And then he lets the Truth slip

And then he lets the Truth slip

This sanctimonious fraud does over five Minutes Pretending he's outraged and he cares About the 80 or so people who died in 2019 from smallpox most of them children Even though he or his Network didn't Mention it When it happened In late 2019 though the country was in a Public Health crisis not from a new Threat like covid but for a very old Killer of kids that have once been Nearly eradicated measles and then he Lets the truth slip who was this American anti-vaxxer who bragged after The epidemic about his Sway With the Samoan leader Actually he's the reason why I'm telling You all this Kaboom that's right he Doesn't care about those kids he doesn't Care about the kids that Joe Biden drone She doesn't care about All the kids who died for the Military-industrial complex he just Cares about this story because it crafts All over RFK

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