American Conspiracy The Octopus Murders + Kamala ”knee pads’ harris sees her chance

American Conspiracy The Octopus Murders + Kamala ''knee pads' harris sees her chance

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Um my wife and I have been watching American conspiracy the octopus murders I think we're on part Three um it again I'm not going to do Too much in terms of a spoiler alert but It really doesn't matter because it's The you know the evidence that matters Right but it's about some sort of Computer fraudulent um well they take This guy's software away from them uh The American government does the defense Department so guy builds them one of the First it's you know in the 80s it's During Reagan administration when Computers were just coming to be what They are now and the American government Steals the Guy's um company basically they steal His uh source Code and he wins you know the whole Thing and a reporter investigates that This and he comes up with these what They call the octopus murders and it's a Variety of things involving Iran Contra And so many different things um the Beginning of digital spying all the Things that we now know and a lot of it You know happened like Iran Contra was a Scandal right under the Reagan Administration and involves the CIA and Just um you know lots of murders And lots of cover up and lots of um you Know it's just a big conspiracy giant

Conspiracy that's on Netflix and you know like I said I'm not Going to go into all the Details but you know what they can't Prove Factually and again we're not the end of The thing we know that these things Happen and it's easy for lefties and People on the Democratic side because It's about a Reagan Republican type Situation but it FS the CIA and the Intelligence Community which we know Already did things like regime change All over the world and the CIA finally Admitted to the stuff they did with the Iranians when they destroyed Iranians And has destroyed mosa a democratically Elected leader in Operation Ajax you Know they ruined Iran right and then This thing with the Iran Hostages which even as a little kid or Whoever I was old in high school I knew That was BS like what happened with the Iranian hostages when they released him As soon as Carter was done you know like What do they have a thing against Carter Iran they liked Reagan better than Carter like I had these thoughts when I Was a kid you know it was a scandal that Cost Carter the the presidency and That's all involved in this thing right But the main thing I want to talk about Is this is a mainstream you know Netflix A lot of people are watching it very

Believable All-encompassing conspiracy that Involves everything that you would say Government shouldn't do and the Intelligence the intelligence shouldn't Do intelligence Community the NSAA FBI And they're all involved in it right National Security I mean stealing Something from a private American Citizen and then using it to spy on Allies and all these other things that Are involved in this and it's right There on Netflix you Netflix is one of The most liberal woke I mean most of Their content sucks once in a while they Produce a good show but their Documentaries are relatively well done They're usually like one-sided you know They're not going to investigate Biden Say or his son Hunter and maybe they Will I don't know maybe it'll be a Hunter Biden documentary at some point But what this thing what this thing Should do just like the HBO uh documentary kill chain which was About election hacking but they thought Trump was going to hack the election and So they got into and if you watch the Documentary came out right before the Election and it slammed Dominion as Being very hackable the Dominion voting Electronic you know digital computerized Voting Machines and you know that's for when

They thought Trump was going to hack it And the Democrats came in hard on this And they were talking about election Fraud and they had been talking about Election fraud on Hillary Clinton and All these things but then when it went The other way they pretended like you Know you're election denier right and so You know these two documentaries that Are on liberal based networks which they All kind of are document how Conspiracies happen you know the drugs For money and selling drugs and you know The CIA has been selling drugs to American people they're responsible for The opioid epidemic they you know my Brother once he was in Vietnam guarded The poppy fields and there's images of This where you can see American soldiers Guarding poppy fields which they make Heroin out of you know the poppies in Vietnam and of course the last two big Wars the longest lasting Wars was in Afghanistan that didn't have any oil and Vietnam that didn't have any oil but What they did have was opium And Afghanistan is one of the best Places to grow opium and when we were Occupying Afghanistan that's when the Opioid epid epidemic happened you know There was a a spiritual practitioner a Person who did the Sark system uh you Know one of my Facebook friends and Somebody some guy I knew for a number of

Years and he had a you know bunch of People in a discussion people who do the Meditation that he do he asked a Question on Facebook and usually I Didn't get get into these things this Guy was a guy who was fought you know Was a a part of a Vietnam you he was in Vietnam um and he asked the question if The Iraq War was about oil what's the Afghanistan war about and I said well Opium opium you know a gram of opium is As value valuable as a barrel of oil Right I mean it costs about the same and It's a lot easier to produce and move You know oil's a nightmare to you know You're moving gallons upon gallons in These shipping tanks across the ocean All these things so in Port oil the cost Of delivery is expensive extraordinary Where opium is you know next to nothing Right I mean it's because of you know Just volume Alone and you know I mean opium has a Much powerful as important oil as oil is To us opium is to those people who are Addicted they'll do anything for it Right and you know the evidence was There to support it there's a movie About this guy Gary Webb right he was a Reporter who discovered that the CIA was Um moving drugs and there was another Movie with um Tom Cruz called American Ma with Barry seal Barry seal was moving Drugs from uh you know back and forth

Into America from Nicaragua whatever These countries were right these Countries that Reagan was heavily Involved with and so we know that the CIA has in the past I have my brother Who was in Vietnam guarding the poppy Fields and CIA was a presence there like They were they were there you know he Told me this story wrote a book about You know he had a a book about Experience in Vietnam and then you know These information came out about that It's happened over and over again and The reason they do this is they run These programs you know these operations That they want off the books because Everything the CIA does that you know They can't claim is I mean first of all They have to get funding from the American government and you never know When you're going to get a senator or Somebody else who's going to expose it Right when you get funding Public Funding for something the chances of it Coming out of what you've done are a lot Higher than if you use drug money and You do it off the books and so it can't Be traced back to your organization and Then they use people like with the like Watergate and Nixon where you use Cubans Right they use foreign Operatives the Kennedy assassination Right these other things they do things You Massad or whatever it is you know

Join operations and so they get the Money and funding from selling drugs to People which is you know inherently evil Right Americans are being addicted People around the world being addicted To these drugs so the CIA can run these Evil operations that usually hurt one Country or you know it's oppressive Stuff whether it hurts Americans or some Kind of psychological operation or it's Some kind of you know destabilization of A government and a leader people Suffering you know it's evil like it's Evil stuff and you know I've kind of Reconciled this by saying they have to Do evil things to keep the evil system Going like it's not totally on them Because if they didn't do some of these Things sometimes they're just doing Crazy stuff like Watergate was Unnecessary like some of the things and Watergate wasn't the worst thing that Was ever done but they do stupid things That are just out of their own paranoia This has happened with the intelligence Community forever where they get you Know some kind of a you know they get an Insulated isolated group that gets Paranoid and does something that didn't Need to be done but some of the things That they do just to keep the dollar Afloat just to keep the you know the Petro dollar going and the American Economy going and the military

Industrial complex going by creating Wars is to keep the this system moving Because if the truth was there the System would collapse the system should Have collapsed already they're keeping The inevitable collapse of the system at Bay you know it's like some kind of dark Magic where you're they're keeping Something artificially alive through you Know some sort of you know demonic Practice right some you know they're Animating a corpse and so you know it's Not 100% on them because everybody wants To keep the system going whether they Want it or not things are going to get Really bad once the system collapses Like you take an evil government and you Destroy that government we've seen it Done the CIA has done that right Destroying a government destroying Iran You know this government that was there And that wasn't a bad government mus was A a moderate you know a moderate person He wasn't an extremist they took him out And now they have a much worse situation Iran is much worse by every definition Right right but America has taken down One leader after another one government After another and the place always is is A much worse right so as bad as a Government can get it keeps some Semblance of order that when a Government isn't there it's worse and so All these people all these conspiracy

Theorists all these people who are So-called truthers that think oh we just Got to take the government down yeah Then what like just people being people With no restrictions with no rule of law You know as much as police state police State is a bad thing it's better than The alternative I mean not eventually Eventually people can rise up I mean It's all about people rising up to a Higher level and that's going to either Happen or not like I talk about only Spiritual value will save this world it Means people connecting to God and no Longer needing external rules and laws To discipline them because they're just Good people right they're just saintly People that wouldn't even think about Doing evil stuff right but right now We're so far away from that people have Been degraded and the system that is There keeps the degradation in check to Some extent at least from the majority Of people it's an evil system but it is You know keeping some restrictions on Evil keeping some tabs on evil right uh So there's that but in terms of what This means when they say crazy Conspiracy theorists Well if the octopus Diaries and at least They're very partially true right I mean Some of the things are you know they're Not going to prove everything that they Think about it right but the evidence is

Fairly overwhelming that this was a Major conspiracy and Scandal like so Many other things that have been proven Before assassinations and you know all These things the government has covered Up the government and the CIA have done Bad things including running drugs and Getting money from drugs and doing oper Ations that they don't want you to know About so they have to use drug money Right which is a big part of this whole Thing and so everything that's covered In here the complex nature and the it's Called The Octopus murders because it's Multiple different scandals and Conspiracies that are that are going on Right you know but this idea of them Calling you crazy conspiracy theorists If your government is willing to do the Worst possible things do them over and Over again then you can't say there's Crazy conspiracy theorists you might be Wrong you might not get the conspiracy Right you might be stupid but there are Conspiracies like there's a word for it I say this all the time and they Actually happen and the biggest problem To a conspiracy theory is that people Say no way people would get away with That or no way people would be that evil To do that but they are that evil when You see what's happened here and this One and so many other ones that have Been proven and and so when they say oh

You're just a crazy conspiracy theorist Well no it's cuz you guys are liars and You're the worst possible people people That run the system and you do horrible Things and then you say that we're the Problem we're the ones that have the Dysfunction because we you know see Through or or know that you're doing bad Things right you know what do your Friends tell you oh that would never Happen oh there's no way they would get Away with that oh there's no way that People would would do such horrible Things but once you get past well you Know yes they would then the evidence Speaks for itself right once you realize People do these things all the time you Know people have kept other people as Slaves people are murdering people all The time people are doing evil things All the time governments religions and Then covering it up it just happens People do horrible things and it's kind Of our like sort of our one of our Signature aspects of what human beings Are about and so there's no crazy Conspiracy theorists cuz because people Are just bad and bad people conspire to Do bad things right the only way KLA Harris gets to be President is if Joe Biden gets Reelected and he's ruled that he can't You know something happens where he has To uh retire or he dies so it's a very

Real possibility right she has more at Stake than probably anybody because she Sucks she's unelectable on her own but But she could be president and she'd be The first woman president Allegedly if she um you know if Biden Wins she has a good chance like this is Basically her running for president her Getting a chance to be president so she Has a lot at stake here more than Anybody else right I don't think anybody Else has more at stake with Joe Biden Being able to keep it together cu no way She beats Trump or anybody else on her Own nobody likes her even the Democrats Right and so let's keep that in mind Here as she lies M vice president thank You for being with us polls show that Most Americans say President Biden is Too old for a second term did he answer Those questions last Night he was absolutely on fire and he Answered any question that anyone might Have about how passionate he is how Prepared he is how principled he is to Take on The thing about age is and you know I'm Getting older like I'm going to be 60 This year which is kind of almost hard For me to believe like I believe It because I feel like I've lived 60 Years but in terms of how I feel Physically and all these things um you Know it's harder to believe but as you

Get older you're losing things it Happens when you're in your 40s and then From there on out you lose things and You might get them come back but it's Only partially you understand this Things just don't work as well Physically mentally whatever it might be And you're in the process of losing like You're gaining your abilities as a kid Right you're increasing your abilities You're learn to do things you learn to Walk you learn to talk you learn to ride A bike you learn to whatever it is right Your mind's getting better you're Learning in school you're learning and You're you're getting new abilities and Skills and things and physical abilities And you get stronger and better and all These types of things right and then as You hit your like sort of basically your Whatever your middle point in your life Is in your late 30s 40s whatever 50s if Those people live in a to 100 you are on The decline now you're in a process Where you're losing things that you once Had right you might be gaining some Things in terms of wisdom and knowledge And you know spiritual capacity I mean You can gain a lot on the spirituals Field you can connect to God and deeper Deeper levels as you become more mature And you're more settled you know and Some of the obligations and some of your Life is lived and some of your some

Scaras are burned off and things like This right your impressions and things That you have to live through so you can Still evolve but it's on a spiritual Level on a material Level you're just Losing things right and you might have Good days like I said before you might Have a good phase you might have a good Few months where you regain something You've lost in to some extent and you're Able to like sort of reg gain some Youth And energy and you you start doing Things again that you thought oh I might Not be able to do that again and you can Do it again you're like good you know It's like remission right but you can't Be judged by your good days and that's The thing especially if you have a job That takes a lot of responsibilities you Can't be judged by the good days that You have you only can be judged by the Worst days because like somebody who's Glitching out like Mitch McConnell or Has all these gaffs and things you know The evidence of Joe Biden's age isn't His good days it's his bad days right he Can't be judged by and it wasn't like he Had a good performance here they lowered The standards they probably gave him Whatever drugs he was on to you know amp Up his performance right I mean he's Being monitored all the time because of His health and he performed better than You know they lowered the expectations

And he performed better than he usually Does but it still sucked it was still a Bad performance it still showed he was Old right and of course she's going to Lie about it because she's camel at knee Pads Harris and she Des desperately Wants a a back door into the White House Right I she's already gotten one like She shouldn't be VP she pulled at less Than 1% among Democrats like Democrats Don't like her and certainly the rest of The world doesn't like her either right And so this is her one shot second term As president and I thought that he did a Spectacular job he hit a number of Important issues that I think are on the Minds of the American people one Answering the question about what do we Stand for who are we and what kind of Country do we want to live in As Americans so he started that Conversation by talking about history And the role of the United States of America when it comes to standing with Our friends like she got she's got a Very annoying tone to her voice I don't Know if it's nasal or you History talk about history and then he He did a good job of Designing the Conversation which is very you know Annoying but it's clear like you know we Saw what happened we've seen the guy the Guy's old he's been old for he was too Old to run 2019 he shouldn't have been

President for the last four years and Really he hasn't been president right They roll him out they hand him an ice Cream cone and then he just does Whatever his handlers tell him to do you And doing the right thing he talked About our accomplishments that we again With not one Republican voting for it Were able to cap the cost of insulin for Our seniors at $35 a month we $99 a Month cap the cost of prescription Medication for seniors at $2,000 a year And 2019 year in the second term we Intend to have that cap apply to Everyone not just our seniors I thought He did a spectacular job spectacular It's spectac no one would say that right Okay just a few more things to cover Here I had this up on my toolbar I Believe it's a comma Gaff because when we think about the Strength of our democracy you know I Think that there's a duality to the Nature of Democracy when it's intact oh it's so Strong in terms of what it does to Uphold and protect individual rights and Freedoms so strong in its Nature and this very Fragile it will only be as strong as our Willingness to fight for It because when the caption on this was Does she do shots before every public Spot she seems a little bit on the Tipsy

Side musicians pull out of Sxsw in support of Palestine due to Defense industry Ties uh update March 8th the list of Artists boycotting official Sex SW over the festivals are proper Mercy lemon gel these are two different It's not lemon gel it's lemon slash uh Comma Gel and um have pulled out so it says Here multiple artists have dropped out Of this concert thing here is aort of Palestine to the F festival's Connections to the defense industry the US Army exhibits at the festival in Collins Arrow space and a company under Defense defense contractor RTX formerly rth thean is participating At this year's event so they're pushing Military stuff at these concerts which They do at football games this person WR I've decided to pull out of my official Out of my official sxw showcases and Protests of scx ties to the defense Industry and in support of the Palestinian People um you know the the problem for Israel And the Jewish Narrative of Victimization that's always there is That it CR it's crumbled during this Period of time right when you act in This way and like I said they don't Really have a choice if their goal is to

Eventually recover the promised land Right what they consider the promised Land a woman is marrying an AI hologram Ushering in a weird New Era of human Robot relationship Um it sounds kind of like does the Hologram get a Choice and so um the AI hologram was Trained on data related to Alicia Faris Faris's previous romantic Partners an artist play to marry an AI Hologram the artist previously had a Relationship with a mannequin named Pierre um yeah they don't have Names mannequins Um you know for sane people but there's Um no picture of them here here is the Picture here she's um a real person and Here's her hologram fiance who again What choice does he have in the matter Okay so I'm in the editing portion we've Seen this before people marrying Themselves like that's a big thing That's happened in I think Japan you Know people are Mar having a marriage Themselves a woman dresses up in a Wedding dress to marry herself or Whatever Uh but it's you know people who want to Have the illusion of something but Aren't psychologically stable or Emotionally stable or both Enough uh to have a relationship with a Real other significant other right

People who can't be in a relationship That would result in a lifelong Commitment or marriage and can't attract Somebody to themselves because they suck So bad or they you know they date people But they're unmarriable right because They're they're horrible people right You know there they'll Seinfeld their Way out of whatever situation and not be Able to make a a commitment and you know Um because of usually it's it's some Form of Selfishness the reason people are single It's because either they want to be Single or because of selfish type Behaviors that won't allow them to to Fully function in a relationship or they Want things there's another article I Didn't I didn't didn't cover it but it Was the unrealistic um profile that Women in New York are creating they want A husband with a six fig income and a Six-pack abs and you know like three Other things you know like you just You're not going to be able to find Somebody like that right you know people Have higher standards for other people And so either some people aren't good Enough for them or they you know they're Just so miserable and difficult to be With with that no one really was going To want to marry him right something Like that and so or they just really Want to be single and that's you know

That's their thing if that's a thing Then fine you know if you want to be Single but other than that you know it's I mean if you you can't marry a robot Right like like it's just saying that You suck and you're you know you're not Lovable you're not capable having a real Relationship and it's you know it's more And more the case more and more the case People just can't because of their poor Training and their you know whatever is Going on internally they just can't be With somebody else they can't sustain a Marriage and as this younger generation Grows up it's going to be more and more The case like marriage is like a a dying Institution King Charles cancer Diagnosis highlights the long waiting Times long waiting times many people in The UK face because of their bogus Health Care System um not for Charles Though he got right In this guy here no not this guy this Guy the Sad Sack amfer here Joan did wit That time the Dutch people ate their Prime Minister um dutches took Eat the Rich Literally at this time the Dutch may Have they may have the Dutch may seem Civilized now but any one with some Knowledge of European history knows that Was not always the case in the in the Past Europe including the Netherlands Was not an easy place to live back in

The day the continent was ravaged by Wars conflict and Assassinations a complete geopolitical Mess one story from the past that Exemplifies this was a tragic tale of Johan dwit an especially dark chapter in Dutch History in 1672 the Netherlands known as The Dutch Republic back then was caught Up in a war with England France two German cities of Colonia and Monster named after the Chiefs this year Must enter the Dutch history books as The the um disaster year which marked The end of the Dutch Golden Age the People were rational and the government Helpless in the country was beyond Salvation Johan DT was The Unlucky prime Minister at the time for almost 20 years He also he was one of the only non-royal Leaders in all of Europe This displeased Many Dutch citizens who disliked him and Would have rather seen famous William III of the House of orange NASA take up Office the house of orange was the Closest thing the Republic had to a Royal family at the time this is the guy Here Johan dwit on the other hand along Sign a strong and Wealthy Merchant class Represented Republicans interests thewit Had been govering the Dutch city of Dorri since medieval times and the Powerful family held high political Positions all over Netherland here's his

Downfall let's just get to the part Where he they eat him so his brother was Um his brother Cornelius was arrested For treason taken to a prison in Hay now Museum and tortured as a custom at the Time torture was normal part of Imprisonment used as a means of force a Confession out of those convicted surely It really didn't matter if the Confession was true or not as long as a Person confessed to whatever the torture Was considered Justified the crowds do What crowds do best they should say mob Lose all sense of Sanity According to Some reports the two brothers were Stripped naked mutilated and had their Livers removed and eaten they were Eating their Livers um sort of like a Krampus sounds Like sorts like a Krampus thing and so Anyways you know that this is what the People who run the world fear right These are the what anybody in power Fears that they're you know going to be Eaten right like this is what mobs do And it's happened over and over again People turn on their leaders inevitably When things go Wrong so if my calculations are correct This is only 352 years ago right 2,000 Years ago they not only crucified Jesus But the if you read what happened to Each one of Jesus Apostles the way they Were tortured and mutilated I mean just

People were evil like you know just this Things that people have come up to do Come up with to do to other people Including all these weapons of mass Destruction I mean people love killing Other people and torturing them even More so killing them in some way and Making other people suffer you know Think about the people you've known in Your life that just get enjoyment out of Making other people Suffer I mean there's like lots of People like I've known who find some Twisted you know emotional suffering They're not torturing people but on Emotional level or you know just um Manipulative deceptive level and so That's what human beings do they torture And hurt and you know mutilate other People physically emotionally whatever Tear people down I mean just like so Much hate and so much suckiness and the People run the country that run the World you know it's only so many years Before I mean it's only 300 years that's Nothing 350 years for just this story There's so many stories St is like this The Vikings the the people out there Were just so Brutal and you know killed people Without any thought of anything right I Mean life was so much cheaper and life Is cheap now it's just there's kind of An illusion of you know there's some

Preservation of life but I mean the way That people murder not just you know Other people but they murder trees and Animals and you know don't mind killing Stuff without any thought of like you Know this idea that human beings can do Whatever they want right man best Destiny and so that's as much of a Problem as anything else like people Having just um you know killing without Thinking it through right killing Without any sort of reservation and that Could be for food or anything like this Right food's one thing but then you have Just you know the destruction like Destroying things and not thinking it Through right cutting giant redwood Trees down like it's just these Magnificent trees and just having no Sense of anything like just lowlevel low Consciousness low vibration right like Murdering a whale like something like That you know like something that's Clearly a a higher level of Consciousness right these various Animals but anyways you know that's Human beings Mark safe from Joe this is Um you know one of my viewers had sent Me a you know a video of Joe Biden Talking to the people in Oklahoma about Their fires and that certain kind of Roofs um you know it was a gaff in Itself But I miss the part about the blue roofs

Because I told my wife about she goes oh Yeah that Blue Roof thing and then a Bunch of people commented you know People think that I'm going to remember Everything right people think that you Know just because I cover this like I You know I'm an encyclopedia and I just There's just so many things that happen That I cover on a daily basis all the BS Over the years and you know it's there Somewhere in my system but I don't Necessarily remember to pull it up right I just um like I want to do a better job Of using my memes again some of the Memes were great I just got out of the Habit of doing that uh but like it's Just all the things to remember like I Have to remember all the memes I have And like there's just too many to to Focus on like I have a meme probably for Every video I could use but unless I Focus on it you know there's times I'm Like oh wow I could have used that Meme There right but I'm just not you know There's so much going on all the time Now more than ever and there thing that Happened was a big story and the idea Was that all the celebrity rich people Oprah Winfrey and the Mark Zuckerberg And people painted their roofs blue and That prevented the laser that started The fires from you know whatever that Was revealing Theory out there and I Don't know whether it's true or not you

Know it it's just something that's there And every time there's wildfires people Think they're started by lasers you know I was talking about this with my wife There's wildfires in this in this West Part of the country Texas all the way up Through you know Washington State you Know through Colorado I mean all all the Stuff on the you know the left side of The uh the west side of America fires are a big deal because of It it's dry there they have these Ponderosa Pines that are like you know Like giant match Sticks and they have lots of uh you know This sap that burns if you ever burn Soft woods they have all the stuff sap And things like this that are you know Flammable and are add to it very dry Wood and they have this underbrush and So I lived in places you know I lived in Uh New Mexico there was this smoke that Came in from fires that were happening In Texas and then there's fires all the Way up through California we know about This and whether they're intentional or Not it's something that nature does like Whether it's you know if some of them Are intentional whatever it might be now There's all these cattle ranches going Up but it's just you know you can't keep Track of all the the because nothing Ever gets HED accountable for like you You know this octopus diary thing the

Octopus murders no one's going to go to Jail I mean you know people were like oh Yeah that's all true and we're you know We're Vindicated to some extent Conspiracy theorists you know Truthers because we always end up being The you know the good ones of us who are Right most of the time We're end up being Vindicated in one way Way or another but it's maybe it becomes Kind of an accepted truth but nobody Goes to jail and nothing changes and This is what I've talked about before And so it just stuff just keeps on being Rolled out time and time again and then Just nothing happens or comes of it Right and that's the times we live in so It's you know impossible to keep up with All the things you know because they Just go by the wayside like no one's Talking about Hawaii now unless Something comes back up with these other Fires and they bring back Hawaii and you Know they focus people are focusing on The lasers and the blue roofs and not Like Prosecuting the criminals or Whatever it might be gathering you know Evidence you know if there are these Blue these lasers that are you know Somehow don't work on Blue painted roofs Or somehow you they're not targeted Because of it whatever it is um you know That is whatever it is like that's true Or not true but it's kind of py to the

Normal people the Sheep people and Either way no one's going to do anything About this to bring it to bring bring a The guilty to Justice it just there's no System of rule of law anymore because There's just one scandal after the other One conspiracy after the other and There's stuff on the left there's stuff On the right and they just keep on Rolling these things out and nothing Ever you know there's no resolution to Any of these stories right like people Find out information and then there's These theories that come out of the you Know the information and facts that are Available and then something new happens And everybody moves on to that and as Long as that's the case there's never Going to be any accountability and there Really won't be because accountability Would bring down the system right true Accountability it would go across the Board like if you're going to hold the Biden family accountable then you're Going to have to hold the banks Accountable you're going to have to hold The military industrial complex Accountable and then the media Accountable because they didn't report On these you know all it just goes down The you know the the Scandal would wipe Out the whole power structure and then There's all these you know ties between Other scandals and things that are

Comparative you're like well if you're Going to hold these people accountable You got to hold these people accountable And so it goes you know where just Everything comes out and then Everybody's in jail you know and so There's just you know the whole system Collapses because there's no you know There's no faith in any part of the System anymore That's why conspiracy theorists truthers Are the biggest threat to the system Because truth would bring the system Down anyways only spirituality will save This world it's p definitely important For the Apocalypse in the Ascension a Would have a blessed day and be grateful

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