Back to normal Chris Christy Busts a move + CNN baills on JoJo + Boebert Bettlejuices

Back to normal Chris Christy Busts a move + CNN baills on JoJo + Boebert Bettlejuices

Greetings brothers and sisters I'm eager To get to a video of Chris Chrissy Dancing My wife sent me like a couple days ago I Was unable to get to my emails And she sends me a lot of stuff through Email And Um You know I didn't read emails for a Couple days because I was you know Making that video of the five hour video And I was like Just want to get through it right I Already had a good thing happening to me Today my dogs are outside the door Barking because they want to come in They usually would sit on the bed and You know they uh I'm not allowing them to do that because Of the flea issue they don't have a lot Of fleas but you know Um whatever you know so there's that but A good thing happened that I um You know I take a lot of supplements now Like before covid I took basically none You know only situationally I take some Like if I was feeling sick or whatever But I didn't take you know really any Supplements or you know anything of that Nature on a daily basis my mom used to Give me these giant horse pills That I could barely swallow they were so Big like vitamins

And I was hiding them in the radiator Um as a kid so I have a positive Association with that but then I got Coveted Like I had to like I you know and I was Missing things pre-covered like I was You know oftentimes our food is so low In nutrition like even if you get Organic food If you don't need you know the right Kinds of foods The right varieties you get low in all Kinds of minerals and the things your Body needs That would be there in you know the kind Of weeds and the The you know natural foods that people Would eat like of You know wild animals and you know the The kind of stuff that that grew before People started to cultivate it and make It better tasting like our food is Better tasting but lower in nutrition And so I've been taking supplements now For a while and I just love them Um you know not love taking them but Love How they make me feel you know that I've I've got this sort of Rejuvenation Happening because of that But it's a hassle getting all the pills Together like I have uh like three pill Boxes for you know nine pill boxes Three for three times a day

And I have to fill them you know and it Takes about an hour And that's always like a kind of a day That I'm not happy about and I slept Late this morning To like nine o'clock which is really Late for me And so today was the day I was going to Pull them but I had some pills Left over from when we travel I put some In bags to take on the road And I thought I might have already taken Them but I you know was looking for him Last night I couldn't found him and then I found this morning I was like boom Like that's just a reprieve so that's Excellent Um And so I want to address something you know I'm Happy to take my channel back like I Said there's this Chris Christie video Of uh Chris Christie dancing in Vivek Ram Swami that my wife sent me and you Know I have my own stuff here on my Channel and you know I made this video About the big Paris I knew there was Going to be some whatever it is like the Influx of new people both pro and con And one of the things I've learned Is that when I have to deal with Something once I work to find the best Way to deal with it and I might try a

Couple of things but then I settle on Something You know some way to deal with it and Then I don't have to think about it Again like every time that thing happens You know the first time it's going to Take some time and energy to come up With the best way to deal with something Especially when something's new like for Example Abandoning people like I've got these Rules and I you know no I don't have a Complaint department and I'm not here to Debate people you know I say what I say And I've often forgotten the video by The time you're watching it so you know I'm already moved on and I don't expect People to agree 100 with me and I Probably know your view like I know how Other people feel about things And it isn't going to be mind-blowing It's just going to waste my time right So I have these policies And it's so much easier To deal with it than reading each Comment and evaluating it because some Comments are in the gray area And I usually tend to sign on the side Of banning people because Like for example if someone complains Once they're going to complain again Like they're just complainers right like It's if you allow them to do it once They're going to keep on doing it

And so I'll nip it in the bud and you Know so they don't waste my time right So some of the comments are kind of in a Gray area and I just I usually side on The idea of banning because of you know Like again wasting my time and you know People should make their comments clear Like I can't Um I can't read sarcasm and I don't know You as a person I can't hear your voice And you know these things oftentimes Comments are so poorly written you know It's like why are you even bothering Like no one's understanding what you're Saying right like it's like it's like One sentence and you can't really Construct Like one sentence right But anyways you know I have developed These policies and they they're Time Savers like I just Don't I'm like all right this Falls in This category category and this is how I Deal with this right And so I had something happen exactly Like what's happening now And when I was making the journey series And you know I was going through this Thing realizing dodgy had collapsed and Had fallen and there was a great Whispers message uh that happened uh Like three four days ago it's going to Be in the 122nd Journey series that Actually predicts dodgy's fall in a very

Subtle way Which I remember reading now and I read It in a different way but anyways um the Guy was in involved in this brighter Mind scam where he was saying kids could Read with their you know could smell Colors and you know they could you know Read with blindfolds on all these things And interesting there's a like one of Those Wes Anderson movies that some guy You know that's whatever reason I Watched this trailer because Benjamin Cupper batch was in it and he's usually In like good things right he's a good Actor Wes Anderson has created this Universe this weird world and it's you Know his movies are kind of annoying to Me but watching the trailer there's a Guy who says he can read With his um you know with without you Can uh see without his eyes and he puts Out a big mask and it's kind of funny Ties into the hole I was feeling this Thing with dodgy but I realized that Um there was this Issue and most people didn't know about Like people told me about the brighter Mind scam and been going on since 2015. And I didn't find out about 2019. and All these people who were in India who Were at their wit's end with the way Dodgy was failing Started coming forward and telling me Things

And there was a whole dodgy truth Movement in India and some of the people I felt were manipulative Like they were saying things that you Know I couldn't verify and You know they were I don't know like we would consider them Some sort of like concerned trolls or Whatever like they were telling me that I was being threatened and things and You know I don't know if that was true Or not but they were trying to Exacerbate the situation And push me into doing what they were Scared to do you know some of them said They were like yelled at by people and You know in India there's Um levels of you know Uh social pressure that uh you know we Could never understand here especially Like a guru type of thing And so they started to you know look at Me as their voice uh you know a voice in America where I was far away from the Drama and you know I just don't care And I also felt like some Responsibility to tell my fellow Practitioners what I had learned and so I made some of the videos public on Facebook like I shared them on my Personal Facebook page and I had some Hundreds of people who were Um you know who are abiasis practices or Practicers of sashmark heartfulness

Right and I put dodgy's name in the Title and one video in particular I Called them a little Boop You know a female dog because he had Disrespected his former Master charging In a way that like pissed me off and I Usually wouldn't have done that it was Like really disrespectful and to the People who do the system it was like f'd Up like they couldn't and these were People I'd known for years that and they Already had negative feelings because I've been kind of slandered before about Me and like you know my videos went up From where they get two to three Thousand views a journey series which is Amazing because this was a nine hour Video like people were watching a nine Hour video Like I you know I mean I had I I had Trouble sitting through it like you know I have trouble sitting through my own Stuff like I've had to change the way I Edit I don't sit through the voiceovers Anymore Because I just can't listen to myself That much right I just you know like I'm Not a fan of my own channel like I you Know I have I have Creator Paul that's Doing the talking and then I have editor Paul who doesn't like Creator following You know the editing portion isn't as Fun as the creating portion

But anyways uh the video got like eight Or nine thousand views so why not Substantially so there's six thousand More people from the system which is Really the probably you know around the Core members You know the really die-hard members and I know most of them and dodgy himself is Watching parts of it so It was it was pretty bad And over time the what I call the dodgy Truthers and there's one guy who's still I'm still in contact and I you know I Was Facebook friends with him before I Met him in India like I was talking to His wife his wife and I recognized each Other from Facebook And my son was there like we were eating Breakfast And you know she was a nice lady and he Was there and I saw him then we said hi You know whatever so I I met him briefly And I've known of him and he's you know Compiled all this stuff like he's You know the central figure behind the The anti-dodgy the dodgy truther Movement and he still contacts me once In a while But they all started to Um want to use me the dodgy truthers and The dodgy people like somebody uh this Guy who I call Mr assu who's a like a a Complete ass clown he runs the YouTube Channel for heartfulness and he has his

Own we were friends on Facebook and he Has owned YouTube channel and his videos Are so bad like I have wanted to mock Them forever like they're so mockable Some of the things that he says it like He thinks he's a he's like a successful Businessman like he's a millionaire but He is a real asscloud and completely Clueless His his videos are so bad you know but I Mean it would start off a whole thing And it'd be inappropriate for me to do It because like he gets no views like He'll be totally like just taking Somebody who's you know I mean I just Can't do it like I want to but I can't Um you know my brother had a fall and I Had a falling out because he'll never You know he'll never be he does this the Heartfulness thing he'll never be able To you know realize I mean I don't think He will maybe he was I don't know but we Weren't talking then and you know they Were trying to contact me and there was A preceptor who Um your preceptors like uh you know I've Explained this before and he um was Giving me sittings and there was a few People that went to him Who were who found out about through my Channel and so Um but they contacted him and they want To talk to me and you know I sent dodgy A voice over which she may or may not

Listen to and you know that was that and So they started making memes about me Versus dodgy it was the whole thing and I realized I had all these people on my Channel who didn't want any part of it Or any part of me they were just here For this issue and they were both you Know using me and my channel as a way to You know whatever and I didn't you know I told them all to leave I said you know I'm changing all the names I'm not I'm Taking dodgy and heartfulness out of all That because I would say Journey series You know 90s whatever 70 whatever it was I mean it's up to 121 and you know some Of these videos are like I said nine Hours I mean there's like so many hours of Content I got rid of any reference to Heartfulness and I you know I Um and dodgy and I just you know I made Some of the videos private for a while Then you know republished them long After everybody left and they all left And You know I got my channel back and you Know all that stuff But they're all trying to hijack it They're all trying to use me in the you Know for their own agenda and so this Thing happened you know not in that big Of a way but it's a similar thing that's Happened with The big parasite right

And you know I did my duty like I said What I needed to say that I felt I was Compelled to say through you know the The way that I make videos through the Connecting to Divinity within you which You know anybody can do like it takes Effort people don't want to do it but You can all do it like everyone's going To find their way to connect with Divinity and you know God's going to Find a way to communicate with you You know whatever it might be show you Signs I mean everyone has their their Way of you know uh connecting with God But it just takes a willingness and you Know you have to purify yourself to a Certain extent Because some scars and spiritual Grossness get in your way but you know The seismic system deals with that and You know it helps people that form a Relationship with God But I felt compelled to do this you know Which I talked about extensively I'm not Going to talk about here But you know it's something where It's not really my problem and I said That in the beginning it's not my Problem and there's been like a like a Few trolls from you know big parasite Trolls and their comments are so lame Like their trolling is horrible you know Like they because they don't really know Anything about me and you know what

They're saying I mean some of them you Know whatever it is Um some of them are just saying positive Things about the big parasite that I say Anything about me but you know they're They're here to you know do whatever and As soon as they comment they're being Descended upon by eight nine comments You know other people attacking them Like there are people just sticking Around To go after these people and tell them They're in a cult and all these things And these uh these people the you know Big parasite haters they're not viewers Of mine they're not going to watch other View videos of mine they're not you know I have a I'm a required taste An acquired taste um I think that came Out as required but Yeah you know was I said acquired it Just sounded like required Uh you know I'm I have a low retention Rate in terms of viewers I've had you Know I mean I think it's hundreds of Millions of views I think it's over well Over 100 million views and that doesn't Count the videos that I um that went Viral in the beginning And in the beginning those videos people Are here for the videos Like I made videos that you know sort of Like in one had two million views and

Some other ones And people were here for the for the Content like you know someone's about Michelle Obama Obama some people are you Know haters are her and it was about you Know these things and after a while There are people who just liked me and Liked my content right That like to hear what I said but that's A small number of people like I'm not All that likable you know people have to Sort of Um you know get beyond my rough edges And it doesn't you know people don't see What I have to offer right right off the Bat like you have to work through it Like you have to like work at it a Little bit and a lot of people are off Put by me you know just in general in Life like I you know People are I'm not an approachable Person you know and I push people away And I'm you know a loner and you know Private person introvert dyslexic right Like so I'm you know kind of you not I Would say unique but I'm different than Most people you meet Um so I'm not a social person I suck at It like I'm like one of the worst kind Of personalities for networking and you Know building uh you know like building A community or whatever Like um one of the worst I'm an outsider too I'm always an

Outsider so when you're you know here on The center of the channel But I still think about myself as an Outsider even here right to some extent So I'm saying here is that all these People are not here because they're Going to be here forever and I've done My duty I've said what I needed to say And you know there's just this drama now Where these trolls come and it's a very Few number of trolls and like like this One woman I covered on my other channel Said charging and she misspelled his Name would you should be ashamed of you Right Burn you know I was like doing this with My wife I was telling her about some of These comments and I'm like these are The worst freaking trolls ever And then the people just going after These people I mean some of the things They're not saying aren't that bad but People just you know descending on them And you know like I'm not here to wake Anybody up I'm not here to convince Anybody you know I I presented things That I feel like need to say something About And this was one of them and I you know I went through my process about this Over and over again don't need to talk About it here but you know seeing Similar situation it's not nearly as Intense what I dealt with with the

Journey series You know I'm doing the same thing here Everyone can go to their own whatever if You're interested in me in my videos you Know whatever you like what I what I did Then sure you can stick around but They're just this isn't going to be you Know an anti-parasitic parasite Channel You know this is not what it's going to Be I you know I've said all I had to say Now I did make a video voiceover last Night And it was about uh big parasite and Stuff to do with crowdfunding and I've decided to put that up on my just For members Because I you know that's a way to just Keep the you know the people who aren't Here for whatever out of watching it and It's you know viewed for people who Really need to see it or want to see it And that's um and that's probably the Last video I'll make Because you know Just because I want to get back to my Normal stuff and I feel no Responsibility to deprogram and try to Wake up The people in that Community because you Know some of them have been here for a While and many of them have their own Issues With the guy and you know they like

Being in the community The Community Field makes them feel Special You know and I don't know what's going On there like I'm not there But they do have issues because they're Saying in the comment section there are People who think that what I had to say He really needs to hear whatever but Again it's not my responsibility And you know the people who know me And have heard the stuff he said about Me when he got you know butt hurt about My video and you know the way that he's Having a little tantrum and lashing out Is not cool Like you that's all that you should need To see right Because what he'll do to me he'll do to You right what he'll do to the people You know Curtis Stone or whatever his Name is all these people the way that he Goes after people like that's inherent To his personality And if you don't understand that like I Mean when somebody just says things that He knows they're not true and he says Them in a you know intense um you know Like angry rant And you know that's how he deals with Conflict And he does it all the time like it's a You know it's a Hallmark of his Character

You should know that this is not a Stable person and you know like you Shouldn't need me to tell you this right I mean as an adult like this is how you Have to see people no matter what good Qualities that are there you know it's Like the wife who gets beaten by her Husband talks about all the good Qualities that are there right or Whatever the husband who's who has a Wife that's like crushing his heart all The time You know like men are you know Physically stronger but bad women are You know they manipulate and they like Question man's heart right like this you Know which is in ways far worse than Nobody really even kind of understands That or knows about it but if people Have certain characteristics They're not going to change like people Just don't change you need a system to Change and you have to really want to Change And so like it's not my problem like you Know people have enough information You've had enough information before This happened Like the stuff in my video Is stuff that people are saying yeah Everyone kind of knows this like they're Glad that I'm saying it but you know Lots of people have gone through this Themselves and know it like this isn't

This is a known entity this is a defined Person Who was out there you know being himself He's not hiding it right and you know It's being accepted by these group of People and that's on them like that's You know that's their choice and has Nothing to do with me like I'm not you Know I'm not here responsible I don't Feel responsible at all to wake people Up in any capacity I share information And you know I think the the seismic System the gratefulness meditation that We do Um Is you know for me the answer if it's Not for everybody but it's a wonderful System But I you know and and everyone has to Try it to see if it's for them like it's An experiential base system but lots of People try it and don't like it or Doesn't do anything for them and lots of People who you know I would rather I Mean it was my choice and it's not I Would rather not have do it anyway right Because they just you know there's lots Of people who Um you know they might have good Spiritual Tendencies and they have sensitivity and They can feel the transmission and it's The system kind of works for them but

Their personalities suck You know there's lots of people who have Not great personalities and maybe people Even put this me in that category who Really Thrive under the seismic system But they don't use they don't allow it To change them for the better which I Have done you know at least I've done That Um you know and so I mean I don't care Like people more people isn't better You know I'm getting you know a new Influx of people But people think more is better and it's Not you know I talk about this I think In majority series but you know more Magnifies so if something's good if your Team is winning and your team wins on a Last second shot or a you know a late Touchdown or a walk-off home run And it's a it's a great game The Crowd Goes and they're in this you know this Euphoric state A really good concert and people are Just all vibing together that magnifies You know there's a thing called an Aggregor and it magnifies The wonderful concert and the wonderful Feeling everyone have But when it's a bad thing when it's a Bad game or a bad concert or you know Everyone's in a bar and there's a lot of Negativity going on or where everyone's Watching the news and something

You know horrible happens and they were Like the big event 2001 everybody Watching you know those things collapse And you know those things and it Magnifies the fear And the anger in the things right and You know mobs form whatever like so you Know uh more doesn't necessarily mean Better you know power is Only good if someone has a you know a Purity in their system so the power Doesn't corrupt them And so like that's how I've always felt About my channel I need you know some Amount of people to stay here And you know I need an audience to make This like actually a job But you know I mean I I let it just sort Of figure itself out right because you Know that's what's best for me like Having a million subscribers or a Million viewers isn't you know any Different for me because I'm just Sitting here talking to myself right but Anyways that's how I'm dealing with it This one video I made will be up at some Point and it's for Members Only and you Know it's my way of dealing with um You know getting these people out of my Channel because the the pro-big parasite People and the anti-big parasite people They have their own drama to work out And I don't need to witness it like I Don't need to know about it I don't care

About it and I you know Whatever role that I played in this Thing It's you know over now because You know I have my own thing here and it Has nothing to do with You know this thing this other thing Like really has nothing to do with it And it really never has You know people came to me I didn't come To them like people watched me I didn't Watch them right like I've you know People want to connect with me and I Didn't want to connect with them like This is how this whole thing has been And so um yeah let's get to Chris kissy Dancing This would be great this is Vivek Ram Swami Um Who is um you know I know so many Indian People from doing such Mark meditation And There's a different Um The way they pronounce like they have First of all it's Indian English like if You meet Indian people they speak British English not not Indian English British English right because the British Occupied them and so they don't speak American English so it's a country where One third of the people speak English

But only a fraction of that one-third Ever understood me And I had trouble understanding them And they put different accents on words That you read like I was talking to some Guy and I was talking about the Mahabharata and Indian guy in India And I said um The pandavas And I kept on saying pandavas who are The heroes of the of the uh and he said Who are the pandavas and I you know I Named some of the people and he goes oh The pandemus right And so I you know I was hanging out with These older Indian guys and they were Trying to teach me some of the words in Tamil because uh mastercharge you lived In the Tamil Nadu region of India and I Just couldn't do it I couldn't pronounce It the way they were pronouncing them Like you know and there's a word for Milk called Paul And it kind of sounds like my name and They were like just say your name you Can always get a glass of milk right If you're stranded or whatever Um So anyways you know I just have troubles Pronouncing the names and I know these People and it's hard for me to remember The names and even harder for me to Pronounce them so I don't know if I like Like over the years I debated whether

Just you know not saying their name Or or butchering it right But anyway I could save a Vic and so This guy Vivek is with Aaron Paul which Is its own thing I guess Aaron Paul Wants to be A player now And they did this And and Vivek sucks at it like he's Trying hard But he's not getting it done And this would be a great video like This would be great in itself but Um there's something that's even better That was sent to me like back-to-back Emails from my wife and so as great as This is And as much potential this has for Mocking It Pals and cons in comparison To what I'm about to show you here With this guy Now this is a younger version of Chris Christie Pull up your pants Chris I mean you're Working it don't you know this is the Pull out my pants dance yeah there you Go punch it back and forth punch it back Swing it swing it Chris yes buddy you Got all right go down there there you go All right turn it around show them show Them that monstrosity there you go do The oh you got it you got it going back And forth here like the decision making

Here is unbelievable right like What does he think people are seeing and Feeling about this Um you know he has no chance of winning The presidency Uh you hop it back you hop backwards There buddy Um but this is just Platinum like you Know that this exists And this guy right this now trump-hating Guy Who has just you know I talked about him Being I showed a clip of that that weird Guy in the Dances with Wolves and he's That kind of person The guy who ends up like peeing himself And Um you know some guy's gone crazy that Gives the cat it's an early on in the Movie gives Kevin Costner his assignment Or whatever Um But this guy like you know as you know As much as the Vivek uh the Vivek thing Is a mistake This is a thousand times worse So there's a thing about dancing right There's things that people need to Understand In terms of social conduct And there are people who just suck at Dancing and that's the majority of People there are some people who are Club dancers like a dance in a club like

You know when you're going to you know Bars that have dancing in it and you Could dance pretty well in a group of People on a dance floor who are all Drunk And you know People like oh you're a good dancer like People would say that to me back when I Was younger because I had some Rhythm And I was an athlete right But it's just club dancing and it's you Know based on a you know you're being Judged on a curve of sloppy drunk Uncoordinated people you know who are Uncoordinated in life and then they are More on and they more uncoordinated when They have alcohol And there's you know strobe lights and Whatever And so like if you're at a high school Dance or you're at a club where lots of People are dancing it's okay to dance Right but now with the onset of Um you know cameras where people can Take you out of that setting and put you On the internet It's not a good thing right Um and then there's you know people who Have had some training and dancing They've taken some dance classes and you Know they have some talent and then you Know it just goes up from there where You have people who are artists right And when you're dancing by yourself like

These guys are doing When you're out there dancing by Yourself now like the Vivek thing with Iron Paul they're doing kind of a line Dance and you kind of can be hidden by a Line dance and that's why people like to Do stuff like the Macarena or whatever But if you're just dancing by yourself And there's no people dancing around you And there's video of it it's gonna look Bad like it just will you know there's That dance video of uh Bill Gates and uh The guy Steve Baumer owns the Clippers And there's multiple Dance videos of Elon Musk and you know you're never Gonna look good when you're out there by Yourself And when then people remove the music It's going to be worse You know like I'm doing here when people Can't hear the music it's even worse the Music makes it a little bit more Acceptable So like the rule is you never dance by Yourself like this I don't know what Chris Christie was thinking you know But it's great so anyways like that's The The Chris Christie thing I'm a man who Can see without using his eyes he saw it I cried he saw that trolley this is Absolutely unbelievable I was flabbergasted so I didn't notice This the first time I saw this but

That's Ben Kingsley It's a Amer an English actor I don't Know what his background is but he Played Gandhi So they got a guy who played Gandhi and That's Steph Patel who was another English actor who's I believe Indian Maybe Pakistani but I think he's Indian He's a lot he's in a lot of Indian Movies he's in that Mumbai Bombay movie Whatever it is that where he is on uh Everyone Wants To Be A Millionaire game Show you know you've seen this Um and they go through his horrid life It's a really bad depiction of India I Mean just a really filthy I think in India is just a filthy corrupt place Which It is of course but that's just you know A fraction of it but anyways it has an Indian connection this part of the West Anderson's movie As an Indian connection with this guy Who's you know You can see without using his eyes so That whole scam and the whole thing with Dodgy for those of you who don't know The journey series there is um This um you know the third the fourth Master the president of the massagemark System came up with this thing called Heartfulness as a sort of A shell company to strip the sidebarg

System which was you know collectively Owned of its assets I mean that's the The ongoing thought there for the people Who Can kind of see through what he's doing But one of the things he got involved in Is a scam that's in India that's been Around for a while It was called um Middle mind or something like that Midbrain midbrain activation And it got played out and this guy who Is uh you know he belongs to the Rationalist society and he's against all These sort of You know hoaxy things and he went after This You know this scam and then dodgy Adopted it Which is totally against everything that Sizemore used to stand for And a doctor who contacted me Was asked to do some testing and he used What the other guy used which was Eye patches instead of blindfolds you Know you can use it you can scam a Blindfold And so um It got you know he he found the kids Couldn't do it and the people around him Turned on him and he was ostracized you Know by the powerfulness people and he Was an American Doctor Who's he grew up As an American he was Indian but he's

Really American You know he's I think he's born here and He's very American but he contacted me After other people did about this scam And dodgy just wouldn't let it go and He's still running this thing Um and so this movie you know was you Know I guess mocking that whole thing There okay so this is um Representative Scott Perry my wife sent Me this and it's not a very you know It's a small little video here I wanted to get the actual video because It says from C-SPAN And I looked at C-SPAN I couldn't figure Out what it is and I did something that I think is Kind of smart I um Listen to what he was saying and then I Repeated it in my Dictation feature for uh you know the The pages Word program they have And I got a you know a line in half of The speech and then I searched that and I found this Which is um a minute 28 and this video Is Three minutes and 58 seconds and then I Went and found this on YouTube Which is um Three minutes and 12 seconds so it's you Know But I'm going to get the the meat of it

We have a much better uh video here You know so that's some of the you know Skills you learned you know And how to find things um Anyways Here's this guy uh Scott Perry evidence Merit an actual impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden and prove that today isn't Just about some of you oh I don't know About political Revenge we have the bank Accounts we can see man you can see that The homes that the bidens own can't be Afforded on a congressional or Senate Salary you also understand that it's not Normal okay let me speak to this right So when I was um in India There was a politician who was a woman Who used to be a Bollywood star And the politicians in India are treated Like celebrities I mean not just politicians like Somebody who's in charge of the water Department you know something like that Right They're considered you know people who Are really successful Are treated in ways like they almost Have a cult following And this woman was arrested for Corruption And Um she ended up getting acquitted this All happened while we were in India and We are advised by Master charging not to

Go out of the ashram all of us from you Know Europe and America and people from Foreign countries because there's going To be riots and you know the Indian People are very passive but they have These riots every once in a while And the charges of corruption against Her Were written in a document the size of a Phone book like it was you know hundreds And hundreds of pages And Part of that was that she had 10 million Dollars Of money in her bank account or whatever It was you know in rupees And there was no way she would earn that Through her salary The money that she had Could only come from people paying her Off like that was the basis of the Investigation that's what he's talking About here They ended up dismissing the case and The guy wrote the dismissal on one page Like that was some of the the levels of Corruption there that there was a you Know there was a document like there was Thousands of pages longer for corruption And then she was acquitted on a by a Judge you know corrupt judge who wrote One page on her acquittal but what he's Talking about here Is when you have money and wealth like

The bidens do Um and they have multiple homes And Biden's only been a senator his Whole life Well then you know he has spent some Time where he wasn't a senator but even Before that You know they have all this accumulated Wealth And it could only come from one place Corruption right I mean he has to show where you know he Got paid money you know you have to Report things on taxes From corporations and things that give Him the kind of wealth that he has and His son Hunter of course was paid Extravagance amount extravagant amount Of money For smoking crack And he's paid you know people are buying His art you know he just became an Artist like a year ago and they're Buying his art for like a million Dollars of painting right he sold Millions of dollars worth of art right For a guy who's just become an artist Himself a guy who's you know been an Addict his whole life And so the corruption is obvious but the News won't cover it This is all of Joe Biden's homes right So he has a home here in Greenville Delaware

He has um another uh you know a A robot beach house in Delaware Um this is from uh Google Earth so if This is by the beach it's worth 2.7 million dollars You know let's say he got that a while Ago Um This other one is worth um It's closer to two million dollars so He's got again you know he could have Bought these earlier then this is Virginia they all have Virginia or Maryland homes very rich area Right and this is um On 12 000 square feet And um It doesn't say how much the house is Worth It says um Jackie Kennedy grew up there these are Huge homes he's got another one in Greenville Delaware And this one's worth 1.2 million he's Got all these Mansions right so he's got Four monster homes And you know I mean he's he's been on a Salary the president I don't know what The president makes now So they make a hundred and seventy four Thousand dollars a year Um And so uh You know they have a pay scale here

But it's you know under 200 000 I think The president makes 300 000 something Like that And so it's not a lot of money they're Not you know multi-millionaires compared To what is His houses are worth and you know his Other things that he has right I'm sure He has you know other things counts we Can see man you can see that the homes That the bidens own can't be afforded on A congressional or Senate salary you Also understand that it's not normal for Family members to receive millions of Dollars from overseas interest those Things aren't normal that's not normal To have 20 cell shell Country Companies These things are not normal and it Alludes to not only just widespread Corruption but money laundering if not Influence peddling itself and we also Have the president the vice president at The time on record saying that the Prosecutor was fine well son of a [ __ ] The prosecutor was fired right because The prosecutor was going after this the Company that his son was working on That's what we have if you can't see That if you want if you are that blunt I'll turn it on YouTube It's because you don't report on it Because you don't report on it like this One woman you know is trying to make This a Revenge thing

And Biden is as corrupt as they come Like you can just see the guy you know I Talk about reading people You know you just get a sense of people And Biden you know some people are just They have they don't have the ability Yet for abstract thought there are a lot Of people who are You know lesser educated lesser Intelligent Lesser developed than Joe Biden and Donald Trump and other people there's Lots of people who They can't see because They're just not you know it's like a Dog looking up at you and trying to Figure you out as a human being right They just can't conceive of you like you Can think about your dogs like my you Know my dog's um Eat some bunnies right they found some Baby Buddies my wife and I were going For a walk And a baby bunny hopped onto our Trail Like a cute little baby bunny And it was unusual then it hopped back Into the grass And then I said where's Tulsi because Tulsi's uh bunny killer And Buddy also eats bunnies like he gets Tulsi's leftovers or whatever like Tulsi Walked by with three baby bunnies in her These were like really tiny ones Um

And as soon as I saw the bunny doing Something weird I realized Tulsi wasn't Walking with us which he usually do does And then I saw her walking out with a Different baby bunny in her mouth And She buried it and if she found another One and buried that which I didn't know She had already done that And there was two baby bunnies buried And she couldn't wait to go outside Like every time we walked close to the Door she ran up to the door like I want To go outside And I let her out she ran right to where The baby button he said we're like and I Was thinking about Like dogs aren't supposed to have object Permanence I was thinking about you know They don't have a language like you know If it was a human being you'd say in you Know words in your mind or visual Images Oh I gotta go dig up that body right Yeah I have to go you know go to that Drawer over there where I have candy Like you have you put candy in a drawer And you remember it's in the drawer Babies can't do that like babies don't Have object permanence You put something away And they don't know it's there like if You put something on front of a baby and Then you put a box over it and they left A box and they see it it's like magic to

Them right like if you put a you know You hide something then they they find It they're like Wow Let's see you know They don't they don't have object Permanence they can't remember Where something is that they can't see Um but dogs sort of have it right and I Was thinking about this how that you Know a dog sees the world And you can't do that you know if Something's Beyond you You know people who are more evolved Than you and more you know complex and You you know simple people can't you Know people don't have the ability for Abstract thought But the people who do and can see Joe Biden for what he is people who are Beyond him it's an easy easy read the Same thing with Donald Trump right They're grifters they're narcissists They're liars and you just see it it's Not hard to see And whether you get you know put under a Spell you get you know you let your Desires for somebody you know a Heroes Whatever it might be Um but like it's obvious to the rest of Us that's why it's so you know difficult To watch all this stuff because it takes Place on a very remedial level a lot of The stuff That they put out there in the media and

Politicians Is for the benefit of people who are Very underdeveloped which is you know Over 50 percent of the people more than Half the people Don't have the ability for abstract Thought yeah reporting on it today I'm Not sure how you know what the American People think but here's what they might Wonder actually if you're a federal Prosecutor you would be asking yourself How can there not have been an Indictment for a fairer violation Against Hunter Biden How can there possibly my understanding And Discussions with staff have confirmed my Impulse that this would be very much the The basis of a foreign of a a foreign Practices Act investigation Given the circumstances that we know The question is you know it's funny After we come out of the events of for The John Durham for example testified to Our committees about how investigations Proceeded through our investigative Agencies without proper predication It's not that you have to prove the case It's not that you understand at this Point there's not been a single subpoena To a hundred Biden bank account or a Joe Biden bank account or any other Biden Family member's bank account because I'm Telling the impeachment until

Impeachment inquiry commences that's not A jurisdictional possibility well it Would be stretching jurisdiction to do That but there's ample predication at This point in time based on that very Unusual set of circumstances which is For no apparent payment for expertise or Services rendered Biden family members Writ large received over 20 million Dollars 20 million dollars You know because they were connected so They're buying influence people without You know Hunter Biden never went to his Job in the Ukraine he didn't speak Ukrainian he knew nothing about natural Gas and he was smoking crack the entire Time like you know he did nothing for Them like it was it's so corrupt right And then there's the laptop like so they Have a wealth of evidence and I'm not You know Trump Um Trump and his family took more money Like the the Trump family took Um Jared Kushner and Trump's daughter Got like billions of dollars from the Saudi government billions this guy's Talking about Millions like the Biden Family is not nearly as good at this as The Trump family was Trump's a Businessman like he knew how to monetize His presidency I'll show you that in Just a moment This guy said as a as uh what we know of Like he said 20 million dollars and he

Said what we know of absence of evidence But if you can look in the face of that And contend that that's you know anyone Has a right to their opinion what they Can't do is change the facts and I Invite you to go to the website forward slash Biden Crime family and you will see all the Evidence from the oversight committee You will see all the evidence and if You're willing to read it I think you'll Be convinced thank you okay so they're Not because they're not Um but the walls are closing in on Hunter and JoJo And that puts Kamala as next up right Next man up It's a disaster I got a few more things to show you here Jared Kushner the guy who bought Park Avenue 666. Um whoever it was Fifth Avenue 666. Um you know which is the Antichrist uh Devil number right I was supposed to be a mark of the beast Jared Kushner secured a two billion Dollar investment from the Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia so the Saudi Arabia Invested two billion dollars in Jared Kushner like Trump was just much better At this Um than Biden you know Okay I'm going to show you a bunch of Some video clips and some headlines and

I'm gonna Comment about this afterwards all of These things they're all kind of um Woven together Lauren bobert and Beetlejuice and All these things Biden won't pardon his Son if he's convicted on federal charges White House says Press secretary Kareem Jean Pierre told Reporters that the president would not Pardon or commune Hunter Biden's Sentence if he's convicted on federal Gun charges Um Then there's other charges that are Coming like this is I would imagine we'll see Because it seems like they're doing this Because you can see this picture here They're screwing Joe Biden like he looks Very weasily you know very creepy you Know son looks all happy like he's just You know robbed the you know piggy bank And Joe Biden looks like he's complicit Like it's a bad picture To go with this like it's making them Look like criminals and this is MSNBC That's been covering for Joe Biden Forever And they came out with even Mika Brzezinski's maybe the number one Biden Lover in the mainstream media and they Came out and talked about How he's lost popularity I'll get more

Into that with CNN poll and CNN So the seems like the walls are closing In on them and there's not much of a You know a backup plan And so um time stopped Joe Biden's power Play to protect himself and his family And um You know this is New York Post which has Been after him for a while Gavin Newsom shuts down running in 2024 Democrats says Kamal is lined up to Replace Biden 80 if he drops out and Tells donors to stop wallowing over dire Poles and get behind Biden So Gavin Newsom who is their best chance You know he's done a horrible job like An abysmal job in California so much so That people are fleeing Democrats are Fleeing from the state It's a crime ridden you know New World Order agenda 31 state And they've ruined California and you Know even more so than New York And he just sucks but People don't care about that because They elected a guy who has brain damage And an obvious criminal in Trump you Know so they don't care right people Will still vote for him and he's Probably the smoothest talker and you Know best polished politician the Democrats have But if he's saying he won't run and of Course he might reverse that

I'm here they are together with Biden But here's the So here is um Here is Meet the Press filing deadlines Haven't passed President Biden doesn't Run why shouldn't we consider you a Likely I think the vice president is Naturally one lined up and the filing Deadlines are quickly coming to pass and I think we need to move past this notion That he's not going to run President Biden is going to run and looking Forward to getting him reelected I think There's been he's so unlikable I mean He's like you know a devil like um So much wallowing uh in the last few Months and hand ringing in this respect But we're gearing up for the campaign We're looking forward to it I under you Know but You hear these he's just like look at This look right here This sort of weird Flirty kind of just look at this look Forward to it I under you know but The head tilt right watch the head tilt To it I under you know but then he sort Of [ __ ] pass his eyes But he obviously is more fluent in the English language than either Biden and Kamala and into the other Democratic Candidates he's already better than all The ones they ran before As a candidate like as a actor

Um like he could play a you know a Doctor or a you know president on TV But he's a horrible person and it's just Something like evil about him Um You hear these calls privately what do You tell these donors who are wallowing It uh time to move on let's go and am I Supposed to interpret that comment about The vice president that if for some Reason the president chose not to run at This point well that's the name Everybody rallies around her it's the Biden Harris Administration that's a Maybe a moment Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned about What president's advisory I was a Lieutenant governor so I'm a little Subjective it's your relationship with The vice president uh we knew each other Before we were both in politics today I Got sworn in as mayor walked across the Street she got sworn in as district Attorney uh extraordinarily close Working relationship including our time In the Senate she can't imagine ever Having to run against each other of Course not by definition won't happen uh But we've said that a thousand times uh We privately uh continue to maintain a Very good relationship in our personal Just how you doing checking in uh it's Been a challenging few years with covet Uh and uh we've had the opportunity to

Sit down okay so um That was their best chance And maybe he's just being a weasel here And you know Kamala Harris nobody likes I talked about this over and over again I watched The primary in 2019. For the 2020 you know the Democratic Primary And Chris Matthews you know the the now Disgrace Chris Matthews and I could Never find the clip but he was talking About the dream ticket of Biden and Harris long before that was ever Possible So Biden was running at 20 percent He was the big name and everyone else Was kind of unknown of course Bernie Sanders had his support but everyone Else was unknown and Kamala Harris was Getting a lot of media attention like They kept on talking about her being Somebody And she wasn't right she was horrible so They pumped her up and she got up to 12 And then remember Tulsi gabbard went at Her at a debate and you know she was now Favored so they they started to Scrutinize her and she plummeted to Below one percent and never recovered And she was out of the the race before Cory Booker and that guy Andrew Yang I Mean Mary Wayne Williamson I mean she Was out of the race before you know

Basically unknowns The Democrats said they didn't like her And so that should have been it like the Democrats did not want to vote for she Got a you know she got a favored Position and she was rejected but Biden Made this promise that he would choose a Woman and then an African-American woman A woman of color And Kamala was the you know best choice For him and maybe because if it was Somebody good like it was Cynthia McKinney like somebody like that Wouldn't have been her she was a if She's a semi-truth there like she's a You know quality politician she's out of Politics but with somebody good that Would embarrass him like a vice President's always supposed to be the Clown like Biden was Obama's clown his Ed McMahon you know someone who was There to take all the the goth and make The gaps and things in fact he was a Good vice president but for playing that Role but vice presidents often don't Become president because they play that Role and you know that's why Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State Tonight not Obama's vice president Plus they're always seen as the sidekick Right Like you know Robin doesn't become Batman right Like if Batman died Robin doesn't

Inherit Batman they get a new guy right Robin's always going to be the sidekick And so um You know they have a Kamala Harris Problem and now nobody likes her even Worse than Biden and plus she's Associated with the disastrous Biden Presidency and then all the hunter Buying stuff So this is Dana Bash on Biden no way to Countries mood With Joe Biden okay so um let me see if I can find this video the longer version Of this video so here's Dana Bash she Recently did a like a like a totally Deceptive hit piece on RFK Jr she's Supposed to be one of their big Political analysts There's CNN And just an absolute Biden shell Um today on inside politics there is no Way to spin this CNN reads the country's Mood right wait do you want to spin it Do you do you want to spin it like we'd Like to spin it but we can't do it sorry Today on inside politics there is no way To spin this CNN reads the country's Mood right now and finds that America Right now they're trying to say right Now might change America is deeply Unhappy with Joe Biden most democratic Voters hope for a change at the top of The ticket and Americans don't take the President and his word when he talks

About his son Hunter plus a deal he Couldn't refuse Trump employee number Okay you know they always have to bring Back Trump like it's all about Trump Here let's get into this part here four There is deep-rooted dissatisfaction With the incumbent and the direction he Is taking the country there are even Deeper doubts about if Mr Biden is up to The job again CNN's David chalian is Standing by for us at the magic wall David it's a magic wall are they saying That the magic wall David these numbers Are just not good if you are a sitting President of the United States show us What they tell us show us where the Magic wall David Here's the magic wall there's no doubt About that Donna this this is setting Off alarm Bells inside the Biden Campaign in the White House overall his Approval rating is down now at 39 hey Don't touch the magic wall David you f You boop don't touch it David approve so More than six in ten Americans Disapprove of the job he's doing and you See he's been hovering here for a little Bit Dana since the spring you mentioned That well it is Magic it's like almost Like a touch screen look rats it's like Some kind of a touchstone you touch it And it changes would like somebody other Than Biden as the nominee of their party That is dramatically so two-thirds of

Democratic and Democratic leaning voters Say that they would like a different Candidate to be the Democratic nominee Wow right there it's there 33 only a Third of Democrats 67 they were saying 66 at first but it's actually 67. and Democratic leaners say they want Joe Biden to be the number well here's where The magic happens he's going to do it Right here how many and we asked Rome Magic open-ended question of Democrats And Democratic leaners what is your Biggest concern about a Biden candidacy It's not even close Dana 49 say it's his Age that didn't get better Dana That was Dana but whatever This guy went to the magic wall so what Do I know and so 50 of the people say It's his age and then all these other Things and health and mental sharpness Are part of that But his age ain't getting better he Ain't getting younger Seven percent mental sharpness seven Percent Health ability to do the job This is all related to Joe Biden being The oldest president currently serving And obviously asking the country to Renew his contract for four mere years Beyond next year for many years and what About a potential Biden Trump rematch What do our numbers say about that Close your eyes Diana And he's going to do this here it is a

Boat heat race basically uh 47 Trump 46 Biden this is the first time we at CNN This cycle have tested a general Election match the fact that he's Running behind Trump Like Trump is a disaster On every level And Trump's you know capped off like Trump has 53 percent of people said They'll never vote for him under any Circumstance And so Trump is like like he's just That's his maximum number is 47 right The most votes that Trump could get is 47 percent Um and so You know Biden I mean I mean this is Just like everything and you know some Part of me Like just in terms of the Apocalypse Wants to see this just because it means The end because You can't recover from this rematch Right even though I've Indian post did a Thing on it nobody wants it and yet it's Right now that's where it's going And so like it's two people that you Know it's a coin flip for people who are Either not going to vote or will just Make a decision Based in their former political leanings Or their hatred for Trump or their age Would provide like people who don't want To vote for either one of these guys but

Have to choose one And then you know and then all the scams And things that go with it and then People realizing that they don't like Kamala and that she's going to be you Know if they vote for buying their vote For combo so they got two unlikable People on one side and one massive Unlikable fish boy on the other right a Trip like this and this is no clear Leader well within the margin of error a Real dead heed contest and you know what Yeah many Americans are all that psyched About I mean look at their favorability Numbers they're the same 35 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Joe Biden 35 of Americans in this poll have A favorable view of Donald Trump and Dan And look at some of these attributes the President he doesn't have majority Support for any of them 45 percent of Americans says he cares about people Like you 33 say they're proud to have Biden as a president only 28 percent of Americans says that the president Inspires confidence like it's so bad It's just going to get worse because He's going to do more gaffs and people Are going to be more you know whatever They are right it's Dana Wow pretty uh incredible numbers there Dave the magic wall I was thinking about Um editing and I was thinking about it CNN viewers are so old they probably do

Think it's a magic wall like like They're sold they haven't used a touch Screen right It's a magic wall he's touching it and It's changing Then here on CNN as well just briefly we Have brand new CNN pulling this morning And those numbers are looking rough for President Biden it could be a troubling Sign for Democrats and the president's Hopes for re-election in 2024 Biden's Approval rating sinking to 39 nearly 60 So CNN has never covered him like this They have covered up for him the guy was Like pooping himself in public and they Were pretending it wasn't happening I Mean literally and figuratively like he Has been a disaster he's had all these Senior moments senile moments all Alzheimer's you know dementia moments He's been corrupt his son is obviously Corrupt they all know it right this is Not a secret they've known this for Years he was always a you know like a a Goof right he was always a groper and You know just a weird guy a disastrous Candidate for president they ran him Anyway and they covered it up they Pretended all that wasn't going on CNN Did a hit piece in 2015 about him I Showed you that so much Um you know where they're talking about Him being a gaff magnet and a liar and Just you know all of these things he

Plagiarized stuff and he's run for President four times and no one ever Seriously considered him a candidate but He was the best of a bunch of abysmal Candidates and he was probably the most Corrupt and the ones that people wanted To loot you know I said whoever won the 2020 election was going to be in charge Of looting America Whatever is left of America's wealth and You know with the Ukrainian war and all This stuff I think that's pretty well Established now I think most people Would at least kind of agree with that Even even cheaper And so this was him right and you know This is like Just uh bad two bad candidates two Failed presidencies two horrible people And just a divided country And like you know things are going to Get worse so then I want to get to lowen Boybird and she um You know she went to Beetlejuice and she Was obviously stoned or something she Was either drunk or you know taking uh Ecstasy or something And they caught it all on camera even Though it was a darkened theater And it's embarrassing so bad that she Had to apologize And so this happened first waiting Has he knew while he was running for President that he was involved in this

Corruption in this bribery scheme and That right there compromises him as President of the United States okay so She did this after I don't know why these people are Hanging on her every word because she's An absolute dope and I'll get into that Because Um you know Like people who you got fetterman you Got um AOC and you got um Marjorie Taylor agree and then lots of Other ones we don't know about but these Are the prominent ones That you're like how can these people Have leadership positions Like how is fetterman a senator like how Is that even possible And so the other ones are Representatives which is still you know Bad but how did Trump become president How did you become president these are Not the cream of the crop They're not smart they're like you know Many of them below average Trump's maybe A little bit smarter as a businessman But he's still stupid And Joe Biden is you know I mean he was Never sharp like he was a a quality Trump and Biden both are good bsers But that's about it right and you know There's some intelligence in grifting But you know I mean these are just Horrible people

And incompetent ones is that but let's Go to her Beetlejuice thing here Republican congresswoman Lauren bobert Of Colorado has long railed on the house Floor that the left is grooming children By exposing them to what she calls Obscene content in reference to things Like drag performances for children and The use of lgbtq inclusive flashcards to Teach colors to students Well on Friday this is the kind of Person they want to throw out there To say these kind of things right she Says things that many people in the Truth Community agree with some of them You know especially the right wing Leaning people But she's you know like embarrassing to Everybody who believes those things Right she's not someone you want to be Your spokesperson And then she comes out and I mean not Ablebert apologized for her own Behavior Coming at a recent performance of the Family friendly musical Beetlejuice Showing in Denver that's that's a nice Shot that's a great that's a nice show Good show Beetle shoes It's very family friendly Beetlejuice is A real demon I mean is considered a real Demon right you know here I'll insert my Alex Alec Baldwin meme from that um From that uh movie you tell them that we Are horrible desperate ghoulish

Creatures Um You know but Beetlejuice is supposed to Be a real deep And the original movie is filled with Demonic satanic stuff it's just a very You know Bad movie So um Here's the um the you know the demon That was um That was portrayed in that movie it's Gross it's like not for kids It has stuff that um you know uh it's Not appropriate for kids right and and Then they have this play that's come out And it I don't know what the play is About this first time I'm hearing about It but again it features a demon And the demon is the hero it looks like Of the play right and so Beetlejuice is A demon like Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is a bio exit what kind what Type of spirit is Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is a bio Exorcist a ghost Who can exercise the living Exercise the living is very strange and Hangs out with Um only real friend Lydia Dietz So you get the idea Beetlejuice is this You know demon that is now very Prevalent in American culture because of The movie and now this play and both the Movie and the play

Were targeted at kids they were Considered kids movies Right and so that's the first part so Lauren bolbert should be at this play Like she's against all this stuff but You know she goes to this play and then She engages in her own depraved Behavior She's worried about Flash she's worried About flash cards and let's also as We're looking here at footage let's give Credit to the quality of the night Vision cameras at this theater in Denver Colorado so they have night vision Cameras here Right I mean that they you know that Show Show them I mean this is it's dark in The theater you showed it looked like Before Extraordinarily clear She's vaping She comes comes in there and Vapes Congresswoman first denied reports that She had been vaping during the Performance some ladies like can you Please stop vaping uh you you know poop But you'll see in a moment she was According to the Denver Post a pregnant Woman seated behind her So then she's doing selfies here To stop taking flash pictures Look at her dancing causing a Disturbance at the show But thanks to the high quality cameras

There in that theater but Bert had to Change her tune and apologize after Surveillance video revealed that she was Indeed vaping as well as she and her Companion Explicitly groping each other repeatedly While they were in their seats And so I've seen the video in which they Do that he's grabbing her bosoms and She's grabbing his crotch and like I Mean they got her on camera You know in this kid-friendly theater Watching a play about a demon and she's Supposed to be a right-wing politician I mean then she had to apologize and Then she's going after Joe Biden and She's just so stupid Like she's just so you know I mean a Stupid with an attitude I got a few Comments to get to like a whole thing I Want to do here um In just a moment but I want to finish up With this thing and you know going back To the Chris Christie thing you know These are all unlikable people like all These politicians are unlikable And well first of all they're insincere And they're not genuine like whatever They're doing they're putting on an act And they are targeting a demographic and They create characters But they're not even good at like most Of them aren't very good actors like I Don't understand why I don't get just

Better actors like people are used to Falling for saying falling for Narratives in TV shows and movies and I Don't know why they just don't get Actors and bring them through the Political process and you know have them Like Reagan you know something like that And have them play these roles but maybe They need stupid people To connect with stupid people like I Don't know like I don't know what this Strategy is Uh and I think it's probably the last Thing You know they need stupid people because Stupid people Can identify with other stupid people Like Chris Christie dancing like it's Hilarious but it's really bad decision Making and then you have all these Successful politicians and very few of Them are competent and can't can't carry On a conversation or you know have a Reasonable uh discussion and Lauren Bloberg wasn't calling her you know I Thought she was the smart one compared To Marjory Taylor green because they Don't like each other and they're the Same person You know they're just like low Consciousness right wing you know Semi-truthers but not real truth there's And they both have an attitude problem And you know are running on their

Emotions they're just completely driven By emotion no mind right no sense of Intellect And you see that more and more in Politics I got a thing to do on Fetterman someone just sent me a video I Guess he did another interview so I got That to look forward to in the next Um you know next video But then you have this thing with the Bidens they all knew he was corrupt They all knew it like you know they Gossip and talk about each other you Know they're all corrupt to some extent Because 160 000 you know these people Who are power hungry attention seeking You know uh big life living Materialistic uh sleaze balls and They're not doing this for 160 Grand a Year they need more money so that's Where the lobbyists come in and all the Other perks because they all live very You know and a lot of the stuff they do On the government's dime right But you know it's not worth it for the Money which they could make much more Money in the private sector And so they all are bought and paid for Because that's the kind of personalities That are involved with this thing but Anyways they're all corrupt to some Extent but they knew the Biden family Were corrupt and the one thing they Haven't gone after Trump for

Is the two billion dollar deal that Jared Kushner made with the Saudi Arabians And his family got paid Because Trump is good at that kind of Thing and you know you got paid you know So they don't really talk about this Thing everyone does it and they all know About it but hunter Biden took it to Another level and he would have been all Right if Joe Biden didn't win presidency This would have never been an issue and They would have all known about a Crackhead I mean he's the most world's Most successful crackhead which you know Is accomplishment because you know he Got foreign governments to support his Crack habit In his stripper habit right and so you Know that's kind of interesting but in Terms of like what's happening now it's A no-brainer and and they're burning him And MSNBC now is they're the most Pro-biden uh Network they're even more So than CNN they slather all over them And they're all burning him and so where Does that leave them like they they got Kamala and no one's really even talking About her seriously the Democratic People have spoken and they don't want Them and like they got to be listed into That right I mean we're far away from What's going to happen in terms of the Primary they're going to try to slide

Commonly in at the last minute as their Candidate like that ain't gonna work and Just hope that people hate Trump enough Like I mean it's You know I'm interested this is going to Be interesting like it's the age of both Trump and Biden the court cases against Trump like Trump should just go away Because they would be forced to punt on Biden I mean just for the Republicans Strategy but they won't do it like it's So self-sabotaging and you know Everybody sucks so bad and they just They just can't they're not functioning And they're not mentally competent okay This video is getting longer I just want To move on to the comments okay so I Want to start off with a sort of mundane First and then the things say something That I think is kind of profound in the Sense of Truth Community Dynamics or any social Group dynamics and things probably People don't know about like most of you Guys So the first comment here and I'm gonna Marry this with some other comments I Don't have the The exact comments but they all have the Same kind of tone These are all um Big parasite followers What if you're wrong about him This person wrote this

Um You know like the trolling level is Really bad I'll get into that in a Second but what if I am like what if I'm Right like what difference does it make Right You know like you know I think people Are In fact I know people think that what We're doing has what we're doing here Across the whole internet and in the News media and all of it has a larger Effect on The world and other people than it does Like I you know people think I have some Kind of big audience right I get four or Five thousand views per day this channel I mean between the two channels it's About Um you know uh probably eight to ten Thousand views a day which isn't nothing But for most of those people it's the Same people And so there isn't really much I'm going To change in terms of you know some of These people might find God in themselves you know they might do The gratefulness meditation that I do Which is the most profound effect and is Transformational for people and that's You know maybe a thousand total people Have tried it Through this Channel and 100 or so are Still doing it or at least the last time

I checked right and so that's about it Like that's you know something personal For them personal transformation you Know if you can see the difference Between Big parasite in me in this thing You know I haven't reacted emotionally None of this came out of negative Emotion none of it came out as something Personal for me like I haven't been Personal about the whole thing you know The first video he mimicked me mocked me And said things misrepresented me as a Person and misrepresented the things I Said And you know it was just basically lying About me and then he got worse after the Five hour video came out And people are telling me he was saying Thought stuff about my family my dead Daughter attributing things to me that Aren't true making fun of my physical Appearance right and you know I didn't React to any of it doesn't bother me Like I don't care like there's it didn't When I read that and I had no emotional Reaction to it and I didn't lash out at Him and say anything about him like Making this personal Because that's not what this is about For me the worst part about this was Making the video and connecting with him And watching his you know his stuff over And over again

All that was very dense and heavy and Then realizing that there had been A parasitic connection and once that was Severed I felt a lot better which I Described in The most recent video and everything I've said has been honest which I think Most of you know so I didn't do anything Malicious or dishonest I didn't have a Hidden agenda I explained why I did Things and you can agree with them or Not and I'll get back into that in a bit The stuff about God because that's the More profound thing But I you know I'm transparent about why I do things what's my motivation and Even though people say well you know That's a lot of information but if I Don't give it to people and even if I do They'll misinterpret what I'm doing and They'll you know people want to twist Your words for their own benefit or Other people's you know whatever their Agenda is and this difference what I'm Talking about this difference between The way I reacted you know he got all Emotional lashed out he's having some Sort of breakdown spirally maybe using This to get more attention for himself Or using victim Consciousness you know Whatever I don't care The difference is he thinks my opinion Of him matters and it doesn't you know It doesn't matter

You know my audience is my audience There's lots of people who are saying They're still going to watch both of us Like whatever I mean I you know I'm not Trying to undermine him with his Audience other than I think he you know Is more than likely hurting them I mean That's I know he started them from my Perspective that it's bad for them but Who knows like it's I don't know how bad They are right but in reality what other People think about you And say about you doesn't matter like You think it does but it doesn't matter People are going to believe things or Not believe things maybe they won't tell You The good things about yourself maybe They won't tell you the bad the good Things they think about you maybe they Won't tell you the bad things they think About you but you know people have their Own impression of you And the people that want to be in your Life maybe focus on your positive Qualities and they don't give you the Feedback that would hurt your feelings Or whatever But they think things you know it's Coming out here lots of the people Who are around him believe the same Things I said in fact I think all of Them know some of it's true right like Even if they're supporting him for

Whatever social dynamics they don't want To get kicked out of the group they're Afraid to speak up I think they all know That you know what I said was basically True you know that he's toxic I mean you Can see it when he rants like you can Feel the energy there's toxicity there's Hatred in the system a lot of it a lot Of anger and he's you know kind of Broken psychologically so I mean that isn't news and most people Know about it on the internet like There's got lots of haters and people Who know that and you got former members Who know that and so that's all I said And you know I mean it needed to be said And it came from uh you know what I Consider a Divine process and whether You believe that or not that's what I Believe you know that's what I you know The reason I did it but what difference Does any of it make right you know People can talk about you all the time You know for him maybe because he looked Up to me maybe because of you know he's Respected respects my opinion and he Can't deal with what I said he can't Face up to himself but that's where the Crisis is coming the crisis is just About that has nothing to do with Anybody else it has nothing to do with His community it has to do with that He's being told something that everybody Else knows is true and you know he needs

To change I mean something he clearly Has to change right it's Self-destructive self-hating you know Negative energies putting out to the World And he has to change it like it's just You know it's no there's no doubt about That like someone can't be like that Like you have to change it whether this Life or next life or whatever like he's On a you know demonic path he's going Away from Uh you know the The Godly path by Pursuing hate pursuing his ego all these Things I mean all these people are doing It there's so many people in the world Most people are doing some level of this Some are worse some are you know not as Not as bad but most people aren't going In their Soul's path they're Disconnected from their soul and they're Accumulating some scars and grossness And they're going away from you know the Divinity within them and even people on The spiritual path Are fumbly like you know I'm only Partially committed to doing the Spiritual thing like I connect to God And I work on it but you know I'm a Slacker and you know I do you know Whatever And you know that's between me and God And everything's between you and God and Your soul

And you know that's what matters like Living up to your souls uh potential in The in the plan for your life your soul Had a plan for your life on Earth and Most people's egos have hijacked that Plan and are deviating from that and I Could go around and tell every one of Them you know and I could tell them what They're doing and what they're doing Wrong and how they could fix it and 99.9999999 percent of people wouldn't Listen to me and only the most desperate Who are in a desperate State who are Freaking out and want to change would Listen to me right because or me or Anybody else somebody that loved them Whatever somebody in their lives People don't change when you say things To them so You know what difference does it make Like what difference does it make Whether I'm wrong or right about Anything On my YouTube channel like what what if Profound effect is me being right or me Being wrong gonna have on any of it like It's only your own inner drama and your Own self-importance they think that Thinks that something's going to happen Here when it's not like nothing's going To happen that's why you don't act in a Dramatic way you take a breath and you Absorb something new something something New has happened like he gets out and

Immediately goes live stream like he Gets emotionally upset and he goes in Front of a camera Like everybody like everyone's such Amateurs in the truth Community like People are saying he's a shell and maybe He's a you know he's an actor or Whatever he's distant you know he's uh You know cue until Pro whatever it is Um we know what Alex Jones is or Whatever you know I don't know I mean I Don't care maybe he's just good at it But like most people on the internet are Such amateurs like you know people don't Have a team they don't have a publicist Even the famous ones you know maybe the Some more famous YouTubers do Um you know some of these famous uh you Know influencers do but most people Aren't trained they can't strategize and They don't think their way through Things right Because the first thing you need to do Is just sit back and not react until you Think about what's just happened because Oftentimes you don't know like he didn't Know what hit him like he didn't know What happened And so his first instinct was go and React on the internet and said things About me which now open the door for me To be less gentle right which you know Was a mistake on his part and all of his People that have been coming around and

Trolling and doing these things are Keeping it alive you know I have been Ready to move on since the beginning I Didn't want to make the video in the First place I was over it and I was Relieved and I didn't think anything Good was going to come up there as far As I could tell like some good things Maybe will be happening who knows right You know this isn't about him or them This is like a lesson for everybody else And understanding of things people don't Think about Uh you know but one of the reasons I'll Make multiple videos about a subject is People keep on writing comments and I'll Either mock the comments or they'll Raise an interesting point even if it's A stupid point it'll give rise to Thoughts and you know it's like stuff is Downloaded into my system You know just this information like when I wrote books When I you know I mean what I do here And there's just like you know Connecting to something And information just pouring through me Like that's how I do things and so once In a while I'll look at something I mean All the time because I do on a daily Basis and I'll get uh you know what People think of as a take like I'll get A you know opinions about it and some of It's based in my memory some of it's me

Some of it's my experience but it's also Being in the flow and connecting with The divine presence you know all the Great works are channeled all the great Books all the great everything is Connecting to a higher level of Consciousness and having that Information come from above all the all The great stuff even the low-level stuff Is is like that the you know the the Demonic art and the you know demonic uh Bad movies and TV shows they're all um You know channeled in some way so these People left these lame-ass comments I Mean like I was hearing people people Were writing I'm so sorry you have to Deal with these comments and I'm like What comments are there like comments I Don't see you know they're I mean They're trying to get under my skin but It's only serving to keep this thing Going on my end because it's reminding Me of things and it's like wow all right Maybe I'll have to say this otherwise I Would be moving on completely like one Person said well I thought you were Going to move on three videos ago you Said that one video You're Gonna Move On You said the last one's gonna be the Last video and this was the last video Well that says I want to not make any More videos so it would be wise for you To just sit back and shut up right You're not going to get to me with your

Stupid comments you're just going to Provoke more content figure out what Your goal is what you think the best Thing that could happen for you and for You know them if big parasites not going To change which he's not then the best Thing they can do is damage control The best thing that he could have done Was damage control so if he could Strategize and he didn't get emotional He would sit back and maybe he wants the Drama to bring more energy and attention To a show whatever But he would realize that he's on record Praising me in public over and over Again and he said things to me in emails And stuff and or Instagram messages Where you said Um you know all this stuff about you Know me being his go-to uh stream and How much he's been influenced and Changed and how much he's learned from Me right and how much I've been accurate And right and like oh there's all this Stuff he said and so when I come out and Criticize him It's a bummer because he's already said That I a valid resource and now he says He can't trust me only because you know I've said things that he doesn't believe He has inside him but everybody else Does But the best thing he could have done For himself was realized because the way

I presented the video That this wasn't malicious I'm not Trying to get him I'm not trying to create some sort of Beef that I'm honest and many of his Viewers have seen my channel and some of Them like it here and are fans of my Channel my show and so by going after me When I presented things that many of Them agree with would be undermine Himself with his own audience right Panicking and saying things that are Stupid And you know ultimately are going to be People are going to see through them You're just going to make things worse Like he's made things worse and so as His followers and so I got a number of Comments where people were saying to me Well uh how are Madonna and Brittany Doing right like this stuff Which the idea here is that my my Channel is mostly about Brittany and Madonna which is completely not right Which I covered in this video that I Just put up you know the big parasite That Um you know That um I explain why I make celebrity videos And I never have wanted to be a celebrity When I was a little kid I remember like I was seven years old or something eight

Years old I don't know maybe older I had A toy machine gun like a like plastic One and I watched Charlton Heston in I Think the Omega Man or plant the Apes I Think you know I watched a number of These he wasn't a lot of sci-fi movies And I remember acting out and thinking You know I would be in a movie someday Right Um but then that you know that's the Last time I thought about being In some sort of Hollywood celebrity type Situation you know I wanted to be a Basketball player like a you know a Great one like a you know a successful One you know when I was younger and then You know a little bit when I was in College in a different way like I knew I Wasn't going to be in the NBA or Whatever but you know I pursued this Whatever it was but that really wasn't About Fame I'm not someone who sought Fame whereas the big parasite was in Hollywood and was a part of this club And all these things he sought this Thing out right and so to compare me Negatively like like he's more you know In-depth and serious and I'm about Brittany and Madonna is like stupid Right what I've already talked about how People are into Hollywood and this is a Business and I have to do videos about Subjects that I don't really care about Which is about most of almost everything

I cover to some extent or another And you know I that's why I mock it Because I don't care about it you know I Look down on it and so I don't want to Say I'm proud of doing that but you know It's something that I sacrifice and now I enjoy it so it's not a big problem but In the beginning it was a sacrifice you Know I had to you know do something I Didn't want to do that was unpleasant to Me that I thought was beneath me right You know but I worked as a janitor and I Scrubbed toilets you know I work with Cow dog on a farm right I covered our Earth Oven with with cow dung so you Know I mean You know like you know I've done like What people consider dirty work or Whatever it is you know I'm willing to Do things that people think are dirty Work and I you know I didn't experience It as that right But Hollywood is probably the the most Like kind of dirty you know filthy kind Of thing in terms of you know all of the The stuff like that I cover here but if You're gonna mock somebody if you're Going after somebody trying to get under Their skin if you're gonna say something Like that and you know Brittany and like Madonna mostly Britney were brought up Over and over again In some capacity in the comments and That implies that I have some sort of

Shame In covering them so that I'm going to Get you know feel better by myself Because they're bringing that up which I Don't which I've already expressed that You know if anything it's you know Something that it speaks well of me to Be able to dive into the cesspit you Know from a spiritual place so I could Disseminate spiritual information which Is what this channel is about like at Its core and you can see it and those of You who can see it fine the people who Can't are welcome to leave like you know I'm not you know I'm not here for Um re-boops you know I'm not here for uh Remedial people You know low level Consciousness people That's you know I don't want uh you know Problem Child children like I don't want Emotionally damaged people who can't you Know Um Who can't rise up to it like there's I Don't want psychologically messed up uh You know dumb stupid people like there's Lots of chance there's lots of things For those people Like there's lots of things for stupid People out there there's lots of movies TV shows there's lots of entertainment There's lots of you know you know Internet channels and YouTube channels And social media platforms for stupid

People You know for higher developed people People who are spiritual people who are You know whatever people are gifted and Talented people who are above average in Terms of their intelligence there's very Little You know everything's catered to the Lowest common denominator And so there's enough of that stuff for Everybody else that I don't offer it Here and the other reason would be that You would leave a comment and my viewers Would go oh my God he does make Britney Videos you know And that would undermine me with my Audience which it's not going to do so It's a swing and a miss right you're Just like making the situation worse By stupidity like not realizing you know I'm impervious to your opinion I don't Care about your opinion and I don't feel Ashamed of things like you know I know What I am and I'm you know I'm having a Positive effect on people here in this YouTube channel but I'm no saint right You know people are also saying that I Have a God complex because the things I Said about God Directing me but that's the way I Experience it I don't care if you Believe it or not you know I don't care If you mock me for it but it's what I Experience it's either true or it's not

True and I don't have doubt in it Because of my experience with it but Certainly I'm not a prophet I'm not a Saint I'm none of these things You know I work on my spiritual Connection with God And I've just learned to do this stuff You know through years of practice and Anybody can do it who's willing most People aren't willing and many people Can do it better people in the seismark System But they you know they got it they Failed on dodgy And so now they're they're floundering Right there's a great whisper is a Brighter World message we're going to Cover in the 122nd Version of The Journey series Where he talks about um Babaji does About all the things that are now Happening with dodgy that he has to Learn to choose his people his his uh You know his inner circle Um you know Market just read the thing Emma's not going to do that because I've Covered it already but he talks about How other things that have happened to Dodge and when I first read that I've Looked at it a different way that that Wouldn't happen but now I see that it Has You know so there's that you know people Have challenges that they have to rise

Up to against you know moments in life Uh turning points in their life you know This this isn't for me one of them you Know This thing is going on so you know I Don't have beef I want to move on and Yet you know the incompetence the Amateur initiative the way this is being Handled and you see it all over the Internet people getting these stupid Beefs You know like what are you doing like It's amateur night right like you have To have a goal and think about where You're going and what you're doing and Whether something's going to help or Hurt your goal your situation and then You apply a system you know an efficient System to achieve that and so you just Have to come up with ways to deal with All the the noise like most of the stuff On the internet it's noise and you have To deal with it and almost everyone gets Sucked into the noise and so I want to Go to the other comment here because This is the more important one As someone who was once a bear until he Went after JB And his family after losing the debate Terribly their debate terribly it's been Insane watching his fall we all knew he Was on and off stealing content from you And Matt from quantum and looked the Other way

Thank you for calling him out some of The people in his cult are good people They just can't see past his Manipulation and so he wrote to me about The conflict he had with this guy JB I Don't know why he did it's kind of weird He compared himself basically to dodgy And JB to accomplish to I mean um to Charge himself to charge you and JB to Accomplish or dodgy and he was saying That guy was trying to usurp him and Taking over his thing and the guy wanted To be him and all these things I don't Know who that is and I don't care and I Don't know anything about it but a Number of people have mentioned that They left because of that and he's been Spiraling ever since So the thing about him taking uh Creative content and repurposing it for His own you know situation there which Has been confirmed by so many people and Most of those people I mean some of them Are even still in the you know in the Organization or whatever you want to Call it and you know there's two things I want to say about that the first is About The elders or the sort of ogs in the Truth Community which I'm one of them And you know people who were around here You know back in the early 2000s and you Know people even before that like my Brother and I'll get into that as well

You know people who kept this you know Started this kind of movement back in The 60s and 70s and and so forth there Was a guy Jeff C someone said Jeff C Called this guy out Jesse was someone I listened to he was You know emotional himself he got into a Lot of Truth or drama he you know I Remember him he did a lot of covering of Um some of these I don't want to say the Event the event that Alex Alex Jones got In trouble for some of these things There's a few people I used to watch They're all gone now Jeff C's dead Um Jeff C did a good thing when he Figured out That um Whatever that I can't remember the you Know it was one of these um video Streaming services it's you know one That everyone knows the name I just Can't think of it now but he figured out The 88th per grade Was um you know a it was the internet Wing of the British Army and it was a Block or two away From bit shoot I think it was bit shoot Um and so like two blocks away from the You know the the organization that was Spying on people in the internet for the Military was a video Um you know a video Hub so Uh you know in one time I remember he You know called me the c word because I

Was talking you know I was talking about Banning people which he was against you Know we didn't have any kind of Relationship But he you know later praised me And you know mentioned me out called me Uh you know give me shout outs or Whatever you know he was in like someone Who was an old school person but he was Again somebody who got into a lot of Drama in the truth committee which is You know never been a good thing like if You're Fighting against a force that is Indestructible It's only destructible and it's the fact That it's self-destructing right now But it isn't something that the people Can Crush The people can't uh you know if the People bring it down I mean we could Bring it down And you know I mean people could always Bring the establishment down but if we Brought it down the whole system would Come down with it right And so it's not something that a battle That we can win But even in that just getting the Information out and the way that they're You know doing all of us Um you know it's not a good situation Right and so when there's infighting Then you know people bring drama and

Causing conflict and the big parasite is I think the number one guy I mean I Don't know you know there's lots of Sucky people in the truth Community but He's the number one conflict causer you Know it just serves to defeat all these Things right any movement forward it Undermines everything you know and just See you know like some of his videos Years ago I don't think I would have Liked him as time went on because you Know you move Beyond people right in Your own evolution Uh but he was one of the people there's Other people That helped create this platform Create the genre of genre of videos and Whenever you come into something You have to understand there's people Who pave the way You know my family and I met my you know First family met Some of the pioneers of homeschooling And I never thought about it but these People most of them were you know Right-wing Christians some of them were Some hippies in some places but Boomer Hippies but most of them are right-wing Christians who had to make it acceptable To homeschool to their kids They had to fight legally To make something that all of us who Homeschool our kids owe them a debt of Gratitude right they paved the way if

Your state is open to you homeschooling Is because people in that state went and Work the system and help to make it Legal against people who were making Profit out of kids going to school You know this is a huge school budget in These towns and the you know the Government they get funded and all these Things so these people didn't want Homeschooling but these you know Families went out these individual Families went out and did this and I Talked to these people and they told me What they went through and you know They're adult kids I knew one of their Adult daughters who was you know this Couple used to milk our cows when we all Went on vacation And it was an interesting conversation And I didn't realize that you know People had done that and made it you Know uh easy for us to homeschool our Kids because of the work these people Had done And whenever there's a situation like That you know you don't want to come in Guns blazing that's why the flat Earthers the right-wing truthers and the QBs and now this guy the big parasite And some of these people who came in and They learned what we had and they took What we had and they weren't respectful About it Right they weren't respectful to the Old

Guard and they you know they didn't Understand what had been built here All of you and there's you know always Going to be an issue there because of That and so many people have come Forward now saying they all knew that he Was repurposing my info in other People's and presenting it as his own in Many cases and they knew because they Were watching both people you know I Read you a few comments and people were Saying this Over and over which you know isn't cool Like that should have been a red flag For you in itself But here's the thing I've never told you And I'm gonna have to mention this Earlier on in a video The information that comes from Sage Morgan the Divine movement that that is You know there's times where uh you know Divine being a higher developed Soul Descends to Earth you know all these Religions are based in that and a new You know a new movement a new uh Paradigm is possible if people rise up To it and most times people have fallen Short you know the spiritual person was Limited by the you know the people that Were there who weren't rise up to the Spiritual knowledge and the you know the Movement and the you know the the cosmic Shift that could have taken place and Then of course religion people religious

People come in hijack and take the Information for themselves And there's safeguards against that in The scishmark system and you know I'm Clear on that myself that you know Whatever I present in terms of that Whatever gifts I've been given whatever You know talents that have been Maximized for me to do this work that You know I serve a system that's Benefited me that I'm you know I'll be Forever grateful for that's changed me And made me into a better person a more Loving person helped me connect to God And made me more competent and more Functioning in every way And I served that right you know Regardless of whether I say it all the Time or you know I you know I mean it's That's counterproductive if I said it All the time but I say it enough but my Intentions are there but if someone Comes in and takes this information and Use it uses it to you know Grant and Grandize themselves And you know there's consequences for That because you know it can't be used That way like other stuff was used Before and turned into a religion even This stuff that's going on with dodgy Like you have to remember why what the Purpose of it is and it's how people Connect to God and collectively and make A movement where people are now living

As Spiritual Beings it's a very simple Purpose but it's easy to get perverted And deluded and so you know can't be Stolen and repurposed by people And you know maybe that's the reason for My video Because you know this stuff was Happening and you know anybody who would Be doing that would be making a mistake Because it's bigger than them it's Bigger than me it's bigger than anybody This is you know what needs to happen For Humanity I think most people would Agree that if people you know if you Believe in a soul And you believe in God if people could Connect To a higher level of Consciousness in Themselves a higher level of their Expression of themselves their souls and If we could have a society full of Saints Either you've met Saints or you know People that you look at religious Figures but if we had a society full of Jesuses or you know krishnas or whatever The Buddhas or whatever it might be what If everybody was living on a higher Level of Consciousness what would our Society and our worlds be like It's an obvious solution and that's what The seismic system is and you can't you Know grab on to some of the Brilliance And the energy and repurpose it and use

It for your own ends and people have Done that have you know things haven't Gone so well for them right because They're safeguards that are in place Anywho only spiritual value will save This world it's Paul remodel definitely Important from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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