Amazing Fetterman Smash Commercial + Brian Stelter at World Economic Forum

Amazing Fetterman Smash Commercial + Brian Stelter at World Economic Forum

Greetings brothers and sisters This is just a big day like and I I Can't wait to start making these videos So I was going to lead with this this is Brian Stelzer The disgraced Failed canceled CNN host Who was tapped to be a part of the world Economic Forum as a host And I just watched the beginning and It's Epic World economic forum and Brian Stelzer Is you know just that idea is epic and So this is a bombshell I mean a huge Thing I'm looking forward to covering But one of my viewers sent me this This is a commercial entitled mean John Federman Feederman smash mean John Feederman for feed them in first Senate And Um Fetterman smash right And it is so horrible this is a Commercial that's on his own uh YouTube Channel Is based in two commercials of famous Pittsburgh Steelers You might remember this commercial From the 70s 1979 the 80s there's a Player named Mean Joe Greene now now Fetterman's from Pennsylvania And so he's walking into the locker room He's he's limping into lockers

Mr Green yeah You need any And this um you know kid somehow Bypasses security And is following me and Joe Green into The tunnel with the coke And later they remade the same Commercial with Troy Polamalu for Tori Palomalo who is um Also a Pittsburgh Steeler from Pennsylvania [Applause] You need any help I don't believe Troy is considered mean But so that's what they're basing this On right and they decided this was a Good idea to bring in Pennsylvania Voters and this is the comedy stylings Of one John feederman feederman smash Spider-Man Looks Mr fetterman yeah you need any help I'm Running for the U.S Senate kid I need All the help I can get He's running for the Senate this was Supposed to bring in votes He's wearing a Polamalu shirt you're on Your first Senate sure Where's your suit in your flag pin and Your hair But right here he's got back hair right Here kid he's got tons of back hair Sticking out right here some Igor Looking back hair I mean look at this

Back here kid don't don't say his heavy He doesn't have a hair up here but he's Got this cool goatee you've got the back Here come on kid oh hey kid I just want you to know I'd vote for you Are you on crack are you does this kid Have a crack problem fetterman Hey thanks kid it's got the back hair Working in the hump You want to drink no no Really you can have it it's a feather It's not Coke It's fetterman's got his own Cola Apparently We must uh Okay Thanks It's got this weird cryptic uh Tattoos on his arm Too bad they were in like constructions Of what he needs to say at the baits And You drink his Coke and you turn around He slugged down your Coke and now you're Leaving [Music] Hey kid Hey kid Catch [Music] Wow thanks Mayor John look he's just got A fetterman shirt in his size He's giving him some of his own merch [Music] Laughs

Look at the smile There you go Give him that smile big John fetterman Fetterman for Pennsylvania Senate right So this was used this was something they Thought was quality right they brought In a national team for this guy Remember Um when he did the debate they were Telling JoJo Magoo that somehow even After the debate they didn't lose any Points And you know they said we're okay in Pennsylvania This was a big race in Pennsylvania And Dr Oz I mean this shows you how bad Of a candidate Dr Oz was And how you know big Trump had messed Everything up that they elected this Lurch in them and effort right but I Found the actual audio that was the that Was the you know they they dubbed in That audio but here's the actual audio Because they couldn't get fetterman to Act you know so this is um Hurt himself by Smashing it's ever been Tired hey fireman Hey Mr fetterman Mr Federman Hey Mr Federman yes metamor smash good Way kid Hey what are you doing you look a lot Like Lurch yeah shut up kid better smash The townspeople are coming they're Getting pitchforks they're getting

Torches they're coming to get you They're after you ah very much better Smash all of them yeah if they give them To come in there they're coming right Now uh uh dude let them call them do you Want some adrenochrome phentermen you Guys better may want Reno Chrome yeah Take my adrenal Chrome vitamin smash Smash thanks good good trainer Chrome Foreign Do my laundry for me there you go all Right Hey this shirt smells like farts and Cigars Fetterman I could read a chrome Phentermine smash So this is his um Real like I said they brought in a National team for this guy And you know it's an important race And there was a sort of you know one of The bigger races in a swing state And it would validate his um Winning of Of his you know abiding winning Pennsylvania And this was one of the other Commercials here that he posted So he said to be honesty But to be honest listen he says to be Honesty [Music] [Applause] No it wasn't going to be Izzy after you

Know having a stroke after five five Months Excuses excuses fetterman fetterman had Stroke fetterman did debate betterment Smash in fact Somebody just wrote We Still someone Just Um yelled out we still love you right We love svenerman smash and in fact I Don't think that's ever been done before In American political history before Actually how many times are you going to Say before actually You know after that stroke I got knocked Down but I got back up yeah he got Knocked out but he got back up he gets Back up he gets knocked down he gets Back up Now I'm gonna fight for everyone in Pennsylvania whoever got knocked out That never had to get back up yeah That's but if you didn't get back up or You didn't get knocked down he's not Going to fight for you If you'd never got knocked out he's not Going to fight for you and if you didn't Get back up you quitter like he did like Fetterman smash he's not gonna get he's Not gonna fight for you Whew And let me tell you something else What's what also something remarkable Happened after that debate is that we've Raised over more than two million

Dollars like that debate was the worst Performance if you guys remember I mean It was just you know worse than a JoJo Magu performance this is the worst Performance I've seen in the debate Other than people just passing out or Something right I mean it was even worse Because he was inarticulate he couldn't Express himself I mean it was horrible Right Um and you know Even in all that They gave them two million dollars he Lost no support it was just atrocious You know there's no way that you would Look at the sky and say Hey He should be a senator But he ended up not being hurt by that Horrible performance and all the other Ones Being looking like you know large or any Number of these um Various uh Young Frankenstein there's All these references to monsters right Like this guy looks like he's some sort Of a ogre you know Shrek you know like And he's and on top of it he's not like He's he's brilliant or articulate or Anything right I mean his parents is bad In his stage Manner and just everything And he still beat Dr Oz like that shows You how bad it Kennedy Dr Oz is And how effed up the Pennsylvania voters

Are that they thought this guy was you Know a quality candidate No last night last night I said that I Don't want to get this right Local political leaders should be Designed whether a woman should be able To get an abortion [Applause] Basically kind of like Doug mastriano [Applause] Okay and this whole thing about him Where he was talking about how it's Tough for him to do the debate and no One's ever done that before after a Stroke he had to do it right Federman had to do it because if he Couldn't perform in a debate that means He couldn't become Senator like he's not Well enough to be in a debate and so he Made it sound like he did something Courageous they forced him to do it and He did it horribly and it didn't matter Like the debate meant nothing you know Debates used to mean something because You could see the two candidates Expressed their ideas but now Everything's so uh polarized that There's no change right it doesn't Matter how bad the candidate is doesn't Matter I mean this is the Trump saying He could choose someone in Fifth Avenue People are so locked into their stances They won't even change their opinions Because of the animosity between the

Democrats and the Republicans And so that's you know ladies and Gentlemen this is fetterman smash your Your senator from from Pennsylvania okay So this is disgrace failed CNN host Brian Stelzer from a show called The Reliable sources Where he was the reliable source CNN was A rather liable source And their big uh claim to fame was about How so-called conspiracy theorists were Ruining the world And it worked out so well for him they Canceled it Um there's a little bit to uh the Beginning that they don't show here One of my viewers sent it to me so let Me show you that part first because You know he's just so weird and creepy And then we'll get into this here And I think they're ready it was my last Trip that's our cue I believe Uh we're getting counted down right Right Thank you Okay so he is at the world economic Forum The clear and present danger of Disinformation Well clear and present danger of Disinformation is our conversation here This afternoon if The clear and present danger Of people expressing their own opinions

Or their own research That goes away from the official story You're you're dangerous You're you know it's clear and present Danger it follows a session just now About disrupting distrust and of course Those are connected so I hope that's Where we can start disrupting distrust And what that means is people don't Trust the official story the world Economic Forum the powers that be proven Liars we don't trust them and they want To disrupt that trust disrupt is a big You know word be a disrupter And you can't be a disrupter if you're a Part of the world economic forum and You're not a disrupter you're part of The club right You're part of the thing that has to be Disrupted I'm Brian stelter formerly of CNN now a fellow at Harvard University Let me briefly introduce our panelists And since we're being live streamed a Reminder the hashtag is weft 23 we can Try to put some real information out Into the world to make up for all the Crazy So the craziest stuff that I do here and So many people do that doesn't agree With the official story That's crazy and it's clear and present Dangerous right it's dangerous in a Clear future And presently right so we should think

About this this guy was on a show That was that went after Um so-called conspiracy theorists right And the show bombed it was horrible it's A weekend show so it isn't like they Expect it to get good ratings and he you Know and that guy don't eat whatever his Name is Um This the Irish guy they do the Leprechaun with and they had a whole Team of people and they talked a lot About cubies and the dangerous aspect of Having social media Allow people to express themselves Freely because CNN couldn't compete CNN sucks nobody wants to watch it and Now that people are doing Real News Real You know it doesn't even have to be news It just has to be more truthful like People just voicing their opinions and Expressing themselves was a threat to The system that that is and these guys Control of this information and they Whined about it so much and they put so Much pressure on the social media Platforms which we know that they start Censoring us and changing their Logarithms in search engines and things So you would listen to this guy or you Would your results would give you this Guy As opposed to what you were actually Searching for and it still sucked right

And so then they launched CNN plus which Brian Stelzer was at the centerpiece of That because he wanted to combat the the Disinformation on these you know Platforms and they got rolled they it Was a massive failure where they lost Millions of dollars and they closed it Within a month within a month they Realized that nobody was watching them And they were also on YouTube they're Also on Facebook they're also on Twitter I mean they're everywhere on social Media and they can't compete because They suck right In the world economic Forum which should Be about success and successful people Is bringing in this loser this guy who Got canceled You know and he's you know gonna come in Here and start um going after the truth Community again which he always does and The world economic forum is backing this Instead of dealing with the essential Problem which is that they are dishonest And we don't trust them because of this Dishonesty it's not our fault That they're you know Liars right Instead of fixing their lying problem They're bringing in this guy to talk About disrupting distrust or you know go Following that up with um the clear and Present danger of disinformation being Put out by normal hard-working folks That are being screwed by the system uh

Sitting uh first with me uh Vera yoravan The VP for values and transparency okay So yeah so you so you're a complete Fraud because there's no values or Transparency in the world economic forum For the European commission oh next to Our Congressman Seth Moulton uh from the U.S state of Massachusetts the Sixth District Democratic Congressman Moulton Welcome good Moulton Moulton Moulton's Gonna get done Genie burgo next to him the president And CEO of intern news It sounds like it's uh it really sucks And A.G salzburger the chairman and Publisher of of the New York Times Welcome Salzburger salzburger the New York Times Is floundering and they're getting Destroyed like CNN by The you know social media Giants I think we should start with UAG talk From The Newsroom and the the news Publishing perspective and then we'll Work our way toward some of the uh Political uh parts of the conversation How does this discussion of Disinformation relate to everything else Happening here today in Davos Um well first uh thanks for having me as You're welcome you're welcome Um first you might want to say uh can I Do uh you know can I be a transparent Here because that's what we're going for

Yeah um I've a vested interest in Clamping down on social media because Nobody reads our thing anymore Our paper is floundering and nobody you Know reads newspapers anymore so I have A you know I want to um I want to just Say let's get rid of the disinformation Because I have a financial incentive to Do so it's part of this conversation as You can imagine this is something I Really care deeply about So I I think if you look at at um this Question of disinformation I think it Maps basically to every other Major challenge that we are grappling With this society and particularly the Most this information is the foundation Of the fall of America existential among Them so Disinformation and in the broader set of Misinformation conspiracy propaganda Click bait you know all those things Conspiracy and propaganda the the the Broader mix of bad information that's Corrupting the information ecosystem What it attacks is Trust And once you see trust decline what you Then see is societies start to fracture And The trust wasn't there before The trust in the media wasn't there Before social media And the so-called conspiracy theorist Right I say this all the time

If you want these things to end Then stop conspiring stop being Secretive be transparent but they can't Do that because the system would Collapse it's not their fault you know People are hammering the people who Control the system and I'm much more Generous with my assessment because They're keeping a system a deceptive a System going that should have collapsed Years ago the Divine forces should have Made the system collapse years ago I Mean there's there's Divinity there's Truth in in Divinity that uh you know a Like a contingency That makes all things that are lies and Deceptions Come to the Forefront like you just Can't hide them and you can't hide them From yourself because people start Believing their own lies right and so The Divine system makes everything wants To make everything pristine and bring it To its highest level right there's a an Element and inside of you the Divinity That's inside of you and all of us wants To rise up to the highest level and stop Being you know low life egotistical Pieces of crap right so some part of us Is you know working to be the best Version of ourselves and that means you Know the soul version you know the the Pure expression of our souls And so things that go against

Dishonesty deceptions that go against The you know the the Divine system Are there's a you know there's a slow Mechanism of Purity that brings these Things to the Forefront and any system That's based in deception eventually is Going to collapse for that reason just Like it's you know even the good systems Are going to collapse right but the Systems that are willfully going against The Divine system and are based in lies Like a debt-based economic system Has to collapse right it has to be you Know has to be uh purified And because of that you know they have To fight this thing tooth and nail Repeating the same Lies over and over Again and get as many people to believe Those lies to keep the system going and They can't do that now right and it's Not their fault because the you know the People we all I mean it's not like I'm You know saying they're good people or Anything but that's their job their job Is to keep the lies going because the Truth comes out the system collapses our System is based in perception You have to perceive money that is Valueless that is based in debt has Value That all this debt that's being traded Back and forth is worth something Including our currencies and all the Rest of the things that have value

As soon as you realize it doesn't have Any value And people then go grab physical cash And realize that doesn't have value it's Monopoly money we're just playing a game Here And it you know it's based in our Perception and our belief and so when People have distrust which they're Scared about The system is on the verge of collapsing Right I mean that's you know Once the truth comes out the system Can't keep on going because it's based In lies right it's a scam And so you see people fracture along Tribal lines and Um and uh and you know that immediately Undermines pluralism and you know the Undermining of pluralism is probably the Most dangerous thing that can happen to A democracy so I really I think if if You know if you're spending this week Thinking about the solution would be Admit that you're liars and if they did That they would have to start telling The truth and if they told the truth the System would collapse right so this is You know the predicament because the Truth is coming out and they can't Control that and they can't be the kind Of people that people will trust They can't be the institutions people Will trust

And so this is where we are right that The system is going to collapse either By people Finding out the truth and discovering The truth on their own Or you know the system will just Collapse from its own depravity or they Come out and be honest and tell the Truth and the system collapses right This is why it's the apocalypse because You know we're screwed every direction In terms of our you know the system We're 100 dependent on the health of Democracies and Democratic erosion I Think it's really important to work your Way back up to where this starts in the Term fake news and then disinformation It was popularized six years ago at this Point where are we today versus then What do you mean where are we today Versus that wait so this was this was uh What do you mean Brian we're getting Killed right what are you talking about Brian you're sitting here a canceled Host you went up against this Information and conspiracy theorists and All these things and now you're a Canceled host who lost your show that's Where we are Brian uh popular topic yeah There was an Awakening about it the Social networks felt pressure but now Where are we and the same question Virginia but where are we today there Was an Awakening there was a see they're

Making it sound like they're The Underdogs That this you know conglomerate of Ordinary People many of them living in Like projects and you know trailer parks And you know renting or whatever poor People and you know some people who are In the lowest levels of the economic System And you know and then middle class People and the rest but no big players Like no you know no I mean other than Like say Elon Musk or something who's You know dabbled or Trump or whatever But the real people who make up the Truth movement Are people who are you know waking People up so to speak right but he's Saying there's an Awakening to These you know this disinformation being Put out there like they're trying to be They're always trying to steal The you know the essence of the truth Community they're trying to make it Their own and be like The Underdogs and Be like the people who are waking people Up right let's listen to that again That's incredible What do you mean where are we today Versus that so this was a a hot popular Topic yeah there was an Awakening about It the social networks felt pressure but Now where are we and the same question Virginia but where are we today oh I see

Yeah it's a great uh you know and and to To be clear actually Terms like fake news and I mean enemies Of the people have been popularized Cyclically in society and in in some of The most you know Um you know repressive and dangerous Moments you know Nazi Germany Stalin Dangerous moments there's so much danger Going on danger honest Russia right Um so Um so I think anytime we're hearing Language like that applied to you know a Free press Um you know or or more broadly free Expression I think I think we should be Um really worried look I I think that There's there's Um there's no doubt That Society seems to have at some level Accepted how much the information Ecosystem has been poisoned Um Yeah by you right see if you guys were Telling the truth in the beginning And you guys were honest and transparent Of course the system would have Collapsed because of that so we wouldn't Be having this conversation right you This system can't afford honesty honesty Is a luxury that this system that's Based in deception can't have But if they were then this other thing Wouldn't have started right if you

Didn't conspire then there wouldn't be a Conspiracy theorists if people didn't Conspire Then there wouldn't be conspiracy Theories right and so it's a total lack Of accountability like you're trying to Remove something that you're saying that That people are paranoid and of course There's a lot of crazy people the truth Community sucks and you know I've talked About this before it's not a pure you Know truth Community it's been it's Contaminated as the mainstream news And there's all this disinformation out There plus you know you brought in People you know uh people in the Intelligence community that were example Created the Q movement the cubies And that's you know I mean that's on you Guys right you brought in all these People to go out there and put out this Information either corporate people or You know People in the government I mean like Take for some accountability and Responsibility stop blaming the people Who are you know who have been lied to And Um and I think it's going to require Real sustained effort from The platforms From political leaders Um from Business Leaders what he's Talking about is censorship

And making the platforms get rid of Anybody who doesn't agree with the Official story That's what you know sustained effort And that's just suppression the more you Do that the more it incubates and grows It's not going to get better And from consumers themselves to reject That Jenny how do you see this especially Thinking about it from different Countries that internews helps make sure The news is being produced in yeah Yeah I'm sort of the traditional view of Missing disinformation we often think of Sort of the information Warfare and We're looking at the Ukraine crisis Where it's been you mean Infowars right Like again they just steal this stuff Alex Jones is a shell and a Disinformation agent but they steal These things right they you know the CNN Had a there's this guy Ben Swan who's You know I don't whatever he's a like a Sort of a a local news kind of a person That started his own thing called Reality check and it was you know a Little bit truth you guys probably know He is and Then CNN copied his bit and had their Own show called reality check they're Literally stealing these words right She's saying it's an information War It's a war you're going to lose unless

You get rid of social media And if you do it'll they'll find other Ways people find other ways if you get Rid of it it'll make it more real right You can't suppress it there's nothing You can do you know there's nothing you Can do other than martial law And and make the dystopian world happen Right now and then you know people will Do whatever they do right like I said The system can't be saved like I say Something different here Than most people in the truth community I'm saying the system is you know doomed For the very reasons I've already said And you know it's obviously doomed and So this system we're 100 dependent on I'm glad everyone doesn't wake up Because everyone did wake up the system Would go and that would be a good thing Spiritually It'd be the best thing for us it'd be The best thing for our future Generations but for us it'll suck right Because we're used to a certain level of Lifestyle That's based in you know not only Deception but abuse right resources are Being stolen from the very poor People who are living in object poverty Half the world you know it's very I mean Unbelievable poverty if you see the way People live in other countries and that Wealth is being given to countries like

America Europe or the wealthy people in Every country And so it's not a fair system it hurts People at the bottom half the people are Just you know miserable and then then Just you know you work your way up until You get to the very richest people who Are miserable you know Just a lot of Misery all along the you Know path but no one can conceive of Life without it it's been devastating And even looking at the Arc of time at The be the first the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 the Russian Disinformation was trying to sow Confusion in Ukraine Um and now we see the Russian Disinformation machine really sowing a Single line inside of Russia for the This continuation of the war but it Seemed very much like a great almost Like a great power struggle that was Happening I think the big trend for us That we're seeing and we work with news Organizations in 100 countries around The world trying to support their work Because we believe in healthy Information environments being so Critical to solving the world's problems And yeah then you wouldn't have this Problem The the newspapers and the information's Been around for a while and everything's Gotten worse you guys have failed you

Guys have failed epically right The community's problems and a country's Problems um so the big change that we've Seen is is really the the insidiousness Of the multiple levels and layers in Which myths and disinformation is being Used I was just in the Philippines in September and like literally every level Of government private business you know The Civil Society it's just everyone see Politicians have learned to lie to People right and manipulate them and Play to their emotions and make promises They don't deliver In the corporations and news media have Done the same and then you have normal People and then of course disinformation Agents and all the you know all the Layers of this thing That have used these same tools And this is why you have a mess right Because now you just have more players Instead of you know a monopoly on lying Right you now have a you know Multifarious groups of people All putting out information and you know They all can manipulate people to go one Way or another based in that Everywhere and so navigating it it feels Different than sort of when it was like Just the big conversation about fake News and it feels like it's everywhere And so the solutions are going to be Slightly more complicated but you'd

Agree with with uh AG's perspective that At some level it's been accepted a Certain amount of this pollution I I do agree with that and I think we've Always had pollution in the information Environment so but it is really really Bad right now for sure I also feel like There's at some level I mean maybe when We turn to Solutions people are also Getting used to navigating it a little Bit better again in the Philippines Here's this you know unbelievably Complicated information environment and Yet people were able to find the Information they needed they knew where They trusted and they were starting to Navigate it interestingly well in America people don't watch the news So if you're looking at the New York Times or CNN I mean the people who watch That stuff are the least capable right They're the most passive they're the Least energy people To the people that you know are the most Brain dead they're the most uh hard Group to activate they're the people who Are going to cower you know they're just Looking for the you know powerful system To tell them what to do The least um you know they're the most Zombie-like the most like dead inside Right and so the people who are capable Of being change agents whether they're Um crazy whether they fall for lies

Whether they whatever They still have some life force in them And you know can be motivated to do Something right and that's the problem With this you know movement and you know The older generation is listening to the News and they you know have very little You know they're they're just all done Right they're they're just you know Waiting to die typically sort of Differently and so I'm a little bit Rose-colored glasses sometimes I'm Accused of that and in this case I I can See some glimmers of hope you mentioned Solutions Congressman can you give us The solutions there's no solution Congress Congressman you're a politician You must have some solutions No I I think it I think it's really tough And and honestly Um this is a this is an issue that Affects my job profoundly I think it's Gotten a lot worse in just the last few Years we have a lot of big problems that We have to solve in America but you take A problem like immigration where you Need to have Democrats and Republicans Come together conservatives and liberals To have comprehensive immigration reform To do things that conservatives want Like securing the Border but do things That liberals want like making sure we Have a pathway to citizenship for the

Immigrants who come here and if you Can't agree on the basic facts you can't Agree on how many people are crossing The border you can't agree on whether a Wall makes sense or whether we should Strengthen border security at the Checkpoints that's a simple fact that That dictates where a lot of funding That Congress could spend on this Problem actually goes if you can't have That honest conversation with your Colleagues it's a real problem and and I I noticed in the You know him saying it's hopeless Is um I mean there's why are they even doing This like you've already lost because Nobody's listening to you right nobody Looks at you guys for Solutions people Are not looking at the world economic Forum which has gotten you know Obliterated by The truth community There's people who want to be a part of The club and whatever it is right but Most people have tuned you out like they Didn't know about you in the first place And now your brand has been tainted Pretty much everything that's official Your brand has been damaged by your own Deception right by the deceptiveness of The system And you can't tell people the truth I Mean even most truthers can't help

Either the people the truth because they Have to they have to Pander to to your Individual weakness of not being able to Handle that the system can't be saved I Mean that's maybe you know the Difference of what I do here I've reconciled that the system can't be Saved And that it's bad for us but you know The older I get the harder that is for Me to navigate right like in terms of um Being able to you know survive that or Live in any way that I would consider You know acceptable In terms of what we're used to like all The people who are in middle class upper Middle class even lower middle class all The people in America that aren't Homeless Are used to a certain level of lifestyle And that lifestyle is going to disappear There's nothing anybody can do to stop That like change is coming and you know The world's population is going to go on The decline and the system itself is Going to be on the decline which it Already is right and everything's going To get not as good as it was before Instead of getting Better stuff right like when I was a kid We had a TV that you had to get up and Turn the channel right you have to you Know physically get up and turn the Channel and you only had three or four

Channels you had to sit through Commercials I had a black and white TV As a kid we eventually got color the Thing was you know so so much smaller I Mean it was basically the size of your Computer screen and people would sit Around huddle and watch it right and now Of course there's all this other stuff The TVs are better that you know the the Computers now you have a TV on your Phone you can watch stuff on your phone You can watch it on you know all these Things you know the level of technology And and all the Comforts that you have Have gotten better right everything's Gotten better stoves have gotten better You know things you cook with have Gotten better and just the ability I Mean the whole internet thing is the Whole thing right And your lifestyle you just keep on Getting new gadgets and better gadgets And new conveniences that you didn't Have before And people get weaker and weaker they Lose the ability to read a map because They have a you know they have a Computer on their phone that can tell Them what you know where to go and how To get there And so people are hemorrhaging abilities And becoming more independent on their Gadgets and things And they're getting used to these things

Imagine a world without electricity Right what if we didn't have electricity What if we didn't have moving vehicles I mean that's how bad it can get in a Short period of time and that's going to Happen nobody can stop that you know Obviously you know that's why it's a you Know so they're trying to preserve Something for themselves that's how Everyone is everyone's trying to you Know keep at least as much of their Lifestyle as they can do that's you know What it comes down to Congress a market Change after Donald Trump came to power And proved that lying works He proved to wait a minute you're saying That politicians never learned to lie Before Donald Trump You just said that Donald Trump proved That being a liar as a politician worked That there was no other Liars before That I mean even Richard Nixon you know Richard Nixon and the whole you know Tricky deck but you're saying Bill Clinton never lied or you're saying George W bush never lied or George Washington never lied or whatever it is Right Politicians and lying are synonymous He just said let's Melissa that again And I I noticed in the Congress a market Change after Donald Trump came to power And proved that lying works He proved to especially a lot of his

Republican colleagues that this actually This is pretty good and all these Republicans Um who disdained Donald Trump and there Are a lot of public examples people like Lindsey Graham who said the most Demeaning thing is about Donald Trump And then jumped on his bandwagon part of Jumping on his bandwagon was buying into This game that you could just lie JoJo Magoo Had to apologize For plagiarizing people JoJo magu was a career liar as all Politicians are and for them to pin this On Trump Lake somehow oh Lying works all Of a sudden we we used to tell the truth And the truth was great and we all told The truth as politicians no politician Ever lied no politician made promises They couldn't keep no politician covered Up their scandals they were just honest Honest Dave they were all honest But then Donald Trump came in and said Hey if you're lying you can works and We're like wow well it works and the Republicans the Democrats of course they They were like oh Lions bad would never Lie fetterman smash right But the Republicans they said hey this Line does work let's try it and not only Could you get away with it but it might Actually help your career When you're confronted by those lies

What do you do personally or Professionally what do you find are the Appropriate responses you know you try To have uh you try to have a Conversation but I remember this um this Instance I mean we were you mean Mansplained right you mean politically Mansplain and tell people how the Official story which has been exposed as Being riddled with deception is you know The real thing and that whatever you Believe isn't and you should just take Your Soma to your Brave New World drug It's called soma in the The book The Brave New World and just be Happy and listen to the official story And then knuckle under right You don't ignore it you don't try to Ignore the I try not to okay I try not To Um but I remember having a conversation With a conservative uh colleague from um Southern part of the United States and We were Um you know debating one of these one of These issues and I won't go in the Details and I don't remember every one Of them but he said something to me that Just sort of was blatantly untrue and And I said well that's not true I mean I Read this in the news this morning and He said well where did you read it and I Said well I was in the New York Times And so we just scoffed and said well

Then outside Because the New York Times is one of the Original pillars of disinformation right Not true Let me talk to him Do you have thoughts about that Dynamic Both in the U.S and abroad it's not Necessarily new but it's not getting Better The the the the fake news distrust of Any established brand especially around Like yours I mean look I think for I think it's a different challenge Domestically and internationally right So so domestically Um you know I think the most important Thing that Um that Independent Media organizations Can do is to hold their ground and Um and hold on to their principles right Oh God right You guys are now claiming you have Principles like come on You know this is um There's no sense of and you know they They believe their lies right they Believe their you know their Paradigm What they've been doing and that's the Problem maybe this guy doesn't who knows But the people who work there They believe that they're reporting the Truth right Um there's a tweet let me see if I have

It here so Twitter has been recommending This person Erica Marsh There's a republican girl they're also Recommending right I don't use my Twitter like I just you know I have to Have a I used to post my YouTube videos There but it really wasn't great to do That um And then they got rid of that you know There was a a way to do that directly From the YouTube video but then they Stopped doing that so it became a hassle For me to cut and paste and I just you Know and I don't tweet ever But I put Twitter on my phone recently And it was because my wife sends me Twitter stuff and I can watch it on the Phone And so It was the beginning of the Elon Musk Era and they were kind of trying to Identify my preferences and I started to Get notifications right And I'm getting these weird political Mode notifications that aren't truth or Related and since I'm not really using The app it's just the notifications that I end up clicking on and you know I Think they're trying to be Central and They're giving both far right and far Left political uh you know political Fodder for people and the Recommendations so I'm getting these Recommendations of people that I would

Never come into contact with normally That I would never see She's a proud Democrat former field Organizer to elect Joe President Biden Volunteer for the Obama Foundation her Pronouns are she he and she has this Thing the Erica report And this came in last night Breaking Kevin Morris Hunter Biden's Attorney says that Hunter Biden is Considered considering filing lawsuits Against Rudy Giuliani Fox News and Eric Trump for defamation now Hunter Biden Clearly is somebody who's not a good Person Not a well person like let's say you Want to be compassionate he has a Problem he is a lifelong drug addict and Crackhead who admitted coming in out of Rehab eight or nine times right And he fathered a baby that he refused To take responsibility at for first and Then he tried to withhold his financial Documents because of his father running For president And he supported a crack habit by Selling access to the White House To his father as vice president and now As president That's how he got his made his living He was smoking crack and not going to Work they were paying him to smoke crack Because he was giving access right and Then there was the whole laptop thing

Now those are all things and you know The covering up of the laptop which Handed Joe Biden or you know least it stopped Joe Biden from losing the election right And you can say he didn't lose the Election whatever it is but he would Have certainly lost the election if the Hunter Biden story came out but God Knows maybe it wouldn't because it's so Polarized that people don't believe Stuff right like they elected fetterman And maybe you know who knows like if Maybe it wouldn't have done anything if Hunter Biden's story came out but they Still haven't made it a story The New York Times hasn't reported on it and Neither is anybody else but this young Woman is basically championing Champion Hunter Biden like he's some sort of a Hero So here are some of the the comments Awesome Discovery it's a beautiful Process in lawsuits would love to see More text from the Biden's phone Republicans crossed the line with Hunter Biden the guy is not even Politically unlike Trump's kids but they Beat him up every day if not every hour Just like they did to voting machine Companies I think they really need to be Sued at this point he's going to need to Prove he was defamed what is his defense How will he be how will he vindicate

Himself Discovery is going to be great Yeah because he's going to have to say All the things that you know they're Going to ask him questions they might Counter sue him and he's going to be Deposed right but she's making it sound Like he's a good person Like he's somebody who you know is a Champion and he should sue these evil Doers And this is you know some of the crap That's out there this tweet got a 309 000 views and Most of the comments are you know yeah Let's get Hunter Biden's uh on the stand Right most of them are you know Republican commenters this guy in the in The New York Times They didn't cover That right they didn't cover they Covered up the hunter Biden story which Should have broke and there should be Stories every day about Hunter Biden and JoJo Magoo being senile they elected a Guy who was senile and a proven liar who Had to apologize multiple times I have a You know another clip that somebody sent Me you know him um making you know this Is him lying here Happy birthday dearly Happy birthday to you So he was singing Um President Biden sings happy birthday To Martin Luther King's the third's wife Andrea Waters King

And he says happy birthday dear Like happy birthday dear Valley Happy birthday to you that's the guy you Elected right you you're not covering This this guy you know there's even Something from Colbert now talking about One of his gaffs the guy senile So this is JoJo Magoo just telling lies Probably a much higher IQ than you do I Suspect I School on a full academic scholarship These things are not true plus they're She's so narcissistic this is the kind Of thing they say they hate about Trump Right this is JoJo magu Just lying the Only one in my in my class that have a Full academic scholarship in the first Year in law school I decided I didn't Want to be in law school and ended up in The bottom two-thirds of my class and Then decided I wanted to stay went back To law school and in fact ended up in The top half of my class he's just Brilliant he's so smart And he's just making stuff up right on The international moot Court competition I was the outstanding student in the Political science department at the end Of my year I graduated with three Degrees from undergraduate school and 165 credits only needed 123 credits and I'd be delighted to sit down and compare My IQ to yours if you'd like Frank if You'd like Frank

You know this is um This is him doing this when he was Younger and now he challenges people to Push up contests and call them fat I Mean he's had mental decline but he was Always a liar and deceiver Yeah I think I didn't now concede he did Not graduate in the top half of his law School class that he does not have three Degrees from college and that he was not Named outstanding political science Student in college Newsweek says Biden Actually went to school on a half Scholarship ended up near the bottom of His class and won only one degree not Three Joe Biden ranked 76th in a class Of 85 at the University of Syracuse law School I mean this guy comes off this Whole thing as a flyweight now Biden Says Newsweek is right his memory had Failed him his memory had felt in his IQ His IQ his ability to conceptualize Things right this is the guy that They've pushed on all of us a career Liar and no one loves the guy right I Mean he's got very few real fans you Know the only thing that they had was The hatred for Trump right and you know Whatever way they could manipulate the System To create you know what they've created Um but for the New York Times to try to Legitimize itself after not saying this Guy is senile that's what you should

Have said that was your job as media He's senile this guy senile he can't be President that's what you should have Said it was obvious you brought experts On it was easy to see the symptoms the Guy was you know pooping in his depends Diapers walking off stage challenging People to fights and you know he Literally said let's step outside to a Guy in Pennsylvania And so you have no credibility you have Zero And so for us That means treating you know Independence you know and following the Facts wherever they lead as a North star You know and and when the facts What facts like it's a fact that JoJo Magu's son is a crackhead who got jobs He didn't deserve because he sold access And JoJo magu is a career liar and now He's senile and he can't even complete Sentences right his memory is gone his Ability to make decisions is gone and You guys are covering all that up you Guys are not following the facts there Are facts about JoJo magu he isn't fit To be president And the whole Democratic you know all The candidates were horrible you know Not one of them was really you know and Not in the sense of the only one that You could say was a good candidate was Bernie

Because he had enthusiasm with his base Right the way trumped it like the Republican candidates were horrible but Trump had enthusiasm and they're all Liars right but only Trump and and Bernie were able to sell their lies only Trump and Bernie were able to create Some enthusiasm of all the presidential Candidates they're the only ones who had Passion behind them let's leave Somewhere ambiguous a means conveying That ambiguity or the debate around it Fairly and and fully Um so you know I I really do think that That is the the path and I think there's A giant segment of America that wants That Um Internationally you know it is it's it's A more complicated picture and and it's It's why the antipress rhetoric Of a country that has been synonymous With you know you know upholding and Defending a free press Is so dangerous is that most countries Have far less of a tradition of Tolerating a free press and free Expression you know this better than Anyone and so there's no Free Press you Guys are working with The political parties You guys have a monopoly they have a Monopoly on politics and you have a Monopoly on truth and now the truth

Community has blown that up right For good or for bad because it's all a Mess right it's not like the truth Community Is a pillar of truth it's just all a Mess right now it's just wide open What used to be you know confined to Controllable news media and you know Candidates that were endorsed is now Blown wide open so you know this this Anti-press rhetoric terms like fake news Were greedily gobbled up by autocratic Regimes and and aspiring autocratic Regimes who who then you know you know Passed laws that they claimed were Banning fake news but we're actually Banning the independence the the Scrutiny that is provided by an Independent press the scrutiny and Accountability so so I you know I I see The bigger Challenge on the International stage International There do you see uh what role do you see For government in this conversation your Portfolio includes missing Disinformation as well as digital Privacy and security and uh the the the Relationship between consumers and Tick Tock for example so how do you see the World government here I will correct you Uh not correct you sorry I wouldn't Do they not have hair products Is but a session about accuracy I don't Like to hear about consumers I love

Consumers yeah they are so close to my Heart and stomach but citizens it's Citizens it's something else you feel The difference that's why we introduced Us El expertise especially Stelzer and Jorvia to regulation for political Advertising strict rules for selling Politicians from selling the shoes or Furniture yeah so I I started from from From the end what I wanted to speak About of course I all right so I spent a Lot of time on this Um Why not have a truther up there Why not have a not a QB you know this is What they would do but if you're going To do this Why not have if you want to build trust Like if you want to say we want to Rebuild trust why not have people up There that don't agree with the official System and they aren't on the official Systems dime right like this person you Know what is she doing up there like who Is she you know the world economic Forum I mean this is supposed to be you know This is an English speaking you know you Can do things in in different languages Because it's the world But you know you have someone from The New York Times and you have an American Senate Senator why not have somebody Who's an American truther right and not Again not someone like Alex Jones not

Somebody who's a shill but have somebody Who could actually verbalize these Things and have a calm discussion And all the things that I've said here Not that I want to go because I wouldn't You know system can't be saved Everything that I've said here Would be you know fodder for debate and You would say we want to establish trust And so you would sit down with somebody And find out what their concerns are and You would be able to alleviate those Concerns with actual transparent answers Which they can't do and so this is you Know I mean it's just an exercise in Failure they're going to have to do Whatever they're going to do But they're not going with the will of The people And it's a good thing they're not Because if they did the system would Collapse right that's the problem like People don't want to acknowledge that The system should have collapsed years Ago and it's not let me show you the Memes again here I got a couple of memes From today's Production The clear and present danger of Disinformation [Music] I I noticed in the Congress a market Change after Donald Trump came to power And proved that lying works so I just

Want to wrap this up but I have one kind Of Central Point here which I you know Kind of alluded to before But if you wanted to regain trust right They're coming out with these things now This you know what he said Brian Stelzer Was they had a previous session called Distrust disruptors so they've lost the Trust Of the people right certainly in America But worldwide And that's the media and it's the Governments and it's the official story And so if you're trying to regrain trust The first thing you would have to do is To say have I done anything Untrustworthy Have I done anything that would create Distrust in The other party the other person if Someone doesn't trust you you can say Well they just have trust issues or They're broken or whatever But you also have to look at yourself And your you know your organizations Have we had an issue with lying and when They come out and say Donald Trump Proved that politician lie politicians Lying works like it never existed in Washington DC This clown Moulton who I never heard About before but that was what his Takeaway was that hey Donald Trump just Broke the code and he said lion Works in

Politics Like how you know and the stuff with um The New York Times you can't put this Guy out there JoJo Magoo And claim that he's a competent uh Honest person he's a liar and a Snoozeler and a groper a lifelong Politician and you know he droned kids Horrible human being he didn't cover any Of that You didn't follow the facts you know you Didn't do anything that was Newsworthy I mean in terms of you know Worth our uh looking into the New York Times right you allowed him to roll out The the whole you know coveted stuff and The vaccine all these things right no Push back to any of it when JoJo magu Was failing in the debates and he was Clearly not up to the task mentally you Helped hide him away right so you did All these untrustworthy things and There's two ways to lose trust You can be dishonest you can be Deceitful or you could have impaired Judgment You could be incompetent right you might Be honest but you're incompetent you're You know you're truthful but you're just Wrong and in a competitive business and You know in a what I do here and so many Other people do We have to be someone that people can Trust right that people can you know say

I believe this person is who they say They are like that's what's expected in The you know there's so many different Options for you to watch different People in the so-called whatever it is Truce community on the internet that you Want to be able to believe that the Person says who they say they are right And the second is the person needs to be Right if they're wrong all the time even If they're completely honest and Transparent then why would you listen to Them you're like well your perception Your ability to perceive is is not Accurate and we saw this they bring in These experts all the time and the re And the experts are wrong right all These pundits and people they just don't Get it and so it's not just they are Liars but they're also incompetent They're also on the wrong side of things They don't really understand how to Navigate reality and their position here Is that how do we regain trust in some Manipulative way like what can we Strategize because these people have Been duped and are deceived by other People on the internet and you know People like Trump how do we fix that Without changing anything that we're Doing how do we fix that without taking Responsibility for any of it right And you know they're coming in with this Arrogant idea that they know more and

They don't they know exactly why people Are leaving them I mean it isn't their Fault at all and you're just wrong and They're just right you know that's been Their their whole thing all along like There's no sense of oh we have to change A little bit even doing it as a you know There's no admission of that they've Done anything that's not trustworthy Like there's not even a hint at it even Superficially like some BS forced Apology that yeah we've lost you because We suck right and what they've tried to Do is pressure the social media Companies and everybody else to stop you Know helping or making a platform for an Alternative to their crap right their Crap that nobody wants to see it's not Entertaining it's not honest it's not Accurate you know it's it's got no real Redeeming value other than to mock right Which I love doing like I hope they keep Going because I enjoy mocking them but This idea that they would have hey what Did we do to help create this problem Doesn't exist for them not even a oh you Know maybe we did something It's amazing like they you know that They would take that position now I Understand why people don't like me I Understand why they turn on me Understand that I say things you know Not just here but in life right I Understand why you know my kids have

Their own issues with me and you know Just from interacting with other members Of my family like when I was dealing With my brother you know I could see Myself and him and how I didn't like it Right like I didn't like dealing with You know traits and things that I do in Somebody else like I don't like to be Around my family and you know therefore You know I understand how people don't Like to be around me or don't you know Like whatever I have right in terms of My personality characteristics and a lot Of those things I had to work on and Change Just you know not just for myself but For other people you have to be Introspective and you know in a Competitive capitalist system It's a competition right you're Competing for Eyeballs you're competing for views Right you're competing for it's not Eyeballs a stupid thing you're competing For people's Consciousness to listen to You and to you know get value out of Your thoughts and your interpretation of Things and you're whatever it is right And no matter who it is if you're not Competing well If there's no audience for you if There's nobody that gets you or sees it Or right you might be brilliant you Might be so far ahead of everybody but

Chances of that are really Slim And certainly not with these guys right And so they're losing the battle nobody Wants to you know they're going out of Business they can't compete the news Media and you know the politicians to Some extent the politicians have a Monopoly but they've lost faith and Trust and the way to regain it would be First to take some responsibility for it And then bring reasonable people on and Have a discussion where you don't say Things like Donald Trump showed Everybody politicians can lie and it Works and not have somebody call that Guy on the stupidity of what he just Said right It's amazing Um but they just keep on doing it Anyways fetterman smash I got a like a Video of him and his wife talking about How they met So I'm going to do something on that Probably here but maybe on my other Channel depending on how much stuff I Have to get to and I'm gonna do another Update um about the stuff I was talking About yesterday my channel because People raised you know good questions or Made some points and things I might Address all that Um and just clarify things that things That I should have said in the original Whatever it was anyways only spiritual

Value will save this world it's Paul Romano definitely point from the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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