A $tripper named Dallas from Arkansas Slams Hunter Biden + More Alex Jones + Trump Compared to Jesus

A $tripper named Dallas from Arkansas Slams Hunter Biden + More Alex Jones + Trump Compared to Jesus

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so Hunter Biden may be going to jail yet to Be Seen Um Alex Jones is an update on him There's a thing I want to do about Trump And the evangelicals and JoJo MCU had Another complete glitch out and so um I Want to start here with Hunter Biden Hunter Biden trial and I want to get to Some comments at the end of this thing Hunter Biden trial highlights President's son found guilty on all Charges in federal gun case here's what This guy has to say about it President Biden's son Hunter with a verdict Apparently reached in his Federal Criminal trial were moments away from Learning what that verdict will be no Cameras are allowed in this federal Court but we have reporters inside who Will tell us the results any moment now He's guilty dude check out that forehead Like that's quality forehead there President's son pleaded not guilty to Three charges tied to the possession of A gun while guilty he guilty Joe Biden Reacts a son Hunter Biden's guilty Verdict on gun charges we will continue To respect the judicial process as his Son considers appeal so he's not going To Pardon him right and I want to I want To get through this um stuff first here And then do a little bit of a voice over

About it uh but like remember that that Joe Doesn't want to Pardon Him Hunter bid guilty of felony gun Charges faces 25 years in prison so Think about that right that the um I Think that each one of these Charges I guess they have it broken down Here maybe somewhere but there's he's Guilty on three counts and collectively He could end up serving 25 years in Prison which seems extreme Um so he made a false statement in the Purchase of a firearm making a false Statement related to information Required to be kept on federally Licensed Firearms dealer and possession Of a firearm by an unoff user or an Addict to a controlled substance and so All of those things are crimes right he Lied about you know his status as an Addicted person whatever it was that he Lied about to get the firearm and then He carried the firearm and he was unsafe With it right I mean there was his he You know he banged his his brother's Widow you know his brother died and then He dated her his brother's widow for a Couple of years and she said it was like The worst time of her life and she was Embarrassed by it and he was getting all Suicidal so she took his handgun and Threw it in a trash can outside of right Next to a a high school and a homeless

Guy found it and Secret Service was Investigating it so he was unsafe with Handguns but nobody died right so 25 Years in prison seems extreme like again I'm not a hunter Biden fan and we're Going to get into this with Alex Jones As well you know what with what with This extreme um you know maximum Penalties and again you know he deserves Something but you think he deserve 25 Years for those things I mean let's say It was one of Trump's kids or whoever it Was somebody that you like you think That the person deserved 25 years no That's like that's over the Top Hunter bid kept drug gear at Joe's VA home and slept with members of amoeba Group says London Roberts so London is The stripper from Arkansas so her real name is London but Her stage name was Dallas right so I Often said he impregnated a stripper Named Dallas in New York City who was really From Arkansas right and the president's You know the president's son was a Crackhead and he impregnated her and had No memory of it because he was smoking Crack and you know he didn't want to pay Child support didn't want to Nodge the The um the baby tried to keep it from The the Press before the election the Press still didn't cover it and so this Is what she had to say here

Have you ever heard from either President Biden or the first lady Directly no not a Fone cool or a letter Or Anything no do you find that surprising No No I um I don't really I just I feel Like that's something that you know they They've waited for Hunter to step up if He's tenter never steps up unless he's Trying to get some crack watching this Interview what would you say to President Biden about Potentially meeting Navy at some stage Navy and she named her she named her Daughter Navy Biden that door is always Open um bet it is her door is always Open always has been always will be ex She never closes her door has hunter Ever met his daughter um no not in Person they've um they've created a Relationship uh been building a Relationship through Zoom exactly the Best kind of father daughter Relationships are in Zoom And um Hunter was required to like call One the best the best father and Daughter relationships are when the Father's legally required once a month Or or something like that to call on Zoom once a month to um maybe gets to Pick out one of his paintings and that's How they would start building a Relationship but hunter because he's an Excellent artist I mean that's one

Painting they won't be able to laund her Monday with had went above and beyond to Um not only call her once a month but You know once they started building a Relationship they've you know he's Wanted to call weekly oh no way this guy I mean he was required to call once a Month but not this guy he calls weekly I Mean when he's when he's not doing his Money laundering painting gig or working For a gas company but never showing up For work and smoking crack he has time To call his his um stripper baby is Stripper crack baby or sometimes a Couple times a week just to talk to her You know she goes into surgery he wants To zoom and talk why she's like 5 years Old why is she going into surgery like She makes it sound like it's a regular Urrent to her you know after he's Calling to check on her at at different Times and and things like that but you You actually did consider taking your Own life at one stage um was that during Sex Without or or shortly Therea yes I would feel that after the Pregnancy Would it be better for my daughter and For Hunter and and everyone else if I Wasn't here you mean that the daughter Would go um be raised by Hunter and the Bidens no it wouldn't be better I don't Know what kind of person you are I don't

Know what kind of mother you are but I Know that daughter being raised by the Bidens would not be better and you know I don't think there's too many Circumstances with I mean financially Sure but God knows what they what she Would undergo with that creepy family And her father would be this Horrible crack addict I mean just Nightmare immoral person because I it Was it seemed like a scandal and a Burden is what is what I felt like at Those times is there any possibility of You appearing as a witness has been Reported you may Do Yes yeah she's not going to um so that's Dallas London stripper New York stripper ALR saw born Hunter B Hunter Biden baby Mama so she wrote a book called out of The Shadows my life inside the wild World of Hunter Biden and she has all The dope on Hunter and so um she'll make Some coin for that book I'm Sure so before we go into the voiceover About Hunter and this thing I want to Show you JoJo magu so this is um June uh Juneth the celebration of the last slave Re state was that it When Texas um stopped when the last save Slave was set free I think and it's Called juneth but it's I think it's Supposed to be wasn't it supposed to be

On the 19th or I'm not sure what date it Is uh but it's Juneth and this is your clueless President right um listening to this Music okay so um check out this dude Over here here and this is douggy fresh Dogey fresh is pretty much the most Uncool person in the world and he's got More Rhythm and more like Zing look at How clueless like he's just staring off We'll go through this a couple Times One I don't want To I don't want to love no no like he is He taking a crap in his pants like What's happened to him like you know Kamla is um pretty uncool herself but She's at least making an effort to Dance I mean even what George W bush did you Ever see him dance is better than just Staring out like this guy's unfit for Anything right like this people should See this video and go okay he can't be President he shouldn't be president now I mean she's loving it cuz she knows Like this guy ain't going to make it Another four Years this got this goofy smile like he Doesn't know what to do he can't dance And he just looks like completely Uncomfortable so like the guy wants to Fist bump him so this guy's trying to Help him out like he knows the guy's Tight as a freaking I he's just like

Glitching out so this guy's throwing him A freaking bone and Joe Biden this so so He goes up like this and this guy thinks He's GNA fist bump and Joe Biden just Does do to touch his face and I thought He did only because of mask but he Actually did before mask he does his Face thing he realiz oh the guy's going To fist bump Me and now my God it's so bad like it's So bad music but like he's just not Getting it right even douge fresh is Making an effort to do some uncool white Dude dancing he's just staring off into Space like like he's just gone like he's Not there like this this should be the End of his political career right this Should be the end of his political Career the guy just can't freaking do it Right I mean he's just a nightmare like Everyone else is dancing having a good Time you knew this was going to happen Because it happened before this guy over Here is you know rocking a dress duy Fresh and you know look at they just did A thing him and K Watch I love nobody But you watch she goes she does her Heart and she did this while she's doing Her thing and she's going to do a heart And say you and they point to each other In retrospect it's just dougy fresh Pointing at her and she's just doing her Own thing you com a knads Harris You um she's been around the block and

You know douge douge fresh is smitten With her and she's like doing her own Thing and so um Like they're like they'd look goofy if This guy wasn't doing this right I mean This guy looks pretty uncomfortable Himself and K sucks at it but like There's just no match for this this Freaking scile mem andf he's just gone And like you can't do this like this is A guy you you roll Grandpa out and Everybody humors him everybody's like oh Yeah you know giving him you know a Little bit of this a little bit of that Like you know make sure he doesn't eat Too much and he doesn't you know I mean He's make sure he doesn't crap his pants Or whatever it is everyone's like hey Grandpa you know it's like freaking hey Jojo hey how are you you know like just Humoring him he's like completely gone So let's go back to the hunter thing now You know he filled out two forms wrong And then he carried a handgun illegally You know there's a guy plexo burus and New York City has like the worst gun Laws I mean they're the strictest plexo Burus brought a handgun in he sucked it In his Sweatpants in a nightclub when he got Drunk he was a famous football player For the Giants and then I think he Played for the Jets afterwards after This you know after he went to prison

And he discharged his illegal firearm It's like he didn't have a license for It it was like some you know whatever it Was he didn't have a right to carry it And just all of it and he fired it he Shot himself in the leg which should Have been punishment enough because you Know he's a professional football player But he did three years in prison I think And maybe he had a maximum of five and He discharged the gun I mean which is More severe than anything Hunter Biden Did and I thought that was excessive Right you know again it's New York City And they have their rules but you know No one else got hurt and you know I mean Maybe probation I mean the guy who shot Himself right like he already was kind Of punished by you know who knows like They don't take that into consideration But hunter Biden you know he only filled Out a couple forms wrong lied about it Purchased a handgun had a handgun Illegally and carried it and so yeah he Deserves the maybe couple years in Prison for that I mean it's it's less Than what Hunter what plexico burus Deserved but you know he's getting 25 Years and Joe Biden is saying he wants To you know back the judicial process Because his whole stick is that Trump Wants to pardon people Trump wants to You know uh ignore the law right he Wants to you know run as a guy who um

Lives and die lives with the these Verdicts right and so he isn't going to Pardon his son and what kind of dad Doesn't pardon pardon his son and he's Going to die right his dad you know he's Biden's going to die and you know the Son I mean they had this Scandal of the Son's laptop which had all these bad Pictures on it and the media and the FBI And even the Trump's justice department You know Bill bur or whatever his name Was um Bill bar I guess and they covered It up they all even a republican covered It up for Hunter and there was all these Bombshell allegations and things in There stories and you know had that Broke there's no way that they could Have claimed that Joe Biden was going to Win the White House but but Trump didn't Even go after him sufficiently in the Debates about it right you know he Called it the laptop from hell but only To his he didn't do it when he was you Know whatever he was I he might have Said it in the debate but he just didn't Do a good job of getting that out there In the debate and of course it turned Out that the laptop was his they never Denied it was his and they started suing People for using the images like a Copyright like these things and so There's all that it's just an absolute Mess right it's been a mess all along And there's no way that Joe didn't

Benefit from Hunters like they wouldn't Have given Hunter this money they they Wouldn't have bought his paintings for Some millions of dollars worth of Already sold like he he was never an Artist and then he was an artist somehow He selling millions of dollars of Paintings right like that's totally Suspect but then he got jobs as a oil as A gas executive in the Ukraine course we Know what's happened in the Ukraine and Joe Biden was on in charge of a billion Dollars of federal money which he Threatened to withhold at the same time His son was working for this company That a prosecutor was going after and Joe Biden say if that prosecutor isn't Fired um we're not going to give you the Billion dollars right and then of course Everything's happened in the the war There in the Ukraine since then and so He had ties with China as well and there Was a business partner Tony balinsky That interviewed with Tucker Carlson and Again this is official story maybe it's All just a show who knows who cares but This is the official story and why would These companies pay this crackhead to Work for them and never show up for work Not even go to the country I mean he Didn't even go to the Ukraine once and He never went to work one day why would They give him money other than they were Getting access or something from Joe

Biden right they were buying access from Joe Biden you know they didn't pay him Millions of dollars in salary and not Get anything from him and it wasn't his Brilliance as you know it wasn't the job He was doing for them so Joe Biden was Involved in that and then Joe Biden has All these properties and you know all These things that he shouldn't have so He's gotten money from somewhere like His earnings that he earned as a senator Vice president and now as president Doesn't account for the three houses he Has and all the other things that all The wealth that he has right and so he's Getting money from he's getting payoffs From somewhere right all these Politicians are and one of the ways was To funnel the money through Hunter and Joe Biden's brother Hunter's uncle and So that's all known and yet he's going To let Hunter languish in jail like for Years when he was benefiting from Hunter's scams right just for political Appearances because he doesn't want to Look like Trump I mean pardon your son You you piece of [ __ ] right like like It's just um like who wouldn't pardon Their kid if they didn't especially if He gets a a sentence of more than five Or 10 years because that's ridiculous Right like maybe you know you can wait a Little while and then commute a sentence But the guy should not go to jail for 25

Years as much as Hunter's a scumbag like You know 25 years is what you get for Manslaughter or murder or something it's Just excessive like these huge big Dollar amounts in these slander cases We'll get to Alex Jones in a moment and So I mean it's just um like it's Absolute mess the whole Thing okay it says gaza's Health Minister says 247 274 Palestinians that's some Dyslexic stuff right there 274 Palestinians were killed in Israeli raid That rescued for hostages so I saw this Raid and they were talking it up on New York Post and all these other places And if they killed this many people to Rescue this many people like you know This many people wasn't all bad guys Right um you Know just saying Biden meets with Zalinsky and Paris apologize in delay For us weapons that let made uh that That let Russia make Gaines you know That war is over I mean it's still it's A punishment to the Ukrainian people at This point U ex-lover of haly tragic Tale exposes the rotten core of the Biden Family Um here it says a very Delaware tragedy Played out in at the um Wilmington Thursday hel b h Biden Justified to the Prosecution at her former lover Hunter

Biden's felony Trial the president's Widow Daughter-in-laws this is I should have Put this earlier the president widowed Daughter-in-law was was supposed to Become the first lady of Delaware May Being the first lady of the United States because of her you know the the Good son right the one that wasn't Hunter that had been groomed B right but Joseph robinet Bo Biden his middle name Was Robinette like they all got weird Names like a couple of them have like Like female names Joseph Robinette Bo Biden III died the Third third there you Mean there was a Joseph Robin at BO Biden the second and first and that Isn't even I guess that's um is that Joe Biden's uh middle name Robinette um maybe died in 2015 of brain Cancer age 46 leaving haly bre and Dashing Joe Biden's dream that his Firstborn Golden Child political hero is Delaware attorney jeda would soar to the Heights that he himself would reach 5 Years later Um she says here about dating Hunter Biden I regret that time it was a Terrible experience I went through and I'm embarrassed and ashamed I regret That time of my life um so she smokes Crack cocaine she testified that it was Hunter introduced her to crack cocaine In 20055 in

2016 soon after they began a romantic Relationship so this is the the thing About his gone she had been clean for 2 Months in October 23d 2018 when she Threw his new cult Cobra handgun in an Open trash can outside the family's Neighborhood Gourmet Grocery Store where Was scooped up by a man Scavenging for Recyclables and went missing for six Days triggering a police operation to Retrieve it and it was across the street From like a high school so now Hunter is Standing trial as consequence with paru Alleging he lied about his drug Addiction on federal background check When he bought the gun do you want me to Relapse hiy asked Hunter as he Remonstrated with her for moving the gun Out of his unlocked truck it was won a Series of text message from Hunter Abandoned the laptop abandoned laptop That was shown to the jury to illustrate The tiation of their relationship for a Long time texted hunter in response so Just to make this clear she asked him do You want me to relapse and he said yes For a long time um he wanted her to Relapse because he's like that right so She was gotten clean you know she's a Mom and you know all these things and She got clean cuz he got her hooked on Crack and then he was you know doing Things that were uh encouraging her to To get back on the crack cuz he's a he's

A good boyfriend like that and a good Brother-in-law you know all those things You know I played a tape conversation Between them it was an argument and it Was um it was bad like he was just he's Just you know I he's a crack addict and He's a Biden and so um you know so that Was her this is the the person here this Is um you know the woman who was dating Hunter Biden after her her her his Brother Died Sandy Hook families accused Alex Jones of erratic Behavior ahead of Bankruptcy hearing and right after that This came out Alex Jones allowed to Liquidate his assets to pay debt in Sandy Hook defamation verdict judge Rules a federal a federal judge Considered the info award found his Request to liquidate his personal assets To help pay off a $15 billion he owes a Defamation verdicts to these families a Federal bankruptcy judgment Friday Granted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Request to convert his bankruptcy filing Into a liquidation of his personal Assets as the infow wars founder edges Closer to losing his Media Company after Defeats and defamation lawsuits two Years ago bankruptcy judge Christopher Lopez of the Southern districts of Texas Ruled that an interm trustee will be Appointed to First help guide the Process from a chapter 11 bankruptcy

Filing in a chapter 7 liquidation which Permits the trustee to oversee and sell Jones assets Jones lawyers lawyer Vicky Driver told Lopez that there is money That can then go to the truste in the Form of the sale of Jones's $2.8 million Texas ranch in a filing head of Friday's Hearing families of the victim of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting had Urged Lopez to install a permanent Trustee who can save Safeguard assets And further prevent Further uh value destruction as Jones Must pay off a hefty debt he owes them In defamation verdicts the families in The filing also accused Jones of erratic Behavior over the past weeks noting Comments he made on his show which I'll Show you claiming he has no assets other Than the money he can make from selling Nutritional supplements he has Specifically told his listeners to Continue buying the products from a Website affiliate with his father David Jones a dentist who is known as Dr Jones According to the fining now now I can Show you that piece because I have it as A meme because I mocked him about it and The fames accused Jones of trying to Divert assets from Media Company Free Speech systems to support his future Business operations instead Jones Flagrant and repeated attempts to funnel Property of the ff's FSS estate to his

Unaffiliated entity owned by his father While using the Infowars brand name and Infrastructure to do so is intentionally Value Destruction and so um families who Su Jones W in lawsuits in Connecticut and Texas and were collectively awarded 1.5 Billion in Damages after they claimed he Defamed them and inflicted emotional Distress by repeatedly suggesting on his Show that the Sandy Hook black cir was a Hoax a gunman killed 20 first grade Children and six adults at the school in Newton Connecticut on December 14 2012 At his trial in Texas in 2020 Jones Generally blamed corporate media for Twisting his words and Mis portraying Him but didn't specify how Jones has has Filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy Protection that year a move that lawyers For the plaintiffs criticizes a mover to Avoid payment paying the debt a judge Rulle that last year that Jones who had Said in court document that he has about 9 million in personal assets can't use Bankruptcy to wipe out the legal Judgments Um so you know this goes on from there Um let me show you the clip here of what He said will buy a goddamn tube of Toothpaste or a a a or incredible Products we've got go to drjones Naturals.com I'm not bitching I'm like You want a revolution man you want

Victory you want [ __ ] war against [ __ ] Terr you fing got people that are To fight man I mean I I'm completely War Driven against these people my earpiece Out I am completely only 1% of my Viewers are willing to buy my products You want effing War you want to fight These this terrist you want to fight Them these eers you want to fight them You got to buy my products buy my MF and Products buy those products I need those Products sold knocked out my freaking Air piece I hit my head so hard trying To sell my products I mean fight tyranny So yeah I didn't talk about this when I Made the video but I knew he was going To get in trouble for this because he is Now running a shill corporation with his Dad where he's going to sell his crappy Products through his dad and you know He'll somehow you know whatever reap the Benefits of that his dad will and he's Advertising it on his promoting it on His platform and I knew they'd have a Problem with that right cuz you know Like he's doing it publicly You know like there's all this stuff That he does that just makes no sense Because you know it's I mean other than Him being a shill it just makes the Situation worse right of course they're Going to call him out on that like so There's that so this goes along with the Hunter Biden going to jail for 25 years

And again he hasn't been sentenced yet But there seems to be these Over-the-top uh Awards in these Defamation suits defamation lawsuits you Know trump it was 92 million for that Woman that he allegedly defamed and Rudy Guliani Was 148 for defaming a Georgia election Worker right $148 million in Damages now Rudy gulani has already kind of broke Trump didn't pay up he doesn't have Close to that kind of money Trump is the Only one who has the amount of resources To pay the The suit now for Trump the woman accus He he accused um accused him of aring Her right we all know about that and you Know the story seemed to be fabricated And it came out there's all this stuff About it in terms of Trumper story and You know the people that you know are on Trump's side but Trump was never Convicted of the crime and so what he Said about her may or may not even be True because you know Trump isn't Considered guilty in what happened right Um in fact he was I think he was ruled Innocent but she won the civil suit Against him for defamation for $92 Million and that's an extreme judgment And because just the things that he said Now Rudy gulani said that this woman Ruby Freeman and um wandra Shay Moss were cheating in the election and

Apparently they weren't so that was you Know I I don't know I know familiar with The you know apparently that's what They're ruling that they weren't right But he accused them of uh you know being Uh uh being you know doing Shady things With the voting system right Now 148 million for that now let's go to The Alex Jones thing $1.5 Billion and so what Alex Jones did was He called these people crisis actors and Said that the thing was hoax and all These things which lots of people Believed and said right and so um but Alex Jones doing it somehow was worse Than everybody else saying it right like How many people said the exact same Thing I saw many videos and you know I Didn't like commenting on the thing Because if it was true whatever happened Right whatever we believed about these Events that happened if these events Were true you know if they were what They said they were then you look like a Horrible person um by saying things About it right and to people who believe They were true you came off as just you Know insensitive I just thought it was a Bad look for the truth Community because You know I I mean it's just something Where you know how you appear to other People how the truth of community appear To other people by calling people crisis Actors and things that are you know

Viewed by many people as um horrific Victims I mean they've lost children Right and so it's pretty Savage to say Those things and especially if you don't Have the proof or whatever it is right But in terms of it being worth 1.5 billion dollar in Damages and so Like when you're talking about a Defamation suit it's usually it's like Let's say somebody makes something up About a famous actor and this happens All the time in the internet like people Slander people all the time like think About all the people that have called Tom Hanks aedo right and so let's say Tom Hanks was cancelled for these Accusations somebody made accusations Against Tom Hanks that turned out to be Covered by mainstream media and it was Believed and so then Tom Hanks lost $60 Million in future uh movie deals right Things like that happened to Alec Baldwin for example right Alec Baldwin Had so many you know projects lined up Of course he's sort of a hasb been but If you lost money because you you're Canceled for something and it turns out It was it wasn't true the accusations And things that were said about you Weren't true and you were hurt Financially you might recruit some of That money in a judgment but the person You're suing has to have that money or It's it's useless to I mean to

To tag somebody with $1.5 billion is Ridiculous right and so in terms of These people these Sandy Hook people you Know their kids I mean in terms of the Official story were killed and what's Worse than that right like certainly not These words from Alex Jones not these Accusations and so maybe it's worth a Couple hundred, dollar per people to per Person you know whatever it might be Something reasonable that Alex Jones Could could Pony up right um and of Course Alex Jones is a shill so none of The stuff's believable because he put on A ridiculous defense and he did all These types of things that were you know Um that just made it worse right and you Know in his divorce hearings because he Went through a divorce that was very Contentious and his ex-wife came out and Said all these things and he his lawyer Said that he was a performance artist Which he is you know Alex Jones has all These things you I didn't mention in the Video that people think that he got Chris Cooper killed I think this guy's Name is Chris Cooper Chris Cooper was Being arrested for something federal Charges and he was you know he he had a Shootout with I you know I don't know I'm not all that familiar with the guy But people say that Alex Jones stole his Whole Persona and that was a guy who was In Texas and you know you know kind of a

Truther or whatever it is but Alex Jones Is of course we know is a known Controlled asset in a shill but it's an Extreme judg Like it should be something that you Know you pulled up that should be Appealed and you know instead of paying Or agreeing to something like that right $ 1.5 billion dollar Alex Jones should Fight this thing and make a reasonable Judgment because let's say Alex Jones is Actually guilty of some sort of Defamation you know what's the damages That are done to those families like What's you know the people that live They live in Connecticut like how many People in Believe Alex Jones you how many people Have are believing in this you know or They're saying that people harassed them Right but exactly what is the damages You know how have they suffered how is Their suffering worth 1.5 uh you know billion dollars when They've lost children like when you lose Children you don't care about anything Else right like nothing that somebody Says is going to be as bad as losing Your child and so I mean it's it's an Extraordinary rule And the guy doesn't have the money and It isn't like those people lost out on Jobs you know how were they hurt how was Alex Jones words hurt them like what

About Alex Jones what they said affect Them negatively right in terms of They're losing the availability what Money do they lose out on like I said You know so this is what like these Defamation suits are about like how how They actually hurt somebody not that They hurt the family not they hurt their Feelings Like psychological suffering you know Psychological suffering is worth so much Right you know when a wrongful death Suit only is worth a million dollars or $500,000 a person's life is only worth a Million dollars or $10 million or Whatever they decide it's worth right It's also your ability to earn and you Know your all these things to the people That are left you know if somebody's is Has a potential to earn you know $50 Million and somebody you know kills them Well maybe you can sue them for that $50 Million but do they have $50 million to Pay you how are you going to rec recruit That money and so like it's just an Extraordinary judgment and Alex Jones Has played along with it and he said all This goofy stuff on his show and he was Saying saying these things about his you Know his dad and so the whole thing is Just um I mean it's just a shill fist Right Rudy gulani $148 million for Saying that these you know workers um You know hid some ballots or whatever

You know mishandled ballots or whatever He said like just too much money right It's it's stupid like no one would think That's a reasonable uh amount of money And it shouldn't stand up in court Because if you're going to sue people For you know saying something about you On the internet let's say everybody who Has somebody slander them on the Internet now gets one one point you know Gets a billion do or100 million like the Internet's full of slander right you Know like everybody and full of broke Ass people slandering people right and So like the whole thing is silly the Whole thing you know like it's not a Real this didn't happen in real life Like you know no court would rule Something like this it has to be Something that's appropriate to you know You can't just make it punitive and make It over the top and then Alex Jones Going along with this and then playing The victim and doing all these things I Mean it's just an absolute Mess okay so this is from CNN Alex Jones forced to liquidate assets And pay families of Sandy Hook victims It was Alex Jones idea for no I you know Again I don't know the intricacies of The whole thing but there's no such Thing as dead or prison which I'll talk About later right the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a mass

Shooting that occurred on December 14 2012 Newton Connecticut United States When 20-year-old Adam lonza shot and Killed 25 people 20 of the victims were Children between six and 7 years old and The other other six were adults and Staff members so they've put this under What they consider or what they call About authoritative news because Alex Jones is being Alex Jones outside the Court room very briefly for CNN so this Is Jake tappers today a major step Towards the families of Sandy Hook Victims finally getting at least some of The money legally owed to them by Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones a judge clearing the see that you Can call someone right-wing consp Theorist right as a news person like That isn't slander like that isn't you Know um like the whole term conspiracy Theorist is okay to say to people Because it Represents like a you know the way the Mainstream media and many politicians And I mean so many people say conspiracy Theorists it's like you're a scum of the Earth right because you believe that People conspire and again I'm not Protecting Alex Jones he's a piece of Poop Alex Jones sucks he's hurt all of Us and he's a shill and he's just the Worst of the worst but to call somebody That right because this is what we're

Talking about slander we're talking About is slandering people we're talking About protected groups we're talking About people you know who are protected On YouTube right the Sandy Hook victims Are protected on YouTube they're Protected in social media and conspiracy Theorist you can say anything about Conspiracy theorist or an antivaxer or Somebody right it's the same behavior in Fact even worse you're a demonizing Group of people this is the way they've Chosen to handle all of these you know Anybody going against the official Story the way and Alex Jones has helped Them by sucking right and being a shell And you know being a part of it Jones to Liquidate his assets Jones owes more Than more than nearly $1.5 billion doar After being found liable for defaming Sandy Hook family spreading lies about The 2012 Massacre on his Infowars media Platform claiming the shooting was Staged which it was not and families and First Responders were crisis actors Which they were not why do you have to Say that it was staged which it was they Were not and crisis act why do you have To say that right like is that how Stupid you think your audience is that They all believe what you believe right You know Like just listen to that again it's Bizarre to say that as a reporter like

This is how bad CNN is 12 Massacre on His info wars media platform claiming The shooting was staged which it was not And families in First Responders were Crisis actors which they were not those Families were subsequently harassed by Some deranged fans of Alex Jones Personal information doxed online the Situation so bad one family forced to Move as CNN's hadass gold report so That's worth 1 Point5 billion Right you understand like what what he's Saying the the outcome was like Alex Jones stupid fans are saying again maybe Not even his fans because this was said By so many people in the truth Community Said the same thing even they went in Much harder than Alex Jones and he Wasn't the first and so why did they Pick him well because he's a shill right Because you know this is I mean it's all About them controlling the whole thing With an extraordinary judgment against Him right I mean those people who harass the People should be punished either you Know legally or criminally you you Shouldn't harass people I've said over And over again like it's not you don't Have to do anything to the system right The system is collapsing on its own you Don't have to do anything to it and so You shouldn't harass people like it's

Just bad and online any of this stuff You know leaving hostile comments that's Why I read hostile comments all the time People harassing me right and so like Not that I'm a victim but like you know You're going to get it like you're going To you know I mean if you say things Like that whatever it is harassing Things unnecessary things which I'm get Into when I read comments later right Like it's you deserve whatever you get Right because there's no reason to say Things like that to people it's all About belief Wars like you can't change People's belief so why are you even you Know people want to debate people want To you know this guy whining that I Wouldn't uh allow him to leave critiques Of my videos and like he wrote this long Winding critique of that like it you Know leaving the channel and then one Post another comment on another channel In the same whiny little Way like it just doesn't work you want To dump on other people everyone wants To dump on somebody else right and so That's you know that is whatever it is But it isn't worth 1.5 billion dollars Right like it's silly The financial situation for Jones likely Means the end of his media empire built On Lies the Alex Jones's Infowars Conspiracy Empire facing its final dat

Conspiracy Empire this is probably the end of Info Wars here very very soon a bankruptcy Judge in Houston has approved the Liquidation of Jones's personal assets While also considering liquidating the Parent company of his notorious media Brand all to help pay nearly $1.5 Billion settlement he owes the Sandy Hook families boy they look very sad Over there very sad why are they so sad When they're about to get $1.5 Billion $120 million Jones was found Liable for defamation and emotional Distress for his lies about the M Emotional distress Now the emotional distress I mean I the Defamation is you know there standards There precedents for what defamation Does like I said said before you know There's standards for it emotional Distress also like how much is my Emotional distress Worth right and so There were people who covered this all The time there were people I watch Videos when this was going on right Those videos are all gone a lot of those People aren't making videos anymore but They said all these horrible things About these people right you know I mean Worse than Alex Jones did and it was you Know kind of widely accepted the truth Community that was believed about these Things right um and Alex Jones said a

Few things here and there you know after The fact like it wasn't his you know I Don't know how much like all the things That I've seen that they've showed clips Of him saying are mild compared to other Things that were being said a lot of the People who were talking about this did Not like Alex Jones and were not fans of His and you know it was just this Consensus about this event right and the Other events that followed and there was Evidence presented and all these things Right And you know this um it was more than Just Alex Jones right it was what the Truth Community believed and what you Believe about something and what you say About something when it's your opinion Again you know I mean it's limited to What you could call something slander Right and just the way the internet is Like the internet is full of people's Opinions about other people right and so You know these are um I mean it's just Like a a huge settlement for something That the whole internet is this right Was like the the stuff that they're Saying Alex Jones did Massacre that left 21 graders and six Educators dead in 2012 in the wake of the New Town Connecticut shooting Jones told his Audience the massacre was a so-called False flag operation staged by the Government and that The Grieving parents

Were actors an attorney for some of the Family you made it sound like that's the Worst thing it could ever say about People you know people all are liars and Actors people fake things fake emotions Right say things that are untrue right Every person's lying out there people Lie that's why people conspire people do Things you know it's not like this is Unheard of right you know it isn't like There's there's a term called false flag Is like that's not something that exists You you can be wrong about it and you Know but again oh I mean it's it's very Mild right compared to all the stuff That's said about people you the world Right says this ruling will likely take Away Jones's main megaphone and that's What I expect to happen INF for Wars Okay so you know all this stuff here um Then this was here this is something Called Court TV we were expecting that He was going to take the stand today in Connecticut uh the defense decided Strategically not to put him back on the Stand they're going to wait to bring him Back um during their case in Chief so he Left the the courtroom but he didn't Leave the courthouse property he's Standing outside as he has been doing Throughout this proceeding and talking To the media let's go and check in so This is basically as rigged as you can Get and they also keep accusing me of

Making money off Sandy Hook I don't make Money off of any of the stories we cover We have the show we do then we have ads That air just like any other show on Radio or TV or cable that's a fraud this Law Firm Dem R party high-powered Ambulance chasing Law Firm Chris Manny And the rest of them know that they just Got a $73 million settlement with Remington they've won a bunch of other Big losses so apparently they won with Remington the gun M Manufacturer um so like this is you know Uh this is these these shootings end up Being big money then if that's the case Now again I don't know because Alex Jones sucks I'm not going to look it up I don't care but I said this before If you're going to sue people for you Know the these events well the gun Manufacturers were totally be sued and There's protection for them now why Would you know Remington we can look This up it's a $73 million settlement Right and so if you're saying the gun is Responsible like this is a whole debate Right amongst gun owning people if You're saying the gun is responsible People kill people guns don't kill People right guns kill people people Don't kill people I don't know what the The opposite of that is but if you're Saying the gun the gun manufacturer is Responsible then every time somebody is

Shot the gun company should be sued and There' be no more gun companies right so $73 million lawsuit and so what they're Saying is the gun that killed these Children I mean that's the official Story that's their story the gun that Killed these children is responsible for $73 Million of Damages 25 children you know The parents grieving parents all of it Right emotional suffering all the things That are enti to that wrongful death That the gun is gun manufacturer is Responsible for that and so like I don't Know the int intricacies of the case and All those things but that's what they're Saying and so $73 million is a lot less Than $1.5 billion that Alex Jones said Three or four things he's a you know a Performance artist and he's goofy you Know and again he's a shill so he went Along with it and he played into this Thing he leaned into it and still Playing the victim and still you know Doing damage to the truth Community as He spews out his goofiness right but you Know the difference between the physical Act of the kids getting killed is worth 73 million and that's an extraordinarily High judgment right I don't know what That is per kid 25 times you know that's Like $3 million per kid and so um a Little less than that and so they're Attributing the loss of life and they're

Saying the gun manufacturer is Responsible for what percentage right Because that kid was on psychological Meds did they sue big Pharma you know The official story that guy was a you Know was a psych patient right um and so Like it's known so they say here Adam Lanza did take anti-depressants and Anti-ag Anti- anxiety medication for a short Time in 2007 we know a lot of these Violent acts School uh this is from Yale The Yale new school shooter R treated at Yale uh treated at Yale which is right By the place right um and Yale is just Very controversial to stuff they do and A pre prescription of Celexa a common Anti-depressant so so fatigue lack of Energy or sleepiness digestive issues And these are just their mild symptoms Insomnia trouble sleeping which causes Mental breakdown right insomnia is Really you know prevalent when people Make bad decisions right when you just Think about being tired all the time and Not getting enough sleep but those of You who suffered insomnia no anxiety or Feeling Agitated suicidal thinking Behavior Symptoms include thoughts of harming Yourself worsening depression and Anxiety feeling agitated irritable Easily upset or frustrated Aggressiveness behaviors or feelings

That you're that aren't normal for you So then all these bad withdrawal Symptoms right um brain fog you know so All these things could contributing Factors so let's say you say um zelexa The company they made that Pharmaceutical that played a role and it You know they would say those things Play a role in all these things how many People are on medic ation or some kind Of you know alcohol and drugs and make Bad Decisions when they're you know think About all the bad decisions that are Made when people are on these kind of Drugs and the side effects and so Remington 73 million how much is Alexa Responsible for in terms of the deaths Of these kids right you know the Official story and so if you're going to Break down blame you can't blame it all On the gun because you have to also Blame it on yeah what about Yale University and the psychiatrists that Are treating some kid you know and he's On Medications that are you know causing Him to have this potential Behavior Right and so you know if you think about All the different factors involved it's Really hard to attribute blame but even With that whatever they they were going To say was wrongful death the cause of The people the kids dying that's far

Less than the $ 1.5 billion dollars that This Schmo is you know this shill is you Allegedly having to pay right the whole Thing is Ridiculous suits for these families and I would imagine in 30 years this Law Firm will be suing people with the Sandy Hook families I mean somebody their Great great grandchildren may be suing People over this they have sued Basically dozens and dozens of different Organizations and groups and it never Never ends when the real person that Killed the children was Adam Lanza People don't know ad Adam Lanza most People don't know Adam Lanza when people Walk up to me and say you shouldn't be Cover Sandy Hook I haven't talked about It in years I I've said it happen years Ago apologize four or five years ago They say stop why did you do that why Did you apologize you know he said all These things were false Flags again why did he reverse his like His defense was not he you know he Didn't do something wrong like he had The right to question something it was That he stopped talking about it and he Didn't care about it and you know these Other things right stop talking about it Stop making money on it it's not me Making money they made $73 million off Of this and now they've got these huge Judgments in Texas against me it's

Absolutely Preposterous quick how do you feel about Your testimony yesterday if you feel Like sharing that with us well the main Reason I'm not okay so this is Alex Jones you know doing more damage because Of the just the way he is and you know All of it right the you know the anatomy Of a shill in America there's no such Thing as dead or prison and so you can't Have these extraordinary rulings and Basically [ __ ] people and say the Damages are so extreme that you can Never make money again right because he Has no incentive to to pay it or or do Whatever they can move money around you I mean whatever they end up doing to Delay the payment I mean it's just you Know no one would think this is a Reasonable settlement right and so he Has to go along with it to whatever he's Doing to make it work like he has to be Like a a part of it which we already Know he's a part of it for all the other Stuff he's done and then it's you know All these extraordinary other things That have happened with Trump and Rudy Gulani and even the hunter Biden you Know 25 years for nobody getting hurt Right bad decisions like he got lucky You know Trump uh Hunter Biden got lucky Because someone should have got hurt but They didn't I mean people did get hurt From his track his crack use and things

Like this but terms of his gun issues 25 Years and again I don't know how many Years he's going to get but that's what You know that's the Maximum and you know I mean it's Extraordinary and all these things Involve guns like at least the Alex Jones thing and the hunter Biden thing But it's just you know the whole thing's Bizarre all right let's get into the Trumpy Evangelical stuff here okay so This is Margery Taylor green and you Know she's really stupid and she says Stupid stuff it's kind of her thing Right she said something stupid here This probably the stupidest thing she Said down here it says Dr Phil says Tik Tock banned his promo video with President Trump um I want to get to Dr Phil's video like I have it somewhere His interview with Trump and Trump says This is like a therapy session it's bad I saw just a little bit of it and I've Been waiting to cover it but um you know I've had other things that are more Pressing but I'm not going to cover it In this you know I'm going to probably Cover it next time because that's a Totally separate thing but here she says This the Democrats and the Fate news Media want to constantly talk about oh President Trump is a convicted felon Well you want to know Something the man that I worship is also

A convicted felon Wo and he was murdered on a Roman cross Boom uh Jesus was also so her position Is convicted felons are poly saintly People she's comparing Trump to Jesus And calling Jesus a convicted felon um You know I don't think they had felonies In ancient Rome but you know you get her Point There um but this was something that I Had seen you know I saw I was eating Breakfast or something I turned maybe Over the weekend before this came out And there was a news report which I Can't find You know there's other things like it Where these Evangelical pastors are Comparing Trump to Jesus and really Propping them up right um let me just go Through some of this other stuff here Jesus is their savior Trump is their Candidate Jesus is an Evangelical Savior And Trump is our candidate blasphemy of Comparing Trump to Jesus comparing Trump To Jesus and why some evangelicals do it Uh the biblically story of wri uses Defend Trump these things the pious one Trump here's the Time magazine article Blasphemy of comparing Trump to Jesus Christ and this is happening Jesus Is My Savior Trump is my president this is Their saying and it's a great talking Point but we live our life that way we Believe in the Bible we work hard we

Pray we go to church and I try to Instill those values in my children and Uh president Trump definitely has our Full Support uh Trump has essentially made What is known in Evangelical circles um He's kind of borrowed this logic of Substitutionary atonement and the idea Behind substitutionary atonement is uh You know that Jesus died for your sins And Trump has actually borrowed that Language lately we've seen him saying uh I'm being indicted for you will witness The commencement of the very first Biden Trial there were all Biden trials you Know that right yep I'm proud to do it For you there's virtually no debate this Time about whether Trump is an Appropriate candidate for someone who Claims to be Christian someone who Claims to Value morality and character And all the kinds of things that white Evangelicals have always said they Value my faith in Jesus is very Important and I know there's a leader Donald J Trump who was already president Who did a great job when he was in Office who's coming back and will Reinstate those values will rein exactly He was such a Christian like Trump is Not a Christian and he does not believe In God and I saw Trump before he was a Presidential candidate and since then And there's nothing that he said that

Would indicate and there's nothing that He's done that he even believes in God Right I'll show you some other things You know they they cover this in Morning Joe he's not a Godly person Ain Godliness and the office and in our Country uh I follow Donald Trump's Campaign all across the United States we Sell merchandise the God Guns and Trump That's probably one of my best selling Shirts and has been for the last just a Great shirt God's gun to Trump why not You know cuz God wanted guns God wants Trump and you want the T-shirt right so There's that everybody went against him Because he was preaching love and and Doing what was right for the people and Trump's doing what's right for this Nation and because he's doing that Everybody is against him is that a pol Is everybody or just some people in Power and some you know like he's got a Lot of support too Rally or all right so They have these videos right and these Christians they had actually some Preachers like I said I don't I can't Find that show but you get it Right was his reaction he was asked What's your relationship with a God he Said uh I do good with evangelicals Asked about his prayer life he says uh People come to him and say sir I pray For You every night yeah proving an

Extraordinary ability to sound clueless After all these years so your guy you Know I showed you Joe Biden at the Juneth celebration dancing Joe Biden Like is you know the human version of Clueless like if clueless was a human It's Joe Biden right the guy is pooping His diapers he's I mean staring he's Just gone and so you know Trump is Clueless in his way but not as bad as Biden like you can't use the word cless If you're supporting if CL being Clueless is something that you're Against then you can't support Biden Right on the most basic questions of Faith and what's your relationship with God and talk about your prayer life for Two of the most basic Questions uh join us now Now NBC News National Affairs analyst John Hilman He's a partner and chief political Columnist at Pac I know he and his Former partner Mark halin also asked Donald Trump some questions about faith In 2016 boom New Testament or Old Testament And his answer was both what's your Favorite Bible verse equal equal what's Your favorite Bible verse Oh I don't I Don't want to talk and David Brook and CBN asked him if God's forgiven him and He said well I don't pray to God for for Forgiveness so you know I mean these are As bad as Gumby Joe is you know this is

An accurate description of Trump's Relationship with God that he is Pandering to Christians if you're a Christian and you think Trump's a Christian I mean come on like you know I Mean if you're God you know if you're a God person if you're a person that puts Any effort into a relationship with God You got to see that Trump isn't that Neither is Biden these are they whatever No matter what they say and Trump sucks At talking about it you know Trump Hawking a Bible is like Blasphemous They're not godly people so these guys Show Marjorie Taylor green here we're Here in Sunset Park to worship and bring Back the greatest president we've ever Known in to worship and bring back the Greatest president Our Generation so what do you think when you Hear rhetoric like That I don't even know what to think John I mean look I I I'm not going to Speak for the American people but I Think that rhetoric speaks for itself And okay your voice is horrible you guys Are just appalling like you're Repulsive you know Trump is too arrogant And too I mean he's just the kind of guy That he is he does not believe in God And he doesn't pray I mean maybe in some Desperate moment like everybody else you Know some desperate situation and then People acknowledge a higher power

Because they're freaked out and they Pray or whatever but Trump is not a Religious or spiritual person and he's a Narcissistic prick and he's done so much Damage you know during his presidency to All these things in ter and he's you Know person without values and bang in Poorn stars and she's not his wife and You know he's just a scumbag right and He always was cheating poor people Cheating hardworking people out of money Vendors and people screwing them on Deals I mean this is what Trump's known For and that's who he is and he's you Know Hoodwinked all these people who Really believe in Trump and are Passionate about him because they're all Kind of desperate because America is you Know going into a more and more demonic State and there's no solution for it and They're hoping that someone will come Along and save it and the Trump has sold It to them and they are you know willing To buy anything if they're willing to Buy Trump as a spiritual person and Compare him to Jesus he's just not like He's just not there and you know just Shows you what's wrong with everything Like just you know Trump being compared To Jesus is like everything that's wrong With everything in the world um so let Me uh I want to go to some comments Here okay so I got a few comments I want To get to one has to do with my channel

And it's a comment from the YouTube uh YouTuber really graceful who um you know I you I don't watch other truthers and You know I've talked about this I don't Want to talk about here again you know Just that I want to have original Thought but I'm glad that there's other Truths out there because there has to be Lots of them right you know it's a it's A kind of a a movement that's not Together and you know I asked all my Audience members to recommend Channels that I could run ads on that You know share a similar audience and Really Graceful and Jimmy door and a few others Were the number One um Recommendation you know my wife watches Really great so I see you know a couple Of her videos and her videos are you Know different I think she makes like Weekly videos um you know a different Kind of Channel but maybe similar point Of view and she wrote remember when you Could actually get a real I'll be a Totally hostile person on the phone at YouTube like eight years ago if you had 100,000 subscribers they don't want us Here 200 per 100,000 views $200 per 100,000 views meanwhile if you do Something AR generated short promotes The uh the brain rot your uh promise Paid and this is the part um that I

Wanted to talk about uh I'm only 30 Minutes into your video so maybe you Offer some other option to the to this Place but Rumble is kind of a joke and Twitter had a lot of application limbo For almost a year us us in application Limbo for almost a year trying to get a Subscription feature and so um her Saying that like I'm not a an innovator Technologically you know I'm old and I Don't like you know change it I just Like to make content like I'm not going To crack the code on a new platform like You know people recommend platforms to Me and I check them out and see if um It's something that can work for me and Rumble just you know rumble's more for Right-wing people right Rumble is you Know whatever it is and it's you know I'll get 200 views for a video even if They're monetized it's no money and so You know I have to figure out where I'm Going to go or what I'm going to do if I Go to a subscription based model where People have to pay for the Videos um you know it's it's something Where like I I don't see a a solution Right now for that and I you know it's Not something I'm going to invent it's Not something that I'm going to you know I'm going to come up with the the best One like I just have to see what other People do um and I don't really know Like I you know I don't know where

People are going you know Rumble isn't You know I'm an odd kind of a person in The truth Community because I'm not Right-wing I'm not a Christian right I'm Not you know a lot of those things so You know that's the ma majority of the People in the truth Community now and I'm not a liberal certainly you know I Have views with both of these things Doing the meditation you know I have a Lot of things that bum people out you Know in the truth Community that's not Like them and it works on YouTube Because there's a vast amount of people Who can possibly you know people like me You know there's not so many people like Me right like I'm a I'm a you know a Minority in the truth Community I Represent you know my My Views the People who are mostly closely associated With My Views probably makes up about One or two% of the truth community and So there's things that people like about Me you know the humor part there's People like the comedy there's people Who are really you know into the Spiritual stuff but again it represents A small percentage of the truths Community and the farther I sort of Evolve in my thinking about it all you Know it all being Just an Illusion and It's just all the system collapsing Regardless of what we say you know it Just becomes more and more unpopular

What I'm saying people don't either Understand it or it offends them or they You know whatever and so there's no Platform like as you get into specific Platforms like when you leave YouTube Which is the big one right and then you Get into specific platforms you know There's the other big ones like Tik Tok Which you know you can't get compensated For your work Twitter you know can't Post long videos they have long form Videos for people like Don Lemons but I Don't even know how you get that I guess You have to you know work for this Subscription model that really graceful Is talking about like I don't even know That I don't even know how to do that Like I don't know anything about those Things right and so the big one instag Like that's um not not appropriate you Know Tik tok's more for young people People and it's you know doesn't feature This kind of content and so when you get Away from YouTube you would have these Specific video platforms you know some Of them like twitch and things my son Talks to me about like I don't even know Them but they're all specic they're all Specified to certain um you know points Of view certain Demographics and that's not going to Work for me because like I need as vast Sort of a a big tent as possible Of people who you know are like me on a

Spiritual level resonate with the Spiritual message they feel the energy They you know there's something here for Them and it's a small percentage small Percentage of people do the Sark system One out of 40 people who tried it you Know this is back you know back in the Day when I first started it was one in 40 40 people would start one to get one Good person to stay you know who would Who would get with it and those 40 People who' start were usual who would Try the meditation most people aren't Interested right just to you know those 40 people were 40 people out you know One person out of out of you know maybe 300 or a thousand or something that Heard about this meditation would even Try it right would even attempt it maybe One out of 10,000 so you know in terms Of my point of view the kind of person I Am the energy that I resonate and all of It you know and I'm not a you know I Don't try to be likable you know I guess A little bit I do you know I sell myself A little bit here um but I'm just not Good at I'm not good socially you know I'm not a Rah R person I'm not you know I'm not going to tell you what you want To hear you know all these things and so There isn't a platform that really Speaks to my audience in me and it's Just you know unless I just go to a Subscription based model and that's just

You know for for financial reasons and Then I just have the audience I have Until you know that just wears out or Whatever like I so those are the you Know the options right now is I Contemplate my future with YouTube There's another conversation I want to Get to it's kind of hilarious with two Different people one claiming not to be A bot both emailing me during the same Conversation one called Christian and The other called Mary and Mary keeps on showing up and Saying I'm filling in for Christian but I write back to her and Christian Responds and so it's like they're bot And Christian say he's not a bot it's a Whole hilarious thing and so you know I Want to cover more of that um you know The whole thing is kind of goofy kind of Funny and so the next piece to this is The next comment here was um a person Here I got to make these bigger my eyes Are not good Today in general I have to make it Bigger because I'm old AI bot says YouTube does not Gaslight a shadow ban But truther is not welcome so to that um Video which is the same vi video really Graceful reply to Wow I used to listen to your Channel um so this person has um a kind Of a weird name that would indicate that They were

African-American um wow I used to listen To your channel you were always telling Your truth which is a Hal truth and a Whole Lie um you know and I'm reading this Comment for what I said earlier there's No reason for a comment like this Because some people like my content and Some people don't and you're welcome to Not like it you know you're welcome to Talk about it on your thing or whatever But why ain't to tell me about it like Burden me with your opinion that I'm not Interested I'm not asking for your Opinion about my content I'm not looking For feedback you know some people are And I you know if I'm not you know Begging people for compliments or you Know if you feel like like I've helped You and you want to leave a comment That's great I appreciate you want to Open your heart and feel like you know There's Express something some gratitude Because I'm a big gratitude person you Know I always think gratitude is good But if anything else don't bother right Because like I'm just going to do what I'm going to do here until I can't do it Anymore right and you know I'm changing And evolving on my own and so your Critique isn't you know your opinion Doesn't affect me especially when your Opinion comes from a level of of lower Understanding like you don't have the

Capacity to understand what I do here Right and you know th most of these Comments come from that like a complete Misunderstanding of me and the channel So you says you were always telling your Truth which is a half truth and a whole Lie rarely did you address the Transatlantic trade or how your Forefathers got the land from the Original copper color people okay so a Couple of things here um I don't even Know what the transic trade is so I Never address it like I don't you know That's not what I cover here I cover a Lot and I can't cover everything and I You know I talk about the system being You know the whole system's corrupt and The whole whatever it is um but this Part your uh and how your forefathers Got the land of the original coppered People see this is a problem that you Have with a lot of these people not you Know it's not all African-American People that lump all white people like White people don't get along with each Other but my forefathers did not acquire The land from the original copper Colored people my grandparents all Immigrated here after you know late you Know in in the 1900s my grandfather came from Germany Which wasn't respons responsible for you Know it was England France and Spain That conquered the Native American

People right um and there's a couple There's a funny kind of part of this too But first of all this is a false Statement this part where he says Um Uh the transatlantic train how your Forefathers no they're not my Forefathers right and it might be your Forefathers because if you're an African-American person with light skin It's more than likely that the people Who were so-called colonizers that are Called Colonizers were um you know my ancestors There wasn't you there wasn't colonizers In Germany Ireland wasn't colonizers they Worked there's Irish people that were Part of the British you know some of the Irish people were um indentured servants Which was just another form of slavery Right and so the Irish people were Conquered by the British people and so Again I don't not that I identify with Any of these things cuz I barely you Know I don't have much contact with my Um with my ancestors and albanians were You know Albania is one of the poorest Countries that's constantly getting Invaded and the government I mean Albania is just a mess the little I know Of it and Albanian people are somewhat Dark skinned and Sicilian people are Certainly dark skinned and I am coppered

Colored like right now I'm literally Copper colored you know there was this Old guy down the street for me my wife And I pass him and he rides a lawn mower He mows the lawn of a church nearby I Think he mows other people's Lawns and I Think his health is failed because we Don't see him this year as much and he Sits outside and gets Tan and he's a white guy that we've Called Mr Brown because he's you know Got brown skin and he's really always Working recognized tan and I always have A good tan like I always feel better When I'm tan because of the vitamin D Factor and I certainly look better but Like you know I mean as much as I care About that and so my wife was teasing me About me and Mr Brown being a Competition and like we're in this Competition without him knowing about It and you know he's he's on Hard Times Like he's really old like he's hunched Over he's on the lawnmower like he's Like 90 or something but the thing is When you talk about people as a group Like you know all white people are Colonizers well that's not true there's Many European countries and people from Different ethnicities and people are all Different and you know for people who Complain about being marginalized and Viewed as a whole like that's something That comes out of the you know the the

People in the African-American community That complain about these things right You don't want to start doing that with Other groups of people and for me like I Don't fit in with almost anybody there's A small percentage of people who I Resonate with and people who you know There's people like me in every Demographic and you know people who Really get that what I do here and you Know see beyond the The Superficial Stuff and this you know for the Spiritual messages and the feel the Energy and whatever it's a small Percentage of people and those are the People I make videos for because we're An under representative under Represented demographic maybe our souls Come from the same place or we've had You know the same kind of P level of Past lives and connections whatever it Is right but there's certain people that Resonate with what I do here and again a Small percentage and that's the people On a soulle level that I'm concerned About which is beyond any of these goofy Little things that people say about you Know demographics you know these things That this person's talking about here And so let me bring this back up to Comment and so um forefathers got this Land from the original copper colored People I'm literally coppered right now By the way where are they where are all

The original people who didn't need SPF a thousand I put oil on I don't need Like any sunblock like and I go I mean You know even when I'm like in Florida Or something sometimes I put some black On my shoulders but other than that it's Like I put whatever when I go out in the Sun um so you know I don't need SPS 1000 So that's like a you know a prejudicial Um statement and categorizing me so so You've already like you're just wrong About this and you've made it about the Color of people's skin instead of you Know like it's just goofy by the way Where are they you know I talk about Native Americans and how I had a a Connection with them you know the third Master of the Sark system had memories Of Native American past lives and I Certainly had Native American past lives In fact I think I've had past lives as Probably every race just based in um you Know I have a connection with the you Know African-American Community I there Was a time in my life where when I Played basketball where I would say 50% Of my friends and social system was Black people right and so like and I you Know I felt like in some ways more Comfortable when I went to the you know Basketball court or when I was around Black people than I was around white People and there was a thing where there Was these I waited tables and there was

These um black guys I work with I think You know a couple of them were gay or Whatever and they were talking about me Like I wasn't there that I you know that People were prejudiced against me Because the way I look cuz I look very Ethnic and that I wasn't even aware of It I'm like I'm aware of it like like They were saying white people were Prejudice together like I I didn't fit In you know that I wasn't because you Know when my um father went to college He was very Italian looking and he had Two Jewish friends like you know Whatever it was um uh that he still had Years later and they were put together Because they were you know they were Ostracized by everyone else my dad Suffered Prejudice for being ethnic Looking and Italian because Italians and Irish were considered like dirty Immigrants you know Italian and Irish People were considered what you know They they say about um Mexican people Now Hispanic people they were not Welcome right when the way they treated Chinese people like there's you you know There's a battle between Irish and Chinese people there's a TV show about This right because there was just these Groups of people that were considered Less than and my ancest and my ancestors Were considered less than right because It's just it's all this kind of goofy

Stuff right where people want to make Themelves feel better because of their Ancestry and their genetics when it's Your soul that matters it's the quality Of your soul and most people's souls are Remedial they they're like they're Newbies they haven't entered on the Spiritual path and they're you know not That I'm looking down on them that's Just the case and this kind of comment Is an indicative of that right there's No soul Consciousness here the chosen Originals are only ones still here there Are some copper tone Originals still Living in remote areas in austral ETC Never spoke much about bondage trade Jim Crow redefining 40 acre Reparations um I can't blame your ilk So this person you know is talking in a Way that they can get away with because Of the way that you know this victim Consciousness thing's gone you know you Can't say stuff like this like white People can't say this kind of stuff to Black people you know I don't care about It's not offensive to me but it's just a Remedial Comet right it's limited based In just the most superficial aspects of People it's a scientific fact that the Less meltin you have the less compassion And the more weo you have this whole Thing has been rigged by the most the Most high God it's all written in the Books all of it Shadow bam forever

Lol um Hashtag um you know just again just a Very remedial comment because of the you Know the just the limitations of the Person's focus on something that's not Important like you it's the quality of Your soul that matters and that's what I Cover here and I don't even care about The issues because the issues are like All people suck and you know I talked About this I was always compassion to The Native American people and I've Always had a connection with the African-American Community because of You know playing basketball and these Things right and you know it helped me When I was the only white guy on the Court which happened quite frequently And I went to urban areas to play Basketball you know I recognized because I always felt uncomfortable around white People as well even more so which was a Weird thing but I always felt Comfortable around you know African-American people and that opened Up me going to India and being the you Know one of the few white people in India or whatever it is right like I was Able to go into places you know Everywhere I go people look at me like I'm Different maybe because the way I Look you know just uh my Expressions I Mean you know I people do not react to Me like oh my God I want to get to know

That guy like I'm you know people say That I'm intimidating to people though Just the way I look and things like that My friend said that you know I used to Be able to talk smack on the basketball Court cuz people were kind of just Scared of like the way I look right Which is not you know I'm not a monster Right but you know I mean I I don't know How people receive me on the other end I Have a soft heart and you know I'm not You know whatever but um you know there Was some level of that people judge you For your appearance or whatever it is But I was able to fit in different Places feel comfortable in different Places and also uncomfortable depending On the day or depending on the Circumstances but I was able to go from One demographic to another I can you Know I mean the the good thing about my Personality I've known a lot of Different kind of people you know There's a lot of gay people I work with In restaurants and then I went to a a Liberal you know new age sort of Master's degree counseling program and There was just all these liberal some of Them were gay some of them were just you Know feminists but you know s Santa Fe New Mexico where there's demographics There you know I work with a lot of Mexican people so Hispanic people there And I knew a lot of Puerto Rican people

Friends Puerto Rican people who are you Know whatever it was like I just had a Diversity of you know the experience and You know what I've found is in all these Different groups of people that are Based in you know race or ethnicity There's only a handful of people who in Each group that are like me small Percentage that are like me like you Know I I view them as so they're they're Like me and it's a soul-based thing Right and those of you who stick here You know who feel it you're those people Like and it's a small that's why I need A lot of uh I have to go through a lot Of different viewership viewers of all Different demographics because you know I'm not a definable characteristic of Definable person but anyways the person Left a second comment here um let me see Say this is to the Alex Jones Video um no it's the same one um all my Comments have been blocked by your Channel because you don't want to Discuss the bondage trade over 400 years Ago um no it's I don't know if I blocked You before but I'm blocking you now Because you're like you know you're Doing something I've told you not to do Which is want me to hear your complaints About me like I don't want to be nagged I'm not going to be nagged or I'm going To be complained about you know I don't Have a complaint department it's one of

My you know primary things these are Your complaints right these are you know Complaints about me that I I told you I Don't want to hear them you're you're Completely entitled to your opinion and And everyone should be looking at my Stuff critically I don't expect people Just to to Pander to me or you know Praise me you know whatever it is like That's I'm not looking for any of that Like I I don't I don't care like my Opinions are my opinions they're not Going to be affected by anybody else Because it comes from from an Internalized an internalized place in my Spiritual journey of course I'm going to Be affected by my experience and things Like that but I don't learn through Debating people and listening to their Opinions right like I get it from the Inside which is the sa marue the second Master System Boby when he was a young Man stopped reading philosophers and Religious texts and all these things and Was able to connect directly to the Source and it is you know his teachings And his understanding of the spiritual World is Unparalleled and he had a you know Incident where he was I guess they gave Him ether or something for like an Anesthesia and it wiped out some of his Long-term memory so like he was even but He got everything when was asked a

Question he would go directly to the Source if somebody asked him a question About Jesus he didn't commune with Jesus Or whatever you can believe it or not But his his revelations in the spiritual World are like there's they stand above Anything else that's ever been here on Planet Earth his breakthroughs in terms Of spiritual discoveries and his ability To connect directly to Source you know The ethernet and get information and you Know I'm not like that but I you know I Strive to be like that so that's how I Handle this and you know my record of Being right on things is is you know I Mean it's it's a it's a high level of Efficiency because of that because you Don't want to discuss the bondage over 400 years ago I don't even know what You're talking about or the concurrent Second class Annex that are still going On today our boosts everything else have Been taken from us so we can't pull up The Straps um but you and your ilk like who Are my ilk that you that you who are These elk that you speak of still can't Even still still can't give a damn about Anyone who has melanin that is called wo And the copper colored Originals here on Turtle Island coin that back then Palm colored mutant scientists know the Need for Dark Matter AKA melanin in Order not to have disease called

Whito Google it Um again I got a nice Tad I'm rocking a Nice Tad a copper colored bronze you Know people who lived in Sicily it's Right near Africa right you know I have Uh good leaping ability I won dunk Contests I was a good physical athlete My family is good physical athletes and You know I come from whatever genetic Makeup there's there but in terms of my You know and I'm not like my family Members I mean my brother does the Meditation but you know we have SIM Similar personalities but you know he Had less um ability to feel the Transmission that was given in the Sark System but any old who you guys get the The gist of this thing so I just want to Add one more thing I think I didn't say This but you know if it's repetitive It's repetitive but I realized a couple Years ago because I read Howard zin's I Mean my when I finally graduated my Third attempt again my bachelor's degree In Human Service um well eventually Human Services I I um you know majored In in other things in my first two Attempts at college but it was a liberal University that used critical thinking Which really helped me you know get Finding your own voice and it was a Weekend class for adults and you know Was um kind of an interesting school and The centerpiece was Howard zins and

Other books like that that talked about You know the people's version of The History of the United State now for Truthers Howard Zen is you know whatever He is if you've read this book but it's Kind of an interesting book from the Perspective that it was written not by The conquerors not by the people who who Won these wars and you know who uh Colonized these places but by the ressed People and you know I'm interested in That point of view which of course you Know I talk about a lot I used to talk About a lot more but when I realized That the Native American people took Slaves and they were constantly at war With each other the different tribes and Were conquering each other again not to The extent of the English people and the European people but also the black People the Africans took slaves and sold Those slaves to White white people the Slave trade involved black people Enslaving their own people and selling Them to white people that's how that you Know was successful and so when you Understand that that all these different Groups of people around the world There's been slavery there was slaves in The mahab barata in India there's slaves In every you know country every Demographic every you know every group Of people in their history there's Slavery and then other things like that

There's you know all these atrocious Crimes abuse and human sacrifice and all Kinds of things every religion all these Things and so to blame one group of People who were just better at it you Know the Europeans developed war Strategies and um War Technology better than any of these Other groups and so they were just Better at it and you can say they that You know that's not a good thing no it's Not but it's you know why they want Right They wanted something bad like War Shouldn't exist abuse shouldn't exist But it does and to say that one race is More responsible than others well yeah One race is kind of better at it but It's not all white people it's specific Groups of white people that have been Better at it you know than the other Groups at least for now but to Categorize it as a a racial problem it's Not it's a human problem it's something That humans do humans take slaves humans Abuse each other humans are you know Deviant Murderous um you know rapist you know Pedos all these things right human Beings engaged in horrific behaviors and Hateful behaviors human beings hate and Have anger issues and violent issues and You know just issues with corruption and Lying and going against God's Will and

All these things and we all have that in Us that we have to you know we have to Um find a way to evolve out of that Right to uh you know not press so much But get rid of those Tendencies and Embrace our higher nature we all have a Saint within us we all have a higher Nature and I'm one of the few people That talk about the higher nature and How we can you know evolve past the Lower nature which I covered in all These people whether it be Alex Jones or Alec Baldwin or Trump or Biden or Hunter Biden like that's just their lower Nature they all have a soul within them They all have a higher nature they're Just not willing to embrace it and we All struggle with that our ego take over And we get you know become pleasure Centered selfish entitled people and we All have to work our way towards Eliminating that you know minimizing That part of our self and embracing the Higher nature with it and that's you Know what's kind of I think sets my Channel apart and very few people pick Up on that or understand it even if I They listen to this right now they don't Get it because they just want to [ __ ] About some other group and how everyone Else sucks but them and their group and How even if they're bad the other group Is worse and that's not getting you Anywhere you have one person you can

Change and that's you you're responsible To change one person and that's you Everybody else has to do the same thing You can influence people but by Criticizing them and contri critiquing Them and telling them how bad they suck That's not going to help them or you What you do is you work on yourself you Should always be aware that you have to Better yourself and evolve into the kind Of person that's embracing their their Higher nature and expanding into a level Of Consciousness that most humans are Scared of and don't even have uh you Know you know a chance of embracing Because of their limitations but if you Have the ability then you're you're held More accountable because you could have And you didn't there's some people who Just can't they're not there yet that's At least 60% of the population or more But for the people who can and won't Like that's a real tragedy the people Who maybe in the past did and they had a Spiritual fall you know and won't do it Again and all these things like that's You know you have the ability but you're Refusing to do it and a lot of people in The truth Community fall under this Category they want to find fault in the So-called the elite or controllers or Whatever you want to call them they want To find you know fault in the various Demographics of people instead of um you

Know looking at themselves and and Reaching up and doing what they need to Do like just you know embracing the Lower and running away from the higher And so um you know I thought it's Important for me to add that here Anyways I just thought I'd add that and Then I had one more comment to get to Here is that like people who are Thinking that they're Superior because Of whatever the thing is here um let me See like this is uh a long comment here I'm not sure what this one was about I Forgot what but let's say I copied it For a reason oh here this is about Alex Jones so this is my video called Alex Jones Jagged Little shill Star Alex P Jones which is a kind of very creative Title because he's very Jagged and it's A song reference or album reference the Reason you cover Alex Jones is because You know YouTube approves and probably Gets more views than anything else you Do no like that's wrong the reason I Cover Alex Jones is because he's a shill And it's funny and I have good Impressions of him but I barely ever Cover him because he never comes up and When I did Cover him before YouTube used To Yellow the videos because when they First shadowbanned him they wouldn't let Clips of him be on YouTube so you know YouTube was pushing back against Covering him but you you're saying that

YouTube watches my videos and goes oh This guy's criticizing Alex Jones let's Promote his channel well that's not the Case my channel is being shadowbanned And YouTube doesn't watch the videos Like that they have Bots that do all That [ __ ] and they're not even good at It so like you're just your comments Just you know I cover what's there to Cover and I'm covering Alex Jones like Three videos here because it's you know Newsworthy and it goes with all this Stuff he probably has been compromised But people also self-sabotage Under Pressure well then why are you Complaining you little Boop like why are You complaining because you just said he Has been compromised so I'm right so You're I'm right but you're still in you Say I'm right I called a Judge a corrupt Boop in court and that didn't help me And I logically and I and and I Logically I knew not to do that but it Was true um he called the the judge the B word there was no hope so I did it Anyways I will never stop going after Her she's under FBI F investigation so Her days of cronyism and Corruption Might be over so you took this Personally because you behave like Alex Jones and you didn't like me ragging on Him for the behaviors that you exhibited And now you're writing this comic Because you think I've attacked you

Personally and I have no idea who you Are like this is just classic everything Right when people feel Joy or Satisfaction at Misfortune or failures Of others it's often for few referred as Shyen fr the term orates from German and And encapsulates that complex mix of Emotion the thing is they could get they The thing is they could get you they Could go after you for things you said Years ago the government is shutting Down Farms you think they'll let you Keep your farm they're not I don't I Don't want that to happen but I know it Will well everything's going to be taken Away from all of us because the system Is going to collapse it's not the system Going after your stuff that's is you Know that's that's a temporary situation It's the fact that there's you know the The debt BAS system is collapsing and There is you know whatever War things That happen whatever nuclear incidents That happen contamination all of our Lifestyles are going to disappear like That's inevitable I don't know you know The time frame for it but the point is That you know either way this person is Saying like that I'm you know whatever That I'm doing is um going after Alex Jones Alex Jones went after everybody Like in he and in truthers individual Truthers you know there were people um That when Alex Jones was first coming

Out that he was a shill they said that They went and talked to Alex Jones and Was interviewed by his staff and Alex Jones promised them that he would put Them on his show and when they um after They gave him all this information Alex Jones didn't put him on his show and Like a number of truthers said this like This was you know way back in the day Like when you know these these people Are most dis disappeared and then he Took all their information and presented At his own but he did it over the top And he pushed his gold and he pushed his Pills because he's a shill like he's a Bad person he's negatively affected us All and so this whole thing is just Isn't him going down it's him you know Playing out his role like that's what This is being covered by me I you I Don't care about any of this stuff I Don't care like I don't have some vested Interest in Alec baldman going to jail Or Alex Jones you know being whatever Happening to him I don't care care about Any of it doesn't matter to me I care About one thing and that's people Recognizing the Divinity within them or Like that for me like I care about that For me you know in my personal spiritual You know journey and it's my duty to Share that information and what you do With it is what you do with it but what I do here isn't significant other than

That because you know there's no saving The system but you know again just the Stupidity here um seems like you You know that that already but let's see If you don't bunkle under pressure all That you said you're my favorite Channel All that said you're my favorite Channel And I hope you keep covering Alex Jones See this is your need to like Drop [ __ ] On me right like again you know this is Why you're unwelcome here because you Just said all that said you're my Favorite Channel and I hope you keep Covered Alex Jones and what are you even Talking about in fact you could do Nothing but that and save your channel And so now you want me just to cover him And save my channel it's not going to Happen because it's YouTube not Recommending my channel to other to Other people that's causing the problem And it's not me covering Alex Jones Because YouTube doesn't care about any Of that stuff right their algorithms Have been in worked in a way so that They can shadowban us and not call it Shadowban you know because that's and You know it's the downfall of YouTube Because without independent content it's Not just truthers you know I first heard This from um uh Kyle dunigan who is a You know comedian he's a little bit kind Of Truth or adjacent but mostly just Runchy com comedy and he started showing

How much money was making and he was Getting 100,000 200,000 views and making Like $15 on a video and so you know he And partly because of his graphic nature And things that he said uh but YouTube Is out there getting rid of independent Voices because they're pressured to do So and you know they're their um Algorithms and their Bots put you in Categories and then they just smother You you know they they cut off your your Access to their vast Audience by not Recommending the videos not notifying People and that's what happens right and So like that's inevitable for everybody That's what I'm talking about like it's Just you know we're all going to be put In categories and it's not just truther So you know it isn't like we're just Being targeted because we've said Something against the beastly system or We don't believe in the official story Because all these people who are getting The thing that I talked about that um You know uh invalid traffic are you know There most of those people all the People I heard from were not truthers And so um but in general the thing is That you can always critique people and Everyone thinks it's a god-given right To critique people and criticize them And you can do that like in whatever Like I talk about I criticize people I You know whatever I talk about their

Failure in terms of being spiritual People and we're all going to crack Under the pressure as a system implodes Like we're all going to have to go Through it you know we're all going to Face fear and you know shock and things Like that when the system we 100% Dependent on collapses right but in General like you know what I say here or I cover here is that there is a solution Which is connected to Vin within you Because you're going to go through Difficult circumstances in your life and That's my major point of view here and People miss that you know that there's a Like a solution being given and there's A method in a system you the sjar method The gratefulness meditation that I've Channeled I've put up and those people Who resonate to it they resonate and People can do it on whatever level they Do it but at least if they take take a Step forward it's going to take multiple Lives for most people to evolve into That where you're you you perceive life Through the idea that you're here to Experience whatever you're experience to Move forward spiritually at a soul level And most people don't even you know Can't even flirt with that idea instead They just you know they focus on the Most superficial silly things and that's Why these comments suck right that's why The internet sucks because most people

Are so ego driven they take everything So personally and even when it's not Directed at them personally right and Everyone wants to take a big giant crap On everyone else and like you know and What is that doing like you know that's That's what humanity is obsessed with Blaming other people for sucking when They themselves suck right you know get Rid of your suck figure out what your Suck is instead of you know telling me About my suck right because I'm aware of My suck like I'm aware of the the you Know the things that I have that are I Mean I'm you know I'm painfully aware of My Limitations and you know how I could do Better but you know I keep on you know Going forward regardless right because It's not good to beat yourself up you Just you know do your best and you find A path and you move forward on it you The real path your Soul's path and you Know least if you're making some Progress it's better than doing nothing At all which is the majority of people Only spirituality will save this world It's poan definitely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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