Because the Gatekeepers have Closed the Gate

Because the Gatekeepers have Closed the Gate

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is a followup To my um last video entitled stop Sucking off the tea of the Beast so Um you know I feel a lot better like Partly I made that video when I was in The Gathering like I felt like I needed To tell people cuz you know things um You know that my channel is and I've Mentioned this before that you know There's people who listen to my content Every day and it may or may not you know It's a big part of their coping Mechanism and whatever it is right you Know and I I mean I've been feeling that Maybe a little bit more burnt out on Making videos it's you know it's a great Job I'm not going to complain about it But you know for various reasons Everything wears on you in one way or Another and so you know like I feel very Positive about now I'm not feeling at All negative about it but you know it Things change you it goes back and forth There's not always consistent in your Attitude or mood you know but I've been Very grateful for YouTube and the YouTube channel and all things it's Brought for me all the changes it's Brought to my life all the ways it's Been for me not only as a you know Content creator but a um you know a Viewer of YouTube and to see it go down

This way you know same way the same way SJ Mar has gone with the heartfulness Debacle you know it's not great for me But everything's going down right so you Know that's part of it and I got a lot Of people commenting a lot of the Comments were positive people saying how Much the Channel's meant to them things That are you know good to hear because You know I mean it helps me to keep Going and you know if you if there was Just me talking to myself here you know And just based in the money or based in You know other criteria it would be Easier for me to just um you know figure Out another thing but knowing the Channel has a positive effect on people Is you know something that's going to Keep me going and you know whatever like It's just you need something like that Just to keep you motivated or whatever It is so I'm editing my video for Tomorrow on Apocalypse Now I'm going to Do some things with my wife we have some Um you we're going to put some mushroom Uh plugs into some logs and some other Things right and you know I'm going to Try to do less I'm going to try to take Days off and you know over the next Period of time because it's just it's Not like you know I mean one way to look At is when you're making so little money You can't afford to take days off but Another way to look at it is that you're

Making so little money what difference Does it make right and so you know There's just um you know a lot of things There but I got a thread of comments Here I wanted to comment about because It's just you know the epitome of what's Like a bummer about YouTube and so one Guy said to me Here the journey series killed your Channel and you know if um you know That's just wrong on every level it's Wrong because I've produced so much Content that you didn't have to watch One minute of the journey series and Lots of people have it right and so the Journey series didn't do anything for my Content in terms of Viewers because they didn't have to Watch it and I don't know how many of You actually watch every minute of Content I put out but it's probably Within the hundreds and not the Thousands right the people who watch my You know content it's probably two 300 People tops maybe nobody you know my Wife can't even keep up with all the Content you know she doesn't have enough Time I couldn't keep up with the content If I was watching my content you know It's I mean it's over an hour day it's 7 Hours a week right and so you know for Only the people that this is a priority And they think that you know the videos Are

Special and you know I don't know like But if we took a count if I said if I Leave a comment in this video if I Remember to do it how many of you Actually in fact I'll try to remember to Do that right to leave a comment where I'll say and again I'm doing this Voiceover day before uh but if somebody Can remind me to do that I'll leave a Comment in the in the video and and People can like that comment if you Watch every second of my videos and It'll be you know less than a thousand People certainly and so you didn't have To watch the journey series there's so Much content that I put out and you know People don't make it to the end of my Regular video so it's a stupid thing to Say that way but more importantly the Journey series is one of the reasons for My channel and I'll get into that in Just a moment let me read the rest of These comments here I got to find it Again here um so it said um yeah I told Him in a comment above which I'll go Back and read that it was interesting Until it all turned it turned into all Heartfulness and somebody else wrote I'm Just curious to what you why you say That too much energy on instead of other Videos which you know is not the case Because there's lots of videos that had Nothing to do with heartfulness again I'm making more content than anybody and

It hurt my Channel that I was making so Much content because of the algorithms But you know even that doesn't matter Cuz YouTube wasn't recommending these Channels anyway right but let me go back To it so then the person I got to find It again then the person Answers um let me make this bigger here I keep on exit out of this um so I'm Curious of why you say that too much Energy on it instead of other videos He's turning into everything he hates a Fake Guru and putting out content nobody Wants like CNN 300 part series of Two-hour long videos come on he knows Better it's all about him that's why his Channel is dying so let me say this Because I want to respond on different Levels to this you know like just um This is why it's a bummer for me to make Videos this is why human beings suck Right so the first part is that's Factually incorrect because the people Who didn't want the journey series that Didn't like it and you know there's many People who did but you know the majority Of people I mean it's like it it was Getting 2 3,000 views right but the Journey Series has always been a Supplement to my other videos and when My wife and I are traveling I often Would save a journey series and release It that day so I didn't have to make a Video um you know and also there'd be

Other content up there usually the Journey series was put up when there was A video on my other Channel and it just helped my channel Financially because a two three hour or 7h hour video which some people watched Every minute of it there would be Multiple ads running and it would add to The watch time and all the other things It benefited my Channel with analytics And things just on a you know a Functional level right but you know the Channel isn't about you that's the Problem here this person thinks the Channel is about them and that they Speak for Everybody and it's the biggest problem One of the biggest problems with human Beings how myopic they are and you know So myopic that you know I was obviously Kind of kind of bummed about this and Other people are bummed about it and you Know I've worked at trying to figure out A way to keep the channel going but I Did the journey series because I was Supposed to do it and it was beneficial To me and so many other people the way It was beneficial to me is you know I Needed to tell my story in a public form Because it needed to be told and it was Beneficial to lots of people in the Heartfulness system who are struggling With the dodgy debacle but had I not Told the journey series story I wouldn't

Have gotten information from people you Know there's two things that happened One thing I sort of regret but I know it Was the right thing to do so I don't Really regret it but you know I Understand that it caused problems but It was actually you know problems that Needed to be costed and so in one of the Journey series videos I called dodgy out By name and then I put it up on Facebook For all the abiosis to see and there was A reaction dodgy started to watch it They all freaked out in India and it was A whole thing right and you know a lot Of unwanted things happened because of That but without that I would have never Found out about the brighter mind scam And the brighter mind scam pretty much Was not pretty much it was inexcusable By dodgy who fell for you know a 15-year-old kid duped him and made Dody Believe that he could read with his feet With a blindfold on and dodgy bought Into that and before he knew it he had Franchised something that was a known Scam in India and at some point realized It was a scam it also um The Journey Series and me doing this also brought This doctor to me you know there was a Doctor who was um asked by dodgy to do An evaluation of the brighter mind scam And dodgy knew that you he brought in All people who are called ABI ASI's Aspirants to the system um you know the

Aspirants who do the sjar do Heartfulness and he knew that those People because they're all Indian Weren't going to go against their Guru Or at least they would do whatever the Guru wanted them to do and these were All scientists doctors and people who Are professionals but he had this one Guy who was who grew up in America and He maybe wanted to impress dodgy or he Just wanted to you know do appropriate Science and he used ey patches instead Of blindfolds and every kid he studied Including the first kid the kid that Duped to dodgy a kid who I know you know My kids hung out with him he was a known Entity and the kids are you know kind of A bser you know good kid big personality But he's kind of a flimflam man and he Scamed dodgy you know he's in in these Adult videos now and this guy did Testing and then he contacted me and he Told me all about the you know this Report and how he was ostracized and he Was like you know I think like I'm in a Cult now and you know was a whole thing Right and because of that I Realized despite my positive experiences With dodgy as Commish as an Abasi and he Had you know good spiritual Tendencies He wasn't always like this you know he Was he fell like he was a spiritual uh Developed person who was given this Position or manipulated himself to get

This position or whatever happened there And he fell which sucks you know and I Saw him being made into the master and He had the exact same condition as the Former guy Spiritual condition and all these things Right and so without this journey series I wouldn't have realized this thing About heartfulness so it was important To me and it was important to the people I told about heartfulness who were Struggling with you know they liked it At first but then they were struggling With it and so it needed to happen and It's it's not just for that reason There's so much benefit that's come from It so just cuz you don't like it right Doesn't mean that it killed my Channel Or it was something bad but more Importantly you know here's a time where I and I'm I've said over and over again I don't do complaints and you know I Wasn't asking for feedback I made it Clear if you watch my videos I made that Clear right and you know it's a Move to say to somebody you know when Their Channel's collapsing hey it's your Fault because you did this thing and be Wrong about it the being wrong about it If you were right about it would still Suck because you just don't do that like Maybe no one taught you how to be a man You know who who knows what your you Know problem is right but this is you

Know I mean being an adult human you Know this is what sucks about people in America globally is they don't know when To restrain themselves and they can't Perceive themselves and they don't know What's appropriate or not right you know Finger pointing and blaming and when It's not asked for and you know like What are you trying to do make me feel Bad like you know what's your goal so if You're saying people like you didn't Want to watch my channel because the Journey seers then great like I don't Want you here what value do you have to Anybody right what are you bringing to The you know table that would make me Want you to be a viewer you know like Why would I want you here right like why Would I want any sort of a um you know Kind of any form of relationship with People like that that's why I've you Know purposely push people away because Um I mean I do things and say things That get rid of whole groups of people Because I can see that they're a Nightmare like they suck and I don't Want them here on the channel it doesn't Benefit me and it's just dragging me Down with their low Consciousness and Their low vibration and their low energy Because because of that you know and Because you said something like this you Said um he's turning to everything he Hates I don't hate anything I don't hate

People a fake Guru and putting out Content nobody wants like CNN well there Are people that want it there are people Who love the journey series and it's Their favorite thing so you're not Speaking for everybody right you Understand that but calling me a fake Guru like what would make anybody think I'm a guru or a fake Guru when I said Over and over again when people started Calling me master when I started doing The Grateful meditation I said you know I'm not a master and you know why would I want you as a disciple because it's People like this like I see the way Chargie the master of the the SJ Marist Was stabbed in the back by dodgy and by Other people and I've see that you know The way they were treated and it's not a You know it's not a valid reason to not Ascend to that position but fortunately For me I'm not being asked to ascend to That position and I just don't have it In me like I just don't love Humanity Like that right I mean I don't even love God like that to suffer Humanity I mean That's what you have to be you have to Love God so much you're willing to Suffer people like this who sucks so bad That you know it just is disheartening Right you know like like you know people Suck so bad that you know it's like it Just sucks the the energy out of you and You give and you give and you give and

I'm not talking about myself because Again I'm not a guru like I limit what I'm a what I put out there and you know I I don't want to be in a position where I feel Resentful you know and I feel you know Put upon that's why I you know limit What I do and that's why I'm not willing To be a guru but I you know I serve People to whatever extent through Serving God and what I do here but I Limit it right like I'm not you know Going to overcompensate for people who Just never are going to get it right but You would have the audacity to you know Talk about the journey series like it's CNN right uh you know like CNN puts out Bad content because they're limited and They're controlled by forces that are Tell them they can have a very Nar Narrow bandwidth and they're told what To say and they're handled in every Possible way and they come up with these Ridiculous n narratives in a time where Information is opening up the journey Series is unique and to people who Understand it right you know it's Benefited people like the stuff about my Ex and things like this right when I Talked about these things it was Liberating for me to be able to say These things and people have dealt with Somebody who is a perennial victim or People who have dealt with people who

Are self Haring or suicidal which is a Number of people have said you know the Insights in the story that I told really Help them in various ways and there'll Be lots of people commenting talking About how much the journey Series has Helped them right and so you know you're Wrong about this and to say it it's just Like a move right it's just you Know it's it's not something you should Do there's no value in it unless you're Trying to get me which you know like why Would you try to do that you know it's Like kicking people when you're done you Know what it is you started the journey Theory you know well that that's not the Case right for all the reasons I've said There's plenty of other content and it Needed to happen and you know let me say This you know years and years ago so It's 2014 Master Char's dying in India And um I'm going to about to get a Divorce the whole journey series is you Know a big part of this and the cleaning I went through talking about miseries as Divine blessings you know one of my Viewers just wrote a comment saying you She suffering from um you know adult son Who's autistic and you know maybe she Felt you know bad about it but some of The concepts miseries as Divine Blessings and things like this which are Illustrated in the journey series to People get it I lost my train of thought

There I got text but you know I um am Looking for a way to you know move my Family forward and you know I've written Books and I was trying to you know part Of the YouTube channel was to help Promote the books and you know I had This whole pockets of the Future Vision And I built this you know a website full Of all this information about you know Being a pocket of future which you know The jury series aligns with and I watch A video a YouTube video and it's about How Michelle Obama's a dude and you know I watch it as a goof because I don't Even think it's possible and the person Says that she or her husband is you know Works with the police as a forensic Expert and you know explains all these Different things and so I start checking It out like just as a goof and some of The things check out like some of the Things are obviously exaggerated you Know some of the things AR you know so Great but the video gets deleted maybe Community guidelin something like that And I make a more reasonable video where It's not like as slam dunk and as sort Of um you know rednecky and you know It's more you know based in I mean it Wasn't a video I would remake today and The video takes off Master chargie dies Things are shifting you know I'm moving Closer and closer to divorce and my YouTube channel takes off and you know

There's no real explanation for it I've Had the YouTube channel for years and You know it starts a whole genre of of Videos about you know Hollywood women Being men and this whole thing you know The whole thing I talked about how all These A-list actors have to wear dresses And there's a whole genre of truther Videos that come out of it like I Inspired that and I've inspired that a Number of times that I forgot about and People have pointed out that I was the First person to talk about something That later became you know has had Millions of views from other people's Videos and has become a whole U genre of Videos but you know becomes stupider and More sensationalistic and you know Things that I'm not willing to do you Know I remade the video um very recently And you know that VD original video got Two million views Before it was you don't know if I Deleted it or whatever it got Demonetized now I wouldn't have made the Michelle Obama video the way I made it Now right so I revisit it and I talk About it in a more you know just my Videos are better my Consciousness is Better and there's an evolution there Right there's quality in that there's Quality in the journey series that Wasn't in the Michelle Obama video and So it's called the dude revisiting my

Old Mich Michelle Obama videos and aist Actors wearing dress is it's a much more Ve it's a just a better video on every Level it's got 7,000 views right and so It's not going to get 2 million if I Released a Michelle Obama video now it Would be flagged but even if it wasn't It wouldn't be promoted the way YouTube Promoted before and maybe it'd get you Know 10 20,000 views but it's you know For dumb people like it's you know a Video I made when I was you know dumber Than I am now and you know I'm just Better I've involved as a Creator and a Person right But it happened because it was supposed To happen and I had other videos that Came out you know I had ones that I Covered you know Illuminati stuff like You know the um you know the blood Sacrifices I ones with Prince that you Know YouTube started to demonetize those Videos they started to change their Policies but those were getting hundreds Of thousands of views in the first day You know and those were you I enjoyed Making them to some extent but there are Videos I wouldn't make now because you Know understand truth differently now And all these other things that I've Said which has caused me to not be able To appeal to as many people but even the People I do appeal to YouTube isn't uh You know putting my videos in front of

Them that's why my Channel's dying more Than anything else right but if you Understand this you know my video my Channel was supposed to get out there And when I was just making Homestead Videos I used to get you know a th000 Views was like incredible probably got Two 300 views and 100 views on you know My videos and that was a lot of people Like back then I'm like wow it's a lot You know 100 people watch my videos and Then two million people watch one of my Videos right so but again it was the Timing of the thing the timing in my Life the timing of you know what was Going on with YouTube I mean was it just A um you know it needed to happen at That time but YouTube promoted the video Right YouTube If YouTube didn't promote The video which they no longer do for Truther videos or my videos and they Used to promote my videos and you know People who never heard of me or never Heard of some of the you know Concepts Sheeple and you know people who believed In the official story used to watch my Videos right but now even if I run ads I Can't pay YouTube to promote my videos Right you understand this and so that's What's changed and you know my videos Aren't going to appeal as to as many People and so you know it's gone the way It's gone right So I just um went for a walk with my

Dogs and my son was outside we talked For a little bit um but you know getting Back to what I was saying you know I Didn't create my YouTube channel popping It was never one of my goals I didn't Have a goal to have hundreds of thousand Subscribers I didn't have a goal to have Millions of views YouTube was just you Know something that I thought was going To promote the pocket of the future Website and my books and you know some Of the other things I mean there was a You know sort of a business plan I'm not A business person but it never crossed My mind to become you know what I became On YouTube and it was because that video Popped and when I made the video I had No idea I was going to do that like I Thought it would get the same amount of Views as my other videos you know I was Kind of into it it was just you know was Like something I did on my spare time And you know whatever I may made some Money and you know we sold kefir grains I mean there things about the farm and You know there's some positive things Came out of the channel but I'd make one Video a month sometimes the months would Go by and I wouldn't make any videos at All but it wasn't something I Consciously made happen you understand This it happened because it happened and Now that I'm consciously trying to work To bring more people in it isn't working

So it's obvious that I can't do anything To stop this from happening on YouTube Because I can't stop evolving you know Shortly after I mean this was when the Divorce was kicking in and all these Kind of neat things happened in terms of My ex uh leaving us in India and that Was you know true blessing and the stuff Was going on with my family and all These things right I mean you know it's Real stuff like it's realer than me you Know making jokes about Britney Spears Being crazy or you know mocking Alec Baldwin I mean that's like goofy stuff Right this is like you know deeper more Important level stuff right you know I Can't stop evolving just because you Know I need an audience right but you Know as in India I was looking at this As a a way to you know make money and You know get the word out and you know I Knew that this was happening for a Reason like all these things were were Part of some sort of a plan and I knew I Needed to include the spiritual Messages but I knew that I had to find a Way to make this channel economically Feasible and marketable right uh Economically um you know viable and so I Looked at you know YouTube's got a good Analytics program and I looked at my Videos and I had made about you know six Or seven celebrity videos and then you Know other sort of political pop culture

Videos and I saw those were all my Videos that were earning money and Bringing in subscribers and I got really Bummed like I got mad at God I'm like You know CU I could make one celebrity Video a month you know I'd only made a Few you know only as a goof but they Were kind of draining and you know I Didn't love it and I'm not interested in The celebrity culture but I did it cuz I Had had to do it right you know was Something that I had to do I had to dive Into celebrity culture and I you know Started making those things you know Once a day or whatever way to get out And connect with people and draw them Into the channel but the goal was to you Know present the spiritual message that I have to offer here you know and like I Said I've been a trend Setter and I've You know done things that other people Have you know you know sort of Bastardize or you know dumb down or Whatever um and I'm not saying that as a Way to like brag I mean that's factual But I know that without the Sark system I'm a low functioning person because Before I started doing Saar I just Couldn't get it together and I've you Know accomplished a lot of things being An Abasi and I can say that the Sark System the me system of meditation and Cleaning is like nothing else that this Planet's ever seen in terms of a

Spiritual you know the ability to Connect people to God on a deep level And because of my experiences and what I've seen and you know what I've you Know the transformation I've gone Through I can say that everything I've You know read about the system Everything that's talked about it is Clearly the solution to the problem of Human life you know all the things that People need to evolve and to become Better than we are and you know reduce Their egos and uh bring their soul to The Forefront that's what this system Exists for and so the sjar system I mean To predictions are to put it bluntly and Simply that you know the system that now Exists is corrupt and demonic and has to Go and we need to go through really Tough times and pay the consequences for You know our Collective misdeeds and Going away from God in our Soul's path And then there needs to be a system the Sark system to bring people to a higher Level and so I believe it's the solution To all these problems and the longer I've done the system the more that I I See that to be the case and the things That were predicted in the system are Now coming true and everything that it Said was going to happen is happening And we've reached like a quickening Phase and so I have something to offer Right like you there's a lot of people

That could you know do goofy Britney Spears videos or you know talk about the Illuminati but very few people Understand the spiritual ramifications And have a connection to the system That's the solution for all these things Right unfortunately people just won't do It you know and I struggled myself of Course dodgy who someone who was a great Practitioner you know he F he collapsed Like a c house he sunk like a a bucket Of on a rope you know like I mean The guy the guy just you know he I mean He was like saintly and he was you know A spiritually evolved person he had good Qualities and he was given all the Opportunities and spiritual energies and He and he you know he fell it sucks but I understand why that happens right like I don't have very much faith in humanity Rising up to this but they have to be Given a chance right and I have Something to offer them in terms of Information you know there are a lot of People out there can make videos for Stupid people but how many people out There can make videos for you know the Higher developed spiritual people people With you know spiritual upside you know People who have spiritual and I don't Mean religious videos because religion Sucks and you know that's the other part Of this thing religion is keeping people Down so you know there are people out

There that can understand these things And can benefit from them it has to be Made available and I've done my best to Keep it going and you know do my best to Present the information in a variety of Forms you know and I can only do so much Right but if Humanity fails they fail And so you know the YouTube channel I Mean it's it was the journey series is a Big reason why the YouTube channel Existed in the first place you know Either sjar the meditation the Transmission and clean are the solution Or I'm just been you know wasting my Time my whole life but either way you Know this is what it is right like you Know I believe in it and you know um I Mean I I know that I won't see anything That's going to change my mind about the System because you know the Transformation that I've gone through And the quality of my work and the Quality of my Consciousness and you know I've evolved like I can't stop myself From evolving and you know like I said You know somebody left a comment saying I should do this and I thumbs uped it When I should or I harded it when I Should have really banned the person but You know like I said if I have to make Live videos and look at people donating Money and give them shout outs so They'll so they'll donate money and keep The channel going then we're screwed

Because I can't do that isn't that I Don't want to do it I mean you know That's my channel doesn't exist to you Know do stupid stuff like that and you Know whatever it is like I mean it's not Something I can do I mean I I couldn't Do it I'm not socially equipped right And so there are things I could do that You know I mean certainly I can make I Can go and put everything behind the pay Wall and you know if I get a th000 Subscribers at you know five bucks a day Or whatever it is or you know five five Bucks a year I'm sorry five bucks a Month you know that' be enough to more Than support the channel and I don't Know if I could get that many people There's about 200 people doing the Membership program now or whatever it is 140 or something and so you know I can Go to do that and I'm not sure if that's Appropriate because how do new people Find it I mean there you know things I Have to think about when the time comes But either way you know I've done what I Needed to do and you know at some point I mean it's the writing's on the wall The writing's on the wall right it's Nothing I can change there's nothing I Can do to reverse it because either I Don't have the ability or you know Nature isn't cooperating with the Channel right nature isn't you know Blessing the channel like it did when I

When that vid first video popped to make My you know YouTube isn't cooperate and You know all these things so like I said You know I'm going to give it to Probably January but you know I'll do Some updates here or there there's more Comments here let me finish the comment Thread let me find this here it's Getting late I'm losing my voice here um So the person wrote back he's turning Everything he's turning into everything That he hates and a fake G and putting Out content nobody likes like CNN that That comment thanks for the pry the guy Wrote and the other guy wrote no problem And so that's you know I didn't really Need to read that um but then I went and Found the other guy's comment here and I Think I didn't really read this Thoroughly because I thumbs up it at First I HED it but the person says I say This with love and care well no you Don't because you wouldn't say this Because I wasn't asking for it I don't Care about your opinion about why you Think you know do you have a success YouTube channel like do you guys I mean You guys had your own reactions to it But like you don't know anything about This stuff right and so that's why I Don't ask you for your feedback because It's not value like I don't feel like You'll you'll say anything that has any Value at all right and I'm not saying

That to be mean like it just doesn't Have any value so you should if you if There was love and care you wouldn't Have said the comment I say this with Love and care so here's what happened With me re your YouTube channel for a Long time subscriber we must all change It up from time to time YouTube forces You to make shorts keep things relevant Exciting that's why I think I gave this Person a heart because I I think I Stopped reading There I think when you began focusing on The heartfulness that's when things fell Away well most of us listen to you Occasionally video on you speaking of in Every video as you started too doesn't Wasn't too fun you know it's what I'm Saying though you know there's lots Videos and things out there if you want Something else this is what I had to Offer the Sark system to me is the Answer it's the answer for people Personally and again it isn't you're Going to change up your whole life the Brilliance of Sark system is you can Still have a job and a family and a life But also it allows you to spend very Little time connecting to God within and The results are you know astounding and The transformation is like you know Miraculous And so you know I started including it More because I saw we were heading

Towards the the end here and this is What I believe that you know when the System collapses there's going to be Severe population reduction and only the People who are spiritually oriented will Get the opportunity to come back and the Other people I don't know what's going To happen to them but isn't going to be Great like they're not even going to Have the opportunity to be back on a you Know burnt and broken Earth that's Almost in uninhabitable so what about The people who don't make the cut right What happens to their souls and so like That's not great and that's what I Believe that you have to connect to God Internally and not in some bogus Religious way and so you know I should Be more desperate but I just you know I'm I mean I I I know that people aren't Going to rise up to it for the most part And so you know I do my duty so what I Say is the bare minimum and I started to Talk about it more because you know not Everybody's going to watch every minute Of my video and people come and watch One video and so I was going to you know Talk about this and get the information Out right and it might have you know Pissed people off but it wasn't because I was you know people can go watch other Crappy videos on other crappy channels But this is for higher level people who Have the possibility to spiritually

Evolve and why not give it a try right If you think I have something to offer And I have insights to things I mean so Many people heard about this and thought About it and never gave it a try and Those people have did who have have Experienced great benefits I think Things went downhill when after the Journey series was more and more your Life that was great then it turned Mostly about heartfulness I do enjoy Hearing about it from time to time Though you know that was when it was Real life like you know I can talk about Alex Jones Alec Baldwin but I've never Met the guy I can talk about Joe Biden I Don't if they know the guy's real but DOI was somebody that I knew was like Friendly with friends with and you know He was wrecking the system I believe to Be the solution and I had inside Information and so the journey series Was more compelling and it was watching Something collapse turn into a religion And you know it was I mean it's Compelling and interesting right and so You know I mean I can understand why People didn't get into it but it's much More you know real because I I'm a part Of it it's not like a real thing and you Know I myself was being bummed out by it And wanted to walk away but but I Couldn't like it kept on sucking me back In but you know I still made videos that

Had nothing to do with that so you Didn't have to watch those like you Didn't have to watch every minute of my Channel if it was bumming you out or it Wasn't for you like it's stupid to say That that brought down the channel right Because you know the the channel is I'm Getting about the same amount of views As I used to watch time isn't as bad as I thought it was you know I looked at it After I made the audio and people are Watching about an average of a half hour Per video so that's you know really good Compared to four minutes that were you Know so many years ago when I was making Multiple videos it's that YouTube isn't Paying as much for ads and you know They're not allowing new people to find My channel and so this these comments Are relevant and they're you know and They're just like bad Form um then it turned mostly into the Heartfulness I do enjoy things at the Time though and that's when I began Watching lest passing on on my take but I still enjoyed listening to most of Your time I think you Dedicated uh you you made dedicated Comedy spiritual take videos on certain Pol political pop culture trending Stories or celebrity topics it um would Increase mess this up would increase Uh I don't know everything again because You're good at that it wouldn't because

YouTube isn't you know you guys aren't Getting it no new people are finding my Videos and which is the only reason I'm Really on YouTube at this point I might As well you know is to bring new people In and without any new people coming in And all the other people deciding on Whether to do the the meditation that I Do or not there's just you know there's Not really much of a point to it right I Mean it's like you're not getting it Like it's you know the point of my Channel is to um at least find the Spiritual people that are capable of Considering doing the Sark system or Something spiritual or any of these Things right and if you know there's no New people coming in then you know what Am I doing this for right I mean I could Still continue on and make videos for The people who are doing it and I have The gratefulness meditation Channel but I make less content because you know Those people don't necessarily need to Hear from me every day mocking Biden or Doing these other things right and so You know if I don't if things don't move Forward they either you they either they Either grow or they die they either Evolve or they go backwards or they de Evolve and so you know I'm I'm looking At it like you know what's the path Forward and I'm not saying there is Isn't one but right now it looks like

You know that's not what's happening and You know I've accepted that because it's Just what's happened just like the Michelle Obama video popped you know Everything else is being blocked and you Know being strangled right I mean how Many real truther channels are are left It's for this reason right because They've stopped people from talking About things they you know lot I mean Just things that I want to talk about You know things that need to be talked About they stop people from making money And they don't want you here so you know They don't want viewers like you know They don't want truth or viewers they Don't want truth or Um channels I mean as much as we did for YouTube and creating it they they're Doing everything possible to get rid of Us and so then what are the other Options and you know and I'll go through This process as as it unfolds but I mean That's what it's about like has nothing To do with what I did or didn't do right You know I was getting 100 subscribers a Day years and years ago because YouTube Was recommending my videos but as They've changed their policies no new People are getting to see see my videos Even when I paid them they didn't get in Front of the right people and you know It was I mean it was a I mean it was a Waste of money and so that's the reality

Situation so you know again this is why I say don't leave comments like this Because I'm not asking for your advice Because your advice is just going to bum Me out or be you know bum me out about The whole situation it's it's Demotivational like if you want me to Feel bad and like you know get more Eager to do something else or then you Know keep on leaving comments like this But other than that if you want me to Stick around then you just you would Think twice before doing it and say you Know this isn't going to be helpful Because it's not right and it's stupid And it's wrong anyways U my voice is Going here I got to wrap this up but I'll continue on tomorrow oh and I just Want to say I want to go back to this Original comment here so that guy who Just wrote that comment so that comment Was um something the person wrote and he Said you know I I said the same thing to Him but he actually Said it um later and so you know he Comes in and says here yes I told him in A comment above it was interesting until It turned into all heartfulness and so This guy is like hey look I said it too You know like if you were saying like in Your comment where the person said um I Say this with love and care but then You're you know going to this other guy And

Saying hey look at me you know I did This too yes I told him I comment above Is interesting until I turned all to all Hard for this I'm like I'm with you Right you know before you do things like This you should ask yourself why you're Doing it what need does it fulfill you Know why am I why am I doing this right You know why why am I you know whatever Wow this is 42 minutes Long um this is a whole video with it Itself anyways I got to I got to go do Something else okay um so I still Friday May 9th um 9:32 I just completed the Friday night Individual sitting that's Given by the Divine master Um um every you know Friday night at 9ine and you know I had some thoughts I Want to get this done I'll be able to Take tomorrow off so it's going to work Better for me I just have to do a little Editing to my other Video uh this is a a video complete Video you I was going to cover Biden's Speech and some other things but I'll Just do that two days from now this is More important and more relevant so to Start off with you know there used to be DJs and am DJs you know people who would put on Some sort of a radio show talk Radio and then you know shows like Larry King you know things like Rush

Limau those types of things and you know Brother did a radio radio show Don Imus Howard Stern local radio Stations and you know you wouldn't Listen to those people all every day Like there's some people who tune into To those people for the whole radio show Right there's people who would be fans And listen every day but then there are People that would come and go you know Sometimes you listen to it sometimes you Didn't there's a guy I used to listen to Kind of a sports guy and sometimes you Depending on why I left work you know I Worked a particular job and you know it Was like an AM or FM I think AM radio Show and I don't even know how I found It I listen to it on the way home from Work but maybe not every day sometimes I'd listen to music you know like I had A half hour commute and so you know it Was like that and that's kind of what my Show is right and these people leaving Comments about why they left you know I Said over and over again I don't care I Don't care why you left I don't care why You got sick of me right I don't care Why you don't like my content anymore Because you know I don't do that like I I wouldn't listen every day you know the Reason they have football season and Baseball season basketball season if you Couldn't watch it all year round you get Sick of it right you get burned out you

Can't listen to Somebody talk over and Over again you know I wouldn't be a fan Of my own show I've said that before and So you know there are people who really Get something out of my show and look Forward to it every day you know it's an Hour a day it's like a podcast or you Know radio show whatever they look Forward to me you know talking about Different things and they like the Spiritual stuff but like I said that's You know very few people you know Usually people take breaks they're still A fan of the show they just don't want To listen to me every day you know Sometimes there's something specific That they come back for you know an Alec Baldwin thing or Britney thing or a news Event or whatever right and you know That's I mean I don't need to hear why You're sick of my show or you don't want To listen anymore because I totally get It right like I wouldn't do that you Know I I read of all master chargie Books and you know he had a a set of you Know his published Diaries which was Called in his footsteps which were Wonderful spiritual books very similar To the journey series you know I read All those things listen to all of his Talks but I wouldn't have listened every Day you know I wouldn't you know Depending I what phase I was in and so I Get it when people leave right that's

Natural and or people just can't you Know it's too much kind whatever it Might be like it doesn't matter like it Just it makes sense that would happen It's just human Nature and you know they still might Like my stuff or they still might like Me but they're just you know they got Other things to do and they're just not Into it as much right it was just a Season or phase in their life and so I Get all that so the issue is that new People have to come in right new people Who will benefit from the show new People who are in that phase of life Where they you know would connect and Resonate with what I'm doing right and So there has to be an influ flux of new People and some of those people will Stay and there'll be you know Full-timers people who are interested in Hearing me every day whatever it is Right interested in listening to all my Content you know all of it but that's Not going to be everybody that's going To be a small percentage and so there's Always got to be an influx of new people And YouTube's job and our relationship Used to be they bring in new people They'd give me access to new people they Would recommend my videos to people out There the way they do you know for some Channels now but they don't do the Truthers and so there's no new people

Coming in through YouTube and the old People YouTube doesn't bother to Notify and so the only thing they were Doing was paying me the same amount and I had enough viewers so that you know Was it was about the same amount of Money but now YouTube isn't paying me Any money right isn't paying me the same Amount of money like they they're paying Me a lower rate on the whatever per ad And so it isn't working right so there's No money no new people and they're not Notifying the old people and so the only Reason to really be on YouTube is you Have the potential to have a viral video Have a global video where you can bring In a lot of people and I used to have Those big videos and would bring in a Whole bunch of people and some of them Would stay right and since YouTube's not Doing that well what's the other pathway Well I went to advertise with them and With Google and and they you know they They didn't do a good job with that Either and they just took my money and And did a crappy job and it didn't work So that's not going to work I thought I Tried to run it ad on Twitter and that You know didn't seem to work and you Know it's just it's not um I just don't Feel like that's the answer right I Could rely on everyone else to tell Everybody about the channel that's the Other thing word of mouth but most of

You have already talked to people about It or you know you don't have anybody in Your life who watch these videos So there's no real pathway for me to Bring in new people my audience is just Going to increasingly Shrink and you know it's I mean it's not A sustainable model right and I don't Have any way you know in Celebrity Culture and you know the mainstream Media they create drama they create big Events they create things to suck people In reality TV shows and I'm I'm not Going to do any of that right and I Can't do it it's not who I am right and Because I've become You know more um just um I don't know What to call it just I want to say more Open but I've seen a sense of urgency to Talk about Saar and you know I'm I got To be honest about what I think about Religion and Christianity and you know I Just got a A View From some a comment From somebody I can't agree with more on Being a lone wolf you like me don't pick Popular teams like Republicans qanon or Flat Earth Sam somebody Triple E says All the time he knows his channnel would Blow up if he just went hard with a team But he won't me either right so you know I've excluded large groups of people by Not being a Republican and not being a Trumper and I've said that so and I Can't do that I can't go back on you

Know I'm not here just to bring in more People in fact it's I don't even care About that right that's why when you Tell me you're leave and you know I say Don't bother I'm not mad at you but I Don't need to hear why you're like You're making it sound like I've done Something to piss you off and I should Think about each one of you before I Talk and then what would I say right if I thought about all the viewpoints of my Different viewers and who I might defend Here who am I might defend there right Master chargie said years ago people Would write to him and said oh I I you Know you didn't smile at me I saw you And I was waiting you know to see you With all this love in my heart and you And you looked away you didn't smile at Me and you know you and was devastated He said then then he has to go out and Artificially smile at everybody because He doesn't want to hurt anybody's Feelings right it's just you know like Just be realistic about the situation And what it is and what the relationship Is right and so like these comments were About things that people are bummed About me doing and I know that when I Talked about Christianity in a way that You didn't agree with or I talk about The cubes or the flat earthers or Whatever you you know subscribe to that People are going to leave right and you

Know I still had to do it and so you Know it's an unfortunate like this is Just the way it goes the problem is for Me personally is I have things to say Every day you know it might be better if I made a weekly video and did other Things but you know the way that I've Sort of grown as a person doing this I Have plenty of things to say that I Think are worth saying and you know I I'm interested in things so I can make Lots of content And I can make the content quicker it Used to take me 2 3 days to make a video Now I can make you know if I had to I Could make a 4H hour video in one day Right and so um you know I you know I Have this sort of gift or whatever it is It has to be utilized but if there's no One there to hear it and there's no way To access I mean the way the internet Used to be you would have access to more People but it just isn't there anymore Right YouTube Don't can't do it and Smaller platforms don't have the ability And you know whatever I mean I I kind of Feel like the people are supposed to Find me will find me but now I don't Even know if that's true right and so You know it's not like some horrible Thing but it's the way it is I still Feel like I need to do this like I have Something I can't just stop doing I mean I wake up every day with something to

You know I look at something and I have A take on it and you know there's a free Flow of information and I can you know Produce lots of content but you know I Mean it's kind of weird if I'm just Talking to myself right and of course There's a financial aspect but anyway That's the situation and there's nothing You can do about and there's nothing I Can do about at least as far as I can Tell I don't have an idea and you know There's a flow to it and you know I have To accept the flow and you know one door Closes something else opens up and you Know I could go to a like I said just um A you know a put everything behind a pay Wall but what about all the people that Need to hear about the Sark system and Meditation there's lots of people out There who can do it how are they going To find out about it but they're not Going to find out about it now since YouTube's not putting my stuff out there So you know it's not what I do I'm not a Networker I'm not a social person right I mean the whole tone of my YouTube Channel you know I used to be good at Sitting in the back of the class and Having a few friends and making fun of Everything right you know in a sort of You know a quiet manner it wasn't for Everybody in the class it wasn't you Know a whole thing that was for Everybody right but I had a few people

I'm you know better on a you know like a Small group or something but I'm an Outsider like I'm I'm not someone who Starts a movement I'm not someone who Would be the center of a movement right I'm always a fringe person like when I Became a dad I was like something would Happen and I'm like oh wow somebody Should step up and say something or do Something I was like oh man that's me Right I'm supposed to do that it was not A role that I was familiar with or even Necessarily good at right but like I Said you know I mean I don't want to Listen to myself Dron on and I wouldn't Listen to somebody else even if I really Liked them I couldn't do it every day And you know it's just the importance is That new people are coming in and you Know it's a it's a landing spot for People for some phase in their life Maybe they stay for a couple years and You know it helps them they get Information out of it you know the People who you know who are saying well We don't like it when you say things About your belief system well why do I Not get to say things about my belem System right you know it just because You don't like it right there's people Who have done the SJ Mark system now are Doing the gratefulness meditation it's Transforming their life and they're very Grateful that I spoke up about this and

It's kind of the main purpose of the Channel I mean the idea that you know People need to know about the spiritual Aspect and what's coming down and you Know all of it like I believe it's the Solution like I said before you know I Think that's all I have to say I mean I Guess you can pray you know I mean People prayers are always welcome but You're not you know I'm not going to be Able to change something like you know I'm wired the way I'm wired and there's Things I can't do and I don't think There's anything I could do right now to Change the direction and trajectory of This Channel and me as a person and you Know if I had 20,000 regular viewers it Would be fine you know 25 30,000 I mean You know I guess maybe I have that now But it it it translates to about 4,000 Views per day on you know both channels I don't know what it is you know it's Just not enough financially in any other Way and it's not there's no way to grow From here because of everything I just Said so I that's the reality of Situation and you know something's going To happen that's beyond my control Either one way or another and then I'll You know see what comes up and what are The the options but like I said I feel Like I'm supposed to be doing this and So like it's just I mean God you know Made this channel grow to whatever it

Was and made me into somebody who could Do what I'm doing And so you know it's up to God to you Know the Divine Master to keep this Thing going and if it doesn't happen it Doesn't happen right and then I'll just Have to accept the other you know what What direction I need to go in but I you Know I I clearly value being able to Wake up and lay in my bed with my two Dogs and you know talk you know Into some Microphone for you know a couple hours And do some minor editing and comment Answering and then still go out and do You know do homesteading and cook meals And You know do other things here um you Know it's I mean it's a great thing it's A great gig you know it's a great job For me but you know like I mean It's you know sometimes you you get let Go like sometimes things you know you Have to change and do something else and If that's the case then that'll be a Blessing as well okay Saturday May 4th I'm going to say this again because I Already just did a voice over that's Much more you know spiritually profound Than I did this morning but I was eating Breakfast and I realized there was Something just practical that I needed To point out here and so you know what They've done is they've closed the door

This whole thing about fake news and all These things was a closing of the door Of the internet so before the Internet for you to become somebody that People got to hear from you had to be Blessed by one of The Gatekeepers if you Wanted to get a book published you had To go through a publisher you wanted to Be on TV or radio you had to go through An official Channel where there's people Who are editors there are people who are Gatekeepers and if you wanted to be a Star celebrity whatever it was pro Athlete you had to be approved right and They used to cancel people all the time Without people even knowing it and Suppress people and so you had to go Through one of these channels you had to Be funneled into one of these areas Where the powers that be would allow you To stand in front of a TV camera or a Movie camera or you know whatever it was News camera and would hand you a Microphone and so for a brief time on The internet you could put something out There and it would get in front of People because people wanted to see it It would organically you know gain favor Of the people not some gatekeeper There's no one in control of it and so You would say things and people would Like like it and it would potentially be A viral video or something else right And so they no longer had anybody at the

Door making sure that somebody who was Going to speak truth was blocked from Doing so right there was no Gatekeepers I mean it was Li limited and so this was A loophole in the internet that needed To be closed and of course they figured Out a way to do that and so even now if You have a viral moment and the gorithms Are suppressing it you would have to be Blessed by somebody else who has a viral Following you know has a large following Number of people it would have to be Organically you know people found your Video and shared it all over the place On different platforms and even then They could delete the video or do Whatever so I mean it's um you know they Pretty much close the loophole and so it Used to be you'd be able to be promoted By YouTube or you know whatever social Media they used to promote people and Then they were told hey you guys can't Do that we'll take away your you know Your your platform so that's what's Happened like they've closed that that Doorway and now they only you know they Approve people they know the people that They are you know saying things you know Social media people who will mirror and You know talk about the this you know They'll they'll believe in the official Story at least they'll profess the the Official story and so that's what's Happened it went from where you'd put

Content out there and the people would Decide the you know the algorithms were Well if people want it we'll give it to Them that's how the algorithms work if The people want something we'll give it To them and there's a lot of truther Stuff out there and people wanted it and Then they said all right that's all fake News and they changed the algorithm so It would be hard for people to see it or Impossible for people to see the the Truth or stuff and that's what's Happened so that's why this has happened You know to all of us in the truth Community as viewers and as creators They no longer you know they've gained The system so that they're Suppressing in a very you know U Mechanical way right and you know Machine learning and they're suppressing The truth and suppressing these type of Channels before the internet there was a Truth Community there was these Narratives you know my brother was a Person that did this on AM radio like he Knew it from Vietnam and he knew this Guy used to smullins and you know people Would self-published books or they would Have these obscure books or obscure Radio shows or shortwave radio things And you know pamphlets and whatever Underground right and it was underground And it was made up a small percentage of The population and now they've driven it

Back underground right it's Underground On the internet like it's still there I Mean Elon Musk was saying this when They're saying you know when Don Lemons Was interviewing him and said you you Know you're share your platform is Sharing a lot more of this sort of hate Speech negative stuff or whatever it is Fake news and Elon mus said yeah but It's you know it's available but Nobody's looking at it because the you Know they're not it's not being promoted Only to people who want it and so you Know Don Lemon had nothing to say about That because that's what's happened They've effectively suppressed all of These things right um and you know it's Not coming back around because they Figured out a way to you know keep the The truth from being put out there and Available to the majority of people and The majority of people have accepted it And you know may be even happy about it And so that door is closed you know it's Still more accessible than it was you Can find it on the internet but people Go to obscure platforms and you have to Pay for it you know whatever you know so I mean that's what's happened but it's Um the wild west days of you know where They've opened up and there was you know A a lapse in the gatekeeping for a Little bit is closed that that you know That time is over here's the voiceover I

Did this morning okay today Saturday May 4th um really good night sleep good good Sleep last night good sitting Friday Night sitting um you know I it's not Like I haven't been sleeping well I have But I really had a really good night Sleep last night so I'm uh more rested Than I've been so I just want to add a Few more things to what I was saying you Know people complain or say that you Know they didn't like this about this Part of my Channel or this thing or Whatever it is you know it Is uh there's this idea that somehow I'm Supposed to change my point of view or Refrain from saying something or doing Something that they don't like you know That's kind of the you know and this is When I talk about people being myopic And thinking the channel is just there For them right they feeling some Personal connection or you know whatever They liked about me in the channel and Then there's something they don't like And you know this is speaks to the way That they deal with you know Relationships or you know anything in Life right and it speaks to how everyone Has this idea that everyone's supposed To agree with their point of view or Cater to their needs it's a very American way of going about life and the Other idea here is you know this goes Back to me

Saying years and years ago when people Would say I'm Unsubscribing you know there's a way to You know I mean it was them saying you Lost a subscriber or whatever you know My response has always been who says I Want you you know like what makes you uh Worthy of you know not that my Channel's So great or I'm so great but you know This idea that they're so special that I Should be honor that they're viewing my Videos like that's their attitude and it Comes from this need that people have to Grow and get more and more people and They'll Pander to Their Audience just so they they can get more Subscribers and more views and make more Money or whatever and if I was willing To do that I wouldn't have this channel Like being a truther and being a person Who does a size you does a you know Easter meditation And being all the things that I am is Makes it harder and harder for me to do That right and so you know what I think That I offer here that I say this all The time is that you know I tell the Truth like I you know do my best to tell The truth like just as a person in life And you know I'm I'm honest with myself First of all you know I I work to be Honest with myself and you know you have Thoughts and most people don't even even Contemplate doing something like this

Right and think about you know what You're saying to yourself inside your You know your inner world and most People are oblivious to this you know What what am I thinking about right here Like let's say you are plotting or doing Something against you know somebody else You know you're having thoughts and like Be honest with what you're saying you Know I show you that Ben Affleck meme All the time from uh you know this um Movie I forget the name of the movie It's a Netflix movie but it's a moment Where um he uh let me just show you the Meme here make no mistake about it what We are about to do is Criminal we do not Have the flag on our shoulders and no Amount of that we tell Ourselves is going to change that if we Do our job right we will be committing One murder and one armed robbery so this Was um a movie like about Special Forces You know some kind of whatever you know Like um super soldiers who are retired And you know they're Struggling and one of them is um working Uh against the cartel you know does some Kind of work that's um you know Anti-cartel work and he comes to these Guys he knows that they're financially Struggling and he wants to get rid of The leader he says we need to Assassinate the leader and he's got a House that's the walls are packed full

Of cash and that they can steal the Money from him and so you know he's Saying like even though this guy's a bad Guy we're not you know doing something That's great we're going to kill Somebody and we're going to rob them Right let's not pretend that it's Something else and I like that scene in The movie you know it's a pretty good Movie but that scene Particularly because people don't you Know like name what they're doing you Know people don't like when you're Leaving a comment that's why I you know I slam the these comments because you Know you're saying one thing but you're Really doing something else and you're Deluding yourself you're pretending You're being helpful or you know Whatever it might be and you're not like This isn't helpful at all you know you Pretend you have positive of intentions You have good intentions but you're just You know dropping a bunch of your own Inner crap on somebody else you're just Dumping it on somebody else your own you Know negativity or own whatever it is And so that's like a lot of people who Leave these you know um concern troll Type comments or whatever it might be Because saying that and this is just an Example of it that the journey series is The reason why my Channel's plummeting Well we're all the other truthers you

Know like why do you think all the other Truthers have disappeared and they just Gave up you know all the people out There that are working crappy jobs jobs That they don't like jobs that are Miserable jobs and you would have a job Where you pick up a microphone and you Just talk about the things that you're Interested in and your point of view of Things and you know of course if I make Videos that are there's more to it than That but from the comfort of your own Home you can just share your views on Things and people will um you know Listen to you I mean not only just you Know this is beyond just even you can Make money from it right wouldn't that Be a better job Than you know what like most people are Doing and so this is why people want Social media positions and that's why People Pander to social media people I Mean to the audience because it's a good Job right it's a desirable job and so This is why they work to retain Their Audience and do all these things that Are um you know that'll help grow Their Audience and there's lots of people out There that'll pander to Christians or Pander to or they believe in the thing Or whatever they'll Pander to flat Earther or they'll P Pander to any these Sort of groups where you'll have a loyal Audience who you know is looking for

Somebody that agrees with them and there Are a lot of people out there that just Want to be told that their point of view Is good they just want reassurance from Somebody that has like some kind of Perceived Authority and so it's the Easiest way to continue making money and Doing you know whatever it is and making Your channel and your platform or your Podcast financially viable and so when You got a job like that why don't people Stick with it I mean there were all the Truthers that used to make videos and They just disappear and they give up There must be a reason for it like there Must be something going on certainly on YouTube is doing things to make that Happen but then they don't go to other Platforms and they just give up on it Right you know they get burnt out on it And you know it's because they're Dealing with people and just all of it You know the system is you know it it's Gear towards making you quit and making You move on and do something else and You know whatever happens with you know People just the comments and the just The attitude of people and you know all These things right you know there's all The saints that I know of the three Masters of Saar That I know and then all the people that We talk about in terms of like Jesus and All these other spiritual people every

One of them died kind of bummed out and Miserable at Humanity right like I mean they died in Terms of their feeling about the people That were coming to them their you know Disciples and you know it's better in India I mean they flat out just killed Jesus right and then they killed all his Disciples like all of them like they Tortured go look at what happened to all The Jesus disciples and then other Christians not just you know they're Like feeding them to lions and Right and so like every time there's a Spiritual movement and a higher Developed Soul comes down here they all They all um leave like oh my God these People suck so bad like they're dying They can't wait to get out of here like They're praying to leave they're they're Praying to to get you know to have their Life I mean when they're really focused On spirituality and you know moving Forward with God that's what happens to Them like it just uh there's they don't Die happy like they're none of them and Maybe that's you know to help them you Know like free them from the bondage of Earth and see it's how bad it sucks down Here and then move them to a higher Spiritual level which is a blessing you Know it's a blessing but you know still Right that's how bad people suck and Like it's you know we're all part of

That right we're all part of the big Suck you know so what you get here with Me is I'm somebody that I feel like I am I'm not feel like this is what I you Know some of my I guess talents lie Where I you know think about things and I allow the truth to flow through me Like I allow you know I mean it's often Times not something that I care about or I don't even have an opinion about but Just you know connect to the Divinity Within and allow the you know whatever Needs to flow out of me to flow out of Me and you know this happens with the Sark system like there would be a Reading uh after group Meditation where uh you know the Preceptor or somebody who was in charge Of you know the reading that day you Know the different centers did it Different ways sometimes a preceptor Would pick something sometimes someone In the you know one the aasis would pick A reading and there was always somebody In the group and maybe multiple people That felt the reading was applied exact Ly to their situation they were Struggling with and it was amazing like It happened all the time and people Experience that here with my videos Where I'll say something that applies Exactly to them and sometimes it's Something that you don't want to hear And you feel like it's targeting you

Personally like I personally am saying That to hurt your feelings or like I'm Just trying to piss you off and unless It's a comment video or something like That it isn't personal at all right like You know the comments are you know the It's a reaction to the dishonesty that's In the comments right because there's an Agenda that the person's not honest About within themselves and there's a Reason for them leaving a comment that's You know a sucky comment right you know Somebody who doesn't like the journey Series saying oh it's is the journey Series and whatever is going on there Whatever their agenda is whatever There's you know their their diluted in Inner voice their inner talk or inner Dialogue is about it and why they would Leave a comment like that because if They thought about it well did every Other truther that's left this platform Do a journey Series right like what do You think happens you know why do you Think truther leave you know so like Saying it's that right maybe there's People who left because of that but Maybe there's people who left because I I Slamm the flat earthers or I you know Their their world view or I you know Talked about the cubes or I talk about Trump or I talk about the truth about Christianity or I talk about a these Things that people are you know I talk

About that there's no solution to the System and it has to come down for the Betterment of humanity you know I talk About that I do a meditation right how Many people have left because of those Things or any number of things that People take personally that I say that Have nothing to do with them personally At least for me you know in terms of me Being a conduit and the Divinity within Me coming through and maybe purposefully Saying something somebody needs to hear Whether they want to hear it or not and So you know it's a place where you can Sort of get unadulterated truth I mean You know I'm still a a person with my Own you know limitations and my own Perspective but you know the truth Instead of me pandering and finding out What you want to hear you know you want Me to be a politician like a Hillary Clinton and you know these people who You know do polling and find out exactly What the people want to hear and then Say it even though they don't believe it Is that what you want like there's all That's all there is out there there's People lying to you all the time telling You what you want to hear serving you Poison but telling wrapping in a nice Package that you know boosters your ego And your self-esteem you know feeding You the the lies and the deceptions of The a distorted you know demonic system

And selling it to you like you know some In some way that you know it makes it Palatable for you to choke the poison Down and you keep on you know going back For more because they they tell you what You want to hear right I mean is that What you want is that like there's all That's all there is out there this is Something different here you know I know The kind of channel that YouTube likes And I could you know I couldn't because It's just not in my personality to do it But I you know understand what could be Done like I know how it could be done Where I could you know create a channel That appeals to a great number of people Right I could just um you know Target Some audience group you know a big one And you know be truth or obviously it Would be whatever it is because you know And something that YouTube would like YouTube would recommend YouTube would Share whatever and make lots of money Like I could just you know I mean that Something I could do but I can't do it Right just because of my personality and I just you would make me miserable and So what I've done here is I follow my Heart you know theoric heart that I've Been working on for you know 30 some Years doing the S Mark system and allow God to just guide me through the these Various things and whatever comes my way In terms of content you know of course I

Have to you know figure out what's Allowed on YouTube and how I get to say Things and you know I mean that's you Know its own you know nightmarish stuff Which would you know once if I left this Platform I wouldn't have to deal with That at all and I just get to tell the Truth and you know as best as I know it Like you know I'm not the Arbiter of Truth but uh you know truth isn't Something you you know you copyright or Own or trademark it's something that you You know it's just like with God and you Know even I mean truth is not even a Proper word it's being connected with Divinity and allow the you know Divine Voice to have a voice right I mean That's what the sjar system is about You're allowing the the part of you That's Divine the soul within to express Itself and you're minimizing your ego And your ego is submitting to you know The ego is aggressive the ego isn't Submissive and so it has to be worked on You have to work on you know taming your Ego and allowing the best part of you to Emerge and through that you become a Conduit for you know information and Energies and things like that and that's What the Sark system as well as I've Been able to do it you know I I'm okay At it like I'm not great I'm not no a Superstar but I do it you know have been Working on it and I you know I work to

To uh you know do it the right way you Know and uh on my level of you know Commitment and things like this and you Know I realize when some like a higher Level like you know I realize when Something it's just like this is a a Higher level talk than you know the Earlier parts of this video this is more Refined and it's you know appeals to a Higher sense and I realize that the best Stuff that I produce here you know the Moments where it's just you know goes to The next level are undervalued compared To me mocking and say Britney like That's just the reality of humanity and The you know the good stuff is you know People are not are like allergic to or Resistant to the higher they want the Lower people are calling for the lower That's what you know all this is about Do the lower right the journey series Was an expression of the higher right It's it was a you know like a I mean it Was me talking about my spiritual Journey and whatever I was going through Internally and it was more real and more You know uh everything better about it In terms of things that are you know Or wor something you know making fun of Britney is you know gives people a laugh Or whatever but who cares right like It's not it's not going to change Anything it's not you know gives people A little bit of a break from reality and

You know the the difficulties of life or Whatever I mean anything they cover here Even the analysis of you know world Events and things I mean it's you know Good for people understand but people You know Finding their Spiritual uh you know becoming a Spiritual person is just monumentally Better and higher and you know more Important than all of that stuff you Know people connecting with the Divinity Within them is you know the the biggest Thing that they can do and sadly it's Just not what even people who can do it There's lots of people out there who Can't do it they just don't have the Capacity they're just not ready yet They're you know either this is a their First life or whatever as a human or Whatever they just aren't you know they Don't have it the best they can do maybe As a religion and you know I mean if They do that that's kind of a miracle Because why even do that you know but so Those are people who they just don't Even understand the idea of God and I It's like you know animal level type of Consciousness and you know they are Wherever they are but then there are People who can do it and won't and That's the real bad part of humanity the People who can but refuse to do it their Egos have grown too big they're too Hardened they're too broken they're too

Too you know selfish they're too you Know caught up in the in the show They're too caught up in the you know The video game the simulation that They're that they're here you know the Whatever and they can and they won't and They have the capacity and maybe they've Had past lives where they were spiritual People I mean people who are potential Saints like ones who could really Excel And they don't and that's you know the Tragedy of humanity like people who you Know their souls want them to get it Finally and they just keep on going in The wrong direction and materialistic And you know doing harm and creating More spiritual grossness and making it Harder for them to to do it in their Next life but they have the capacity but They're unwilling I mean there's people Who don't have the capacity and really Want to they just can't do it they're Just they're trying they're you know Being religious and they're you know They they want to that they just don't You know they have the effort and they Have the you know they have the right Point of view and they have the purity But they just don't have the capacity They don't have the you ability for Abstract thought they don't have the you Know the wherewithal and the you know Material resources to be able to spend The time and you know dive within

Themselves and feel the Divinity within Them they just don't have it yet like They wish they had it like they and they They'll be around people they'll they'll Associate people with people who do They'll be drawn to them right I I've Seen this in sjar they'll be drawn to Them you know like an animal will be Drawn to a you know good family of Spiritual people cuz your pets if you're A higher developed person and you have a Spiritual life they connect with it Right my dogs are sitting with me right Now and as I you know talk about this Thing and they're benefiting from the Energy and the Consciousness they don't Know what I'm talking about but they're Here right and they're you know they're Uh I guess privileged in that sense Right and so like you know even the the Environment the environment that a Spiritual person creates around them When they connect with the Divinity you Know all everything that's around them It benefits even you know animals and Like lower developed creatures that Don't have even the capacity for I mean Worms and you know whatever it is right They're being pulled up because that's How it works right people who are Degraded and demonic will pull you down They'll bring you to a lower level and We've all experienced that we've all Experienced lower level people bringing

Us down everybody has I mean there's Always somebody worse than you and when You're around them they bring you to a Low level but we've Al also experienced With people who who pull us up that when We're around them we're a better version Of ourselves and people who associate With you know better higher developed Souls you know who are exhibiting a a Spiritual Tendencies they you know they Are affected by it positively and so There are people are like that but then There are people who have the capacity To become that and they refuse they run Away from it and they condemn it and They you know they kill Christ you know They you know this is You know they punch his Pilot the thing Right because they know when they refuse They know what's right and they refuse To do the right thing and that's the Tragedy of humanity right because you Know people who have the option and Ability refuse to give up like goofy Stuff like you know miter level Addictions and you know materialistic You know power and and things like that Whatever it is to to do the right thing And to evolve and so you know that's a Part of why YouTube sucks but it's a you Know reflection of humanity because they You know in our culture they kill the Higher and you know the the more that You move into a a spiritual way of being

And you know again these people are Saying when you start talking about Spirituality more that killed your Channel that's what they're literally Saying right because you Know that's their point of view like You're talking about something that I Mean they don't think it's something Worth anything because they you know Refuse to they they don't have the Capacity or maybe they're just you know They they wish it to go away because the Inner voice the the saint within them is Nagging them to be better and they Refuse to be better and they're like oh This guy is talking about something that Makes me feel uncomfortable because I Know I should be doing better that I'm But I'm not and so you know I've seen it Over and over in my life that's why I Don't commit to it you know you know not Like the masters of the Sark system had And you know I'm l enough I'm not you Know put in that position because you Know people always do what they do now Until they don't and maybe there'll be Something you know in a post-apocalyptic Situation where they'll get it you know Which is you know they it's a it's the Only hope but as long as the system the Way it is and people are the way it is They'll you know they're going to avoid Doing what their soul wants them to do And that's just reality and that's why

YouTube sucks that's why you know all These platforms suck because you know They all want to get caught up in the Drama and people want the drama you know It's that scene from the first Matrix Movie where you know that guy the Smith Character has caught the Morpheus character and he's talking About how they made you know these Different ver the first version of The Matrix was a Utopia and people psychologically Couldn't stand it you know they're Caught in these Paws and they're having This delusion that they're in Utopia They pre you know they create this Matrix so that you think you're in this You know this Utopia but people rejected it so they Had to make it into a like you know a Smelly greasy you know Disturbed gross World because with you know filled with Drama and suffering and all these things Because that's what people needed that's What they needed psychologically and Mentally and spiritually they needed you Know Egotistically because that's what they Were drawn to and that's what the pro That's why the system has to collapse And human beings have to be you know Brought down to a level of ones that Aspire to be better ones that are Bracing their Soul's path which is a

Fraction of the population now and you Know even people like me or people who You know dabble in it right I mean like I have to do better and you know all the People in the Sark system who have Followed dodgy down this path of Deception you know show you these are Spiritual people with spiritual Tendencies You know they were doing they were Evolving and they you know but they had Their moments I mean they had their Egotistical moments and they have their Spiritual moments right like it's you Know it goes back and forth you're like Oh I'm going to work on my spirituality It's just like a person dieting right They they're good about their diet for You know so many you know weeks and then They revert and then they go back and You know they relapse or you know any Kind of thing like that you know if People aren't you know I mean but just Having a little bit of a commitment to Being a spiritual person Is a big deal now but some point it'll Have to be you know 100% it'll have to Be you know embracing your soul and your Spiritual path 100% because that's What's needed like Humanity can't just around anymore with what we're Doing it's just you know it's a it's a Mess down here and so it's either going To be you know people will embrace the

Higher or there'll be just a cing of all Humanity and they'll try something else Right because it'll just be a failed Experiment and right now it's heading Towards a failed Experiment I mean that's what's Happening here and this is just a Reflection of it so you know in terms of Like everybody who uh you know Embraces The the you know the righteous path You're going to be met with a Wall of Resistance by the people in your life by Society by everything right if you you Know embrace the truth embrace the you Know the light or the Divinity you're Immediately going to be met with Resistance because everything in our System is not is a against that right And they don't want to see you doing it Because it reminds them that they're Supposed to do it right so even if you Just dabble in it even just do it 20% you do 20% of what you should do You're you know you're An Enemy of the State you're a threat I mean that's Unfortunately how it is and you know and Here in the west you know Europe America These countries you offer something to People who I mean they would benefit Tremendously uh for it but they'll kill Kill you for it I mean this is what Happened to Jesus and all these people This happened to every saint look at What happened to every Christian Saint

That's come after Jesus they all die and They're like oh that guy was a saane and They're often killed by the religion Itself the religion that's supposed to Be there to benefit people are Persecuted and killed by the religion The religion goes oh they were Saint all Along to oh my bad you know that's I Mean that's what happens and so you know That's the reality of the situation we Find ourselves in that the things that Are good for you the things that you Know remind you of what you're supposed To be doing are taken away or suppressed Or diminished right and even you know on A lower level the truth Community you Know when uh we have a system based in Lies and the lies are you know the only Thing feeding the Beast and keeping the Beast going and the more dysfunctional The Beast gets because the the more Divinity is trying to write the ship and And bring about the end of this Abomination this deceptive Abomination The more that the lies more lies you Deceptions you have to tell and then People realize that the system they're 100% depending on is you know they freak Out and so you know they dive deeper Into the lies and they try to suppress The truth in various ways right and so That's why you know people disappear Here you know people aspire to tell the Truth either they you know they they hit

A wall in their own ability to do it and Then just all the forces around them That are pushing them back and saying You know go back get get back in line And go you know take the red pill again Or whatever it was the guy goes back Into the Matrix and forget about what You're you were trying to do there and Just embrace the Beast right and so you Know it's inevitable because all the Forces are against you right all the Materialistic forces and so you either Have to you know dive deeper into the Divinity within you or you just cave and You you give up right that's you know The unfortunate thing that's happened to Every saint every spiritual person right You know Jesus being crucified on the Cross and say you know father why H Haast Thou forsaken me and that's not What he said because it what whatever The he said in his language right you Know God why have you forsaken me why Are you doing this to me you know why Why is this happening to me and God says Well cuz people suck and you know this Is what happens right this is what this Is the price you pay for being a Spiritual person here in this part of The world and so you know it's a little Bit better in India but you know then You have all the other suck that's there Especially now I mean in the it's a Degraded place now but you know in the

West in America Europe and these other Places Middle East you know anybody Becoming a spiritual person is dealt With harshly and so you know being Cancelled on social media is a you know A blessing compared to what happened to Some of these other people right because You know they don't really care about Um spiritual people here because they Know that they've got such a strangle Hold on humanity and people are so Dumbed down and degraded and you know Idiocracy and these things that people Can't gravitate to the truth even if it You know hits them in the face right and So they're not you know they're not Worried about it I mean they worry just Because they worry just because they Know that God's against them you know God is going to eventually purify them Out of Existence the you know the whole system That you know that they've created That's why the people who control the System are paranoid because they know That they're going against God's will so They can't last they know their days are Numbered but you know the way humanity Is right now there's no chance of Humanity reversing itself and doing what We should do even on an individual basis It's very rare that people can you know Step out of their own deception and you Know become you know you know stand in

Truth and walk in truth and become you Know something more than that there are And just like I'm saying dabbling in it I mean no one's going to do it full you Know full 100% on I mean you know very Rare person will do that and those People are you know immediately isolated Because you know nobody gets them right Like they're so they're like a different Species of person it's like they you Know would even though they speak your Your language you can't understand Understand a word they're saying because They're completely wired different like A person that would be 100% embracing Their Soul's path they can't even Communicate with you like they're just On such a different level you wouldn't Understand a word they're saying because They're you know they're wired uh you Know different 100% different from Everybody else and so yeah like you know It's the journey Series only spirituality will save this World it's farano definitely reporting From the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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