because we are all collaborators

because we are all collaborators

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is a little I don't want to call it bonus video but Uh Not like a bonus hole this is um a Voiceover I'm going to do that adds to What I already uh released today uh the Video I released today Called too big to fail I did most of that video Um Yesterday so this is going to be kind of Like a day off for me I already did some Voice over for my journey series but I'm Going to do this voiceover And you know I don't want to call it day Off because We have this storm terrain that's Clogged that's Full of uh you know we tried to make a a Cottage Garden in our front yard I'm Working on completing a water garden That we've had for years a little Waterfall and a little stream And then sort of a fish frog pond And we've had that then the cows Destroyed and then I fix it again this Year And we're going to build a cottage Garden and we've decided that We just don't have the time and energy To put into that but we had all these Wood chips That we got you can contact

UM Like three companies who are taking down Trees and they are chipping the trees And they don't have anywhere to dump the Wood chips and they'll dump them for Free On your property and we have you know Some Uh you know piece of land which not Being used that much so We had all these wood chips and we were Gonna you know we're building a soda A food Forest we're gonna use those and This Cottage Garden but what happened Was that the Chips all ended up in this storm drain That didn't have a grade on it it was Probably clogged already So it's filled with dirt and it just Smells bad there's chickens are always Around it and it just Uh and constantly is creating a problem It's right near our back door Wares and The winter it freezes and all that stuff So I'm kind of locked into getting that Thing cleared out I watched some videos And So I don't want to call that a day off Because that's kind of a a gross job to Do but I'm going to make less video Content today I'm not going to edit but In all that and to add the to the too Big to fail video there is sort of a Superiority complex that comes with

Being a truther That you feel like just because you're More aware Of the average than the average person And you're critical of the lies and Deception That you're not complicit and you are Right we're all complicit collectively We have sort of a holier than thou Um attitude but we're all in one way or Another shills or at least contributors To the system None of us none of our hands are clean Right none of us are Are clean from the depraved system Because we're dependent on it I mean we Might complain about it we might not Like it but We are dependent on the system And there's things that we like about The system there's things that we enjoy Doing There are things that we either enjoy Owning or enjoy participating in or Enjoy Watching in terms of content or whatever I mean you could go around Making yourself miserable all the time But that's no way to live I mean if You're if you're a person connected to God you have to have some gratitude And with gratitude comes enjoyment with Gratitude comes you know happiness and And all these things positive feelings

You don't want to be miserable and sulky And whiny and you know all those ways That people can get When they're you know awakened or Whatever You want to have some level of you know Positive energy and you want to be Somebody that people can be around that You're not always complaining and Talking about how bad things are or Whatever Because that you know doesn't help Anything it just adds negative energy to The situation the situation you can't Change Once you realize you really can't change The system and the way that everything's Going to go down from here on out then You know you're free to enjoy what's There and you know wait for things to Change and get better or whatever like I Don't know whether I should root for the System to collapse or you know doing my Best to prolong it's collapse just for The fact that it would prolong a lot of Our lives right because When it collapses a lot of people just Won't be able to handle it it won't be Able to survive that it's going to be a Tough time but basically I feel we Should just let it run its course it's Gonna Find its own end naturally it's ending We don't have to do anything

There's Divine system there's checks and Balances there's contingencies In the Divine system in a system like This is Doomed to fail because it goes against The will of owl systems are doomed to Fail but this system is a short-lived System And it's had a good run And so it's you know it's in its Collapsing phase so when people say well Politicians suck or you know everybody In the mainstream media sucks sure They're more complicit than us and you Know they're Gatekeepers and you know They're full out chills and many of them Know what's going on and they just go Out there and lie and Gaslight people And you know that's worse than most of Us right most most of the rest of us I Mean they're kind of the you know bottom Of the barrel And they've gone all in defending and Lying about and propagandizing a system That's against the will of God and They'll all suffer their consequences For it I've talked about some scars People were wondering how to spell some Scars it's S-a-m-s-k-a-r-s that's the way it's Spelled in size Mark it's a word that Has a different meaning for uh people in The country of India as opposed to The what it means in India but if you go

To my gratefulness meditation Channel If you look in the description box or my Gratefulness meditation uh Uh playlist on this channel I have links To all these various articles and things And some scars is explained in one of Those articles and it's in some of the Books some of the books are free online In PDF form and they deal with some Scars quite substantially in those books The official seismic literature And what it means is Impressions and you Know and whatever you do you are counted You're held accountable you have to come Back and work off in a future life Which I have found to be uh you know Ever since I've known about this I guess You would call it a theory To us is a theory It's proven itself right to me over and Over in various ways and so I believe That all these people who are doing Whatever they're doing Will receive Divine consequences They'll have to face the music in future Lives and they're facing the music now Because they're miserable these people Are miserable And so they you know they're the worst Of the worst but you don't compare Yourselves to them because Their murder Associates you know like They're criminals and you know they're Legalized criminals and power mongers

And you know they're the worst Humanity Represents and so you could feel Superior to them or look down on them or Get mad at them because they hold power And you know whatever the power dynamics Are And you know you can feel that way That's sure that's you know that's your Prerogative but why would you do that Because we're all complicit in this System and if we replaced one of those People or those that group we'd have to Become them Which is what I was saying in the other Video we'd have to turn ourselves into Versions of them and do the evil they're Doing to keep the system going or just Willfully make the system collapse and You know that would bring down you know That would bring about catastrophic loss Of life which you know is ultimately What has to happen and there's so many Weak people out there so many People going in the wrong direction and You know it's not for us to decide but It's no tragedy if they disappear from The planet because You know they're they're not doing a Good job all of us to some extent that's When my point of this video is like if Humanity got wiped off this planet it Wouldn't be a tragedy It would be to humans But all the rest of Korea should be like

Thank God you know it's like when we Feel like when we get rid of like some Sort of mold in our house or some sort Of you know virus in our system or some Sort of cancer in our system and that's What we are as a cancer on the planet You know when there's that scene from The first Matrix movie where The Smith characters describing to the Morpheus character The human beings there's only one other Creature like us and that's a virus Like a viruses uh you know as a similar Effect on a you know human host as We do on the planet and the environment And so you know it would be a tragedy And that's because we've all decided to Go against God in the divine order of Things And create a pleasure-based aligned Deceptive entitlement selfish system And there are consequences for that for All of us and when I was supporting RFK Jr and you know he still says some good Things and I've been listening to him Because you know I'm personally over it Oh I supported him is because he said a Lot of the right things and I think he Believes a lot of these things that he Might try to implement these things as President But even if he wasn't elected In terms of the debates in terms of the National discourse he would provide

Information that you know all of us Believe in in one way or another that we At least agree more with him than the Traditional candidates you know but he's Deeply flawed like he's a flawed Individual a womanizer an addict Somebody who's had you know all these um Various issues apparently he's gonna Debate Max blumefothal or do an Interview with him which will be Interesting to see maybe he'll reverse Himself on Palestine I mean he's got You know uh he's kind of boxed himself In but what I was saying about it is It doesn't matter because the system's Collapsing whatever we do you know I I Made the decision not to vote some years Ago Because it you know just a waste of time And it doesn't affect the outcome right But very little it does I mean there's Very little that we can do to to change The system itself but you know I wasn't Going to participate because why vote For two controlled candidates But it's no big deal either way whether You vote or not whether you participate Or not you can look at it as a show that You're getting that's like voting for a Contestant on American Idol or something You know there's probably better usage For your time but who cares right and You want to support a candidate you know If it's fun for you to do it doesn't

Matter like none of this stuff matters Right you know trusting somebody is Something different you're going to put Your heart into it or give somebody your Heart or invest in somebody you know There's a little bit more to it than That you feel like they betrayed you or Something like that a candidate or a Person But given everything that we know about People and this planet you know I expect People to let me down Uh you know like it's it's um I've been Around people long enough to know you Remember when uh they used to say Michelle Obama said when they go low we Go high right and you know which is BS But you know everybody goes low And that's the problem with Humanity People will usually go to the lowest Common denominator they will when they Finally make a decision they'll make a Fear-based decision They'll make a decision that is um You know doesn't represent their higher Nature it's an ego based decision most People when they have a choice between What their soul wants and what their ego Wants and they debated for a while doing What's right or doing what's convenient They'll end up doing what their ego Wants and that's just the way it is and That's why we're all complicit we were Owned in that way because they have

Access to our egos like they can't get Access to our souls But without our ego's cooperation our Souls really can't do anything Our souls just sit there like a you know Like you are if you're you're playing a Video game you're taking a beating and You're watching the controllers and There's nothing you can do And your character just keeps on getting Beaten and you know beaten down and Losing you know that's what our souls Are doing they just watch us fail and Make bad choices and do the wrong thing And no matter what they do to provide Warnings and provide guidance we our Egos ignore it and that's you know why We are owned by the system it's not it Hasn't happened overnight it's happened Generations ago with our ancestors Leaving the farm leaving the Natural Life leaving the tribes whether they Were forced or whether they Did it by choice at some point they Bought it and the more you bought into The system and the more you lost Contact with your soul and lost contact With your family and your your neighbors And your family and became more and more Isolated and you know these kids today My wife and I were discussing this there Are places where they have litter boxes And dog bowls In schools like you know like they have

These kids who are furries like it's Gotten so crazy there with all this like New age or liberal agenda it's really Hard to Fathom it's really hard to Reconcile how bad it's gotten and how Quickly it's gotten that bad and things That would be incomprehensible you would Say that will never happen are happening Right now And when we grew up years and years ago My wife and Ida 70s and 80s and then Just all the way through it What's happened in the last I don't know Since 2015-16 Is something that's Unthinkable that you Never thought would happen The degradation these kids are so weak And they're so um You know they spend most of their time In their internet in their You know they've bought into all these Things a lot of them And and even if they haven't they can't Sustain you know the basic High School Level college level jobs that you would Get it supermarkets and local you know Fast food restaurants and things And that's why there's all these Businesses closing because these kids Can't work and won't work and do those Jobs And they you know they are liking the Idea of a you know these 15-minute Cities these agenda 31 cities they'll

March right into them they'll be happy With little cubicles where they get Their social credit scores and those you Know All the they could have all their Screens and their internet stuff but They don't have a lot of you know they Have to clean up they just need a bed And a place to connect with people on The internet maybe some walk down to the Store occasionally having minimal Interaction with the real world I mean It's just a totally different human Being They have been wrecked by the internet And ways that we really can't comprehend And understand And so once Our Generations are dying Off which Looks like they're Expediting that Process right now These kids will March right into those Fema-based Agenda 21 houses and I mean they're they're all for it right And you know But you know it won't work because They're caged animals they break down They're all depressed they're all They're all glitchy now they can't you Know they can't function And they can't produce anything they Can't contribute to society in any Meaningful way I mean the majority of Them I mean it's uh you know it's it'll

Backfire from the sense that it's Becoming more or so unnatural so against What we are supposed to do as Functioning human beings right Like you take a cheetah you know a Cheetah is Born to Run You know Falcons Born to Fly Like We Have these animals and you put them in a Cage And they can't do what they're meant to Do and they suffer we know that those You know there's psychological makeup The zoo animals and people have been zoo Animals for a while we're not meant to Live in cities we're not meant to live In these type of environments and we're Multi-faceted human beings we have Levels of functioning you know I started To find that out when I became a farmer A homesteader and I always look down on Those types of jobs or thought that they Were you know that's our society Qualifies these jobs as labor-based jobs And they're physically hard And they look at jobs that you do with Your mind White Collar jobs as being Superior The white collar jobs you barely Function you're not expressing a Fraction of your abilities But if you're living as a natural person A tribal person You're connected to Nature you're Growing your food you're doing things

There's so many ways that you express Your full capacity or more of your Capacity that's built in and innate to You that has been repressed and Suppressed and it makes you feel like a More complete human being your Self-esteem is better You just feel better like you lose your You know whatever kind of uh Psychological these other types of Disorders you're out there as a son so You're getting vitamin D you're healthy You're breathing clean air all these Things You're expressing your humanness your Full potential as a person and then you Throw in a connection to God and Better relationships better marital Relationships better familial Relationships and Your you know you're blossoming as a Person where all these things that They're doing now represses What you are naturally and you have a Very low level functioning you have a Specified task a mundane task you repeat Over and over again And then you just lose yourself in the Internet disconnected from your body and Your you know your the real world around You and your spiritual sides your Spiritual you know side your internal Connection to Divinity or heart all These things

And so all these things atrophy you know The atrophy sets in and you know it Makes you feel bad then you get Depressed and all these other side Effects all the bad energy that comes From the Wi-Fi and these other things And we're all complicit in that right Like all you'd have to know is very Little about the system And then you could go out and do Something else right develop skills Develop abilities you know this idea of A pockets of the future Develop ways that you're not so Dependent on the system Cultivate relationships with your Neighbors and other people And start building a community and and Do things in a way that are against Everything the system is forcing you Into but the sad fact of the matter is People who claim to be truthers people Who look into this like doing the Research but don't want to change The majority of people don't want to Give anything up in fact they want to Increase their lifestyle they want to Increase their their privileges or their Benefits and you know that's okay I mean That's in some way natural on a lower Level to do that But so we're not that much different Than the people who are Controlling the system or the sheeple or

Anybody else we just have a little Slightly better awareness so that really Doesn't mean anything you know how much Have we changed personally how much is Our lifestyle change how much is we've Learned to grow and gain as a person What have we done differently since Waking up if the answer is nothing you Know then what's really the difference Between you and a sheeple that you have Slightly more awareness of your slavery Because You know other than that there's no real Difference see the bottom line is if you Ask most people and this has been done Um there's like some kind of recent Survey my wife was telling me about but If you ask most people If they had to give something up and Change like you knew the world was Ending you knew that you were screwing Future generations and really future Versions of yourself In a different you know incarnation You are screwing them over based in your Lifestyle and you had to drastically Give things up and you would suffer now But it would be better for you and Everybody else later Especially you know the younger people Younger Generations Would you suffer people would say no They don't want to change and that goes For truthers as well

Yeah you want to see other people change But you still want to retain all the Things that you like all the things that Are You know special to you and so there's No reason to feel better or Superior Because having this information you know Having information doesn't make you Superior It makes you more knowledgeable Maybe it makes you more aware more you Know you're willing to open up to things That are scary for for other people You're willing to face up to things Other people can't and you know there's There's something there that's not Nothing But if you don't use it to change for The better You know realize you know the the Negativity of the system And do something differently And make yourself into some you know a Better person And get access to you know like I talk About Divinity connecting to Divinity Within and people like that idea I'm Sure they you know they're not against Hearing that but don't want to make the Effort or don't want to try or don't Want to open themselves up to something And you know hope for something or Whatever Which is again you're prerogative but

You know then claiming to be better than All these people or the liberals or the And we're all in this together we're all Contributing to the downfall of our Species and this system that's demonic In nature and keeping us all down Only spiritual value will save this World is power model definitely Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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