Arnold put Haterz in their place

Arnold put Haterz in their place

You can keep fueling yourself on the Sugar high of hate You can keep feeling yourself and the Sugar high of hate you realize he's Talking to people in hate groups right He's talking to Nazis or white Supremacists here Like he's under the impression that he Can reason with people they're going to Watch this video that they're going to Hear something on the Internet and They're going to change their ways right When he himself is a very hateful person I'll get into that in a bit and when I Turn this into a short it'll be in Another short where he's Criticizing people who didn't want to Wear masks and anti-vaxxers and he's Very hateful right hate is inside of you I've said this so much it is something That's inside your internal system the Object of your hate is something outside Of you a group a person whatever it is But the hate is yours and you can't fix Somebody else's hate you got to get rid Of your own hate

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