or whatever it is and they're Hoping the other guy has as bad as a Hand do you understand this you know What's needed now is a transformational Candidate I mean that's what America Needs and they know that America's Screwed and they're just looting America The best they can and so this is the Kind of candidates that they put out There right Trump sucks and is hated and They have the ability to rig it better Than the Democrats whatever it is right The Democrats I mean the Republicans do The Democrats have the ability to rig it The the election better than the Republicans maybe I don't know that's Probably the thought and so they think They might be able to win they have the Intelligence community on their side Pete buddigig is a CIA plant that's why They might want to roll him out he's a CIA creation whatever they have the Intelligence Community they have most of The media on their side Fox isn't really Behind Trump either you know they uh Rert murdoc's uh New York Post hammered Trump and made fun of them and you know They had long favored Trump and been on His side in business and other places But they bailed on Trump and so the Democrats believe they might be able to

Win but that's it right they know they Don't got good candidates they know that They don't have anybody who's Inspirational they don't have a Transformational person a transformative New paradigm shift type candidate that Could Inspire America and turn things Around they know they don't have that And the Republicans know they don't have That either they know Trump is a fraud And Trump's a a disaster but he's you Know conned all these people to Believing he's a savior and so he's got A small group of passionate followers And that's it and so you know either one Could win you know that's all that they Can hope for that they have a chance to Win but they don't have a chance to Change anything they don't have a chance To inspire people they don't have a Chance to run a candidate that smart People can endorse or people with higher Levels of consciousness that can endorse They don't have any of that America Isn't producing any of that anymore These dods right these are flawed and Broken people and two old old guys both Um deteriorating one worse than the Other but Trump is not that far behind And then the replacements for these Candidates I mean look who's running for The the nomination in the Republican Party and they're all Disasters and and the Democrats have

Kamla Who and so this is what I'm talking About here it has nothing to do with one Party or the other or this you know one Being good or bad or one being Potentially uh transformational because We know that's not on the table like This is a joke like it's what's good About this is they all know they're a Joke but this is the hand they've been Dealt these are the possible candidates They have this is the you know this is The this is where it's come down to Right like this is the lowest level Lowest vibrational level lowest Consciousness level of the you know American electorate I this is people who Are uneducated ated in articulate who Are Scoundrels and you know they're Criminals and they're flim flammen and They're just the worst to the worst They're like as degraded as it's as it Could be not that the other presidents And candidates were were better but they Used to be better like they were bad Like they were never good they were they Always were power hungry and you know They had their various flaws but they Could you know they were educated they Were polished they could read speech Speeches they could debate they could Talk about these subjects in a a Positive way and America wasn't like it Is now and the average person was

Smarter than the a back then the average Person was smarter than the people are Today more articulate more educated more Mature harder working I mean all these Things the country is a disaster and our Candidates are disaster and there's no Real hope right there's just delusion It's deluding yourself to believing that This can be turned around right it can't Be turned around like just be honest This can't be turned around like look at What we got here we a big pile of Right you're not you're not g to you Can't make it into something else There's one more Gaff here somebody sent Me and I had these terrible headaches Was diagnosed with having a A Anyway they had to take the top of my Head off a couple times see if I had a Brain and I had Did you Scarecrow or is it um is it scarecrow Yeah it's Scarecrow reacted to you in the prison Interesting Curiosity um some of the minority Communities for a brief time thought That I was racist because they watch CNN Nobody watches CNN bro they they have CNN on the prison and these guys are Watching CNN they're watching CNN is that where They got their opinion of the shaman QB

Right the QB Shaman these prisoners all Were watching CNN you know what I mean um but then all It took was five minutes of conversing With me and they realized this guy's not Racist at all this guy's all right I Actually kind of like him so no one Tried to beat you up or anything like That No no one tried to beat you up or Anything like that It's the anything like that what that Means is no one tried to poop you Right do they try to Boop you UB Shaman When you were in the Prison that's what anything like that Means I was there I I I was at a prison At the prison I was at there was a riot And actually a lot of the guys that were In the unit that I was in as I was like Looking out the window they're like Chanley get away from the window they See you they might come in here and pull You out and beat your ass so get away From the window there's look there's Good people in prison that just made Really bad decisions of course right but There's also and anybody that's been to Prison will tell you there's some Scumbags there's some dirt bags there's Some not good people and they deserve to Be in prison okay so I got some epic Comments to get to I you know I'm going To keep this video on the short side

Because um it's the weekend and whatever Um I think I'm you know again I made two Videos in a row so this is the third day In a row making a video here but the Comment is so epic I want to get to that Two comments one about Flat Earth one About Trump and there'll probably be More Trumper comments when I get a Chance to read through the rest of them But first I want to say Biden has a Billion dollars like the last election Between him and Trump Biden had2 billion Do and Trump had one was that um that Was Hillary versus Trump Hillary had um Twice as much as uh As Trump in the last Election Trump actually outraised Biden Trump had uh 1.96 billion and and Biden Had 1.69 billion it's weird that those Numbers are reversed and the six and the Nine and the nine and the six are Interesting for a variety of reasons in Terms of this election cycle it's a Little bit unclear but it seems like Trump has a little bit more money but a Lot of that money for Biden went into Get out the vote because there was as Many ads run by Biden as there was by Trump at least in terms of uh you know What I saw and getting out of the vote Is really important like when people Think about a third party candidate like Uh Kennedy it's how much money he has to Get people out to vote for them and That's the Democrats have a great ground

Machine and Trump doesn't have one Because the Republican party doesn't Like him and Trump is in a you know a uh Like a people Organizer and so that's one of the Reasons when people think about the Amount of votes that Biden got and they Say well that couldn't have happened Because no one really likes Biden well They hate Trump and they put a lot of Money into getting out the vote and I Don't know how how that played out There's no way to really tell how many Of those votes were actual votes of Course they had all those mail and Ballots which was beneficial to the Democrats like the Democrats have a Bigger base of people to pull from the Republican you know if they go towards a General election the Democrats will Probably win the general election if They get rid of the Electoral College Forever but they don't have the Enthusiasm the Democrats have to get Their voters out where the Republicans Will vote every time they're more Passionate about voting they're more Passionate about the democracy and all These things uh but that's where you are In terms of the two parties and it Doesn't matter because these guys both Suck like they're just JoJo MCU is gone Mentally and when he was there he sucked It's not like he was he was great when

He was sane and he was he didn't have Dementia and Trump's a scumbag so let's Get to the comments here I want to get To the Flat Earth one first because it's Um classic I think It's right here no that's not It it's right here um and it's uh video It's because they've given up and in This video it's not about round earth or There's nothing there like you know it's An hour and 20 minute long video I don't Remember everything that's in it but There was nothing that was anti Flat Earth which happens all the time like It's not I'm just not discussing that I Made some recent videos about Flat Earth And flat earthers but that's not at all Discussed here right there's no other Comments like this there's no other flat Earther comments there's nothing about It in this entire video like no one else Responded Like this person did and I saw it on my Phone you know a couple of the comments Come up on my phone when I look at it There'll be you know with the latest Comment but I only see like five or 10 Of them a day maybe even less here the Here's the comment here and so the Person writes do you honestly be live You know with the with the LIE being Capitalized you know the word lie is in Believe right do you honestly belive and That's all I saw like that's the only

Part of the comment I saw and I'm like Oh Boy I wonder what this is about right Because the when anything starts like That do you honestly believe live that And then the person writes do you Honestly believe that and then there's a Comma and it says that That that comma that yellow light is 95 Million Miles Away um That's what the person wrote to a com to A you know I didn't talk about the Son And the reason is at the end of the Video I used an older video in which They show the sun it's a it's Dawn you Know and it has association with reality At dawn the meditating Before Dawn in The sa Mark system that I do but it's a Very end of the video so this person saw The the son and is asking me do you Really bive that the yellow light is 95 Milli miles away and this is classic Flat Earth QB you know vegan I mean These groups of people that they're just So uh into their own thing they don't Realize how like silly they look right How Inappropriate to put that comment right And you know more than anything else With the flat earther this isn't the Belief that the Earth is flat it's the Way that they Conduct this belief and the way that

They construct their thinking and their Arguments now the flat earthers don't Have a working model because I could say Do you really bive that there is an Unknown celestial object and the Sun and The Moon are spinning around that object Hovering above Earth at whatever Distance you don't know it is right and It doesn't account for that the sun is Either coming up in a different Location uh you know over the horizon Every day you know their idea is it's Perspective which is you know it's an Illusion which uh I've talked about Before And they're mod they don't have a Working model so you can't say that you Know because you don't have a working Model you don't have a model that Explains you don't have a flat Earth Model that explains all these Phenomena that the rest of us can see You know in some Echo chamber where no One's challenging the obvious flaws in It they can all you know believe Something bive something but it's not it Doesn't hold up to any sort of scrutiny Or questions about it right this is the Issue but they won't ever confront that Or realize that that it's you know at Best it's speculation and a theory that Doesn't have a working model yet you're So far away from being able to claim its Fact alls you have was a bogus comment

In a in the Old Testament of a Bible That's a crappy book that's filled with Lies and you know demonic worship and Play and and blasphemy of God like the The Old Testament sucks you know Somebody wrote a comment when I was Making the flatters videos and I read The comment but I missed out on a you Know I remembered the comment for Whatever reason this uh this comment Triggered the memory of that Comet and The person wrote what I love about Believing in the Flat Earth this now I Feel like I have evidence that God is Real and that they were quoting they Were they were using that as a way to Validate the Old Testament that it says In the Bible that the Earth is flat and That proves to them that there's a God Because they now believe in Flat Earth But that's what you need to you know Like the evidence of God is the love you Feel in your heart that's the evidence Of God the feeling of God that's the Only evidence it's not a it's not Substantial the evidence of God is also That there's a plan not that there's Some stupid thing said in a book that's A bad book that's about supposedly about God and religion when it's really not It's about de devil worship And presenting God as a demon I've Talked about this and so that's what you Need for you to convince you that

There's a God that you are convinced That there's a flat earth right and That's where the desperation comes in Because of the belief in the the Bible In the Old Testament by many people Don't even read the Bible and don't Understand like he said God picked up The the Earth by Four Corners well you Know that didn't happen you know like Never mind the Four Corners part but he Didn't pick up you know it's it's not You know the Earth is created the way God created the Earth like there's no Reason to to do something like that uh You know the Bible's not written for Smart people it was written for uh you Know at least worldly people and the Old Testament is not a good book going back To this comment you honestly belive that The yellow light is 95 Million Miles Away so the round earth model Works in Terms of his explanation of the Earth Being on a 23 degree 23 degree and a Half access that explains the seasons Right that um the Earth is you know then The elliptical or orbit a yearly orbit Around the sun it takes a year for the Earth to complete it's orbit around the Sun because there is a year right there Is a year there is four seasons and we Experience those Seasons there is Similar weather and similar amounts of Sunlight not similar the exact amount of Sunlight every day on this day right so

Here are the facts right these are the Facts that we can all agree on if you Don't agree on them you're just Disputing facts and if you any kind of Observation will show you this if you Watch the sunrise every day it's Uh moving the Sun and its Arc is Different so you take the the winter Solstice the the day with the least Amount of sunlight and the Sun is only Available for whatever amount of time And each day it increased by like a Minute and 20 seconds until you get to June and then it starts decreasing again June 21st so December 21st to June 21st The sunlight is increasing every day and The Arc of the sun is changing to where It is higher up in the sky right this is All you know factual you can observe This and it happens the same every year There's a pattern and that's not you you Can't explain that with some celestial Object and the Sun the moon uh uh Rotating around that celestial object There's no there's no accounting for That in the Flat Earth model right and So with that as the Earth is um you know Is spinning like on a daily basis which Is explains a 24-hour cycle it takes 24 Hours for the earth to spin back to its Point so that explains the days right The rotation of the earth its Relationship to the sun and the angle Explains why there is more sunlight at

Different times based in the position of The Earth as it rotates around the sun Right so all those things are explained In that model also time zones because It's different You know as you move across the Earth Right different time zones because of Where the sun is and its relationship to The Earth where the Earth is in its Relationship to the sun right and so all Those things are accounted for in this Model and the model might be false like I said this is you know a simulation Life on Earth is an illusion your soul Is what's real and you're a video game You look like you're in a video game Here a three-dimensional video game game And it feels real because of your senses And you can feel physical objects but Just like the internet just like when You're looking at the computer you're Looking at a video that video isn't What's really happening even if it's a Live video even it's a live feed it's You know it's been Digitalized information is taken and and Projected back but you're not looking at You're not listening to my voice right Now the images you're looking at aren't Real they're just a a you know a copy Of uh of what was once a Three-dimensional event and once Whatever you're watching right now Whatever's going on in the background

Some sort of you know Trump speech maybe Or whatever that's not Trump it's a it's A you know digital creation of him and So the whole world is illusional but the Round earth model works and the Flat Earth model doesn't in this illusionary World and so when the person asked you Really bive that the that the sun is 93 Million miles away well if it isn't 93 Million miles away it doesn't make the Earth Flat do you understand this like this is The problem with flat Earthers just because NASA most likely lied and didn't go to The moon and it's you know I don't know What the maybe 99% chance that they Didn't go to the Moon I don't know but When people say to me how can you deny NASA went to the moon and also believe Earth is round because the two things Are not don't have a relationship just Because NASA lied about that doesn't Mean everything else that is been Discovered in astronomy you know there's Astronomers and there's a science of Astronomy and I took astronomy as a Class and it wasn't at a good school Know it was at a a state school and the Professor was a dope but we got to be in The planetarium and as a kid I you know Loved going to the Planetarium and I Thought we'd be looking at stars in the Planetarium and really it was just all

Math and it was calculating various Things based in their ability to measure The distance of stars and things through Telescopes and it's a boring and it was Above my ability to comprehend when I Was in college probably above my ability To comprehend now because I don't think My math has gotten better but it's all Math and whether it's accurate or not I Don't know like I can't say because I Don't understand it you know it's a Science of Astrology astronomy I'm sorry and you Know astrology is its own science on a Spiritual level and there's a couple of Different kinds of astrology but I don't Know it like I can't really express my Um I can't dispute the math in it Because I don't even understand it right In terms of them claiming the the sun is 93 million miles away like I can't Dispute it I can't say I know it because I don't know it I don't know how they Figure that out and yes they're not Trustworthy because science scientists Lie but so do flat earthers flat Earthers are some of the biggest liars And they're lying to themselves all the Time about knowing something that they Can't factually know and they're lying To the rest of us all the time because They don't factually know it the Earth Is flat but they keep on saying it over And over again you ask them to prove it

And and explain their model and they Can't I've covered that over and over Again I've said explain your model and They never do you know they leave Comments but they don't even understand They don't have a working model and they State their comments like it's factual When it's not so they're lying to all of Us and even if the Earth was flat they Don't know it and can't prove it and It's the dickish way they go about it Like leaving a comment like this do you Really bive that the Earth is 93 million Miles away well if it isn't that still Doesn't mean the Earth is flat if NASA Faked the moon landing that doesn't mean The Earth is Flat right and there is other motivation The reason that NASA allegedly faked the Moonlanding is that the Russians were Developing rockets that would relate to Inter uh intercontinental ballistic Missiles that could bomb the US with u Nuclear weapons nuclear missiles the Russians were kicking Americans asses in Terms of successful launches of rockets And so America wanted to prove their Supremacy in terms of Rocket making and So they faked the moon landing to do it That's the that's the motivation it Wasn't to prove the Earth was round it Wasn't to uh prove space was real the Number one evidence that the Um the landing was a fake was the Van

Allen radiation belt and again I don't Know and you don't know if there's Really a vanal radiation belt and There are people who call that the Firmament but we do know there's Radioactive uh there's radiation from The Sun in the upper atmosphere and even Here on the lower atmosphere and that Pilots and storis you know flight Attendant are all radiation workers you Know and it's like they're working with X-rays all day because of their Proximity to the Sun the Van Allen Radiation belt is not the firmament and So by the NASA's own and the you know uh As astronomers and scientists discovery About space they say there there's a Van Allen radiation belt which is impossible To pass through and stay alive because Of the amount of radiation that's there And NASA has talked about this as a Problem and a problem that they Obviously haven't solved there is a Video of a guy a NASA scientist talking About a probe they're sending up and He's talking about how it's going to Gather Information on the Van Allen radiation Belt because they've never passed Through it before right like this is a a NASA scientist but all that does not Mean that the Earth is flat right NASA Lying about landing on the moon or any Of these other things people are liars

Sometimes they tell the truth sometimes They think they know the truth and they Don't sometimes they're lying to Themselves sometimes they're lying to You sometimes they're putting out Disinformation whatever it might be so I Don't know whether the sun is 93 million Miles away from the Earth I don't know You don't Either but let's say it's 43 million Miles or 1 million miles away from the The Earth like what difference does it Make in terms of the model itself that The Earth is spinning around the Sun and It's rotating while it's doing that the Rotation is the day the spinning around The Sun is the year and the uh 23 degree Angle of it its access is the difference In sunlight and as it spins is a reason For time zones right this is how that Model works the distance of the sun Doesn't matter in the model itself the Model for the flat earthers of a Undisclosed uh object being the Centerpiece to the Sun and Moon spinning Around doesn't account for time zones it Doesn't count for years it doesn't Account for anything right doesn't count For any of the things that we know exist We know that there are years we know That there are seasons we know there are Time zones we know know the the sun has A different path depending on what part Of the year it is that there's different

Amounts of sunlight the the sun is Higher up in the sky all these things we Know all these things are there we know That the sun sets Over the Horizon we Know that the sun is still hitting the Clouds that have a different angle Towards the Sun than we do we can't see The sun anymore but the clouds can or if You at the clouds you were in the clouds You would have that vantage point we Know all these things and all these Things are account accounted for in the Round MTH model and I'm saying all this Because I wanted to demonstrate how Inappropriate the question is right Because it's not about like I just Happened to show uh I put a old video in For my voiceover so it wasn't even any Sort of statement about the Earth being Round it was a sunset right and the Person looked at the Sunset and decided To question my so-called round earth Beliefs when I already stated that I Believe this is a Simulation that whether it's round it's Not flat whether it's round or there's Some other explanation for the shape of The Earth the whole thing's an illusion Anyway right that our soul is what's Real our etheric bodies are what what's Real and this is a temporary video game That we're a part of I've already stated That as my belief but the flat earthers Just can't help themselves right they

Saw a picture of the sun setting and had To say something that's completely Irrelevant to anything that's going on So do you really believe that's 93,000 Mi away huh bive huh do you this is why You're dragged to deal with and it's the People that this belief attracts the Same people that are attracted to Trump The same people are attracted to the the QBs the qanon stuff it's all the same And it's really difficult to deal with And for the rest of us you're a complete Drag it's your personality your choices And you know the way that you construct Real it and the way that you interact With other people that suck it's just It's a real bummer you know and the Belief is just part of it like the Belief in the Flat Earth is just the Kind of people that are drawn to that Movement and it's a drag and there are People who you know have been commenting For years who know I don't agree with Flat Earth and they never say anything To me and they leave good constructive Comments who are flat earthers and they Said yeah I'm a flat earther but I'm not I'm not like these other people and You're recking it for them right you're Recking it for the the people who are Are good people and are socially Appropriate and who aren't like you know Dicks about it like this is you just Wrecking it for the rest of them you

You're just you defining flat earthers As an undesirable group and it's the Same thing with people who post John 3:16 or 3 whatever it is 3:20 whatever It is right John 3 16 or any of these Other biblical quotes Inappropriately on videos Everyone oh my God it's one of these right it's one of These guys it's one of the John 3:16 Guys and you record for all the other Christians and you record for Jesus by Being a douche Right you never take into account how You come across and with that that was a Long comment thing here but then this Morning this was a comment I woke up to On my Phone except so I the title of the video Trump played you when he said he could Maga this this I Maga this is and this Is a and this is a no hopium Zone um when he could Maga make America Great again and this is a no hopium Zone And this is what the person wrote except He never Said he never said he would Maga he said And I quote together we can Maga Together We can drain the swamp he also said that He could do it like that's just are you Saying that Trump never said he could Make America great again he just said That he was the only guy who could stop World War III Trump makes all these

Proclamations about him and what he can Do and what he alone can do and that he Could make America great again and even What you're this person is quoting Together we can make America great again Together together we can drain the swamp No you couldn't because together would Mean everybody and Trump is divisive and The country is divided and Trump is part Of the Swamp so for one America was never going To be your ideal again what you consider Making America great again it was never Great in the in in a Divine way it was Great in terms of being the most Powerful military great in terms of Being the most uh prolific economy but The things that people consider America As great it wasn't great for everybody Certainly wasn't great for other people Around the world who make America's you Know the slaves that make your stuff That you buy at Walmart and Trump Couldn't deliver that my my comment in The whole video was how helpless Trump Was when he said as president what is What way it was this to run the country I mean it was a centerpiece of what I Was talking about and for a person to Come in and say that Trump said this you Know he he never said what he said he Never implied what he implied is just You know the ultimate in denial you Should really quote him better than

Mainstream Media or you can listen to Chris Cuos okay so what this person is Referring to is St is Trump's stump Speech and let me play you one of the Many stump speeches where he ended the Speech with this um this is what his Promises to make America great again I Say these words to you Tonight I am with you I will fight for You and I will win for You to all Americans Tonight in all of our cities and in all Of our towns I make this Promise we will make America strong Again we will make America proud Again we will make America safe Again and we will make America great Again God bless you and good night I Love You Trump is clearly promising to make America great again he said it I promise You this right he said it over and over Again and whether he said we or He the we is to get your money the we is To make you part of it the we is to say Collectively if you guys support me and Vote for me and give me everything I Asked for that he'll make America great Again right as president if you elect Him president he'll make America great Again and what I was saying was was that America can't be made it great again it Was a lie and he knows it's a lie he

Didn't have the power to do it he wasn't Even really trying to do it did he make America great again when he rolled out Operation warp speed did he make America Great again when he capitulated and shut Down the economy did he make America Great again when he took a a million Dollars in donations from spiser I mean It's all these things right you this is Trump like he was promising you Something he couldn't deliver And he gave you false hope he gave you Hope is America great again did he Achieve anything that looked like America being great his whole presidency Was marred with division they rolled out The gender thing during his presidency Look at all the things that happened During his presidency and since then and It'll just be more of the same what You're seeing now with Trump and the Constant indictments and the constant You know war that he's created with the With the left and the Democrats and the The media and all these other you know Entities it's just going to be more Conflict more division look at his Relationships with people he gets as Much as he can get out of people whether It be his Ex-Wives whether it be Stormy Daniels his personal relationships Whether it be Michael Cohen whether it Be Steve Bannon whether it be any of These people he gets what he can get out

Of the people and then they have a bad Divorce and that's what he was having With his supporters when he got them to You know do what they did on the on the Big day in January he rode them he Brought them up to the capital and he Set them up to uh you know act out for Him and then they went to jail these People all these people all these QB and All the rest of them and he bailed on Him he gave speeches condemning them he Said he had nothing to do with them and He's not going to Pardon those people He's not going to do any of those things So you should know by now that Trump is Not going to make America great again Right everyone should know that that Trump's presidency his next one's going To be worse than this one more Contentious more division more of them Hunting him more him you know whining Like a victim all these things you know It's like a quarterback that throws Interceptions and and you know makes key Errors and big parts of a game and Doesn't change and doesn't overcome Those things doesn't realize he has to Change doesn't evolve doesn't get Smarter doesn't get more mature and Still makes those same mistakes and you Keep on going back to the guy right or You know relationships with people some Abusive alcoholic and the wife keeps on Returning to him right because there's

No other option because everyone else is Just as bad whatever the excuses are but We know what a trump presidency is going To look like it isn't going to make America great again it's going to make America worse just like Biden is we know Exactly what both presidents are going To do and we know it's going to be Running America into the ground more Than it already is right there's no uh Hope with either one of them and Trump Gave you false hope Biden at least you Know he doesn't have supporters who Really believe in him his thing was well If we didn't have Trump we' be better Off I'm at least better than Trump that Was the Biden message Trump is that he's Some sort of Savior Messiah and he's not He's he's nothing more than a flimflam Man that sold you he sold you Trump and Trump sucks you know like he doesn't Deliver and he knew all along he Couldn't deliver and you guys are still Buying it you're still buying into this You know what his presidency is going to Look like you know exactly how it's Going to play out he is a known entity He has defined himself and he has showed You the kind of leader and the kind of President he's going to be and the way That everyone else is going to react and The contentious relationship that is Irreversible and America can't be made Great again but it could be made better

Than it is now and it would take Cooperation but division always makes it Worse when you're in a marriage when You're in a business when you're in any Kind of a team when there's division When there's contentious relationships It always makes it worse you have to Come together to work to to achieve Common goals and that ship is sale America is divided amongst many Different groups and none of us are Willing to work with the other people I Mean just think about how it is for Thanksgiving when people have different Political views they come together and Argue over Thanksgiving they leave you They don't achieve anything anymore they Can't come together for common ground And the greater good and a family coming Together would be a lot easier than a Nation coming together Trump promised This and he didn't deliver because he's Divisive he's Petty he's selfish he's Narcissistic he only cares about his Agenda and his goals and he's using you To further his own wealth and glory and He always ends up failing like he's gone Bankrupt like at least two times right He's declared bankruptcy twice he's a Loser divorced three times cheating on His his current wife you know his kids Are bailing on him now ianka and Jered And Jared's a real snake and like the Whole everything about him the whole

Trump organization the whole Trump Everything about him is you know he's a Flimflam man it's false and he Embellishes straight up Lo he makes Promises he can't deliver and then he Doesn't pay people what he owes them It's who Trump is right and you just Don't want to give up on your hopium Like admitted like that's the problem Here I'm not saying anything that's not True I'm not misquoting him I'm not uh Characterizing what he's saying in a Deceptive way he's promising to make America great again and he can't do it Amongst all his other promises he can't Deliver any of these promises he Couldn't in the beginning he he Certainly can't now at least there was a Chance he would in the beginning because We didn't know what he was going to do But now we know what he we know what This guy is because of the way he Performed especially the way he went out With the coid with operation warp speed And with the election debacle and the Way he handled all those things it was Self-destructive and destructive to his Followers it hurt all of us it made it All worse for everybody particularly his Followers who had this you know delusion Of him being a savior and were smok Working hard on his hopium Pipe and the QBs were the worst and the Chips fell where they were going to fall

Because Trump is a loser and a failure And all these things a narcissist and Self Saab he self- sabotages and and he You know doesn't care about other people And he did what Flim Flam men do and you Guys didn't get it like you didn't say Oh my God we got duped this guy duped us No you're you're coming back for more Like that's I mean he can't even believe It anyways that's enough for today only Spiritual valy will save this world it's Power model definitely point from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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